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  3. First one, Muddy Boss XL Hang-on and Muddy Ascender Climbing Sticks, Paid $230, asking $180. This is brand new never used, fully assembled with a safety harness. I have this I used last year, very solid stand. Was so pleased I bought a second one. Second one, Summit Ledge Hang-on and a Summit Swiftree 2-22 Foot Climbing Sticks, also paid $230, asking $180. This is also brand new never used, fully assembled, with a safety harness. I prefer that they be sold together as a set. Thanks! If you live within 20 miles I can deliver! I can no longer use these due to losing the hunting land I was on.
  4. Wondering if this might be a buck. Never turned head towards camera
  5. Well, you know. Its just a little too hard to conceal that S&W 500! LOL
  6. Well, I do carry a S&W M&P Shield. Does that count? LOL
  7. Ok, been trying to figure this one out. What is the meaning of this? Since I have such a low number, does this mean I cant be trusted? LOL
  8. LifeNRA


    LOL, only thing Ground Hog Day for me is the day I quit smoking. It will be 8 years this year!
  9. Almost a year old and nobody responded? William, I spent a little time with my first Xbow. I had some issues where the string was being cut by some bad capture nocks. Anyways, I bought a set a string and cables for about $60. The first guy I went to, he actually took the head off the rail to change everything out. By him doing this the Xbow never shot the same again. Here comes the second Xbow. While changing to a discharge bolt, I caught the string with a broadhead. It also cut the cable slightly. This time I went to a different shop and they had an actual press for Xbows. He charged me $70 for the string and cable. Had this for on now for close to two years and it works great! Both shops were Parker dealers, but you could tell the difference between the two. Honestly, I would see what Barnett wants for replacing the set. Maybe send it in during the off season, since you have nobody close by. It sucks because I also did all my own work on my compound. So I know where your coming from.
  10. Funny you noticed that. A lot of deer in this area seemed to have this on their forehead. Then again she was the older doe in the group. They say, if you can get to her, then you can get to any buck in the area! LOL
  11. I do what wtnhunt does, only I use BreakFree
  12. Yes!!! Everything is working now. I wanted to say CONGRATS to Luke and mention that I too got my first Xbow kill this year. Funny it allowed me to post a picture but not type anything. LOL
  13. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now its working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!