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  1. The 3-16 check in thread

    Well I am working the weekend of night shifts once again. going to be cold here tonight dropping down to -12c plus wind chill so maybe work is a good place to be. not much else going on the deer seem to be every where including the front bumper on my truck....just as I was sliding to a stop I bumped the fawn and missed the doe by 2 feet....very close call.
  2. 3-9-18 Friday check-in

    Nothing new here....working nights again this is wet and cold so not missing anything there.
  3. March 2-2018 Friday check-in

    well its Monday but we had a good weekend...I decided to spend some of my air miles and do a little staycation in Kingston so we rented a room went out to dinner with my folks and the went to a Jr A hockey game where we met up with my brothers family (to bad the home team lost) anyway it was a good time. the rest of the weekend did some things around the house and watch some TV.... nice relaxing weekend for a change I wasn't working all weekend.
  4. Quiet weekend here

    Not much going on here this weekend eh? only 2 people checked in on weekend plans and no other posts. Its Friday for me here...on my last day shift of the weekend (have I said how much I hate this shift once a month) anyway could not do much around home anyway because its pouring rain calling for above freezing for the next week...unreal for the end of Feb.
  5. Friday 2-23-18 check in

    Working the Weekend of days here.... not much else going on
  6. Man cold alert!

    I am feeling run down and no energy but I think working so many shifts in a row....and that they have been rotten shifts that my body is just wore out.... I did have a good sleep today 9am till 2:30pm now back at it for the night.
  7. Man cold alert!

    wow do I feel rotten....head weighs 100lbs all plugged up, head ache and coughing up a top it off I am on a 5 night stretch at work. I cant wait to see my bed tis morning.
  8. Friday 2-16-18 check-in

    working nights again all has warmed up with rain coming Monday and Tuesday. Lots of deer around and WAY to many skunks...think I will have to get the 22 out.
  9. Check it in here-2-9-18

    Wooohooo its Friday night for me in 1 hour I am off for a day and a half.....think I will go home and have a cold one and watch some Olympics before I hit the hay for a few hours....I know very exciting eh?.. the life of a shift worker. Hope you all had a great weekend.
  10. Check it in here-2-9-18

    Well surprise surprise I am working this weekend again (nights) lots of snow here and more to come all weekend. The deer are moving around a lot looking for food....they have found my corn pile on the ice that I put out for the ducks. think I will put out my trail cam tomorrow to see just what time they are coming in. have a great weekend guys...Cheers!
  11. 1-19 Friday Check-In

    not much going on here...working exchange shifts all weekend on nights.
  12. Euro Mount

    I have one coming...My daughter shot her first deer this year a nice little 7 pointer so I had it done.... hope it comes out as good as yours
  13. 1-12-2018 check in

    we got dumped on last night.... looks like a foot of snow out there It will make for a fun drive home from work this morning....and that's all I got on this weekend is working will be like that for a few weeks now because I have taken on a lot of extra shifts to try to make up for some stuff we have had to purchase in the last few weeks. So I am working 60 hour weeks from now till April (60 is all they allow us to work in 1 week) cheers everyone.
  14. Winter has arrived

    mild here today also...rain tomorrow but then they are call for a possible winter storm rolling in Friday and Sat that's going to dump a load of snow on us.
  15. Blizzard 2018

    Well the old girl started and I got home... this morning was just as cold or colder but she was in the garage and started right up. Went into town today to do some mattress shopping it was crazy cold but not busy because everyone stayed inside... wife and I were some of the few that headed out.... even Costco on a Saturday morning was empty... it's supposed to get a bit milder her by morning.