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  1. At least we still exist. Which is a testament to the character of the people here. You could be on the Mossy Oak forum. Oh...wait...shoot...they're gone.🙄
  2. I got my first Moderna shot the 7th. Except for a sore arm I feel pretty good.
  3. I wish, "We won't stop until everyone is fully primed" meant that primers will be available again.
  4. Great buck Ruth! Congratulations! That will really help our team.
  5. Welcome to the forums. I took my quiver and mounted it on my Badlands Pack. When I get in my stand, I hang it on a hook and everything that I need is within arms reach. Hope this helps.
  6. Just shot him a PM on facebook
  7. Congratulations Frank! You always tell the best stories and I really enjoyed all of the pictures. I'm curious, what did the autopsy have to say when you gutted him? Only get one lung? Did the Rage fail to deploy? Or just an old tough buck?
  8. Just got back on-line after my Thanksgiving vacation. Happy Turkey Day to you as well.
  9. Nice buck, congrats! I remember you telling about the issues you had with a neighbor when you bought this property. Glad you are now enjoying your property.
  10. RangerClay


    Nice buck! Hope you get him.