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  1. Damn Straight!! When Ted Cruz can almost lose to a Dem in TEXAS of all places, it can happen anywhere.
  2. Great....just great I get an email yesterday that my NRA gun insurance has been cancelled for one reason and one reason only. I live in New York. I feel so damn helpless. Vote him out people will say. But it's not that easy. You have a Governor who lost 47 of the 62 counties in the last election and kept his job. The City has a good grip on him. I know of you will say leave but upstate NY is really nice with excellent hunting and fishing opportunities that most states don't have. Sigh. Thanks for listening to my rant. Have a good day.
  3. RangerClay

    CWD here

    We had CWD here in NY one year. The DEC went in with snipers at night and shot every deer within a 1-2 mile radius. Problem solved, no more cwd. Seemed harsh at the time but almost 10 years later we are still cwd free.
  4. I like to put roasts in the crock pot with some seasoning and a cup of beef broth. Let it go all day. Take it out and shred the meat. Add your favorite bbq sauce and you have pulled venison sammiches
  5. My daughter did the EXACT same thing
  6. Sorry for your loss Trevor. Your new dog is handsome. You can see the Burmese water dog in her.
  7. Well it's 35 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. Expecting an inch of snow today then freezing rain. Where I live along the eastern shore of Lake Ontario we get what's called lake effect snow. Expecting up to 2 feet of the white stuff Friday.
  8. Adrenaline affects everyone differently. We had a kid who used to get so hyped up he couldn't even tell us which way he was shooting. Typical conversation, Us: Sully, was that you who shot? Sully: Yup Us: Where was the deer when you shot at it? Sully: I don't know Then started the 20-30 minute grid search for blood
  9. Merry Christmas to my entire Realtree family!
  10. Merry Christmas Lynn & Nellie! Good to see you back!
  11. Well my season ended Tuesday. Put in one more try with the muzzleloader. Near the end of the day a nice 2.5 year old 8 point skirted me. I took crack at him and a sapling jumped out in front of me and committed suicide for the buck. Oh well, that's the way it goes some times. Have a merry and blessed Christmas guys!!