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  1. lubricant for bolt on bolt action rifle

    All the advice is good. But, I'll add that if you are hunting in below zero temps get as much oil off as possible.
  2. Tick ID

    Very good! I love it. But, here's a tic tip. If a tick is imbedded in you, put a drop of peppermint oil on it. Within seconds it will pull out and literally run away. Until you smash it, of course.
  3. The cost of hunting.

    As an old fart in Alaska, we have it easy. First, after we get 60 free hunting and fishing for anything.Tags are free for all animals, like my 5 deer limit. My daily halibut quota is 20, shrimp unlimited, crab 20, vehicles are $25.00 dollars for life. No state, local taxes on anything, even real estate. And, each October every resident gets $$$$ from a grand to $2500., per person. So, a family of 5 gets 5 times. The oil pipleine in 1970 paid for it all. Pretty cool.

    Pretty cool stuff
  5. March 2-2018 Friday check-in

    Spent my days getting ready to head home to Alaska. Hotel rooms all booked, grandkids visits all set up, and a weeks drive to Seattle then plane it up to Alaska. We sure are looking forward to going home. But the fresh grown everything in Yuma gives us the "come back" calling for next year.
  6. Is it spring yet?

    I left Alaska in December for Yuma, Az. It's 76 today, last week, past month, and warming up next week. I'm guessing spring is here. I leave for home in April and it will get cold again.
  7. Music....staind

    I love country best, but christian is also good. Music pretty much left in the late 1960's for me.
  8. No excuses lol

    That's wonderful, Lewis. I haven't heard of too many folks who regretted lazer surgery on their eyes.
  9. Man cold alert!

    Soooo much bad stuff out there again this year. It's been a long while since I was sick but Connie catches something every year. She gets a flu shot and I do not.
  10. texas 2018 deer hunting video

    Some real nice deer for sure.
  11. 2018 - Where you going or applying for?

    I got one buck last year on the 1st day, then didn't go hunting again. No reason why, but I will next fall. Did fill the freezer with salmon, red snapper, shrimp and crabs. So, I will eat.
  12. Any new Realtree patterns?

    The edge is a new one to me. I like the AP the best, personally. But I was the instigator of the max 1 pattern to hunt in sagebrush.
  13. Thawing out frozen pipes

    I'm amazed that someone with hay in their basement uses fire to thaw out a pipe. Oh well. I'm glad to hear no one died. The house can be rebuilt.
  14. Disappointed

    Lots of frauds out there, Norm. But I'll hold up my end of my offer until the day I die. Most on here who know me know that to be so. And, I think you know that. Speaking of that, I'm 70 with a heart condition. You better get lucky one day pretty soon... lol.
  15. 1-5-18 Friday check-in

    The only bad part of being retired is weekends don't mean diddly squat. lol