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  1. Thank You for the welcomes, my friends ...
  2. Please excuse my snicker ,, I just thought it amusing that Martin thinks that there happened to be just one shooter ... Beware my friend, snipers don't always work alone ...
  3. A trophy to me is NOT unlike beauty ,, it's in the eye of the beholder ... I do things for me and what makes me happy, especially when it comes to hunting.
  4. Not my fault you missed and gave up your position .... 😛
  5. I think someone was way to over confident, and should have chosen better cover. ;)
  6. Thanks my friend, and congrats on yours as well.
  7. SORRY but this item has been sold ...
  8. Thank You .. I don't understand why many are fighting so hard to keep another means of hunting out of the hunting world, just baffles my mind. I for one have never seen anything wrong with any legal means of hunting. I found out in a very quick fashion crossbows not unlike anything else has it's pros and cons ... I think you would enjoy the crossbow world as I do.
  9. Oh, I can still draw my bow back just fine, just cant use my dominate eye any longer. I have to admit, I'm kind of liking this crossbow world ...
  10. After all of the eye surgeries I finally had to hang the compound bow up and move to the crossbow world. I looked at many makes and models and with a lot of help with the finances, I finally bough a Tenpoint Turbo GT, expensive but with the warranty and service agreement, I think the price may be justified, but this is all new to me. Took it out for our Vermont archery opener and with a short sit on stand got to break her in with a 40 yrd. shot on a great doe, she went about 50-60 yrds. and ended up in a deep ravine, YEAH lucky me ... good thing for Rangers with winches ... .. lol I have to admit I'm kind of liking this crossbow hunting, even if they are heavy as all get out.
  11. Man, the little one is growing super fast ... congrats on the puppy.