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  1. rbduck

    One short

    Slowly, still pretty warm up here. RB
  2. rbduck

    One short

    Pic not working...How do you delete? RB
  3. rbduck

    One short

    One short of a three man limit(8per) [img]https://i.imgur.com/hS724TNl.jpg[/img] RB
  4. Northerns are starting to show up along with Snows. Haven`t seen many ducks yet but some folks are having good luck with ducks RB
  5. We`ve been seeing Canadas here for about a week now. Ron
  6. Our season is pretty well done, -14 right now. Just a few stragglers left now. The rest have gone south. Time for deer. Ron
  7. Don`t see too man Snows around my neck of the woods. They are more west. RB
  8. Got a 3 day major blizzard happening here. Birds should be heading south now. RB
  9. Got the info on that banded goose I shot. Male banded in Port Nelson Manitoba in 2003. Gonna be a tough eating bird... RB
  10. We never got that storm, just rained for a week, all good here. My buds are shooting more geese while I have to work lol RB
  11. We shot 16 geese today, two with bands with one a $100.00 reward band Ron
  12. Most grain fields have not been cut yet, corn still standing too. We managed 13 geese in two days with 5 hunters. Northern birds just starting to arrive here. Ron
  13. Just local birds so far. Season started Sept first. Going up north Sunday for three days. Still warm here. Wil let you know. Ron
  14. rbduck

    Happy Canada day

    It was great. I had the whole weekend off Ron
  15. Been there many times. Ron