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  1. Turkey Day check-in

    With most everybody have a long weekend I thought we would do another early check-in this week. What are your plans for the long weekend? Tomorrow the plan is to get a few hours of bowhunting in before heading to the in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner. I should be home from hunting in time to see the Vikes stomp the Lions. Friday I plan on sleeping in and relaxing. The wife & daughter are going shopping, so it will just be me & the two boys. Saturday it looks like I will be able to take my daughter out with the crossbow for her first hunt of the year. Sunday she has softball practice but other than that not a whole lot planned. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!
  2. Deer Camp 2017

    Awesome Frank! Your Dads buck looks like a nice one. I always look forward to seeing your deer camp pics. You guys fared better than we did over the weekend. Saturday was pretty much a wash out a couple of hours north where we were. It turned to a little freezing rain & sleet by the afternoon. The wind was brutal Saturday & Sunday.
  3. Buck Tag Filled!

    Wow that's a great buck Ruth! Congrats! He'll make a great shoulder mount.
  4. Team 6

    Whole lot of nothing during gun season. Weather was horrible and deer just were not moving.
  5. 11-17 early check-in

    I'm heading off to deer camp for Illinois shotgun season early tomorrow morning, so thought we would start our check-in early this week. The weather looks pretty crummy until Sunday, but we'll see what happens. That is pretty much my weekend plans. I get to spend some time with some old friends, eat like a king, play poker every night, and sleep in a drafty old abandoned house trailer....can't wait! What does every one else have planned for the weekend?
  6. Team 6

    Either one of you guys doing any good? Our firearm season starts tomorrow, so I'll be in deer camp all weekend.The weather looks pretty crappy, but hopefully I can get one down with the old slug gun.
  7. Solid Illinois 9 pointer

    Thanks everybody! Upon further review this buck was better than I gave him credit for. Turns out it is my biggest buck with a bow. I thought he was a 3 year old, but last night I compared him some of my 3 year old European mounts. He had just a little more mass, just a little more tine length, a little bit wider, and his teeth are worn a little bit more than the 3 year old skulls that I have. I'm pretty positive now that this deer was a 4 year old, which is outstanding for the property I hunt.
  8. The Double Beam Buck

    Man that is a unique buck. When I seen the trail cam pics you posted I was hoping you would get a crack at him. That deer is a stud...Congrats Rhino!
  9. Missouri rifle

    He's a great buck. Congrats! Kudos on the tracking job.
  10. Solid Illinois 9 pointer

    It's been a couple of years since I killed a buck with the bow. Everything came together in a great hunt on Veterans Day. I got up at 3:15 a.m. to shower, grab a bite, load the truck, and make the hour and 15 minute drive to the farm (other wise known as Paradise Acres). We had a ESE wind that morning, and I really only have one stand that will work for that so that's where I headed. It's about 18' up in an oak tree half way up a ridge side. The ridge isn't super steep, but more of a gradual rise.I was settled in by 5:30, about 35 minutes before shooting light. It was my first sit in that stand for the season, so wasn't sure what the day might bring. About 6:30 I had two does come from the bedding area to the south of me, but they turned and headed west with out offering me a shot. I hung my bow back up and sat back down. A little after 7 I hear foot steps right in front of me and a giant doe steps out of a thicket at 20 yards. The briars and deadfall are so thick in this one section I had no idea where she came from. She veered to my left up the ridge from me. At 30 yards she she was eye level with me since she was up on the ridge. My freezer is low on meat so figured I would take her if I got a shot. I drew back and needed one step to whack her, but never got it. She just froze in that spot. After holding my bow at full draw for a couple of minutes I had to let down. As she is standing there I notice she starts looking behind her in the same direction that she came from. Through all the thick mess in front of me I see tines moving. As soon as I caught his right side I knew he was a shooter. Instead of following the path of doe he circled around and veered off to the trail on my right. I slowly turn that way hoping the doe doesn't bust me, and thankfully she didn't. As his head went behind a couple of small trees I drew back. He stopped for a split second quartering to me at about 12 yards and I squeezed the release. He mule kicked and ran directly under my tree. The arrow spit out about 4 feet from my tree. I watched him run full speed for about 70 yards before he was over a ridge and out of view. The shot felt good and looked like good, but when you don't see them go down you just never know. I sat down, said a little prayer, and tried to calm back down. I gave him about an hour and a half and got down to check the blood. The blood looked good with a lot of bubbles, but the trail was a little spotty. I was finding a bunch of small drops with a big spot every 10 yards or so. I found blood where he went down the ridge out of my sight, and he tried to make it up the other side but couldn't I guess. I never found a spot where he bedded down, so figured he was dead somewhere. At this point the blood trail is getting pretty light, so I just took a a few steps down the ravine and there he laid. He ended up going about 150 yards. The shot was pretty good considering the steepness of where he was in relation to the stand. The Slick Trick went in high right behind the shoulder on his right side, and came out in front of the back leg on his left side. Took out his right lung, liver, and exited through the guts, which had the exit hole plugged up making the blood trail a little sparse. He's not my biggest, but definitely a very solid Illinois buck. I was more than happy to stick a tag on him and bring him home for the kids to see. He's a main frame 8 with a little kicker on his right side and an inside spread right at 20 1/2".
  11. Mudrunner Team 6 Compound bow kill on November 11 9 point buck
  12. Team 6

    I got a pretty decent 9 pointer Saturday morning. I'll get him entered and post a story in the bowhunting room.
  13. Cousin saw this

    Pretty cool to see. I have never seen an albino or piebald deer. Same rule here as William with albinos being protected and piebalds are legal to shoot. I'm not real sure what causes a deer to be piebald other than it's a genetic defect. For some reason I thought it had to due with in breeding in areas with high deer densities.
  14. Start of the 2017 Hit List

    Sweet! Congrats Rhino! Can't wait to get a good look at him.
  15. Team 6

    Going to try again tomorrow. I was suppose to be hunting today, but couldn't get off work. The weather looks to be in my favor this weekend, so hopefully I get a shot at something.