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  1. Veterans Day-Friday check-in

    I'm late on this one! Big thanks to all military members who have served and are serving now in our countries. I was able to squeeze a few days off this week for the last week of rifle hunting. Been slow all around us. I have a buck only tag, been seeing deer almost every day but only does and fawns. Had one nearly run me over yesterday morning when I was walking out from the stand LOL. Almost had to shout at her but she steered clear at the last few steps. It was less than 10 yards from me! Rainy day here today but looks like theirs a bit of a break so I'm going to make a run for it to my wife's old treehouse that has a roof over it. It's sitting in a corner, can see two of the neighbour's fields and one of ours. Other corner is at the tip of our bush line. Usually always see the doe and two fawns we have been seeing all year there. Maybe I can convince a buck to come out with a bleat and grunt combo.
  2. Maybe

    Good luck Ross! Only seen one buck on the cam in the past while. He's making scrapes within 100 yards of the stand. So far only seen him at night on the cam. Hunted Monday and yesterday and only saw does and fawns. Only have a buck tag this year. They just issued a weather statement for us. High of 45 tomorrow, low of 12 overnight with wind chills of -6 with snow. And only a high of 23 on Friday. Maybe that will get their butts in gear and they'll start moving lol!
  3. 11-3 First November check-in (rut edition)

    Rifle season opened yesterday here. Noticed 4 good scrapes within 30 yards apart about 100 yards from my stand. Unfortunately I'm not able to take my whole week next week since I took that vacation in the summer. Thought I was taking a new job but it didn't work out. Oh well. Place I'm at now just sold and the new owners seem pretty good. Had absolutely no problem with me taking a few days without pay. Actually sitting in the stand as we speak. 25 degrees and not a breath of wind. Sun just poked up above the horizon. Perfect Morning! Going down to 16 degrees Thursday night so I may take Friday off too, we'll see how the work load is. Love hunting in the cooler temps! A bit of snow would be nice too but that isn't looking too promising so far. Have a great day everyone! View from the stand right now.
  4. Our family is growing

    Been a long wait since the end of August to bring our new puppy home but here he is. Brought him home Friday. My 2 year old is thrilled! Meet Gus! He's a purebred golden retriever.
  5. New arrival on the way

    LOL! It actually does a great job. No worse than a 12ga, you just have some more range with it. Love the gun! Should have got one years ago.
  6. Team 3

    Only been out twice. Have my full time job Tues-Sat and work for another shop on the side when I can and on some of my days off. Fall is a crazy busy time of year for a marine mechanic up here, all boats and watercraft have to get winterized before it gets cold or it can get expensive REAL quick with cracked engine blocks and manifolds lol. Going to go to the stand this afternoon. Really warm here though, high of 70 today. Had a crappy summer though with 2 years worth of rain so I shouldn't be complaining. Summer showed up late and doesn't want to leave! Was around this time last year I shot my buck. First deer with the bow.
  7. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    Pretty busy weekend for us here! Picked up a new family member on Friday night. 8 week old golden retriever pup. I'll post a pic of him later. So just playing with him and trying to get him used to everything here around the farm. Took him for his first 4 wheeler ride last night. Wasn't too sure at first but he quickly realized it was fun and enjoyed the tour of the farm. Watched the hockey game last night, Ottawa beat Toronto 6-3! Woohoo! Heading out to a farm with our 2 year old this morning to pick out a pumpkin or two for halloween. So I imagine I'll be carving later. Going to try and get in the stand this afternoon. It was either this weekend or next weekend last year I shot my first archery deer. Really warm here for October. High of 70 for today and tomorrow then gradually cooling off.
  8. that's not a stick

    Shows how much I know about them!😆
  9. Swamp Buck

    Beautiful buck Frank, congrats! I'm also hesitant on shooting something when its that warm. I like to let the deer hang for a few days minimum before skinning it. Usually it's down around the freezing mark here this time of year at night and low 50s during the day. Once it starts hitting 60+ you don't have much time to let them hang.
  10. Bad hair day

    LOL funny! Hate when the battery dies, I usually trim my beard before my shower so if it does run out I plug it in and have enough juice to finish up when I get out of the shower.
  11. that's not a stick

    So glad we don't have poisonous snakes here! That thing would be toast if I ran into it lol.
  12. Hate to show you this but Carlee is growing up guys.

    Wow beautiful young lady there! Keep the shotgun loaded and close by for sure!
  13. Okay

    This is the only hunting forum I visit! No matter how dead it is I try and check in at least once a week.
  14. How about a 10-6 Friday check-in

    Not much this weekend. Had our thanksgiving dinner with my family last night. Still full from turkey dinner lol. Been raining all weekend and just stopped a few minutes ago, might try and get out to the treestand this evening if it stays dry. Have tomorrow off too since today is the holiday and Mondays are my day off. Supposed to be sunny and 70 tomorrow so may try and get the boat out one more time before I have to winterize and shrinkwrap it for the winter. Need to get some more firewood cut too so may work at that a bit tomorrow too.
  15. Friday 29th check in

    In the treestand as we speak. Bow opened today Woohoo! There's a doe and two fawns at 25 yards right now. Beauty of a doe too. Temps in the mid 60s. Rather warm but feels nice compared to the heat wave we had the past couple weeks. It was over 90 quite a few days. That left Thursday. Woke up to 28 degrees this morning. More like October weather for sure! Got my lawn mowed on Friday do may finish up the trimming tomorrow on my day off. Hoping to get some more time in the tree too.