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  1. Pat, once again I'm late to the party. What a great deer and thanks for sharing your story. Not many people are willing to take the time to type all that out. Thanks for sharing, it was deeply appreciated.
  2. First and foremost I am sooooo glad Anthony didn't leave us. Shoot me a text sometime pard! I always had a weird vibe from Tink. He seemed to use Facebook as his own personal Tinder site. He asked to friend me when I first joined Facebook but I quickly declined. I will have to do a Google search and get caught up.
  3. Well done! Not sure about the laws in your state but now that the school is aware that teacher can lose her job if she does not suppress the bullying her son is doing. Here in NY if a child with an IEP was being bullied the police would be brought in.
  4. I arrowed my buck on November 9th and i was amazed with the high fat content. Although he had one fighting wound I think with the rut just starting here last weekend that he hasn't started running yet. I saw six bucks that day and he was the only one not running does.
  5. Hope you brought your extra thermal underbritches this week. It's going to be a cold one.
  6. Here is this years archery buck. He was the fifth of six bucks I saw that day. Rifle season opens this weekend and I try to up my score.
  7. Hi guys, sorry I'm late to the party but my new job has sucked up much of my free time for the computer. I harvested a nice 8 point last weekend and I will have it entered very soon. Joe
  8. I shoot percussion cap ML. Fun to shoot, pain in the a$$ to clean.
  9. RangerClay

    Deer Contest

    Count me in!! Maybe just have two teams. I think it would be fun. Loser has to wear Moldy Oak to work
  10. RangerClay

    New addition

    So happy for you partner! Start saving up for his BLR!
  11. Nice bird!!!! Congrats!!
  12. Sorry to hear that. We've been through it here in NY but got rid of it quickly. Hope your EnCon can do the same.
  13. I use my smoker at low temps to make venison jerky. Get a jerky shooter and some Hi Mountain seasoning. My kids go crazy for it.
  14. RangerClay

    Property Dispute

    Wishing you all the best Frank!!