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    It's Finally Friday 2-22 check-in

    No big plans for us tonight. Probably grill, lay around the house, and drink a cold one. Tomorrow the wife has to work so just be me and the 3 amigos. All 3 kids need haircuts so will try and get that accomplished. Sunday we have some errands to run and a little shopping to do. Going to sign Tyson up for another round of learn to skate to get him ready for hockey. Emma got her drivers permit a few weeks ago, so every weekend a little drive is in the plans so she can get her 50 hours. No softball for her this weekend, but high school tryouts are next week.

    Dream to Reality

    Man, that is awesome Frank! Congrats! Looks like a great piece of ground for your family to hunt on. Is that a little creek that runs through it? One of these days hopefully I can get my own little chunk of ground and do the same thing.

    Daytona Crash Fest

    I flipped back & forth periodically through the day just to check in on it. I turned back on for the last 15 laps...that took a while to get through lol.

    February 15 check-in

    Time for another Friday check-in. We are having my cousin & his family over for dinner tonight. It's always nice to visit with them & get the kids together. It looks like a little snow is supposed move in this afternoon & tonight. Tomorrow night my sister is having the family over to her place for dinner, but not much planned during the day. Sunday Emma has ball practice as usual. I need a dry weekend with decent temps to go up to the farm & tweak some stands & pop up a blind for spring turkey season.

    Describe your hunting ground

    The seasons over & this place is slow, so thought it might be fun for everyone to post a little bit about their hunting ground. I'll start Size: 80 acres Own, lease, or permission: Permission. I've been running around this place since I was a little shaver. My Grandpa hunted here, my Dad hunted here, and now my kids are hunting there. Close friends of the family own it. I always pitch on on work days, through money in for repairs or anything else, and they let me treat it like my own. These people are really more like family. Topography: Creek bottom & ridges. A large creek runs right through the middle of the property. No tillable ground or row crops, but we do have a few clearings for food plots. We don't really have much to keep deer on the property. Most of my success has been during the rut. Hunting pressure: Pretty high pressure I would say. Since I don't own it I have no control over who goes up or what they do. I know other people hunt my stands if I'm not there, or ride 4 wheelers on the trails if nobody is hunting. Most of the other hunters on the property pay no attention to wind direction. I have a decent place to hunt & take my kids, so no complaints though.

    Team 3

    I'm guessing at this point every bodies season is over. Champs!

    2-8-19 Friday check-in

    Not much planned on our end this weekend.Just going to relax tonight and maybe drink a few cold ones. The wife works tomorrow, so just me & the 3 kids most of the day. Emma has high school softball practice Sunday afternoon. That's pretty much it. It looks like some snow is supposed to move in Sunday, then it temps will be near normal most of next week which is a good sign.

    CWD here

    CWD has been found in Illinois for quite a few years. It has been illegal to feed or supplement deer here for at least 10 years to combat the spread, but not sure if that has had any impact on the disease or not. They continue to find it every year. For every case they find, there has to be several more that go unnoticed. I'm sure some infected deer get harvested & eaten every year with out anyone even knowing. I feel like CWD has been around before anybody even knew what CWD was. I think it needs monitored & controlled as best as possible, but it's probably not something that will ever go away completely so I don't worry about it a whole lot. I would be interested in seeing more studies on the matter, especially as it relates to consumption.

    halftime blow

    LOL I have to agree. I have heard 1 or 2 of the songs, but that was it. Not really my type of music. The game wasn't much better.

    2-1 check-in thread

    February is here! Everyday day gets us one day closer to spring lol. Not much planned for us tonight. Tomorrow have some things to do around the house. Were supposed to get a bit of a warm up, so may do some things outside if it's not too muddy. Tomorrow night we have a surprise 30th birthday party for one of my hunting buddies. Sunday Emma has a softball camp at Lindenwood College and high school ball practice after that. She got her drivers permit last night, so I'm sure we'll go for a drive at some point. I might watch some football at some point, but don't really care for either team in it.

    Early 1-25 Friday check-in

    Happy belated birthday Muff! Hope the recovery goes well Gator. Little update from the weekend tournament. Team did pretty good. Ended up finishing 4th with some pretty solid competition. The big news of the weekend was my daughter hit 2 dingers lol. She just tripled her lifetime total lol. Puts a smile on my face when the smallest girl on the team pokes one over the fence.

    Early 1-25 Friday check-in

    Indoor softball tournament for Emma this weekend so thought I would get a check-in thread started a day early. I took off all day tomorrow. Have to pull Emma out of school a little early to make it to Du Quoin in time for warm ups. Hope this place has a heater in it lol. It looks like a pretty good cold stretch for the next 10 days.The wife works Saturday, so she's staying home with the boys this weekend.

    Saying goodbye to a furry friend.

    Sorry to hear that. It's never easy. The last dog we had was a beagle. Got him when we first got married and before kids. He made it to 13. As he got older and slower I knew what was coming, but always thought " I'm a grown man, and he's just a dog...I can handle it....not that big of a deal". I was bawling my eyes out when I left the vet that day lol. If our life weren't so busy I would love to get another one.

    1-18-19 Friday check-in

    What's on the agenda this weekend? Not much going on tonight. Tomorrow is my wife's birthday, so we are going out to eat and have a few drinks. Sunday my daughter has ball practice. Weather looks interesting this weekend. Rain all night tonight & snow all day tomorrow in the forecast.

    It's Comin Boys!!

    Boogity, boogity, boogity lol. I don't follow NASCAR like I used to. I used to be in fantasy leagues & pools, but kind of lost interest. I do plan on trying to make it to a few dirt races this year though.