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  1. LOL man I used to watch the Red Green Show. Some classic stuff for sure. I didn't realize they made so many episodes. Crazy game between the Golden Knights & Sharks last night. Knights winning 3-0 in the third and take a bad major penalty. Sharks proceed to score 4 goals on a 5 minute power play & win it in overtime.
  2. Good deal William! Looks like your getting it figured out.
  3. Oh yea!! Played a little bit of hockey growing up. We didn't have as much organized hockey down here back then, so played a lot of pond hockey. Now we have 3 rinks within 45 minutes of us. Now my 5 year old is getting into it and he's been skating, & will probably start some learn to play this fall or winter. I've been a life long Blues fan, and try to go to a couple of games a year. Our first half of the season was a disaster, but looks like we're putting it together and been on a roll since January. The Jets were the only team in the west that had me worried & we handled them, so hopefully we make it to the Cup final. Blues are overdue for a Cup!
  4. Weekend plans? Emma was supposed to have a JV softball tournament this weekend, but we've been getting dumped on with rain so everything is cancelled for the weekend. Tomorrow Tyson has his last hockey session of the spring. In-laws are selling their house & downsizing, so we will be over there in the afternoon to help pack up & go through things. Sunday will be church in the morning & dinner at the in-laws.

    Our first

    Man, that's awesome William! She is adorable. Congrats to you & your family. She was just a kid when I joined these time sure flies.
  6. Let's see here....weekend plans. Emma has softball practice after school today, and it looks like I need to get the mower out for the first time this spring. Tomorrow Tyson has hockey & Emma has a double header. It looks like a chilly weekend ahead. Sunday my sister is having an early Easter dinner since everyone has plans next weekend.

    What would you do?

    It sounds like you handled it correctly. Who knows why his stands were there...he could've had permission at some point in time, or just not known the property lines if they weren't marked very good. I like to give people the benefit of doubt, especially when first getting to know them. It's too bad he hasn't reached out to you to apologize & introduce himself. We have found stands that didn't belong to our group before. Usually it's from one of the neighbors giving someone permission to hunt & doesn't show them the property lines. They wonder around, find some deer sign, and hang a stand. The few times it has happened we track down who they belong to, they apologize & come take the stand down with out any issues. We have some neighbors that live around our hunting property, so generally they know who owns what, who leases what, and how to get a hold of them.
  8. I know it! I flipped back & forth a few times just to see who was running where & watch a few laps. Complete sections where completely empty. It wasn't many years ago tickets were sold out years in advance at a lot of these tracks.
  9. It looks like I have a job interview this afternoon. Been working at the same place for 20 years and it's not what it used to be, so I've been sending some resume's out. We'll see how that goes. Plan in grilling some steaks when I get home. Tomorrow the 5 year old has hockey, and Emma has a double header for high school ball. Sunday Evan and I had planned on trying youth turkey hunting one more time, but it looks like more rain is supposed to move in Saturday night.

    What is this?

    No idea what that might be Frank. It would make a great fire ring though. It looks like a pretty heavy chunk of metal.
  11. Holy smokes! Can't say I've ever seen that happen before. That would be a strange phone call to get lol.
  12. Well no turkey for my boy. It ended up raining all day Saturday & into the evening, so we didn't even go up Saturday. Creeks were out, roads were flooded, just a sloppy mess. Went up early Sunday & spent some time in the blind. It was 24 degrees with a northwest breeze....felt more like November than March. We heard one bird gobble a few times at first light about a half mile away, and that was it. Seen a few hens so not a total bust. Hopefully we can give it another try next weekend.
  13. You know the drill..... After school today Emma has softball practice. The wife & I will probably do our grocery shopping tonight. Tomorrow youth turkey season opens up. Evan got a tag, but the weather looks terrible for tomorrow morning. I think we'll sleep in and head to the farm in the afternoon, start a nice bonfire & camp, and try it out Sunday morning. It looks like lows in the 20's and highs in the 40's for Sunday but we'll see what happens.
  14. Good stuff Rhino! Congrats to you boys on a couple of great birds. Sounds like you guys have a pretty healthy flock of turkey birds.
  15. That's a beauty....turned out great!