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  1. Shaun, someday you just have to do Banff and Jasper. Ron
  2. All over the news up here. Ron
  3. Just get on HY # 1 and head east or west. Thar highway goes right from Atlantic to Pacific oceans, you will see everything. Ron
  4. Wife and I have been driving across Canada for the last week. Not too sure where we`re going to be for Father`s Day. On the west coast right now. Ron
  5. The Snows around here seem to be moving a bit more west every year. We hunt them now only if they seem to be with Canadas occasionally. Ron
  6. yup
  7. Still here. Ron
  8. For 14 years I have been working 12hr shifts. Two days at 7AM to 7PM then two nights 7PM to 7AM, then four off and repeat. This comes in handy during hunting season. I can book four off which actually gives me twelve off. Ron
  9. Still seeing lots of geese up here. Had our last hunt last week and scored a dozen Canadas. Season is over now. Ron
  10. We`ve had two good shoots then things went down hill after that. Weather is way too warm right now and most geese are still up north. No snow and double digit weather plus most fields have been planted in beans des not help. Ron
  11. Yup, 8 daily and 16 possession. No limit on Snows. These two pics were from part of our annual northern trip.
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n2056257[/ATTACH] We`re seeing lots up here. Shot a few too. Going duck hunting up north this week for three days. Ron
  13. This is the recipe I used . I just substituted moose for the beef. Google this..... [h=1]President Ford's Braised Eye Round Steak[/h] Ron
  14. Honkers all over here for the last three weeks. Ron
  15. Braised moose round steak. Turned out pretty darn good. Ron