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  1. Shaun_300

    Here comes the heat

    Temp was 99 and heat index was 120 here in eastern Ontario on Sunday. Broke the all time record at the Ottawa airport! Been hot ever since. Right now its 95 feeling like 111. I was putting an engine in a Seadoo at work today, thought I was gonna die. Looks like we are getting a break for a few days. Tomorrow night is a low of 50. I think I'm gonna sleep outside and take it all in lol. Bought a pool on Sunday for Emma, just a 12' wide 30" high quick set. Water out of the well was 55 degrees when I filled it and now its 82. 1500 gallons of water sure warmed up in this heat! Speaking of pool I think that's where I'm headed right now!
  2. Shaun_300

    Friday check-in/ June check-out

    Headed to work shortly til 2 then probably cut the lawn when I get home if it's not storming. Really hot and humid here in Ontario too! Highs between 95 and 100 with heat indexes between 110 and 120. Guess they weren't kidding when they said it was going to be a really hot summer for us. Canada day is tomorrow. Having some friends over for a BBQ and going into town to watch the fireworks.
  3. Shaun_300

    The Friday June 22 check-in

    Didn't get up to a whole lot this past weekend. Had a BBQ for a family members birthday on Saturday night, visited some friends yesterday and I got out golfing tonight with some old co workers from the GM dealer I worked at. Canada Day is coming up Sunday. Heat wave rolling in for us. Forecast says high of 99 with a heat index of 117 for Sunday. Blah!
  4. Shaun_300

    The 4-27 Friday check-in thread

    Turkey season opened last week for us here in eastern Ontario, have never hunted them before. Going to give it a try this year though. Went Saturday after work and bought a couple box calls. Haven't got out yet the weather just hasn't been good. Very windy the past couple days, I hate hunting anything in the wind since I can't hear anything. May try this evening since it's going to be sunny. Spring finally decided to show up. High of 73 tomorrow and 77 Wednesday. Should get the lawn in good shape since we just got a couple inches of rain last week. Headed over to Quebec later today to get some new tires for my truck. Picked up a set of 20" wheels off a Sierra Denali that I'm going to put on my truck for summer wheels. They have a good sale on tires at a shop over there. Other than that we didn't do too much this weekend. Went for a Sunday drive yesterday. Turned into an unplanned 230 mile adventure through the backroads. Ended up at my grandma's, had a visit with them then stopped in at my parents on the way home. Really impressed with the gas mileage in my truck. Averaged 20.2 MPG, and there's a lot of 8-15% grade hills on the route we took!
  5. Shaun_300

    Crazy weather

    The worst of it is over here now. Had a half an inch of ice on the truck yesterday morning. Came up to 36 degrees in the afternoon so most of it melted, then got another inch or two of snow overnight last night. I'm liking the look of the long range forecast! Next Tuesday they're calling for a high of 63 and sun!
  6. Shaun_300

    Friday the 13th April check-in

    Working til 2 today, then I think we are heading into Ottawa to shop a bit afterwards if the weather isn't too bad. Going to be an icy and snowy weekend here so won't be doing too much outside.
  7. Shaun_300

    Crazy weather

    Wild eh Joe?! We are getting up to a foot of snow before and after the 20-30mm of freezing rain on Sunday. Should be quite a mess. My yard is just getting nicely dried up and it will be a mud pit again! Ugh.
  8. Shaun_300

    April 6 Friday check-in thread

    Worked til 2pm today then came home and watched the 3rd round of the Masters. Very good tournament so far. Kind of disappointed that Mickelson isn't in the chase but oh well. Would be nice to see one of the younger fellas win it too. Not much on tomorrow other than watching golf.
  9. Shaun_300

    Welcome April

    It was -6 with the windchill here this morning! 60mph winds last evening and overnight too.
  10. Shaun_300

    The Milestone Gobbler

    Right on Al, congrats! I think I'm going to give turkey hunting a try this year myself, never done it before. So my milestone will be my first! lol
  11. Shaun_300

    Welcome April

    Wow that's crazy! We're getting a winter storm tonight and tomorrow, my area is supposed to be just above freezing so a lot of it will be rain, but an hour to the northwest will be getting up to a foot of snow. Then another 4 inches forecasted for us here Friday. I'm looking forward to spring! Eventhough it wasn't much of a typical winter here in eastern Ontario, I still miss being out in the boat.
  12. Shaun_300

    Easter weekend check-in

    Working til 2 today, was off yesterday and Thursday due to a nasty cold, still have it but it's bearable now. Weather is going to be in the high 40s today so hopefully I'll get some stuff done outside later if I feel up to it. Other than that not too much on for this weekend. Dinner at the inlaw's tomorrow for Easter and Monday at my parents. Happy Easter everyone!
  13. Shaun_300

    The 3-16 check in thread

    Pretty quiet weekend for us so far. We were spoiled with 40-55 degree temps all of February and lost all our snow. Well winter returned the past couple weeks. Have some snow back and the past few days has been quite raw with the wind. Beautiful morning here now. No wind but it's -5F. High in the mid 20s. Might try and get the snowmobile out for a run today, looks like warmer weather is trending the next 2 weeks so I better enjoy it while I can.
  14. Shaun_300

    The cost of hunting.

    Ontario Canada - Resident Moose - $56.63 Deer - $49.56 Elk - $54.52 (+$16.95 to apply) Wolf/Coyote for WMU's where bag limits are in place - $11.36 Black Bear - $49.56 Turkey - $29.75 Small Game - $25.72 Non Resident: Moose - $494.78 Deer - $247.76 Bear - $247.76 Wolves/Coyote - $275.23 Turkey - $29.75 Small Game - $123.76
  15. Shaun_300

    Friday 2-23-18 check in

    Did my typical work shift 8-2 Saturday then headed into Ottawa to look at a truck and ended up buying it. It's a 2007 Silverado Classic crew cab 4x4. Got it for a really good deal. Just need to replace the rocker panels and a couple other minor things on the body and put some new tires on it and she should be good to go. Previous owner is bringing it out to my house tonight. I'm like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus LOL.