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  1. First archery deer!

    Awesome deer....
  2. 2016 Archery Buck

    Still getting it done...awesome.
  3. We had an awesome spring Tim... Best ever. Lynda and my son got their birds then I got my tag after calling form them and got my bird a couple days later.
  4. 1st Hunt of the year !!

    Awesome Tim...nice to see your still getting it done.
  5. Bird #5 of 2017... "save the best for last"

    Great bird...
  6. 2017 bows?

    I did well with my Hoyts. Switched to Mathews and missed two deer. Went to Bowtech last fall and never saw a deer all season. Back to Hoyt some day.....lol.
  7. Well any good stories yet?

    Nope. Seen deer going to and from my stand, but none while I have been sitting in it...lol
  8. Vacations

    Spent five days in Jackman a couple weeks ago..
  9. Bear Mount Cleaning

    Hey, How would I clean mildew from a shoulder bear mount. I just noticed some on both of mine today, especially on one of the noses. . Thanks!! Jim
  10. What was your first...

    ZZ-T Top Eliminator... The record. Still have it.
  11. Deer Mount

    Ya, I called him back and he does have a cape ready to go that is around the same weight. The deer I shot had some scars and was very unique. I should have pulled the trigger at that time. Still up in the air on what to do.
  12. Deer Mount

    Hey Guys... I got a descent buck in NC a couple years ago and did not get it mounted. I thought about it hard but decided not to. Now I wish I did. How many of you have had a mount done using a different cape? I am unsure how I feel about it. The walls here are full except for one spot. The one set aside for a whitetail. Thoughts? Jim
  13. Spring temps?

    Last week was well above normal and it has been below the last few days. A foot of snow on the way for Tuesday. Love it.
  14. Double the Moron

    Your still just a baby....lol
  15. anybody from Maine?

    Maine kinda has two seasons. During the expanded archery season while hunting in the expanded zones you can shoot one buck and as many doe as you want as long as you keep buying a $10.00 tag. The problem with the expanded hunts are access. Most of the land is posted in those zones and the public lands are hunted heavily. For the state wide archery season in October you are allowed one deer of either sex. For firearms and muzzleloader you are allowed one buck or a doe if you get drawn for an any deer permit. Deer hunting in Maine is less than stellar. I am going into it full bore again this year but do not really have any expectations. Last year I saw a grand total of four deer in two months. I see more then that on the first day of my annual NC trip every year. I do not have high hopes for the deer to come back any time soon. Some of the people in charge of bringing back the herd are a big part of why we are this level right now. The guys that gave out 90,000+ doe permits several years in a row while the state had a sustained herd of under 200,000 are going to fix this how? Back when this started happening I was sitting on the tailgate of a buddys truck having breakfast after a morning hunt. He just kinda looked over at me and said to me, "Do you hear that?" I said "Ya, it is hard to miss." Shot after shot after shot rang out. He said that in six or eight years there will not be any deer left in the state. He was sadly correct in his assumption. The state is blaming the coyotes and such, when the facts are that they allowed hunters to shoot the **** out of the herd while the timber industry leveled the deer yards.