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  1. Congrats, Lewis. 47 years as a guide/outfitter tells me you'll love it. At least I sure did. Good luck and good success. I'm not a bear hunter, but I do have friends who are bear outfitters. I helped him with 2 types of bait. One was shetland ponies and old horses. He'd lead them to the stand for a 1 way trip. The bears would take a week to eat them. The second thing he did was gather donuts daily from the local donut shop. The free, day old ones. He put them in a 55 gallon drum all year long. At hunting time he'd set the drums out. The bears cannot resist donuts, and the bait was free. J
  2. Way to go. What a treat.
  3. Wyoming has more antelope than people. They still offer up to 5 tags per person, with excellent results. Lots of open land hunting, lots of ranchers will let you hunt (ususally $$ involved) and camp anywhere.
  4. A peppermint cream works well for us fishing in Alaska, but I don't know how well the mint smell will work in the woods. I think the deer may be keene to any unusual smell. Then again, mint is a natural thing so maybe animals will be fine with a mint in the air.
  5. I truly do not believe the need for meat exists. Literally every state G&F has a helpline where a needy family will get poached or road kill animals almost at will. Folks who hunt at night or off season are committing a crime and I think poacher is a good word. A guy who makes a mistake or simply didn't know the law is not a poacher to me, but still in the wrong. Simply put, poaching is the illegal taking of game. That is whether you know the laws or not. It's like driving down the highway with a 75 mph speed limit and missing the sign saying 50 mph. You'll get the same ticket not knowing
  6. College, and all schools, are 98% (guessed) liberals. Any conservative teacher must keep his/her mouth shut. Period. Kids today are not prepared for any conflict or to lose at anything. Our kids are weak. Teach them yourself, and let them know what to expect. I told my grandkids to go to a trade school or into the military. That, after my 2 daughters went to college and further. (Doctor). Education is great but a work ethic is even better.
  7. Less is more. Stop with Great.
  8. The only problem with being retired is I don't get weekends off. lol
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    Fishing season is here. That'll keep my going until hunting season arrives.
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    New mount

    Very nice. I've not seen one like that. Way to go, Sarah