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  1. Here are the sheds from a buck I got a couple of trail cam pics of in early September when he was still in velvet....Now I just need to put him down this fall to seal the deal! ~ Van
  2. Thanks for sharing that, it was an interesting read! ~ Van
  3. Need a replacement manager for ESPN fantasy hockey team..... This is a very competitive league. Here are the league settings: http://games.espn.go.com/fhl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=1065 If your active...we want you in the league! Or I can be reached on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/BoneCollectorVan e-mail me if your interested, and I'll send you an invite: lvanlanen456@sbcglobal.net Thanks, ~ Van
  4. All, I'm am excited to be bringing this Archery based ministry to my church in Voluntown, Connecticut. My goal is to try to raise $3,200.00 to get this ministry up and running. To date I have raised about $1,500.00 so I'm about $800.00 short of my goal...it is my hope to have these funds raised by mid March, so I can order the required ministry kit, and then schedule the required certification training in April, so I can launch the program in mid May. There are so many positives that can come of this...not only will we be able to bring more people to the sport of Archery, This isn't
  5. Thanks Rich, I'll shoot you a message if something falls through, and this guy doesn't work out!! ~ Van
  6. Bump...come on guys..you mean to tell me there isn't anyone on here who plays fantasy baseball?? This league is made up of guys primarily in their late 30's early 40's with familys...it's a fun, competitive, league, it doesn't cost anything to play, we just play for braggin rights is all! The person we add, it's my hope is able to stay with us for a long time in the league! The last person had to drop out due to family issues. Thanks for looking! ~ Van
  7. This is a very active and competitive league, settings are set up to create parity in the league. If Interested either e-mail me: lvanlanen456@sbcglobal.net, or leave your e-mail, and I'll send you an invite to the league. H2H, Complete league re-draft (live draft Mar 19, 8pm), 4 keepers for next year, 1 of which must be a Pitcher. 12 Categories Batting Average (AVG) Home Runs (HR) Runs Scored ® Runs Batted In (RBI) Stolen Bases (SB) Game Winning RBI (GWRBI) Earned Run Average (ERA)* Strikeouts (K) Walks plus Hits Per Innings Pitched (WHIP)* Saves (
  8. Congrats to everyone on their successes this year....My season is done, I could hunt until the end of Jan. but have chose to end my season as my freezer is full. Thanks for a great season. ~ Van
  9. Congrats Strut, I took a nice mature doe last Wed...same deal here, no upgrade so I didn't bother to post it. I still have until the end of Jan to fill tags, so there is room to improve the score! Best of luck all. ~ Van
  10. Confirmed I just got the PM back, and all deer have to be submitted/posted on the deer photo entry page to count toward the teams score...so please re-post your deer pics in the photo entry thread so we can receive credit for the deer. Thanks, ~ Van
  11. All, I believe that you have to submit/post your photo under the "photo entry" thread in order for us to receive credit for the score...I just looked and we only have 2 of our deer scored for the team. Please make sure that you post them under the photo entry thread! Thanks ~ Van
  12. Congrats Andy....looking forward to the pics...we are finishing up the last week of shotgun here in CT, and we begin ML season next Wed...still looking to improve on what I've already submitted! Keep at it everyone! ~ Van
  13. GREAT job! What an awesome buck, and a great story! Thanks for sharing, and Congrats!!
  14. Awesome Buck!! Congrats!! I scored on another 6 pt. this year, but it wasn't an upgrade so I didn't post it...our shotgun season begins on Wed, and I'll be out there Wed, and Thurs looking to try to improve on the 6 pt. I've already submitted...Best of luck everyone, and we can still pull this off! ~ Van