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  1. 8-18 friday check in

    Well since I most likely wont be back on here till Monday I thought I would start it this morning.......not a lot going on with me this weekend. Tonight the wife has invited some work people over for a BBQ so I am chief cook and bottle washer tonight.....I have to go home this morning and get things ready, think I am doing ribs in the smoker and some chicken on the BBQ . as for the rest of the weekend we need to start to get our basement back together so I think that will be my main job starting sat morning...I would like to sneak across to Kingston to take in some of the boats running the poker run in Kingston this weekend but I don't think its going to happen. have a good fun and safe weekend all....CHEERS!
  2. sightings on trip

    We have minks at our them they clean up the water snakes.
  3. 8-11 Get this Friday check-in going

    I took yesterday off from work so I could start to move stuff out of my garage and back into the basement. We got 90% of it back in but now have a lot of sorting to do so we can store it all. Today I am back to work I also work tomorrow.....not a very exciting weekend for me.
  4. 8-4 It's gonna be a cool Friday check-in, ya dig

    sunday night now and back to work for the night.....stupid me I played ball this weekend....had wifey rap me up so I could play....she was not happy with me but I did it went 1 2 BBQ with a close loss in the 2nd game....oh well a fun weekend.
  5. 8-4 It's gonna be a cool Friday check-in, ya dig

    HOT here....Well this weekend here on the island I live on is the biggest weekend of the year....its call family ball weekend....its like a big home coming for every family (almost) that came from or still does live on the island...its a fun 3 pitch mixed tourney that starts tonight....this year there is 26 teams in it. because of my "fun" weekend last weekend I will not be able to play....guess I can cheer on the team and drink some cold ones....cheers every body have a good weekend.
  6. Thunder chicken

    (The true story of the Chicken Gun. Too funny not to share! Sometimes it does take a rocket scientist!) Scientists at NASA built a gun specifically to launch standard 4-pound dead chickens at the windshields of airliners, military jets and the space shuttle, all traveling at maximum velocity. The idea is to simulate the frequent incidents of collisions with airborne fowl to test the strength of the windshields. British engineers heard about the gun and were eager to test it on the windshields of their new high speed trains. Arrangements were made, and a gun was sent to the British engineers. WHEN THE GUN WAS FIRED, THE ENGINEERS STOOD SHOCKED AS THE CHICKEN HURLED OUT OF THE BARREL, CRASHED INTO THE SHATTERPROOF SHIELD, SMASHED IT TO SMITHEREENS, BLASTED THROUGH THE CONTROL CONSOLE, SNAPPED THE ENGINEER'S BACK-REST IN TWO, AND EMBEDDED ITSELF IN THE BACK WALL OF THE CABIN, LIKE AN ARROW SHOT FROM A BOW. THE HORRIFIED BRITS SENT NASA THE DISASTROUS RESULTS OF THE EXPERIMENT, ALONG WITH THE DESIGNS OF THE WINDSHIELD AND BEGGED THE U.S SCIENTISTS FOR SUGGESTIONS. NASA RESPONDED WITH A ONE-LINE MEMO: "DEFROST THE CHICKEN." (TRUE STORY)
  7. What happened to the Blogs?

    I see the chat disappeared ....I tried to use it a few times but no one ever joined in
  8. Who's in for a 7/28 Friday check-in?

    Your right....kind of glad to be here....this big reclining chair here feels a lot better than my bed does on the ribs.
  9. Who's in for a 7/28 Friday check-in?

    Well I am back to work tonight....we had our big party weekend last weekend and it didn't go well for me. Friday night we were playing volleyball and I was in bare feet and got my big toe caught up in the boarder rope and broke it. Saturday come along and its time to do some water skiing.....I know now 48 is to old for that. I got up easy on 2 skies went for a couple laps and came back by the dock to drop soon as I did I went down hard on my right I have 2 or 3 broken ribs. If any of you ever had busted ribs you know what kind of pain I have been in all week.....oh yeah and to top it off we got 5 inches of rain here Monday. I saved my basement but my Mom and Dads flooded bad and since Dad was away I got to crawl around their crawl space with pumps and hoses....try that with broken ribs....not here I am back to work on restricted duties.....great weekend.
  10. Check in now for 7-21-17

    BIG BIG weekend at home this weekend.......We have about 14 people (not including drop ins) coming to stay with us starting tomorrow by noon....I work tonight so it looks like no sleep for me tomorrow.....anyway its a fun weekend full of volleyball swimming bon fires and yes of course lots of cold ones......the weather looks good and the drinks will be cold....I am ready for a big blow out weekend after working on getting basement done for last few months.....CHEERS everyone have a great weekend....I really hope to.
  11. Get this Friday going-7/14 check-in

    Well my Friday is 2 1/2 hours I am off for a day and a half......but I have a ton of things to do around the house before our big house party next weekend....but that doesn't meen I cant have a few cold ones while I am doing them.
  12. Get this Friday going-7/14 check-in

    Working my weekend of days hate this make it worse I worked yesterday and now maybe working Monday with night shifts running into day shifts it will be 9 12 hour shifts in a row.....oh well got to pay off the basement some how.
  13. 7/7 Friday check-in on a Wednesday...what the

    Cant wait for Friday.....its been a long stretch here at work so I am ready for my long weekend of the month....I am done Thursday night at 7:30 and don't come back in till 7:30 pm Monday......I have lots to do with my basement to get done. Want to spend some time with our cottage friends that are up from the Boston area.....and we are all going to see Rascal Flats, Aaron Pritchett and Meghan Patrick at Fort Henry H ill Sat night.....should be a good weekend.
  14. Good bye June-6/30 check in

    is it next Friday yet????? crazy busy here with work and finishing basement....on 10 strait 12 hour shifts..2 days 6 nights and 2 days to end it....cant wait for next weekend....going to see Rascal Flats plus guests.
  15. Good bye June-6/30 check in

    doing 6 nights here started 2 nights ago.....plant had a major power outage and we are working to bring it back up....lots of over time to be the mornings I have been working in our basement to get it all finished before the end of the month.