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  1. Muff

    9-21 Friday check-in

    Back to work tonight after 3 weeks vacation but taking tomorrow night off because I was asked to go to the Syracuse game will be a long day with not a lot of sleep but its so much fun down there. I was last week to see them beat Florida St.....great game.
  2. Muff

    Friday check-in/Bring on September!

    Well I am on Vacation now till Sept 22 night shift. I was out bush hogging my trails and old food plots need to do some more work on my new scaffolding blinds but I have almost 3 weeks to do that. don't know how much I will be around here during that time so be good all and CHEERS
  3. Muff

    CONGRATS to Rangerclay

    I wont spoil his news by telling you but congrats to JOE......he can tell you the story
  4. Muff

    8-24 Friday check-in

    Well I spent Wed, Thursday in Old Forge New York with my family and now I am back to work tonight and tomorrow night.....vacation is only a week away I cant wait.
  5. Muff

    8-10 Friday check-in

    Oh my plant is so hot....we heat stuff to type O .... 300c so when it's this hot our exhaust HVAC cant keep up....spent the day soaking wet all 12 hours....home now in AC and the beer is good.
  6. Muff

    8-10 Friday check-in

    woooohoooo into the last hour here at work....its been a long very hot weekend in the plant I am ready for a day off and a few cold beers.
  7. Muff

    Thats a Huge Load off Our Shoulders Here

    great news
  8. Muff

    8-10 Friday check-in

    Working day shift all my days counted till vacation in Sept.
  9. Muff

    Its back

    Wow as if it has not been dead enough here....The forums have not been working all weekend long....hammer another nail in the coffin
  10. Muff

    RT has sadly gone dead

    that's funny... I worked all weekend and logged on a few times to see what was going on.......NOTHING...... was going to post something but didn't think anyone would see it.
  11. Muff

    Friday the 13th check-in

    Working a 5 day 12 hour shift stretch here.... fun weekend eh? going to get real hot here again so if I cant do anything outside at home I may as well be here makin the bacon.
  12. Muff

    Here comes the heat

    Well I hope the heat will break tonight....they are calling for thunder storms over night and a big temp swing coming Friday night. Its been crazy hot here and that makes the plant I work in wicked hot. had a few beer after work last night and I don't think I tasted the first
  13. Muff

    RT has sadly gone dead

    yep....very very slow here these days
  14. Muff

    4rth Of July Check In

    Happy 4th to all my American Friends on here.
  15. Muff

    Friday check-in/ June check-out

    I am doing a 5 night stretch more to go after tonight....normally I like my night shifts but this is Canada day weekend here and my whole family is doing things all weekend and I am stuck in here.....oh well I am off Monday morning and picking up a load of ribs to do on the BBQ.......RIBS and BEER will make me feel better....CHEERS all have a good weekend.