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    ready to get down..... late season buck

    Congrats William! Looks like a nice buck. Looks like a very nice coat on him too, so should make for a nice cape.

    12-7 Friday check-in

    First check-in of December. Let's hear it. Emma turned 15 yesterday, so she is going to the movies tonight with some friends & hanging out. My Grandpa is not doing too good again and his health is starting to fail, so I'm going to visit him tonight and spend some time with him. Tomorrow morning my youngest, Tyson has hockey & we might do a little Christmas shopping after that. Sunday Emma has her softball team Christmas party & Evan has his football banquet. Another busy weekend.


    LOL that's good stuff.

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    Truth right there brother! These people just don't get the point that predator control & population control are part of conservation.

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    I'm sure some of you have seen the latest story of a wolf wandering off of Yellowstone & getting shot. Now they are calling for a buffer zone around Yellowstone, know.... wild animals know where the end of the buffer zone would be & not get shot. Bunch of morons.The context of the stories & comments really tick me off. They all say "trophy hunter", which seems to be a phrase the media uses to put hunters in a certain light more than anything. Am I a trophy hunter since I like to shoot big deer? Am I a trophy hunter because I shoot coyotes & don't eat them? Is the person who shot this wolf legally really a trophy hunter, or just hunting a predator? The thing that these people don't seem to get is that a few wolves can decimate a deer or elk heard, and the population has to be controlled. I hear first hand stories of my buddies in Minnesota of the damage wolves do. I feel better...just needed to vent lol.

    2018 Nebraska Buck

    Congrats! That's a dandy.

    1st Deer Dog Drive of the Season - Close up with deer!

    Pretty neat video. That is so different than me parking my butt in a tree for 6 hours lol...looks like fun though. It looks like some thick, nasty stuff around there.

    11-30 check in thread

    The last check in of November. You know the routine. Our second firearm season in Illinois is going on right now. I punched my tag during the first season so can't hunt. Evan & myself are going up to deer camp tonight to make dinner for everybody, enjoy the bonfire & cold beer, and play a little poker. He'll be deer hunting in a year or two, so I'm going to start preparing him for what goes on at deer camp lol. We'll head home either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. On Sunday the women folk are getting together for their annual cookie baking/wine day, so I'll be home with the boys relaxing & watching some football.

    Team 3

    Well that is just about a wrap on my season. This weekend is our second firearm season, but I filled my tag during first season so will take on kitchen duties at deer camp Friday night instead. Next weekend is muzzleloader season and I don't have a tag for that. The following weekend I am out of town for my daughters softball tournament, and Christmas is the week after that. No complaints here's been a good November & the freezer is full.

    Emma's first buck!!

    A goal of mine this season was to get my 14 year old daughter her first buck.....mission accomplished! Her hunting time is pretty limited, so we try to make the best of the few hunts that we can get in. Almost a year to the day that she shot her first doe last season, and she closed the deal on this nice 5 pointer. We climbed in the tree about 5:50 Saturday morning, with shooting time starting around 6:20. Weather was nice & wind was perfect for the set we were in. Bucks have really been responding well to the grunt call this season, so about 6:35 I gave a couple of soft grunts. About 5 minutes later this guy comes sneaking in. He is real timid & working his way to us very slowly. He's rubber necking hard trying to see the deer that grunted. He gets closer and Emma flips the red dot on & safety off on the crossbow. Instead of continuing up the trail that goes 15 yards in front of our tree he ends up turning and going to our right. It's a tricky shot since she shoots right handed, but I told her before the hunt that if she was comfortable it was her decision on what/when to shoot. He stops in the ravine about 23 yards and she squeezed it off. The shot looked a fuzz high, but judging by his reaction I didn't think he would go far. We hung out in the tree for about 45 minutes & get settled down a little. Went back to the truck for pop tarts and Gatorade to give him a little more time. We walked back to the spot she shot him, and found great blood with lots of bubbles in it. I told her to go first & would just follow her. He ended up going about 100 yards, but the blood trail was very easy to track. It's a year & a half old buck, but man he had a tank of a body. She got some good practice in dragging a deer up & down all the ridges lol. After seeing the deer the shot was about perfect. We were 18' up in a tree, and he was down in a ravine so even at 23 yards the angle was pretty steep. The arrow went in high on his right side, and came out low on his left side. I couldn't be more proud of this kid. Straight A student, amazing athlete, hard working, caring & respectful, and she's turning into a darn good deer hunter.

    The season's over

    Congrats on the doe! Meat in the freezer is a good thing, and you got to enjoy the great outdoors. I have a buddy that hunts up in northern Minnesota, and the wolves are out of control the last few years from what he has been telling me. No doubt that puts a big dent in the whitetail population.

    Thanksgiving check-in

    Hope my RT brothers & sisters have a nice Thanksgiving! Since it's a short week for most I thought we would start our check-in thread early this week. We are not traveling for the holiday. Our only plans are to go to the in-laws for turkey dinner tomorrow afternoon. Emma has softball practice on Sunday. Other than that I just plan to get some hunting sprinkled in & try to get Emma on a buck. Maybe sleep in & be a little lazy one day if the rain moves in like they are predicting.

    Team 3

    Congrats again Martin....he's a dandy. I just checked the scoreboard, and it looks like we're only a doe away from taking the lead.
  14. I finally closed the deal Friday during our Illinois shotgun season. He's no giant but I've been hunting hard ,the freezers low, and he was too god to pass up. I climbed in the treestand with the old Winchester Friday morning about 5:45. Cold temps, decent rut activity, and a few inches of snow had me stoked for the morning sit. Two coyotes came through right away and kind of had me bummin thinking they might have scattered the deer from my area. I saw my first deer around 7:30. A small forky I've passed a few times this year was dogging a hot doe. He was grunting like crazy and chasing here all over the place. They hung around me for about 20 minutes, and I couldn't believe a bigger buck never showed up. The rest of the morning was pretty steady action. Every 30-45 minutes some fawns, does, or small bucks would come cruising by. Things slowed down about 10:00, and I was planning to get down at 11:30 to go get some breakfast. As I was climbing down I look over my shoulder and another deer is coming down the trail. At this point I climb back up & decide I'm just going to sit it out all day since deer are moving so good. At 12:45 this buck pushes a doe out of the bedding area and straight towards me. He is grunting like crazy too, and just dogging the doe hard. I decided to let him have it at about 45 yards. It was just a great morning to be in a tree and I wanted to end it on a high note. All together I seen 14 deer of the best days I've had in a tree in quite a few years. Just a solid 3 year old Illinois 8 point. Now I can spend some time trying to get my daughter on a buck with the crossbow.