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  1. Hey guys...Mom passed this evening. Good thing is we were all was peaceful and hopefully painless we were all there to watch her take her last brother that we lost at age 5 is getting mom back for mothers day...RIP mom...I love you so much....I am hurting tonight
  2. Muff

    May 3 check-in

    Well my weekend will be work nights go to hospital to sit with mom till noon then home to get what sleep I can then repeat. We got very bad news about Mom on doesn't look good.
  3. another top seed out last night....this is the year of upsets. Think its wide open now for the team with the hot sticks and the hot goalie....see who that turns out to be this round.
  4. There are not many Hockey fans here....BUT me being Canadian I played all my life and cheer for the Sens...not to much to cheer about this year oh well. The play offs are always great to watch even more so if your team is playing.
  5. Working my weekend of days this weekend then switching right into nights for 4 nights starting most of you a wet weekend in the forecast so not a bad place to be all weekend. Hope for Easter dinner next weekend if Mom is up to it. she is improving slowly day by day. Girls started rugby this week. Have a good Easter weekend all...CHEERS!
  6. I am working exchange shifts all weekend on nights. been a long week here, mom has been in and out of hospital all week and if I don't get a call before morning that she is headed back again I would be surprised because when I dropped off dinner for them tonight she was not good. so I will keep my phone close to me but hope for the best.
  7. Muff

    Early 3-22 check-in

    well once again I am at work.....that will be where I will be for most of the next 2 months now. A older guy has decided to retire so I have taken mostly all of his night shifts from here to the end of may....60 hour weeks till then ohh well it gets the bills paid. Anyway it looks like a nice day out there today but the wind is still very cold. hope it warms up soon. My daughters started rugby last week so I cant wait to see them playing on the same team together. Have a great weekend guys....CHEERS!
  8. Muff

    3-15 check -in

    Picked up a shift today but I am off Sat and Sunday. I have to get a few small jobs done around the house. There is a St. Patty's day party at the local pub on Sat afternoon that I think the wife and I will go to for awhile. Our temps have been on the up swing here this week I just hope they keep going that way.....hope everyone has a great St. Patty's day weekend....drink a green
  9. Muff

    3-8 Friday check-in

    Work work work work on a 4 night stretch this weekend so not much for me going on. Our weather is turning mild this week starting tonight so its going to be very sloppy aroud here for awhile. saw a big yote on the way to work tonight....whish I had the gun with me. Have a great weekend guys...CHEERS!
  10. Working a extra shift to help with some cleaning up when I get home in the oldest daughter is having a party. Sunday maybe a long day for the first time in over 2 years the OLD guy is strapping on the pads for a fun hockey tourney. I bet Monday morning will not be a great weekend guys....CHEERS!
  11. Doing a extra shift today then off till Monday night. Not much going on this weekend do some much needed cleaning in the house....get some burning done in the old burn barrel and try to catch me my trespassers that have been on my place the last couple weekends.......have a good one guys...CHEERS!
  12. Well guys I turned the big 5 0 this took me to Toronto....not my favorite place and not how I wanted to spend my 50th birthday...anyway seen the hockey hall of fame but finally home now....sitting here at 1am having a beer...cheers all
  13. Muff

    Got snow now

    yeah my hot water is propane ....which also runs my in floor heat in basement floor.
  14. Muff

    Got snow now

    I get 3 1/2 tons of pellets for my house pellet stove...I have a propane furnace but it doesn't come on very often. I also have heated floors in the basement but I keep that on a low heat because its not used very much. The old F150 didn't like me starting her here in the parking lot this morning after work but she went and I got home ok to a nice warm house....NOW Sat night was not fun at all...-35f with wind chill and heavy snow cause our HVAC units to start plugging up with snow and flame failures ….I was outside most of the night with that going on....not a good night at work.
  15. Muff

    Got snow now

    storm here yesterday and now crazy cold....buses called off for morning already....temp with wind chill is going to be -45f