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  1. I shoot percussion cap ML. Fun to shoot, pain in the a$$ to clean.
  2. RangerClay

    Deer Contest

    Count me in!! Maybe just have two teams. I think it would be fun. Loser has to wear Moldy Oak to work
  3. RangerClay

    New addition

    So happy for you partner! Start saving up for his BLR!
  4. Nice bird!!!! Congrats!!
  5. Sorry to hear that. We've been through it here in NY but got rid of it quickly. Hope your EnCon can do the same.
  6. I use my smoker at low temps to make venison jerky. Get a jerky shooter and some Hi Mountain seasoning. My kids go crazy for it.
  7. RangerClay

    Property Dispute

    Wishing you all the best Frank!!
  8. RangerClay


    I spray my hunting clothes pretty heavy with Sawyers tick spray and let it dry overnight. Seems to work the best for me.
  9. It's a rainy day here. Hoping it will let up so I can see my boy play ball this afternoon. Taking my best friend and his daughter turkey hunting tomorrow. We're going to try to get her first bird.
  10. Nice cabbage chopper and a great review!
  11. RangerClay


    I made the switch to crossbows. For me it was all about confidence. I got into the archery game late, I practiced hard and became very proficient. But I couldn't get past target panic when hunting. I killed 5 deer with my bow but 4 of them were marginal shots and I was lucky that I recovered those deer. With the crossbow there are less dots to connect to complete the shot. I still have to do my homework and get into range (40 yards or less) before I can get a deer. One thing I learned too late was how unbelievably cool it was to be in the woods during archery season. The things I've seen and the experiences I've had in the woods have been indescribable. Things I never get to see during gun season. If crossbows could get more kids in the woods and experience this, so be it.
  12. Congrats once again!! He's a beauty!
  13. I was hoping for a wine and pasta night but it looks like I'm taking the kids to the movies. Expecting snow tomorrow. Blah!!
  14. RangerClay

    Our first

    Wow!! Congratulations!!!
  15. RangerClay

    What would you do?

    Anxiously awaiting the next episode more than Game of Thrones! Good luck!!!