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  1. Shaun_300

    Heat wave

    Whew, been hot up here the past few days! The truck said 95 on the way home. Supposed to be 109 with the heat index tomorrow.🥵🥵
  2. Happy 4th of July to all of you south of me as well. Not quite as close as Joe. I'm about 55 miles north of the US border. A little far to go watch fireworks. Enjoy!
  3. Shaun_300

    Happy Canada day

    Had a great weekend. Had to work til 4 on Saturday then borrowed a beautiful 20' Glastron bowrider from work for the weekend and headed to the lake til Monday night. Weather was great and had a great time with the boat!
  4. Long weekend for us up here, Canada Day is in Monday. Not sure were June has gone! Flew by for me too. Really busy at work with the new job, sure makes the day go by fast. Have to work 9-5 tomorrow unfortunately, but at least it's time and a half. Going to borrow a boat from work and head up to the lake for the rest of the weekend with the family to enjoy some R and R. Really looking forward to it! Someone sure turned the heat on! Pushing 90 the past few days. Today we had a cold front roll in with some storms and downpours. Temp went from 86 to 68 in about 10 minutes, it was crazy! 3 houses in Ottawa went up in flames due to lightning.
  5. Shaun_300

    First Buck Picture

    Nice! I need to get my cam out. Saw my first buck last week out in the field. Wasn't quite as grown as that one yet, but the base looked to be a good size. Hope he sticks around!
  6. Haven't done too much this weekend. Made two trips to Cabelas in Ottawa yesterday. Wanted to get lower scope rings for my new Savage Axis Stainless .223 Rem. Got mediums and the scope was hitting the rail, had to go back and get high ones. Remounted my Bushnell AR223 4.5-18×40 on it. Never did get around to shooting it today to readjust it. Also picked up a range finder, just a Simmons that was on for $129. Today we came to my parents here, having a BBQ for fathers day. Back to work tomorrow.
  7. Good luck with the new job! I just finished my first week at my new job, couldn't be happier! It's so nice working on the water, get to test drive every boat I work on to ensure it is up to par. Staff and management are amazing people to work with. I really hit a gold mine with this one. I could easily see myself staying here til I retire! Worked 55 hours my first week and will probably do the same next week. Time and a half in Ontario after 44/week, so the overtime is pretty sweet!
  8. Said goodbye to my last work place yesterday and rolled my 2000lbs toolbox out of there. Took it to the new job this morning. Was welcomed by everyone there and they made me feel at home and I haven't even started yet! Actually really looking forward to Monday. The boss told me today I'll be going on the road with one of the other guys to do some work on some bigger boats on the St Lawrence. 35-60 footers I'm assuming. Should be interesting! Wet day today, supposed to be around 70 with sun tomorrow so it will be a better day to be outside.
  9. Glad you made your decision on your job! I did the same thing on Monday. Move my toolbox out on Friday after work. I'll bring it home and clean and organize it and take it to the new place Saturday morning. Looking forward to the change, and finally working on the water! Thinking about getting a little Jetta TDI to buzz back and forth to work in. Will be driving about 80 miles per day. Would be a lot better on fuel than the Silverado! We have a long weekend here in Canada this weekend. Got the lawn mowed today. Will try and finish Emma's new room tomorrow since it will be raining. Just have to paint the door and baseboards. We were going to go over to a park in Quebec this morning that has a 9 mile road with tame wild animals that come up to the window of the vehicle and eat out of your hand. Never made though. Guess it can wait for another weekend.
  10. Shaun_300


    So far so good here. They aren't usually too bad in this area. Noticed the black flies starting tonight when we were out though.
  11. Yup for sure! Not very pleasant getting up and not wanting to go to work in the morning. Notice went in yesterday morning. It's amazing how badly an employer shows that they want to keep you after you put a resignation notice in. Onto bigger and better things on the 27th!
  12. Very sorry to hear Joe!! My condolences and prayers sent to you guys.
  13. It cooled off severely here too late this week. It was 77 degrees on Monday and 72 on Tuesday. Opening up the gates at work Thursday morning, it was snowing. Then 2 days of cold rain. Nice this weekend so far. Mid to high 50s and sunny. Not doing much this weekend. Took Emma and our golden retriever Gus to my brothers house today and had a play date with his two new German shepherd puppies. Then went and visited my parents for a bit. Trying to prepare myself for Monday morning. Resignation notice is going into work. Not working out like I had hoped, found another marina with a really good reputation about 20 minutes south of Ottawa, right on the Rideau river. More money, better benefits and many other perks. Looking forward to the change! It will be a 45 minute commute instead of 25. But not worried about that. Being on the road doesn't bother me! Always hate leaving a place, but I know I have to look out for myself over them.
  14. Shaun_300

    May 3 check-in

    Sorry to hear about your mom, Joe. Prayers sent buddy. Actually a nice weekend here weather wise. Was about 63 degrees today and sunny, supposed to be closer to 70 tomorrow and 72 Monday! Got the lawn tractor out today and changed the oil in it, cleaned up the yard and the field a bit. Lawn is ready to mow for the first time this year so I'll probably do that tomorrow. Probably get the summer wheels and tires on the fiancee's Terrain and change the oil in it. Other than that, not a whole lot. Just going to enjoy the nice weather! Been a really cool and wet spring for us so far.
  15. Too cool!! Way to go pickle!