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  1. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    We lost a great Canadian Rock star this weekend Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip... he was only 53...died from brain Cancer. he was from right here in Kingston. Anyway surprise surprise I am at work this weekend nights....I took on some extra shifts for extra cash to go away deer hunting so I am just over the hump on a 7 12 hour shift run. I will be done Tuesday morning. They took the beans off our field yesterday so if I have a good night tonight I may go out and work on a new stand I put up. so nothing exciting here guys....have a good one....CHEERS!
  2. Friday the 13th check-in

    full weekend here. Friday night I went down to see Syracuse play.... WOW what a game that was, I am working a OT shift tonight and sunday our family is getting together for a late thanks giving dinner.
  3. Team 5

    not hunting yet...way to warm here...Got my cams out and there is tons of deer around...more than I can ever remember. Cant remember how may pics I had of 5 deer in the shot. they are getting way to over populated on the Island.
  4. How about a 10-6 Friday check-in

    Nothing exciting here this is our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada but I am working days all weekend so the family is going to get together next weekend for a dinner.
  5. Bye-Bye Cheap Gas

    1.12 here this morning after work... but I see on the news oil went up 1.52 a barrel today.... so they will jack it tomorrow
  6. could use some prayers

    so sorry to here your news
  7. Team 5

    wow down to 3 man teams now....things are slow here these days. Anyway there are a crazy amount of deer here on the island this year. With last years easy winter and this summers heavy rains they are doing great.
  8. 9-22 Friday Fall check-in

    I am back to work after almost 3 weeks vacation. Had great weather and got a crap load of stuff done around the house that needed to be done before the weather turns. CHEERS
  9. Got my boy back today

    DAVID KLINE is his name.....he is in NY has a cottage he on the island
  10. The big fight

    So did anyone watch it last night? We were able to see it (at work) lol so it went down kind of like I thought it would. The boxer out boxed him and wore him down. Now I am glad its over and I don't have to listen to all the crap everyday on the sports channels.
  11. Last Friday check-in for the month 8-25

    I have to work the weekend of night shifts...started last night with a extra one. try to get some extra coin for my vacation in a week. in the mornings I hope to do a few chores and clean ups around the house. I have to drain our little pool one of these mornings also. If I can find time I will be going out to put the cams back up. hope every one has a good weekend and if you are in Texas please be safe. CHEERS!
  12. Joe Taggart Muff 48 Wolfe Island Ont. Canada bow Oct 1 to Dec 31 gun Nov 6 to 11
  13. 8-18 friday check in

    Well since I most likely wont be back on here till Monday I thought I would start it this morning.......not a lot going on with me this weekend. Tonight the wife has invited some work people over for a BBQ so I am chief cook and bottle washer tonight.....I have to go home this morning and get things ready, think I am doing ribs in the smoker and some chicken on the BBQ . as for the rest of the weekend we need to start to get our basement back together so I think that will be my main job starting sat morning...I would like to sneak across to Kingston to take in some of the boats running the poker run in Kingston this weekend but I don't think its going to happen. have a good fun and safe weekend all....CHEERS!
  14. sightings on trip

    We have minks at our them they clean up the water snakes.