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  1. Well I unleashed my turty-turty on my first Tug Hill buck. At approximately 8:15 Saturday morning I heard the bluejays alert to something to my left. I gripped my rifle and gave that area my focus. About 5 minutes later this buck came trotting into view. I saw that he was a decent sized buck so I sent one through the boiler room. I'm not going to enter him just yet. I usually do well during archery season and the rut has just begun.
  2. As soon as I saw your entry I searched all over this place to find your story. I had to know if you got him on your property. How rewarding!! Congratulations on a great brute of a buck!
  3. Love her enthusiasm! Wish there was move video. Congrats young lady!
  4. RangerClay

    Been awhile!

    Welcome back! Hope you have a great season.
  5. I still have a couple arrows with that wrap. Best of luck!
  6. Nice view! I've haven't done as much bow hunting as in past this year. Our early black powder opened Saturday it was a real soaker. I went out Sunday and saw a couple does. NYS is divided into two zones Northern and Southern. Northern rifle season opens this Saturday and it looks like it will be a perfect day to hunt. It will be cold and sunny. Deer will be on their feet. After that will be 3 weeks of bow season then Southern Tier rifle starts. Lots of deer hunting to come.
  7. Been trying to get out to the stores. Bass pro had a bunch of 9mm, .223 and 5.56. Not one lick of hunting ammo 😡
  8. I count the days. Tree stand therapy, nothing like it.
  9. Well so far I have made three trips out with nothing to show for it. Had a huge solo doe make her way in last Saturday but once she crossed the 30 yard line she winded me and did a Minion. Hot weather this weekend, hard to get excited when the weather is summer like.
  10. Okay then, why is there no ammo? Are the plants shut down? No components? No work force? I really haven't had time to research this topic. I would assume they would be operating around the clock. So why no ammo?
  11. And I'm sure the does just stood there watching you fiddle with the gun 😆 I don't own a flint lock but I have had something similar happen to me with my cap lock. I leaned it against a tree and the cap slid off. When the does stopped in front of me, click, draw hammer, click, draw hammer, click, look down, start swearing.
  12. LOL!😆 We were teammates last year and if I remember correctly, you didn't pull the trigger. No being picky this year!
  13. RangerClay

    I'm back...

    Very nice! Hope you enjoy your new home.
  14. I was hoping to see some hunting ammo start to appear on the shelves by now but they are still bare with the exception of some 12ga. bird shot, 9mm and .223. The ammo companies have to be working around the clock, you would think that a little something would start to show up on the shelves. Is anyone else getting some ammo in the stores or is it just New York?