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  1. Sounds like an exciting hunt! Way to go Bentley!
  2. Feeling bad for you folks down there regarding the election! Was at the camp all last week for the second and final week of our rifle season. It was 70-80 degrees until the Thursday when it cooled off. Deer were not moving at all!! First year our camp got skunked in a long time. Hopefully I'll connect between now and the end of December with the bow. Forecasting 10-14 inches of snow over the next 4 days, hopefully that will kick them into gear!
  3. What a bummer! Dad showed me a spot in a page wire fence he hit with the .308 about 35 years ago when shooting at a deer. Luckily he can handle his BLR like John Wayne and smoked him on the second shot.
  4. Shaun_300

    it's time

    Saw a few flurries here already in the past week. No accumulation though. Northern Ontario was supposed to get 6 inches today.
  5. Sorry to hear that Dave! I know where you're coming from with the back pain. I hurt myself from falling down the stairs when I was maybe 10 years old. Hit my back on a ledge when I landed and I have had issues since. My profession doesn't help either. I was off from Labour day weekend until yesterday when I returned for work. No idea what I did, but my back was screwed! I am as stubborn as a mule when it comes to getting help from chiropractors, doctors, etc. I broke down and reached out to the chiropractor. He did X-rays on me and turns out I have some arthritis in my lower back. Can't rememb
  6. WOW! That is cool! Reminds me of some of the shacks we build up here to drag out on the lakes and rivers in the winter up here for ice fishing. I was just telling the wife that I'd like to build a little blind and elevate it maybe 6 or 8 feet off the ground our so, with a set of stairs and a railing, so I can take the kids with me, or if it's raining, snowing and blowing, super cold, etc. The treestand I built with my father in law a few years ago has a fairly big platform, nice ladder going up, but no railings or anything. At 18 feet up, I'm just not comfortable taking my 5 year old up
  7. Had an awesome time this weekend up at the hunt camp. My fiancee had to work this weekend, so I headed up to the camp to enjoy the beautiful 75-80 degree weather with the kids and my parents. Was almost too hot actually. Especially after a week or two of having frost every morning, and highs sometimes barely breaking the 50 degree mark. The leaves sure are beautiful up here now after that! Went out this morning for a little bird hunt carrying my new little Stoeger Condor 20ga I won in a draw. Came up on a flock of partridge (ruffed grouse). They scattered fairly quick but 3 lagged behind.
  8. Lmao!! I forgot about that.😵🤣
  9. Congrats on the new grandson and house, Al! Enjoy! Nice hearing from you. Good luck hunting this fall.
  10. Today was the opening day for grouse here. Luckily I'm off for the week. Woke up this morning to ice on the windshields. Thermometer was reading 33°F. Perfect morning! Loaded up the shotgun and headed out to some beautiful nearby country. Found some new trails, a couple new lakes to trout fish and put just over 5 miles on the boots! Spooked one other bird, was too thick for a shot though. Ended up getting this one! First one for the new Remington 1100 Sporting 28ga I got back in the spring. Been waiting for a long time to get out in the woods with it. Also saw a HUGE buck bedded down. Just as
  11. Wow, great story and beautiful buck Ruth. Congrats!!
  12. We still do it in Ontario! Lots of camps around. In this area (Ontario is about 670,000 mi² so it varies by area) we are guaranteed a 1 antlered deer tag, and put in to have it valid for antlerless or antlered. Each WMU has a different success rate based on the previous years mandatory survey we have to do after the season of how many deer we saw and what we killed etc. Party hunting is allowed. So if my brother has a doe tag and I don't, I can kill a doe and he can put his tag on it. We generally have 5-8 guys in our camp the second week of November for rifle season. We usually do drive
  13. Hey Ruth! Nice to see you around again. There's a few of us that visit regularly but it is pretty quiet around here.
  14. I'll probably end up getting a rack for the back eventually. But honestly, where we hunt 95% is within dragging distance to the truck, or where we can get the trucks to, and they just get put in the bed. Most of my riding is ripping around on the trails and taking the kids for rides around the farm. Its great for that. Great suspension for a smooth ride and a nice gentle giant when you want it to be, extremely smooth power with the V-twin. And with almost 90hp under your posterior, when you want to squeeze on it and have some fun. Not much if anything will pass these little rockets!😎😁
  15. Picking up a new to me ATV this afternoon! My poor ole 2004 Kodiak about had enough, and I didn't have the ambition to rip the engine out to fix it, so I sold it at a very discounted price to a guy that wanted it. Almost went down to the other side of Toronto on the weekend to get one, but my back ended up going out on me and couldn't fathom the thought of doing a 10 hour round trip in the truck. Came across one last night for a good deal that was only 10 minutes from here and went over to have a look at it. Turned out I know the guy selling it, so that made it a little easier. I used to work