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  1. Hey stranger! Welcome back!
  2. This year Fathers Day fell on my son's birthday so it was all about him. I didn't do much. I mowed the lawn and watched a John Wayne movie when I got a moment.
  3. Just wondering. Would you wear these jeans in public? I figure maybe sparkly jeans would go in San Francisco but definitely not in my neck of the woods.
  4. LOL! Many old school dog owners think it's terrible to put a dog on a lead. Every dog I've ever owned has been hooked to a 50' rope and they don't mind. Sure feels good to let a dog out to do "their business" and know they are not chasing deer or getting tangled with a skunk. Our dog gets to run free almost every day but under supervision.
  5. My daughter is getting Confirmed tomorrow. Big party with lots of people. Sunday it's clean up and rest.
  6. I've got a food in the woods. For years I have been able to trim back the canopy but it has grown to high for me. Now nothing grows where there is not direct sunlight. Does anyone have a shade tolerant seed blend recommendation?
  7. I'm bottling a wine Saturday morning then Saturday afternoon myself and some my brother Knights of Columbus are giving all the mom's in church presents after vigil mass. Sunday I will be taking care of the mother of my children then off to lunch with my mother in-outlaw. This will be my first Mothers Day without my mom so I'm feeling a little depressed.
  8. If they have a bikini football then perhaps NASCAR could follow suit. Just sayin' It would get ratings.
  9. If it was Lassie you would let her dig.
  10. Funny, and it was the Cabelas getting into the credit card business that was their intimate demise.
  11. Put the dog on a lead.
  12. The new owner is the owner of Camping World stores. From what I gather the new owner is making several demands of all locations. They include lower rent and a certain minimum wage (I believe $12 per hour). If their demands are met by lease holders and local officials they will keep their stores open.
  13. We all know what has happened with Gander Mountain. If you have a gift card you must redeem it by May 18th or it will become invalid.
  14. Thanks Scott and Realtree! My goodies arrived yesterday.
  15. One of my favorite stories was when my daughter was very young and we were in Home Depot. The roof was leaking and there was a bucket on the floor catching the water. She looked at the bucket and then the ceiling several times and says, "Daddy, why don't they fix the roof? They have all the stuff to fix it here." You are very wise Grasshopper.