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  1. 4-20 check in

    Good luck with the turkey birds! It's finally spring here as well! I'm going to grill some meat of some kind tonight and have me a beer or two. Planning on mowing and going to batting cages tomorrow. Sunday Emma has a couple of softball games as long as the weather holds out.
  2. Illinois Long Beard

    That a way Frank...congrats! It's been a chilly turkey season so far. Did you come across any mushrooms?
  3. Friday the 13th April check-in

    Not much on our agenda this weekend. No softball this weekend, but Emma wants to go watch some of her friends play in a local tournament. Tomorrow she has umpire looks like this summer she is going to have her first official job as an umpire for the local rec league. Evan has baseball practice in the morning, and our 4 year old got his first birthday party invite for one of his little buddies. Sunday I have some things to do around the house. It looks like some rain moving in at some point so another gloomy weekend. Your turn.
  4. Crazy weather

    I think we had more snow in April than we did in December here. The last three days we finally broke through with above normal temps. Suppose to be in the 70's today & tomorrow, and cold front rolling through on Sunday will have lows back into the upper 20's. Freezing rain sucks to deal with. We've dealt with that quite a bit in the midwest. Stay safe!
  5. Welcome April

    We got a little dusting of snow last night. Hopefully that's the end of that. It looks like normal spring temps will be moving in late this week...bring on the 60's!
  6. turns out.....

    Glad you are finally getting some answers William. Now at least you can get some direction on what the little guy needs to help him and relieve some of the stress. Most initial diagnosis for just about anything these days is the "low hanging fruit" which tends to be wrong quite often.
  7. April 6 Friday check-in thread

    Time for this weeks Friday check-in. What's everyone's weekend plans looking like? My daughter has hitting tonight. It looks like I'll have to work a half day tomorrow, and will probably do some things around the house in the afternoon. Sunday my daughter was supposed to be in a softball tournament up in Springfield, but they cancelled it yesterday due to cold temps & a chance of snow. I might do a whole lot of nothing Sunday if the weather is crummy.
  8. Welcome April

    That is beautiful. I'm a winter guy & love the snow, but when April gets here I'm ready for sunshine & warmer temps. I hear you Frank...these last two months around here have been crazy. Last year at this time we were consistently getting into the 70's, with a few 80 degree days thrown in. This year we are struggling most days to make the 50's and the rain & clouds just won't quit. It looks like another chance for snow showers for us Friday & Sunday. My daughter is supposed to have a softball tournament this weekend, but it's not looking good at this point.
  9. 2017-18 best ofs

    Rhino gets my vote for best deer. The big double main beam is just so rare & unique.
  10. Easter weekend check-in

    It's a long weekend for some people, so thought we might as well get our weekend check-in started early. I took off work tomorrow. I plan on going to breakfast with Grandpa and a few of his buddies tomorrow morning. They go every Friday, but it's kind of turned into a tradition for me to join them on Good Friday. My wife took off too, and is taking the kids spring clothes shopping so I might join them in the afternoon. It looks like we might finally have a dry day & see a little sun tomorrow, which will be a nice change of pace. Saturday we are going to the in-laws for Easter dinner, and Sunday going to my Aunts house for brunch. It looks like rain again on both days so will most likely be indoor festivities. What's everyone's Easter weekend looking like?
  11. Congratulations to team 1, and....

    Another contest in the books. Congrats to team 1! Some great bucks taken this year. Thanks for handling the contest again this year William.
  12. Check this Friday in 3-23

    Friday, Friday, Friday...what's planned for the weekend? A whole lot of nothing on the agenda for tonight. I might grill and drink a cold Stag if the rain holds off. My wife works tomorrow so I'll be home with all the kids. I might put some weed & feed down in the yard and get the mower all tuned up for spring. By the look of things I'm only about 2 weeks away from the first grass cutting of the year. On Sunday Emma has her usual ball practice, but other than that not a lot going on.
  13. Great opening day!

    Sounds like a great hunt Al...congrats! If I had a few turkey hunts that action packed I would devote a little more time to it lol.
  14. The 3-16 check in thread

    So it looks like I may have to work a few hours again tomorrow....blah. Tonight my wife & daughter have some sort of fundraiser for a friend of ours to attend, so it will just be the boys and me. Sunday Emma has a little round robin tournament for her first outdoor tournament of the spring as long as the rain stays away. What's up with everybody else this weekend?
  15. 2016 buck on the wall

    Not too shabby William! It looks better in the side angled picture. That's a pretty cool form for something a little different.