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  1. Team 6

    Hi guys! I just entered my deer. 10 more points for team #6. I'm tagged out for bucks here so BB is gonna have to lead us to victory.
  2. RangerClay Team 6 5 point buck
  3. Newly issued NFL mouthguards

    That is awesome!!!
  4. 11-3 First November check-in (rut edition)

    The little bucks are running the does here. Saturday morning will be cold and clear. I am so excited to get the stand.
  5. Team 6

    Hi guys! Finally starting to see some rut activity here. I got a doe last weekend with my bow. The next two weekends I will be hunting with my crossbow. I very very excited because these next two weeks will be crazy with buck activity. Tomorrow morning is going to be about 30 degrees and clear. It's the first real hunting weather we have had. I know the deer will be on their feet. Wish me luck.
  6. Swamp Buck

    Congrats on the buck Frank! You always tell such great stories. I'm glad everything worked out for you and you had someone to call.
  7. Team 6

    Still no break from the heat here. Warm temps all but stopped any deer movement where I was hunting. I cannot wait for November.
  8. Hate to show you this but Carlee is growing up guys.

    I had to laugh at how awkward the photo looks with his hands behind his back. Dad must have taken the picture with a pistol on his hip.
  9. Any new Realtree patterns?

    I'm still praying for the day that they bring back Realtree Hardwoods. I've gotten away from Realtree clothing because it's too light. I swear it's designed for a southern hunter and not a northern hunter. https://www.realtree.com/realtree-hardwoods-hd-camo
  10. that's not a stick

    It's a nice perk of living up north isn't. Any snakes we do have are gone by the time deer season starts.
  11. Butchering deer

    Yup. Good advise. Try getting hide off within a few hours, it peels off so easy when they are warm. It gets cold fast here in NY and I'm sure it's cold in Maine also. Last deer I shot I had the hide off as soon as I hung it. It peeled off so easy. I can never understand why people age deer with the hide on. Every slaughter house I've ever been to never ages beef with the hide on.
  12. Butchering deer

    I've cut my own deer since I was old enough to help my dad. It's not that hard once you get the hang of it and learn where all of the seams are. If possible find someone who does his own and ask to watch. There are a number of good videos on YouTube that will give you the basics. Here a few tips. 1. Skin your deer as soon as possible to start the cooling process. 2. Buy the finest butchering knives out there that you can afford. I like Forschner knives. Also get a good sharpener. 3. I bought an old fridge off craigslist. If the weather hot I will divide my deer into it's 7 main parts (inside loins, backstraps, 4 legs, neck roast) and put them in there to chill until I'm ready to work on it. 4. Wrap venison in plastic bags then use freezer paper. There is few things more satisfying as a hunter than cutting your own deer. You will have complete control of how much meat doesn't go to waste and the cleanliness of your butchering area. Good luck!
  13. Team 6

    Hi Guys, still unseasonably warm. Not much moving during the day. Our muzzleloader season starts Saturday. If the opportunity arises I will smoke a big doe for the freezer. Good luck to you!
  14. Team 6

    Hey thanks. I didn't make it out yesterday, it was just too damn warm. It was about 85 degrees and 85% humidity. It was the first opening day I've missed in years. I usually go and sit more for a ceremonial thing but I didn't want to get it all stunk up. I will be out there after work today. I can hardly wait for that first deer of the year rush.
  15. could use some prayers

    So sorry William Prayers sent for you and your entire family.