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  1. Bucks are coming along nicely Frank! Got a few good targets for the upcoming season. I’m hoping to get my camera out in the next week or two.
  2. Congrats Shaun! He’s a handsome little guy.
  3. It’s finally Friday! Emma has more softball this weekend. Late games tonight and tomorrow. We’ll be lucky to be home before midnight both nights. Other than that I need to mow my yard and the in laws yard this weekend.
  4. You know the drill. planning to mow after work tonight so that’s out of the way for the weekend. I will probably grill something too. This was supposed to our off weekend from softball, but Emma got asked to fill in with her old team so she’ll be playing tomorrow and Sunday now. We also have a family reunion to go to tomorrow if we can sneak away for a few hours. Summer is here so it’s going to be a hot one.
  5. They have a pretty nice ball park there. I think it was called Sport Force park. Had planned on doing Cedar Fair but the weather did not cooperate lol.
  6. It’s been a few weeks since I have been able to do a Friday check in thread. Been at the new job for a couple of weeks and was in Sandusky OH for a softball tournament last weekend so been pretty busy. Supposed to be a ball tournament this weekend too, but right now everything is postponed because of rain. If tomorrow rains out I’ll go to my Grandpas house in the afternoon. They are auctioning his house so would like to be there for that. Other than that not much going on.
  7. Can’t believe the boys pulled it off! We were in Ohio for a softball tournament and missed the Cup parade in downtown STL. Been a Blues fan my entire 43 years and it was a special run to the end. Brought a tear to my eye when the clock hit zero.
  8. Another month in the books. Today is the last day at my job. As happy as I am to move on to other things it's a little sad to know this is it. I've been here for over 21 years, so it's kind of an end of an era. I start my new job on Monday at Gulfstream Aviation as a sheet metal mechanic for airplanes. Emma has a softball tournament this weekend, so that will keep us occupied all weekend. At least it's a fairly local tournament. Her normal team doesn't start until next weekend, so she's filling in with an older 18U team this weekend.
  9. First SCF win in Blues history last night! Let's keep this train rolling! The Blues had a much better effort last night....looks like we got ourselves a series.

    St Louis Blues

    We have a little thread going in the sports room Frank. Mostly I talk to myself in there lol. I've been a huge Blues fan my entire life. This is a special run for the franchise. This hockey club is long overdue for a Cup. The odd thing is that we've had better, more skilled teams in the past that never made it this far. Even with the series tied at one game a piece the odds are against us. This team just keeps fighting and it would be a pretty special series win for the Blues and all their fans.
  11. Well last nights game was underwhelming. The Blues had one good period and crapped the bed after that. The good news is that when they have played poorly they usually bounce back the next game. We need to get our first SCF win under our belt.
  12. We are off Monday for the holiday, so have a long weekend. Not a whole lot planned though. The high school softball team lost their regional game Wednesday night, so school ball is done for the year. Tournament season starts next weekend so no softball this weekend. I need to mow tomorrow if the yard dries up & will probably have to go to the inlaws to help pack & clean for their move. We had about another 3" of rain this week so it's muddy everywhere. Farmers are way behind schedule. Sunday my sister is having a holiday party/BBQ. The pool is open & it's been warming up gradually
  13. The Blues are western conference champions! It's been an amazing story this year to go from being in last place in the NHL at the start of the year to where they are now. It should be great series with Boston. Hopefully we can solve Rask and bring home the Blues first Cup.
  14. That sounds pretty tasty! I have never marinated venison in apple cider before. Let us know how it turns out.
  15. Blues handled business yesterday! Up 3 games to 2 on the Sharks. We need to finish it at home tomorrow night & get ready for Boston.