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  1. Since Easter was cancelled last year, I want to wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter weekend. I hope you get to spend it with loved ones and may you all get home safe.
  2. I got my second Moderna several weeks ago. The nurse warned me that that any side effects would come 12 hours later and it sure did. Woke up exactly 12 hours later with a fever. I kept it at bay with tylenol and motrin. 15 hours later it disappeared. I was a little dizzy the next morning but by afternoon I was right as rain and have been since.
  3. I saw on the news that the quota is filling up fast.
  4. Very cool! Subscribed and looking forward to more.
  5. Congratulations Lewis!!!
  6. Don't be afraid to try NAP Spitfires. I've killed 11 deer in 5 years with them out of my crossbow and I have never been disappointed. Not to mention less expensive.
  7. Sad day for Conservative talk radio 😪
  8. Welcome to the crossbow family. I'm jealous, most Ravins are illegal here in NY. Enjoy!
  9. At least we still exist. Which is a testament to the character of the people here. You could be on the Mossy Oak forum. Oh...wait...shoot...they're gone.🙄
  10. I got my first Moderna shot the 7th. Except for a sore arm I feel pretty good.
  11. I wish, "We won't stop until everyone is fully primed" meant that primers will be available again.
  12. Great buck Ruth! Congratulations! That will really help our team.
  13. Welcome to the forums. I took my quiver and mounted it on my Badlands Pack. When I get in my stand, I hang it on a hook and everything that I need is within arms reach. Hope this helps.