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  1. With a heavy heart

    sorry for your loss
  2. Team 5

    Oh and forgot to say it was with a crossbow
  3. Team 5

    Well guys I have good news and bad news....the bad is I don't think I will be shooting a deer this year.....and here's the reason why and its the good news I was out hunting last Friday morning with my daughter (that's never shot a deer) and at about 6:50 we could see a deer coming our way it was still breaking light but legal shooting. as he got closer we could see he was a nice little 7 pointer I told her to get the bow up and get ready...He stop for a perfect 25 yard broad side shot I told her to take it and BAMM.... right though the heart....he went 40 yards and fell down dead. I was PUMPED....anyway my freezer is now full so unless I am party hunting later on with someone that wants some meat I don't think I will be getting a deer this year.
  4. Need Vaction time

    well this shift is just about over....One more night to go then off for a week of bow hunting at home. My buddys from gun camp come down. I cant wait the bucks are chasing and the weather looks good.
  5. 11-17 early check-in

    I am working the weekend of nights and can not wait for them to be over...My buddys come down for a week hunt at my place. there are a tone of deer around and a lot of bucks moving. it should be a fun week.
  6. Team 5

    I let a spike go last week in gun season at my next week we hunt the Island. Tons of big bucks around. cant wait to get out.
  7. 11-3 First November check-in (rut edition)

    Packing up today... off to camp first thing in the morning can't wait to see some old friends
  8. Need Vaction time

    Well its here....packing up today and heading out first thing in the morning....cant wait.....on the other hand not really sure why I drive over 4 hours to shoot a deer when there are so many here right in my back yard..... oh wait I know... this is 29 years of being part of the best camp I know.
  9. Need Vaction time

    Man I cant wait to get up to camp on the 4th.... been working way to much and have a ton of hours in the bank to use before the end of the year. tonight is # 7 of 12 hour shift and now I have 3 more before the end of the week...2 days and one night...crazy. Anyway I am taking my oldest Daughter away with me again this year I am very excited to get away.
  10. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    We lost a great Canadian Rock star this weekend Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip... he was only 53...died from brain Cancer. he was from right here in Kingston. Anyway surprise surprise I am at work this weekend nights....I took on some extra shifts for extra cash to go away deer hunting so I am just over the hump on a 7 12 hour shift run. I will be done Tuesday morning. They took the beans off our field yesterday so if I have a good night tonight I may go out and work on a new stand I put up. so nothing exciting here guys....have a good one....CHEERS!
  11. Friday the 13th check-in

    full weekend here. Friday night I went down to see Syracuse play.... WOW what a game that was, I am working a OT shift tonight and sunday our family is getting together for a late thanks giving dinner.
  12. Team 5

    not hunting yet...way to warm here...Got my cams out and there is tons of deer around...more than I can ever remember. Cant remember how may pics I had of 5 deer in the shot. they are getting way to over populated on the Island.
  13. How about a 10-6 Friday check-in

    Nothing exciting here this is our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada but I am working days all weekend so the family is going to get together next weekend for a dinner.
  14. Bye-Bye Cheap Gas

    1.12 here this morning after work... but I see on the news oil went up 1.52 a barrel today.... so they will jack it tomorrow
  15. could use some prayers

    so sorry to here your news