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  1. Shaun_300

    12-7 Friday check-in

    Not much today. Just got back from a little drive with the dogs to one of the local lakes. Would like to do some ice fishing this winter so I was doing a little scouting. It was -8 this morning so I imagine most of the lakes to have 6-8" of ice. Maybe next weekend I'll give it a shot. Have a birthday party for my buddy's daughter who is one of my daughters friends too this afternoon. Santa claus parade is tomorrow in town. Other than that not up to too much. May get out for a bow hunt in the morning if it's not too cold.
  2. Shaun_300

    terrible start for rifle deer season here.

    Things pretty well turned off around here at the start of rifle season too in eastern Ontario. Almost the same as last year. With this cold air and snow I figured it would get things moving, but it didn't happen.
  3. Shaun_300

    Thanksgiving check-in

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you folks south of the border. We had ours back in early October. My better half and I are both sick with the cold. Ended up coming home around noon yesterday. She checked my temp and it was 102.2 so I loaded up on some meds and relaxed and slept on the couch. Woke up this morning feeling pretty nasty so I told the boss I wasn't coming in. I'm not one to lay around so once I was up for a while and feeling decent we went to get a coffee and go for a little drive. Almost 200 miles and 4 hours later we were home lol. Getting chilly up here. Low of -6 with a windchill of -18°F tomorrow night. Already have 6+ inches of snow on the ground. Up in the hills where we were earlier had at least a foot. Looks like we're in for a long winter!
  4. Shaun_300

    11-16 early check-in

    We got 6-8 inches of snow here in eastern Ontario last night and today. Was at work for 6:30 this morning to get the yard cleaned up before opening time. Have tomorrow and Sunday left of rifle hunting. Looks like the weather is going to be perfect. My daughter has been asking me since I picked her up from daycare if we can go on the "Doo-doo" (snowmobile) so I imagine we will be breaking some trails tomorrow and doing some riding this weekend.
  5. Shaun_300

    November 9 check-in

    Very windy here so I skipped this mornings hunt. Think I'll head back to the ground blind in a bit and dress warm. Snowed a bit last night here. Temp is 32 but winds are gusting 30+ mph so it's a little brisk. Going down to the mid teens tonight and the winds are supposed to gradually settle down. Hoping to make it out first thing in the morning.
  6. Shaun_300

    How long does it take to potty train a puppy

    It takes a good few months before they're fully trained. Went through this last year with our golden retriever. My wife works at a hospital and brings home those soaker pads for beds. We laid those around the house and trained him that was the place to go if he couldn't make it outside in time. Didn't take him too long until he figured out that outside was the place to go. He's a year and a few months now. When he has to go he'll go to the door and rattle the doorknob with his nose lol.
  7. Shaun_300

    Team 2

    Sitting in the blind as we speak. Rifle opened yesterday. Have today and tomorrow off. In the mid 40s and pouring rain here now. Had 6 does and fawns come out earlier. When my daughter and I were setting the blind up Sunday morning a really nice buck came out, ran right in front of us! Hoping he makes an appearance today or tomorrow.
  8. Shaun_300

    electric bikes

    Never seen one around here. For that kind of money though that's probably why lol. I've been thinking of doing one of those gas engine kits they make for a bike just for fun. Watched a guy on YouTube do a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke one, the 4 stroke was quicker. Topped out at 37mph I think.
  9. Shaun_300

    More "Smoke" up north

    LOL! Yes that's another example of our lovely liberal idiot of a Prime Minister's priorities for you. 2019 can't come soon enough!!
  10. Shaun_300

    11-2 early check-in thread

    Rifle season opens Monday here. I didn't take any holidays this year. Went back to the marine dealer I was at for 5 years in mid September after leaving for 9 months. Winterizing season is in full swing this time of year here so I want to help as much as I can. Will take a week for sure next year. Possibly 2. Still will hunt weekends though. Daylight savings time ends this weekend here so that will put the sunset time back before 5pm, I get home around 4:25 from work so that doesn't give me much time to get out in the evening. Thinking about getting a crossbow for late season here. Drawing a compound silently when you're dressed up for December is basically impossible. Bought an Ameristep ground blind tonight. My 3 year old Emma has been asking me all season to come hunting with me. Wasn't taking her in the tree with me, so she's pretty pumped up about her "tent". Gonna take her back tomorrow and set it up below my treestand, also got to take a shot or two out of the rifle to make sure it's still driving tacks as it should!
  11. Shaun_300

    10-26 Last October check-in

    Got about 4 inches of snow last night and this morning. Couldn't resist getting the skidoo out for a quick ride! Can't say that's ever happened in October lol. Gonna go to the stand at around 3:00 for an evening sit if it doesn't rain.
  12. Shaun_300

    308 Scope Recommendation

    All depends how far you're planning to shoot. I like the Leupold scopes. I went with a VX-1 3-9x40 on my Remington 700 CDL SF chambered in 7mm-08. It was the only scope they had in stock at the time I bought my rifle that was silver to match the barrel. Even though it's a base model Leupold I've been very impressed with it. Extremely clear and I haven't had to touch the crosshairs since the first sight in. My next rifle will be a 700 Varmint SF .220 Swift and you can bet there will be a high powered Leupold on top!
  13. Shaun_300

    Broadheads for this fall?

    I usually shoot Muzzy MX-3, first and only archery deer I shot ran 15 yards before piling up. Bought some MX-4 yesterday to change it up.
  14. Shaun_300

    10-18 Friday check-in

    Went to the stand Friday night after work, jumped 2 or 3 deer walking in, then a doe and two fawns came in about a half hour before dark. I enjoy sitting there watching them just as much as shooting! Cool having them in so close you can hear them crunching on the apples lol. Yesterday morning Emma (3 yo) wanted to go to "Babela's", how can daddy say no to that LOL. So off to Ottawa we went. She has been asking me to come hunting but there's no way I am taking her 18 feet up in a tree with me bow hunting. So I told her that I would get a ground blind for rifle season and she could come. I got some arrows, broadheads and a couple bags of deer feed. Also picked up a 360° chair that was half price. It has been windy all weekend. Gusting to 30mph all day yesterday so I stayed at home. Still pretty windy today and only a high of 37° then dropping into the high 20s overnight tonight with some snow. Going to go to the stand this afternoon for a few hours. I'll have to dress warm, that NW wind is downright RAW even for this canuck LOL!
  15. Shaun_300

    Team 2

    On my way to work this morning around 6am I saw 2 nice bucks in the neighbour's field about 300 yards from my treestand. I stopped to shine the headlights on them since they were only 25 yards off the road or so and they took off right towards my stand. So badly wanted to play hookie and turn around and head to the stand but we are backed up at work with boat winterizing so I didn't want to leave them hanging. Got home around 4:45 and booked it back to the stand. Half hour later I hear this commotion coming toward me, 3 stupid coyotes. Wish I would have had the rifle they would have been screwed!! 20 minutes after they left I heard something behind me. Turn around to see the rear end of a deer with his tail half up. It was on high alert. Not sure if it smelled me or the coyotes. He buggered off shortly after. Got out the stand about 15 minutes early so I could look around a bit and warm up, temp was down to 34 degrees or so with a stiff wind out of the northwest so it was a little chilly. Saw quite a few fresh rubs! Hopefully the weather is nice this weekend and I'll be able to get some hours in the stand. Supposed to be 60 tomorrow.