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  1. Very cool! Haven't seen one of those in a long time around here. Used to see them from time to time up at my grandma's.
  2. I never connected up at the deer camp. Slow year for us up there! Have until December 31st to get er dun with the bow here at home. Congrats to everyone on their deer. Very nice!!
  3. Well rifle season came to a close on Sunday. The weather was too miserable with the strong winds to get out again. Have bow season til the end of December. Muzzleloader also for the first week of December. May borrow my brothers muzzleloader and give it a try. My last day of work was yesterday, decided to take the voluntary layoff for the winter. Go back sometime in April. So lots of time for hunting and ice fishing! Woohoo!
  4. No luck up at the camp, came home yesterday afternoon to see the family and end off the season in the treestand here at the house and hopefully get my daughter out for an hour or two in the ground blind if it's not too cold tomorrow or Sunday. Had the dog out for some excersize this morning chasing the skidoo around the field, and noticed a nice size fresh track leading into the woods. Grabbed the rifle and went for a walk, it went over to the neighbors farm. Found a couple runs too. Currently in the stand waiting. We'll see! It's 26 degrees with a strong NW wind, cold front coming in, dropping down to 6 degrees tonight. Maybe they'll get on the move by dark.
  5. Out for my evening sit now. Actually found a spot with a little cell service. Been a cold week, woke up to -20°C/-4°F this morning on the thermometer. And it's sitting around 15°F now. Never remember it being this cold in rifle season! Got a couple inches of snow Monday night. Been slow with the deer though, one of our members got a doe last week and that's it. My buddy missed one earlier this afternoon during a chase. Deer seem to be moving more today so we'll see what the end of the week brings! Oh well, still nice to be out in the woods.
  6. The time has finally come. After work tomorrow I'm off to the hunt camp until next Saturday. I was up on Monday for opening day with dad and one other member. We saw tons of sign, probably more moose sign than deer sign. Never saw a thing. Weather was nasty, strong winds with snow and rain all day. This morning I woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground. Low of 19 with a windchill of 9 tonight, that should get their rear ends in gear! Looks like Saturday and Sunday are the only days that will come above freezing during the day. All next week is mid to high 20s for highs and 10-20 for lows with some snow in the forecast. Good luck to everyone else.
  7. Shaun_300

    Range Time

    That's awesome Ross! Always nice getting the young ones out enjoying shooting and hunting. He will love the scope!
  8. Geez shows how much I pay attention LOL! Sorry folks! Congrats to all who have bagged so far, looks like pretty much everyone! I've only been out once with the bow this year. Seems like any free moment I've had this fall it's been either crazy windy or raining. Rifle season opens Monday here. I have monday off, headed to the camp Sunday, hunting monday, coming home to work the rest of the week, then headed back up Friday to hunt the entire second week! Looks like the weather is cooling down. Next weekend lows are supposed to be in the mid teens and highs in the high 20s and low 30s with some snow forecasted. Let's hope that doesn't change!
  9. Shaun_300

    Off to camp

    Have a great time Joe. Remember the good times! Your mom will be watching from above. I'm hunting the second week. Headed up to the camp after work next Friday!
  10. Wow had my heart pumping just reading the story. Way to go Allison! That's a great buck!!
  11. That is great Ross, hope you do well!
  12. Oh wow that's different. I hunt mainly near Pembroke in 48/55B and 63B just outside the city limits of Ottawa here at home, we have to draw for an antlerless tag, automatically get an antlered tag. Can hunt from October 1st to December 15th for bow, first two weeks of November for rifle and first week of December for muzzleloader. As soon as you're into the city limits which is only about 5 miles from here, it is muzzleloader and shotgun only during our rifle season. Ontario is tricky. So many different regs from area to area.
  13. Good luck Trevor! Is it ML/shotgun only down in your part of Ontario? Rifle opens here the first week of November for two weeks. I'm hunting the second week. Just got home from Cabelas in Ottawa, got stocked up. 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, a tripod chair, new rifle sling, 1 box of 7mm-08 and 2 boxes of .280 Remington, $426 poorer lol. And that's saving $160. Sometimes I wish I lived in the States!
  14. To all my fellow Canadian friends on here, hope you all have a great and happy Thanksgiving! Off to my parents tomorrow for our Thanksgiving dinner. Yummy!
  15. Shaun_300

    Winter begins

    Had a nice 70 degree day yesterday, there was frost pretty much every morning last week. Leaves sure are beautiful here now! Manitoba got hammered with snow the past couple days, it's a mess out there!