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  1. Shaun_300

    February 15 check-in

    Gonna be an R&R weekend I think. Made the 300 mile trip home from the west end of Toronto yesterday and didn't get home til almost 11 last night. Had a 1 day training course at Mercury Marine on the Optimax engines. Lots of stuff to take in during one day. Ended up getting 100% on the exam so I guess it was good enough lol. Will be heading back down twice in March and April for a couple more courses. Monday we start setting up for the Ottawa Boat Show which is from Thursday til Sunday, then tear down is Sunday night and next Monday. Will be a lot of hours and work! Dread these two weeks every year. May get outside and do some snowmobiling with the young lady tomorrow if its warm enough and she is feeling up for it. Poor girl is getting over a nasty cold.
  2. Shaun_300

    Got snow now

    We got about 16 inches Tuesday night. Got to work at 6am yesterday to plow out the yard. Snow was coming up over the windshield going into the parking lots. Drifts were 5-6 feet high in places! Thank gosh the roads were cleared up for the most part for today, drove down here this morning to Toronto for a course tomorrow at Mercury marine. Here's the parking lot at work. The 4x4 and Michelin X-ice snow tires compliment each other well!
  3. Shaun_300

    2-1 check-in thread

    Didn't get up to too much this weekend. We got around 5 inches of snow on Sunday then freezing rain overnight into Monday morning. Came in a bit early yesterday to get the yard plowed out at work. First sweep with the blower on the tractor and the stupid chain broke. Had to run into the city to get a replacement and get it fixed up. Sure warmed up overnight. 43 degrees now, lots of flooding on the Ottawa streets. Then it's dropping to 5 degrees by tonight. Should make for one heck of a mess!!
  4. Shaun_300

    Got snow now

    Got another 10 inches or so Wednesday. Yesterday morning it was almost 40 degrees on the way into work. The day before it was -25 with a -44 windchill lol. Back down into the teens right now. Never know what you're gonna get in this area of the country! And yes radiant floor heating is awesome. We have it here at work in the shop. It's 70-72 all the time. Bring a snow covered snowmobile in and within a half hour its all melted. The heat recovers quickly too when the big doors are opened when it's cold out.
  5. Shaun_300

    Got snow now

    We run a propane furnace along with wood. Furnace thermostat is only set to 60 max. We go through about 8-10 face cords per winter. -22F without windchill at the moment. No wind at all and the sun is out so it actually feels nice compared to the past couple days! I don't mind the cold but that wind is a bugger! Had -44F yesterday morning. Snow drifts were 3 feet high in the parking lot at work here. Calling for another 4-6 inches tomorrow. Temp is going to get up to the freezing mark though or slightly above. Bring out the shorts! lol
  6. Shaun_300

    Got snow now

    Hard to tell with the wind blowing it all over but we got probably 8-10 inches last night. There was some drifts 2-3 feet high in the driveway. Just finished blowing the yard out with the tractor. Sure happy to have our Case 95 with the heated cab. Would have froze my rear end off on the cab-less David Brown today LOL. -35°F with the windchill now.
  7. Shaun_300

    1-18-19 Friday check-in

    Nice pups! Have the girls twisted your arm into getting one yet?
  8. Shaun_300

    Saying goodbye to a furry friend.

    So sorry for your loss Trevor. Glad you found another one though! She looks very sweet. When I met my fiancee she had a 3 year old chocolate lab Maggie. She'll be 8 in July. Starting to slow down physically but still has the puppy brain lol. Added a golden retriever pup last fall. The two are best buddies. When Maggie's time is up we will have to get another dog for Gus, he will be lost without his Maggie. They sure are a special part of the family!
  9. Shaun_300

    1-18-19 Friday check-in

    Supposed to get a pretty good winter storm here. Up to 10 inches of snow. We got 4 inches yesterday. Very cold too we are pretty well touching the -40 mark with the windchill value right now. The wife's Terrain sure let out some grumbles when I started it this morning lol. Nothing exciting this weekend. Don't think I'll be ice fishing. Wind is supposed to pick up later and tomorrow. 30mph winds to add to the -20°F temperatures. Have to go to a memorial service this afternoon for a mother of Kayla's friend. She was one of the 3 people that were tragically killed on that city bus crash in Ottawa recently. Double decker bus crashed into a bus station. The roof of the station was the same height as the second level of the bus and took 3 lives and injured about 15 more. So sad.
  10. Shaun_300

    LOTW Early Ice trip

    Nice ones Martin! We got some nice northerns last weekend out in front of Gran's at the lake. My brother caught one a couple ounces shy of 10lbs and another one over 8.
  11. Shaun_300

    is it normal... new one on me

    Haven't saw red before. Do still get the shakes and ear ringing though!
  12. Shaun_300

    Ruger American Predator and Tract scope

    Looks great Ross! I still have to replace my varmint gun I sold a couple years ago. Had an old .220 Swift that I wanted to update with that caliber in a Remington 700. Seems like every time I find one I don't have the funds available at the time. Also been considering the .223 and .22-250 if I find something I like.
  13. Shaun_300

    1-11-19 check-in

    Fixed it for you! lol Cold weekend here! Won't be up to too much. It was -11 yesterday morning, sitting at -2 now. Plus windchill on top of that makes it feel close to -30. Kayla is working today and tomorrow so it's just Emma and I along with the doggies. Definitely too chilly to get her out ice fishing. May try and get out myself when Kayla gets home at 3 today and tomorrow. I don't mind the cold as long as it's not windy. We'll see how that plays out. Was beautiful this morning, there wasn't a breath of wind and it was near -10. Was actually outside with the dogs with no coat on.
  14. Shaun_300

    patience pays off BIG for 13 year old daughter

    Awesome shot Allison! That's a great buck! Congratulations.
  15. Shaun_300

    Emma's first buck!!

    Way to go Emma! Nice one.