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  1. stevebeilgard

    Hail CHIEF!!

    Yep. I loved it.
  2. stevebeilgard

    The Friday June 22 check-in

    The only problem with being retired is I don't get weekends off. lol
  3. stevebeilgard


    Fishing season is here. That'll keep my going until hunting season arrives.
  4. stevebeilgard

    New mount

    Very nice. I've not seen one like that. Way to go, Sarah
  5. stevebeilgard

    Hey everyone

    I hope you love the retirement thing as much as I do, Tim. Way to go.
  6. Don't you live & hunt in Durango?  Is that a general elk area? Or do you need to draw for 1st season bulls? I'm at I just don't get on here much any more. Have no idea why.  Steve

  7. You are out of Durango, aren"t you. Is that a draw or general elk area?
  8. stevebeilgard

    Ends Waaay Too Soon!

    Great crappie. I grew up on Lake Couderay in the 1950's and we'd catch them all the time. Not so much any more.
  9. stevebeilgard


    Pretty cool. I've heard mounain lions, which are louder and worse. But very similar.
  10. stevebeilgard

    First June check-in

    Time to get the boats ready for some fishing.
  11. stevebeilgard

    lubricant for bolt on bolt action rifle

    All the advice is good. But, I'll add that if you are hunting in below zero temps get as much oil off as possible.
  12. stevebeilgard

    Tick ID

    Very good! I love it. But, here's a tic tip. If a tick is imbedded in you, put a drop of peppermint oil on it. Within seconds it will pull out and literally run away. Until you smash it, of course.
  13. stevebeilgard

    The cost of hunting.

    As an old fart in Alaska, we have it easy. First, after we get 60 free hunting and fishing for anything.Tags are free for all animals, like my 5 deer limit. My daily halibut quota is 20, shrimp unlimited, crab 20, vehicles are $25.00 dollars for life. No state, local taxes on anything, even real estate. And, each October every resident gets $$$$ from a grand to $2500., per person. So, a family of 5 gets 5 times. The oil pipleine in 1970 paid for it all. Pretty cool.
  14. stevebeilgard


    Pretty cool stuff
  15. stevebeilgard

    March 2-2018 Friday check-in

    Spent my days getting ready to head home to Alaska. Hotel rooms all booked, grandkids visits all set up, and a weeks drive to Seattle then plane it up to Alaska. We sure are looking forward to going home. But the fresh grown everything in Yuma gives us the "come back" calling for next year.