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  1. Work the rotten weekend of days here then jump right into 4 night shifts....BUT after that I am on 2 weeks vacation....can not wait!
  2. Hey you guys out there check out the MNR page to see if your area has extra Doe tags this year....On my Island there are 400 doe only and Bow only tags to be had and 1 person can get 3 each.
  3. Muff

    Heat wave

    yep hot here to bud....glad I am working the panel today at work where its air conditioned.... I had the field job yesterday and it was crazy hot in the towers....just think about it...we heat our stuff up to 300c then add the outside air there is no where to go cool down out there.
  4. Have a great 4th you guys just a stones throw to the south from me. I may have to go to the south side of the island tonight to take in some fire works across the lake.
  5. Muff

    Happy Canada day

    To all my Canuck friends on here hope you have a GREAT day Monday. I am stuck working nights but they pay the big bucks for tomorrow nights shift....and to all you guys south of our border I hope you have a GREAT 4th....CHEERS!!!
  6. Muff

    Last June check in

    had a great start to the weekend....My oldest daughter graduated high school on Thursday night......she received 2 awards...very proud daddy here.
  7. Muff

    Fathers day

    Hope you all had good fathers day. I was stuck at work and cant wait to get out of here to get home to the family crack a cold one and watch the end of the US open. I was going though old files on the computer today and found these pics of my oldest (almost 18 now) brought a smile to my face....cheers guys
  8. Muff

    Friday check-in

    Had yesterday off and went to a neighbors birthday\retirement party now back to work today. not much else going on except watching the lake level come up every day higher and higher. hope to get off early tonight to get home for a early fathers day dinner for dad....his first since mom has gone.
  9. yes I am also....some unreal stops last night
  10. LOL I worked last night so heading home soon to see highlights of the Game.....I hear the Blues Tender put on a show......congrats to the Blues.....last place in the league at the half way point and go on to win the CUP ...unreal turn around.
  11. tell us how you really
  12. Boston is down the Big man tomorrow night....hope its a good game.
  13. I was at work last night but watched the scores come in....WOW what a blow out...cant wait to get home to see high lights....did the big Boston line finally show up or did the Blues come out flat???
  14. Muff

    Last May check-in

    I am working nights this weekend....spent this morning watching my youngest play rugby....she got player of the game in the first game but in the second game she got taken down and sprained her ankle..... poor kid will be off her feet for a few days. weather here is still cold and wet and Lake Ontario just keeps coming up more and more everyday my shore line disappears a little more everyday. I have had some hard days the past 2 weeks....just when I think I am healing for the sudden death of my mother someone brings it up or I see something or hear something that reminds me of her. I have taken to walking every day off I have to help clear my mind and it seems to be helping a little.
  15. should be a good one....just wish it started this weekend not Monday night.