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  1. 1st. crossbow harvest

    Yes!!! Everything is working now. I wanted to say CONGRATS to Luke and mention that I too got my first Xbow kill this year. Funny it allowed me to post a picture but not type anything. LOL
  2. Help, Why Cant I Type On Posts?

    Thanks to whomever!!!!!
  3. Help, Why Cant I Type On Posts?

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now its working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Who's still around?

    I too am still lurking around.............
  5. Night shift

    Been doing it for 23 years
  6. Taking Pictures!!! Share Your Advice!!!

    Me too Bill! Being in the printing business, I have some material I acquired over the years. Gold and silver foil, and some plastic I have used for high school senior pictures. The gold made some beautiful light reflecting on to the subject.
  7. Anyone still Tying Flies???

    Clouser Minnows, various sizes and colors.
  8. Anyone still Tying Flies???

    Arrow32 go to Youtube and type the fly you want to tie. I am self taught, and Youtube is awesome for patterns!
  9. Still Have My Login

    Whats going on, I just got a Happy Birthday from Realtree. Only thing is it was dated for 7-18, my birthday is 4-5, LOL!!! TEDICAST!!! DARN!!!!! LTNS!!!!!