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  1. RangerClay

    Ruger American Predator and Tract scope

    Nice pattern!
  2. RangerClay

    is it normal... new one on me

    Adrenaline affects everyone differently. We had a kid who used to get so hyped up he couldn't even tell us which way he was shooting. Typical conversation, Us: Sully, was that you who shot? Sully: Yup Us: Where was the deer when you shot at it? Sully: I don't know Then started the 20-30 minute grid search for blood
  3. RangerClay

    MERRY Christmas

    Merry Christmas to my entire Realtree family!
  4. RangerClay

    A Christmas Greeting

    Merry Christmas Lynn & Nellie! Good to see you back!
  5. RangerClay

    Oh, Christmas tree................. !!!

    Beautiful trees! Merry Christmas!
  6. RangerClay

    Team 4

    Well my season ended Tuesday. Put in one more try with the muzzleloader. Near the end of the day a nice 2.5 year old 8 point skirted me. I took crack at him and a sapling jumped out in front of me and committed suicide for the buck. Oh well, that's the way it goes some times. Have a merry and blessed Christmas guys!!
  7. RangerClay

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    Things I have that I consider trophies. The 9" beard from a hen I got A coyote pelt that hangs in my man cave because both my kids were with me. Some wing feathers from my daughters first duck. Plus some from my son's first duck A 5 point rack that I never would have gotten without the help from my brother and dad. The tail from a black squirrel. The fan hanging in my garage because it was the first one I ever killed on my own property. Like Luke said. It's all in the eye of the beer holder.
  8. RangerClay

    Team 4

    Congrats Al on another big buck. Our gun season ends Tuesday then 5 days of ML season. Then it's all over for another year. Got a nice 10 pointer running the property. I'm hoping to put him in my sights this weekend.
  9. RangerClay

    terrible start for rifle deer season here.

    It's been the strangest deer season that I can remember and I've seen 37 of them. The bucks are rutting but they are leaving little sign hardly any tree rubs or scraps. Usually they are everywhere. I've never seen anything like it.
  10. RangerClay

    I see you ...

    Hi Luke!
  11. RangerClay

    Team 4

    Hi everyone! Our big opening week is over. Had record cold temperatures that limited how much we got out for a few days. I have nothing to upgrade with yet but my son dropped the hammer on his first deer then another. Four deer came through and he decided to fill both of his doe permits. I'm very proud of him, took only two shots and both deer piled up within sight. They weren't the biggest deer on the hill but I told him he could shoot whatever he wanted. He told me that he had a chance at an 8 point earlier but didn't have a clean shot so he passed on it. Once again very proud of my little man.
  12. RangerClay

    Team 4

    Wow Al that is a great buck!! Congrats!! Our gun season opens tomorrow. My first priority will be getting my son his first buck but I will upgrade if the right buck comes by. Good luck everyone!!
  13. RangerClay

    Been Gone Keep Coming Back

    Good to see you back here Dan! Good luck this season!!
  14. RangerClay

    IL 8 point

    Congrats Frank!! He's a great buck!!
  15. RangerClay

    TEXAS Mount

    Nice work!