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    10-18 Friday check-in

    What's planned for the weekend? The wife has to work tomorrow and Evan has a football game, so no hunting for me that day. It's his last regular season game of the year so football is winding down. His team is 7-1 on the year so hopefully have a few playoff games after this weekend. Emma has a softball tournament up in Peoria at the Louisville Slugger complex, but we are just sending her with a team mate this trip. Sunday the weather looks prime for deer hunting, so I'm planning on spending some time in a tree.

    Cover Scent

    In the past I have used coon or fox pee. Just squirt it on the ground & rubbed my boots in it. I've actually had young bucks follow the scent trail straight to my tree. Mostly now I just spray some scent eliminator on my Mucks and don't use cover scent much.

    Any ideas on this doe??

    Yea I had to take a picture of the computer screen so the pic is a little sketchy lol. Plus for some reason I have a bunch of daytime pics that used the idea whats up with that. I thought the same as William after looking at it a little more. It's not just her belly, but it does look like it runs all the way up through her chest. It's the only picture I got of her, so she may have wandered off & died if she was sick. I've been hunting this place for 30 years & never seen anything like it.

    Any ideas on this doe??

    I pulled the card on my trail camera Saturday morning and had this big fatty on it. What are every bodies thoughts? I don't know how she could still be pregnant in August, but that's what it looks like to me. Something else wrong with her maybe?

    Team 3

    I sat in a tree from 5:30 until 11:00 Saturday morning. Only seen one deer, a 2 1/2 year old 8. The corn is almost all out & the weather looks like it's going to stay cool so it should only get better. I did have a couple of decent bucks on the trail camera so my hopes are high.

    Fall success

    Good stuff...congrats!

    Team 3

    The weather here has cooled off! I'll be able to get my first sit of the year in tomorrow morning.

    10-12 check-in thread

    It finally feels like fall here in Illinois! Two days ago the high was the high is supposed to be 49 lol. Plan for tonight are to get to bed early. Plans for tomorrow morning are to get up at 3:30, head to the farm, and go shoot a deer. First sit of the year & the weather looks great! Tomorrow afternoon we may go pick apples & grab a few pumpkins. Evan's 12th birthday was Tuesday, so he is having some buddies stay the night Saturday night. Emma has a team bonding thing Saturday night, and a couple of scrimmage games on Sunday if the rain holds off.

    Climbing sticks and stands

    Most of my stands just have regular 20' climbing sticks. Like William mentioned, I pick them up after the season for around $30-$40. I tried the stagger step ones that are each separate a few years ago, but really didn't care for them. I feel more comfortable climbing a 20' stick that is all connected. I usually pick my stands up on sale after the season too. I don't really ever add to my collection, but like you mostly just replace my old stuff over time. I do know that I am done with the $29 compact hang on stands lol. Now that I'm getting a few years on me I need something a little more comfortable.

    October 5 check-in thread

    Well we made it to another Friday. What are the weekend plans The wife has to work tomorrow morning, so it's just me & the kiddos. It's kind of a slow day for us tomorrow so I wouldn't mind getting my first sit of the season in, but a high of 89 & thunderstorms chances will keep me from getting that done. I'll probably go through my gear tomorrow just to make sure everything is ready to go. Sunday morning we have to make pizzas for my daughters softball fundraiser. Evan has a football game Sunday as well. Sunday afternoon the family is getting together at my Grandpas for dinner.

    It's coming

    As beautiful as that is I suppose it's a sign of things to come lol. Man, what a view though. Like William, we have been way above average sitting around 90 degrees for highs & 70 for lows. The weatherman says change is coming in the next 10-12 days, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Team 3

    Well today is finally opening day for bow season. It's finally October, but sure doesn't feel like it. The highs are supposed to be in the upper 80's to 90 degrees all week, so I'm not burning any vacation time this early in the season.

    I survived

    Wow that's load of doves! I don't know that I've ever eaten anything better than a grilled dove breast wrapped with bacon and stiffed with a jalapeno pepper. Sounds like a great time minus the snakes lol.

    9-28 Friday check-in

    Last Friday of September! What does everyone have planned for the weekend? By youngest turns 5 tomorrow, so we are having a little family birthday party for him tonight. He's excited for cake, ice cream, and presents. Tomorrow & Sunday Emma is in a local softball tournament. Sunday Evan has a football game and my wife has to work the concession stand. Sunday is also our 18th wedding anniversary, but won't have much time to celebrate that this weekend with the kids going every direction this weekend. In my down time I need to change the oil in the Suburban and shoot the bow a little.

    Team 3

    Congrats on doe #2! Your freezer is full and my season hasn't even started yet lol.