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    I ended up watching the last half of the race. Not too many cars finished lol. About as big of a wreck fest as I can remember seeing in Daytona. Lots of new names and youngsters coming up this year.
  2. Friday 2-16-18 check-in

    Not much going on around our place this weekend for a change this weekend. Last weekend Evan, my 11 year old took his hunters safety course and got a perfect score. Have to brag about that lol. He scored better than most of the adults. Tonight him & some friends are going to an elementary school dance and then staying the night at our house. I'm not sure if most elementary school kids are into dancing, but whatever. Tomorrow looks like a chill & grill day with decent weather & no rain. Probably do a few things around the house as well. Sunday my daughter has hitting and a birthday party to go to. The kids are off school on Monday so they get a long weekend. What's your weekend look like?
  3. No excuses lol

    I would like to have that done myself. I am soooo sick of dealing with contacts. Been wearing them for 25 years now...out every night and in every morning. My prescription has changed the last few years, and I guess they like to wait until your eyes have stayed the same consistent prescription for a certain period of time. My wife works for an eye doctor and got to see a few of these procedures done.
  4. Check it in here-2-9-18

    Friday check-in is upon us. What's everyone have going on for the weekend? Tonight & all day tomorrow Evan will be taking his Illinois hunters safety course, so I'll be with him. He's excited to take the course and get his hunting career started. The wife has to work tomorrow, so I'll have the little one with me as well. Emma has ball practice tonight & hitting on Sunday. My weekend in a nut shell.
  5. Anybody know what happened to Tominator??

    Tominator, MCH, and Chrud all disappeared around the same time. All of them were good guys. Everybody seems to have a Facebook account these days, but it just doesn't appeal to me so I miss out on stuff occasionally lol.
  6. Vikings Gonna Win?

    I was going to pull for the Eagles after they beat the Vikings. After seeing all of the videos of how they were treating the Vikings fans after the game I find it impossible to root for them. Just mobs of people chucking full beers, flipping them off, yelling at them, getting peed on, and they're just trying to get out of there in one piece. I can't imagine what would have happened if the Eagles would have lost. I am not a fan of the Pats, but hope they demolish the Eagles.
  7. Texas bound

    I haven't quail hunted for years. Sounds like it should be a fun trip. Be safe.
  8. First February Friday check-in

    Try saying that five times fast lol. Take a wild guess what we have planned for the weekend....more indoor softball. Another tournament for Emma this weekend. This makes it three weekends in a row, but looks like we'll have a break for a few weeks after this one. They did end up winning the championship last weekend! After two games tonight they won't play until late tomorrow night, so will do some running and a few honey doo's in the morning. We'll probably watch the Super Bowl on Sunday whether we are at the softball dome or home. I don't really care for either team so not overly enthused about it. Whats on everyone's agenda for the weekend?
  9. Video - 8pt Buck Running Dogs

    The video is nicely done. The drone footage is pretty cool. It's illegal to hunt deer that way here, but still neat to see different ways to deer hunt. Looks like a fun hunt.
  10. Video of Buck Responding to Grunts

    Nice video. I would say a few bleats followed by some grunts has been my most successful calling technique over the years.
  11. Vikings Gonna Win?

    The only reason they were considered under dogs is that their starting QB got hurt a few weeks ago and is out for the season. Everyone expected them to take a step back. They are basically doing all of this with an average back up QB, but the rest of the team is still really stacked. The same could have been said about the Vikings as well, since they have been playing with their back up QB since week 2 of the regular season.
  12. phil.....

    Nice! Did you get him in a trap?
  13. Strings and cables

    Wow $199 is a steal for the Wicked Ridge. My kids are still relatively small, so the Recruit fits them perfectly. Once they get a little older and can handle a longer LOP I might upgrade to a nicer crossbow. I think I paid $240 for the compound Recruit. Having the strings replaced will cost 1/3 of what the whole deal cost me lol.
  14. 1-26 last January check-in

    Another month of Friday check-ins is wrapping up. What's on every bodies agenda for the weekend? Not too much going on for us tonight. We are having a nice January thaw, so will most likely grill and relax tonight. Tomorrow we are going to all of my relatives grave sites to collect the Christmas stuff that we put out back in December. Tomorrow evening & Sunday my daughter has another indoor softball tournament. She's filling in for another team so she's a little excited/nervous to meet some new girls. At least this one is local so no hotel stay. Her team got second place last weekend, so hopefully she can bring home some hardware 2 weekends in a row.
  15. Strings and cables

    Did you ever end up getting them changed William? We have a little life left on the strings for the kids Recruit, but after next season I will probably look into having them changed out.