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  1. No excuses lol

    That's wonderful, Lewis. I haven't heard of too many folks who regretted lazer surgery on their eyes.
  2. Man cold alert!

    Soooo much bad stuff out there again this year. It's been a long while since I was sick but Connie catches something every year. She gets a flu shot and I do not.
  3. texas 2018 deer hunting video

    Some real nice deer for sure.
  4. 2018 - Where you going or applying for?

    I got one buck last year on the 1st day, then didn't go hunting again. No reason why, but I will next fall. Did fill the freezer with salmon, red snapper, shrimp and crabs. So, I will eat.
  5. Any new Realtree patterns?

    The edge is a new one to me. I like the AP the best, personally. But I was the instigator of the max 1 pattern to hunt in sagebrush.
  6. Thawing out frozen pipes

    I'm amazed that someone with hay in their basement uses fire to thaw out a pipe. Oh well. I'm glad to hear no one died. The house can be rebuilt.
  7. Disappointed

    Lots of frauds out there, Norm. But I'll hold up my end of my offer until the day I die. Most on here who know me know that to be so. And, I think you know that. Speaking of that, I'm 70 with a heart condition. You better get lucky one day pretty soon... lol.
  8. 1-5-18 Friday check-in

    The only bad part of being retired is weekends don't mean diddly squat. lol
  9. My Hose Snapped Off!

    I'm thinking there was water in the fuel that settled in the hose and broke. Maybe? But no, I've never heard of that.
  10. New Lady in my life

    Spectacular, Ross. I love it. For Christmas I got an original, certified original Civil War minimal. As many know, I'm a war buff, especially ww 2 airplanes. (and a recovering pilot)
  11. 1-12-2018 check in

    Been there and looked like that. No more. But I do like the warm now.
  12. Double Pedestal Mount

    Beautiful, Frank. It's a work of art.
  13. Winter has arrived

    For those who don't know, I grew up in Hayward Wisconsin, and only miss it about, well, never. lol.
  14. Winter has arrived

    It's only 66 in Yuma today. ( Naaa na Naaaa, Naaaa. ) lol
  15. Euro Mount

    Looks great. Did you use beetles or just scrape it? Most in Alaska put a head on a rope, drop it to the bottom and in a week the shrimp, flees, and crabs have cleaned it up. I love easy....