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  1. question to moderator (original Moron Post)

    What the heck ... lol
  2. Who's still around?

    And glad to see you here ..
  3. Iiiiii am a maaaan

    Dang you had me worried there for a minute Martin, I thought you became one of those lost soles that didn't know what gender they were... geeze louise
  4. Cant Wait

    AMEN !!
  5. New turkey hammer to the patterning board......

    I would have to say our feathered friends are in big trouble with that pattern coming at them. I have to agree on the expense of trying new chokes, I recently bought the Aniconda choke for my 887 and have been impressed so far.
  6. Cant Wait

    I will have to wait a see how this segment rule plays out in Nascar, I watched the Questions and Answers preview that was aired on this topic but being the dummy I am immediately became confused with all the different ways to gain points .. gaining points in the pits will be interesting. So I will hold my opinion in reserve until I see it in actual use.
  7. Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Have to agree with Steve ,, I haven't watched a single game this season and don't plan on it until the NFL fixes itself. You don't see this type of disrespect in the NHL ..
  8. Bowie proving his worth

    You have to love the dedication shown for returned love. Most animals recognize it and respond to it ... Great job Bowie ..
  9. wooohooo

    I'm a BILLS fans so I'll just sit here in the shadows and be quite ... lol Truth be told I haven't watched a single game in protest of the disrespect some players have shown for our flag, country, and mostly for those that served and gave for our country. Good thing I have hockey to watch ..
  10. Who's still around?

    Well, Well, Well look who it is, the old riff raff ... lol
  11. Who's still around?

    Hey now I resemble that MORONIC remark ...
  12. Baby Buckee Dundee

    I had a blast the whole time ,, well ,, except for the altitude sickness ...
  13. Baby Buckee Dundee

    For some reason unknown to Buckee and I, Steve B. wasn't letting us pass these off for Elk Steaks ... Got Me ...
  14. Edwards to step aside

    I wonder what the actual reason is behind this very sudden and unexpected move.
  15. Baby Buckee Dundee

    You know come to think of it now that you mention that,, I do think I heard that being yelled in the background ..