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  1. Check it in here-2-9-18

    Just finished work not too long ago, got home and made a nice fire to warm up the house. Probably going to jump on the skidoo and go for a ride and break the trails in the bush, been a while since I've been on it, we lost almost all of our snow, recently got some more last week. We are getting a bit more today and tomorrow.
  2. What atv tire

    I run ITP Mud Lite on my Kodiak 450. Very rarely have to put it in 4x4! They are great tires. Also ran them on my Can Am Outlander 500 when I had it. Had almost 1000 miles on it when I sold it and the tires still looked nearly new. And that was a lot of 50-60+mph pavement running too.
  3. My office view

    What I would do to wake up to a view like that everyday. You are a lucky man Dave!
  4. Anybody know what happened to Tominator??

    I have him on Facebook too, he posts quite regularly. He's doing well! Probably lost interest in RT as a lot of people did when it slowed down.
  5. Member's Total Reputation???

    I've never paid too much attention to it to be honest. I don't use the "like" function. I am unable to like other mods posts either William, never noticed until you mentioned it... interesting.
  6. Texas bound

    Have a great time Ross!!
  7. 1-26 last January check-in

    Have to work tomorrow until 2:00pm then not sure what the scoop is after that. Supposed to be in the mid 40s but showers, so I'll likely do some stuff around the house. My parents are taking Emma for the night so might take advantage of that and get some R&R. Started my new job on Tuesday so it's been a busy week! Looking at a 2011 GMC Sierra Denali, was hoping to go see it but it's on the outskirts of Montreal, QC which is 2 1/2 hours from here, so I don't think I'll have enough time for that tomorrow before they close.
  8. 1-12-2018 check in

    Warming up again today a bit, think it's a high around 10F. The rest of the week is going to be warmer. Took the day off today to get some stuff done. Starting a new job next week. Doing the same thing but instead of a half hour drive to work it will be 5 minutes away, quite a bit more pay too which is nice. Have the four wheeler warming up now, going to take the dogs for a ride to the bush and see whats going on in there. Had quite the windstorm so might have to take the chainsaw back and clean up some of our roads.
  9. .308 broke in this morning

    I missed it too, along with many other posts! lol. Congrats William, nice deer and nice gun! Love the 700s. My 7mm-08 CDL SF shoots so nice, really need to get some dies for it and work on some loads. Would like to one like yours to my collection in .22-250 or .220 Swift for a varmint gun.
  10. Electrical can do some funny things sometimes William. Could very well be either of those issues. Or it could be some corrosion within a plug either at the solenoids, an inline connector or right at the ECM. if there is slight corrosion on it it may work when it is cold but as the temperature rises the resistance will increase with it and trigger a fault.
  11. honda foreman, no spark

    I would start by changing the spark plug William. ATV's flood really easy in the cold. And if the plug is marginal you can forget it when it's really cold.
  12. New Lady in my life

    Wow she's gorgeous Ross!
  13. Deer Hunter 2005 anyone?

    Welcome to the forums! Wow that was a long time ago, spent a lot of hours playing Deer Hunter games. Played 2005 quite a bit with members off of here. Funny you mention it I just noticed a new Deer Hunter game in Walmart tonight when I was there for the PS4 and almost picked it up. Wanted to research it a bit before I bought it to make sure it was as interactive as the older ones were. A lot of them the past while have been more of an arcade style game than a hunting game and they weren't as realistic as the older ones. Think Deer hunter 2 and Deer hunter 2005 were my favourites!
  14. Winter has arrived

    The weather has been crazy this winter here. Had a month where it didn't get above 0F at all, -20 to -30 a lot of days, windchill values flirting with -50. Only had a foot of snow on the ground. That was until this past week. Thursday and Friday a warm front moved in and it hit 54 degrees! Quite a bit of rain too. Snow was pretty much gone. Friday morning when I left for work it was 52, by noon it was below freezing, and that evening it was -10, got a mix of ice pellets, freezing rain and snow evening and overnight too. Hasn't warmed up since. Looks like it is slowly coming up this week and we'll be back above freezing by the weekend. Then into the mid 40s sunday with more rain. Feel bad for all the people who went out and "peed" away $20K on a new snowmobile, insured it, spent around $500 in trail passes if they got both Ontario and Quebec. A lot of money to have it sit in a garage all winter lol. Still a 3 months of winter though so it's definitely not over yet.

    Merry Christmas to you and Diana, Steve!