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  1. RangerClay

    Team 4

    It's looking like Thursday now because the storm is so slow moving. We could definitely use it. Right now it's been very hot and muggy. The deer have only been moving at night. It's finally going to break tomorrow so I expect some movement shortly. I hope the bucks start coming around soon. If not I have several big does that have freezer filler written all over them. If you get a chance, check out the doe I posted in the photograph room.
  2. RangerClay

    Hybrid maybe?

    Nope, just a red stag farm about 20 minutes away.
  3. RangerClay

    My Georgia gator hunt.

  4. RangerClay

    My Georgia gator hunt.

    WOWSERS!!!! That is awesome!! Congratulations! Gator meat is really good, did you get to bring some home?
  5. RangerClay

    Hybrid maybe?

    Check out the spots along the spine of this mature doe. Maybe she has a little fallow deer in her?
  6. RangerClay

    Team 4

    Rangerclay reporting for duty!! Looks like we have a great team!!
  7. RangerClay

    Saying hello/ playing catch up

    Not making as much as I used to but yep, I'm still at it. In fact this Sunday I will be at the NYS Fair for the Amateur Wine Awards. I'm told I won something but not sure what yet. Feel free to bring me along if you ever go visit your ancestors. Psstt, Lafayette is not up north. LOL!! You have to be above the Salmon River to be considered up north. I see Chris all the time on Facebook. Wish he would come back here every now and then.
  8. RangerClay

    Saying hello/ playing catch up

    Great picture!! Thanks for the update Anthony! I know we text occasionally but if you ever make it to northern NY give me a buzz. Wishing you all the best in Texas, so jealous you get to leave this prison we call New York. Feel free to shoot a text anytime. Be sure to get in on the deer contest.
  9. RangerClay

    1st. crossbow harvest

    Sorry I missed this. Congrats Luke! I love my crossbow!
  10. RangerClay

    Favorite broad heads

    100 gr. Slick Trick Mags in my bow. 100 gr. NAP Spitfires in my crossbow.
  11. RangerClay

    Archery clothing

    I won't buy a coat on-line because I cannot try it on. The last coat I bought for bow hunting was at (believe it or not) Walmart. The jacket had every feature I wanted.
  12. RangerClay

    August in the west

    We are being told that a light haze in the sky is smoke from the forest fires. Never thought I would see it here in NEW YORK Last time we had something like this was after Mount St. Helens.
  13. RangerClay

    Not seen Ruth all summer here

    Summer has always been quiet time here on the forums. I suspect it will pick up some come deer season. Text or PM your friends and tell them to come sign up for the deer contest. It's a great way to get them involved again.
  14. RangerClay

    Surprise Pics

    Those are some great looking bucks!
  15. RangerClay

    2018 -19 deer contest signup

    RangerClay Joe/53 The Peoples Republic of New York Sept. 27- Dec. 18