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  1. Muff

    12/14 Check In

    working tonight but hope to get off early to catch the first boat home and get in a little hunt....I start vacation in the morning till the 30th cant wait to be off I am so snake bitten in the stand this year seeing deer all over but nothing close. hope that changes this week... anyway guys I don't get on here much at home so I hope you and yours all have a great Christmas....CHEERS
  2. Muff

    11-16 early check-in

    working weekend of nights here but may have to take sunday night off...I have a lot off hours to use up. then off next week for a big bow hunting week with my guys from gun camp. Always a great time I cant wait. we have snow on the ground but I don't think it will be around next week but I wish it was, anyway have a good week guys cant wait to get back in the stand next week....CHEERS!
  3. Muff


    tragic story and a great song.....but she went down on Nov 10......a little story about that. Our car ferry that runs between Kingston and Wolfe Island was built in Thunder bay 2 weeks after the wreck our ferry was sailing home to Wolfe Island and sailed right over the wreck.
  4. Muff

    10-26 Last October check-in

    I worked a few extra shifts this week and hope to get off early tonight. Tomorrow I head back down to Syracuse to see them and NC State should be a great game....sunday is a honey do list day with some football in the afternoon. Have a great weekend all....GO CUSE and CHEERS
  5. Muff

    10-18 Friday check-in

    I am working my weekend of nights Friday sat and sunday nights. Got out to my favorite stand last night because they took the beans off the field this week.....what a show it one point I had 30 yes 30 deer in front of me. 3 shooter bucks that never came close enough but wow I cant believe how our deer population has exploded. I make for very fun sits I can tell you that....have a good weekend guys...CHEERS!
  6. Muff

    October 5 check-in thread

    Happy Thanks Giving.....I our thanks giving here in Canada this weekend. I work days all weekend but I took Sunday off for a big family dinner and also think I will slip out of here early tomorrow afternoon. Deer season is now open here but I have yet to go out...the weather and work have just not worked together for me.....anyway have a great weekend all CHEERS!
  7. Muff

    9-21 Friday check-in

    Back to work tonight after 3 weeks vacation but taking tomorrow night off because I was asked to go to the Syracuse game will be a long day with not a lot of sleep but its so much fun down there. I was last week to see them beat Florida St.....great game.
  8. Muff

    Friday check-in/Bring on September!

    Well I am on Vacation now till Sept 22 night shift. I was out bush hogging my trails and old food plots need to do some more work on my new scaffolding blinds but I have almost 3 weeks to do that. don't know how much I will be around here during that time so be good all and CHEERS
  9. Muff

    CONGRATS to Rangerclay

    I wont spoil his news by telling you but congrats to JOE......he can tell you the story
  10. Muff

    8-24 Friday check-in

    Well I spent Wed, Thursday in Old Forge New York with my family and now I am back to work tonight and tomorrow night.....vacation is only a week away I cant wait.
  11. Muff

    8-10 Friday check-in

    Oh my plant is so hot....we heat stuff to type O .... 300c so when it's this hot our exhaust HVAC cant keep up....spent the day soaking wet all 12 hours....home now in AC and the beer is good.
  12. Muff

    8-10 Friday check-in

    woooohoooo into the last hour here at work....its been a long very hot weekend in the plant I am ready for a day off and a few cold beers.
  13. Muff

    Thats a Huge Load off Our Shoulders Here

    great news
  14. Muff

    8-10 Friday check-in

    Working day shift all my days counted till vacation in Sept.
  15. Muff

    Its back

    Wow as if it has not been dead enough here....The forums have not been working all weekend long....hammer another nail in the coffin