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  1. EHD has hit us hard the last two years and I am not sure that Aliens are not swooping in at night and stealing a few more!
  2. We here in Illinois don't have to worry about the wolves! The deer population has dwindled in most counties to a mere pitance of what was here due to more suggestive things than I care to mention. BUT the state of Illinois department of Natural Resources is more than happy to sell as many tags as the year before or more if they can to put money somewhere that we will never know about! I am sick to death of our deer herd being run into the ground by the head people all of the way to the hunters that have not seen a deer where they saw tons before, but still hunt till the last day to kill that doe! I think we here are in more trouble than the Wolves personally. Heck they may get here and head back north for food lol.
  3. Fly, Not a bad stratagy to have this year. Our property has a large running stream thru it and deer numbers are about the same as last years sightings.
  4. Thanks for the welcomes guy's, the back surgery was due to arthritis in the facet joints at L4/L5 and they fused that joint. It's been getting worse for years and I was living on pain pills before the surgery was done. I had tried every conservative measure before resorting to surgery,but none had any lasting effects. Now after surgery the pain is GONE. Thank God! Fly I shot this buck with my crossbow in early November here in Peoria county. I had only seen him once before, but we all know what the rut does. The first cold blast after the first snow we had I was dedicated to sit for the day in the tree. I sat till 9:30am without seeing a deer. Then this bruiser stepped out of the cedars on a trail 25 yards from me. He started walking away from me and I knew I couldn't shoot him in the arse! I contemplated can calling him when he got to about 30 yards away, then he stopped. He put his nose in the air and smelled one of the four scent wicks I had put out that morning, and turned a 180 and started back. At 10 yards he snapped his head up and looked at my big oak tree and I knew he smelled me. His head jerked left and right and I knew it was now or never. I settled the crosshairs in on his neck and squeezed it off. He spun and ran like the wind, but with the bottom of his heart sliced by the 2 blade rage he only made it 70 yards and I watched him pile up! The horns are at the taxidermist's so no he won't be at the classic. There will be more impressive deer than him there. I have made it my personal rule to not shoot a buck I feel is under 150 inches and this one just made it! Kirk
  5. Well guys it has been a while since I posted on here but I am sure a few of you remember me. Life has been really busy for me, started my own company etc. Things are going really well even after having a fusion back surgery 4 weeks ago! I am going to try to start visiting more often and get familiar with some of the new faces and chat with some old friends! Here is a pic of the 9 pointer I shot this november with the crossbow. Green scores 152 inches and some change. Talk more later Kirk [ATTACH=CONFIG]14068[/ATTACH]
  6. Well My doe helped a little fella's but I never got a crack at a dandy buck. Unfortunatly for my teams I only shoot large bucks now as I have enough nice ones on the wall lol. Looks like we have first for now though, way to go everyone! Kirk
  7. Team6 Whitetail Freaks KirkV [ATTACH=CONFIG]11330[/ATTACH] Doe [ATTACH=CONFIG]11329[/ATTACH]
  8. Well guys I punched a doe yesterday, so I will get the pictures up soon. Kirk
  9. Well went out this morning as it is finally cooling sown a little here, and had 3 coyotes at 25 yards. One of them never knew what hit him! The other two ran off quickly when he yelped like a scalded dog. Guess I won't see those dogs again.
  10. Hello folks just checking in here. I have to admit I have been a little preoccupied this year with the toy I have always wanted, my 65 shelby cobra. BUT deer beware when it gets cold I have no top on the car so it will get stored away and it is then time to play!
  11. The second one " Gets my rocks off" lmao,, Nice looking mount!