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  1. Muff

    Happy Fathers Day!

    Happy fathers Day Joe.....wish I was not at work today
  2. Muff

    6-15-18 check in

    working the weekend of days....SUCKS.....will be missing fathers day brunch at mom and dads tomorrow. Not much else going on weather is starting to warm up and the bucks have a good start on their head gear. Well here's to all the dads out there CHEERS!!!
  3. Muff

    New mount

    Sarah's mount came back this week....we love proud of her and her first deer and a very proud papa that I was there with her.
  4. Muff

    Happy Monday morning

    Happy Monday morning all....its like Friday night to me after a long weekend of nights I am looking forward to two days off. Our weather is rotten but I can still find some stuff to do around the house....maybe have a few cold ones tonight make a big dinner and watch the Hockey game....Cheers all have a good week.
  5. Muff

    First June check-in

    Not to exciting here...once again I am at work (nights for weekend) weather is ok here....I have been removing wild life from around the house the last little bit....shot 4 skunks and in the last 3 nights trapped 3 coons.
  6. Muff

    Video - Canadian Black Bear

  7. Muff

    5-18-18 check in

    Worst weekend of the month here....weekend of days...hate this shift...but one good thing is its getting me out of more painting. sky's are suppose to open up here tomorrow and be a rotten rainy day so I guess I may as well be here. got some out door work done yesterday but will have to get back at it on Monday. anyway guys have a good weekend CHEERS!
  8. Muff

    New pics

    Oh how I hate painting but it had to be done... I was the ceiling guy... still
  9. Muff

    New pics

    Painting house today so my guys had to come off the wall.... so I took the opportunity to take a new pic.
  10. Starting this today because I don't get on the computer much at home on the weekends....what's everyone up to this weekend? I am OFF yep I know its a shocker but I didn't sign up for any extra shift this weekend. I have lots of yard work to do plus we are going to paint most of our main floor in the house. but first my oldest has a playoff rugby game tomorrow afternoon it should be a good game, hope she wins and moves on. may try out the turkeys they have been all over the place. then Mothers day dinner I am BBQing chicken and smoking some ribs for the family. Have a great weekend guys...CHEERS!
  11. Muff

    May the fourth be with you-Friday check-in

    working the weekend of nights again... Went to my daughters rugby game this afternoon before coming in.... they won ... not to much else planed here besides sleep and work for the next 3 days.... big winds here tonight and maybe some rain tomorrow.
  12. Muff

    4-20 check in

    I had yesterday off but now working Sat and sunday days... got caught up on some chores around home and got out for a 4wheeler ride to feed my wild life (ducks geese deer turkeys) still TONS of deer around....they may have to do a shot gun hunt on my island just to bring the population down. weather was ok yesterday and better today....maybe spring has finally came.
  13. Muff

    Crazy weather

    my lawn is still covered in snow and ice tonight...hope it all goes away in the next couple days....REALLY sick of this weather.
  14. Muff

    Friday the 13th April check-in

    Well like my other post says I think I am on storm watch for the weekend....sounds like we will get alot of freezing rain or just rain plus high north winds either way it's not going to be a nice weekend.
  15. Muff

    Crazy weather

    Calm before the storm here right now. Got to go out and make sure all down comers are in place and hook up extra hose to my sump pump then go get another can of gas for generator got lots of propane just in case we need it.