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  1. Well our 2002 Trailblazer was on its last legs so we decided to upgrade rather than putting the money into fixing the old rust bucket that also had no A/C. Got this back in June. 2014 GMC Terrain SLE-2 AWD with the 301hp 3.6L V6. Came with a factory hitch so we can even tow the boat behind it! Really happy with it so far.
  2. I think all of you know that I made a career switch almost 5 years ago to a Marine Technician from Automotive Technician. It's been a blast, no regrets! Get to work on some pretty neat stuff. Anything from a 2hp outboard to a million+ dollar sport yacht. Plus watercraft, ATV's and snowmobiles as well. Thought I'd share this rigging job I did on this pontoon about a month ago. 27 foot Avalon tri-toon and rigged a Mercury Verado 400R on the back! Price tag with tax was $226,000! When I water tested it with the customer I put it in gear at an idle and he said "This is the speed this boat will be going 99% of the time". I asked why he wanted the $35,000 400hp supercharged outboard on the back and he replied "Just had to have it!" lol. I wanted to open it up to make sure it was propped correctly but the customer was too nervous. I estimated top speed between 60 and 65mph.
  3. Picked up a boat a few weeks ago from work that came in on trade over the winter. My ex-service manager that got canned "bought" it but never paid for it in full, wanted his money back when the boss fired him, so I ended up buying it for $1200!!! It's a 1990 Sea Nymph GLS 195. 19 foot aluminum walk through windshield. Has a 24 volt trolling motor on it that dang near gets the boat up on plane on its own lol (ok not quite, but it works good!). Best part is the engine. Has a 2002 Mercury 90hp 2 stroke on it. I don't think management realized it had a newer engine on it than 1990, that's probably why I got it so cheap. I could sell the engine for $4000 tomorrow if I wanted to. Just installed a 19 pitch 4 blade prop on it, it was a little underpropped with the 17P on it, revving at nearly 6000RPM wide open at 41mph. Hoping it touches the 45 mark now, we'll see. Also put in a Garmin GPS/fish finder. Next on the list is a dual battery charger for the trolling motor batteries, and a new stereo. Nothing fancy, but it's mine and there's no 10 year payment plan lol.
  4. If you plan on towing a lot get the diesel for sure, but yes they are more costly to maintain, AND more costly to buy in the first place. Up here you're around $12K to tack onto a truck to add the Duramax/Allison. And also 2011 and newer GM's have the DEF tanks. The 6.0L engine has been proven to be a great engine for the last 17 years. Haven't had to take too many apart in my career and when I did it was due to idiot customers who thought 10,000 mile+ oil change intervals were acceptable. And not checking the oil to boot lol. Remember having to change a crankshaft in one due to a spun rod bearing, there was a quart and a half of oil in the engine when I drained it. Definitely not the engine's fault!
  5. Haven't had to have mine out yet either and I'm going on 31. Had 4 adult teeth pulled before my braces went on to make room for everything, that's probably the only reason why they're still in my head lol.
  6. Welcome to the forums! Best of luck with the quitting smoking. I quit in October but lately have been cheating a bit with cigars, need to give myself a kick in the butt again and "butt" out! It's so hard, not gonna lie. For me it's the enjoyment more than the addiction. It's like drinking, I gave up drinking alcohol about 3 years ago. I still love beer, but only drink the non-alcoholic stuff. Wish they had non-nicotine smoking products!
  7. Mowed the lawn today, we were going to go to the fair that's in town but the weather was a little crappy this afternoon. Looks like rain tomorrow with thunderstorms, I was planning on trying to get out in the boat and see if the fish were biting and see how my new prop works, but I don't think that is going to happen now unless the weather turns out to be decent!
  8. Wouldn't hurt to try it William! Throw in a bottle of Lucas oil treatment or the AC Delco Engine Oil Supplement. Both those work wonders. Sounds like it could have been a partially stuck lifter.
  9. I love that site, just to look at all the cool stuff I can't have because of not being able to ship them to Canada lol. I have seen so many guns on there that I'd buy in a heart beat if I lived in the US. I'm sure if I wanted it bad enough I'd ask one of the northern NY boys if I could ship it to their place and I'd go pick it up and deal with the hassle bringing it across. I don't think it's as bad as people let on, as long as all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed before you arrive at customs.
  10. Worked yesterday and didn't do much the rest of the day. I bought a boat last week so I have been puttering around with that doing some odds and ends and cleaning it up. Batteries are on the charger as we speak, my brother is coming over later and we are going to head out to see if the fish are biting. Will be nice to be out on the water again. So nice having a boat! Had my girls out last weekend and we all had a blast. Tomorrow is lawn and garden day probably. The garden needs weeded and the lawn needs mowed. This has been the wettest summer on record for us. There is as much or more standing water in the bush right now than there was in the spring after the snow melted!
  11. Not up to much this weekend, started mowing the grass yesterday until it started raining. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it today, calling for isolated thunderstorms for the next few days. Gonna take my daughter and dog for a ride to the bush on the 4 wheeler like we do every Sunday morning here shortly to check the trail cam and the electric fence at the back of our cattle pasture. Don... my 22 month old just pointed to your avatar and said: That's daddy! LOL... kids.
  12. Have a great trip Ron! That's one thing I want to do in a few years once my daughter gets a little older so she can enjoy and remember it too. In '96 we went down east to PEI and Nova Scotia. Another year we went as far west as Thunder Bay, Ontario. Around 20 hours west of here. In 2008 I went to Saskatchewan for a job interview so I saw Regina and southeast of there to the Manitoba border. Still lots more of the country to see! I'd love to drive out to Banff, Alberta, spend a week in that area then come home through the northern US. It was a pretty good father's day weekend for us. Weather wasn't the greatest but still spent some good quality time with the family.
  13. Crazy storms all over the eastern and southern half of Ontario this weekend. Tons of tornado warnings. There was a warning for around 50 miles west of us yesterday afternoon but everything was going northeast into Quebec before it ever got to us. Did get some rain though, had to stop cutting the lawn. I'll have to finish that and do my whipper snipping today. Looks like a beauty day today, low 80s and no rain in the forecast. AND I'm off. Woohoo!
  14. Pretty windy here today but thankfully there is. Climbing up to the high of 90 with a feels like temperature of 100. Hottest day of the year so far. Just finished my garden planting and knocking about 150 yards of hay down with the stihl brushcutter to run an electric fence. Think it's time to get the shorts on before I jump on the lawn tractor!
  15. Unfortunately no dodge experience William. Have seen issues with the lifters failing on the GM 5.3's and 6.2's on the cylinders that shut down. In your case it sounds more of an electrical problem or the component that controls the oil pressure to them. Let me know what they find.