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  1. RangerClay

    Hail CHIEF!!

  2. RangerClay

    Here comes the heat

    I've got two double headers this weekend. One is in Syracuse. Weatherman says it will feel like 110 in the shade. Uhg
  3. RangerClay

    New mount

    Very nice!!!
  4. RangerClay

    Happy Fathers Day!

    Hope all you dad's have a super day!! If you got a really cool gift let us know what it was.
  5. RangerClay

    2017-18 best ofs

    Best picture for me was Marty, Pointing Dogs Rule
  6. RangerClay

    4-20 check in

    Howdy, our youth turkey weekend is tomorrow. Taking my boy out and see if we can find him a bird. Conditions are not good. The area we hunt got 3-4 inches of snow yesterday and I doubt it will all be melted tomorrow. Gonna be cold about 35 in the morning.
  7. RangerClay

    Happy Easter

    Easter everyone!
  8. RangerClay

    My daughters quest for her Grand Slam ended today

    Wow! Those were some amazing pictures! Congratulations young lady!!
  9. RangerClay

    Team 1

    I was checking to see if they have declared a winner yet. So I thought I would swing by and say congratulations!! Those were some great deer!
  10. RangerClay


    It was a huge hit on the SASS Wire!
  11. RangerClay


    Neat! I shared that with my cowboy friends.
  12. RangerClay

    lubricant for bolt on bolt action rifle

    Like Anthony I have been a big fan of CLP for years. It's available at Walmart.
  13. RangerClay

    Simple venison meatloaf

    Google Stovetop meatloaf for the original recipe. Made it recently and I put it in muffin tins. I cooked quicker and was a bigger hit.
  14. RangerClay

    Anybody know what happened to Tominator??

    He is quite busy on Facebook. Is doing well.
  15. RangerClay

    Video - 8pt Buck Running Dogs

    With 5 rounds of buck shot in him he probably looked like swiss cheese when you skinned him out.