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  1. I'm having way more fun with this than I thought. Feels natural. I have watched so many car repair videos in my life its not even funny. So I guess I just forget I'm recording and can just be myself. There's a 4 part series coming on this boat I was working on yesterday. 2013 Formula 37PC. Beautiful midsized cabin cruiser. Also noticed the nice sunset as I left work. I drive basically due west for 40 miles home so I thought hey what the heck, I'll hit record, put the phone on the dash and chat about how I got to where I am and a little of my background. These forums are mentioned one of t
  2. Guess it would help if I attached the pic email? Need more coffee.😆
  3. Very cool!! Had one follow our golden retriever back, after he chased it off the property. No sooner did the dog return to my call, did his "heel" at my feet. Look up and hear comes a black wolf across the pasture right for us. Followed the line in this picture, stopped at the X and Gus leaped off the deck to about where the front corner of the car is. Luckily it was wise enough not to return the second time or he would have had a face full of buckshot. Coyote populations are through the roof here. Don't need these buggers with them. My neighbor had one feeding at her manure pile every morning
  4. That is great Lewis! I'd consider that for sure! Put me on a big ole NS black bear.😎😁 My uncle is an outfitter here in Eastern Ontario. Couple people from here have hunted with him. He's been doing it all his life.
  5. Thank you guys for watching! Appreciate it. This is a new adventure to me. This covid crap has made me more thankful for what I have, and I enjoy sharing with you guys. Just uploaded one, and one more uploading at the moment of the dog and I checking on our fish shack. I will warn you I fell through some top ice and said the S word.😅 Trying to keep the content as clean and family oriented as possible, I will be working on the editing to avoid any of that in the future. Should get fun once I'm back to work, I plan on doing a little vlogging when I can. You will see how much I lo
  6. Keep adding more too. This is fun! Subscribe for more.
  7. Hopefully this one works!
  8. Great filming Gary! You are *very* lucky to even see one let alone get it on film and be successful. As you know I'm sure, wolves are quite a bit more wise than coyotes, extremely elusive during the day and rarely show their faces. Crazy smart animals! My neighbor had a big black one like that at her farm last year. It would come in and eat at the manure pile every morning when she went to the barn at 4 or 5am. She has all sorts of animals including sheep. No idea how it didn't get one. I was going to go down and take care of it for her but just never worked out. A couple months ago my w
  9. Yeah around there. Case holds 90.6gr of water. Max load according to the nosler manual for a 160gr accubond is 75gr of IMR 7828. Last ones I whipped up in the .260 was 44gr of H4350. Pretty sure I'm going with the Burris Veracity 5-25x50. FFP, MOA, ballistic reticle, has the MAD turrets and sunshade with it.
  10. Good to hear! I'll probably settle on that or similar for now, even cheaper, then save for the Nightforce competition 15-55x52. Never thought I'd even contemplate spending over 3K on a scope.😬😳🤣 Rifle showed up today. Wasn't sure if I'd like the stock or not but its growing on me. May eventually get a darker sendero stock or a bell and Carleson like I had on the Weatherby. The black with grey webbing. The STW sure dwarfs the 260 and 308.😮😁
  11. Everything seems to be in stock here. Haven't really reloaded in 10 years or close to it. Primers seem to be around s $7/hundred, powder is $50-$60/pound. Bullets are all over the place. Most recent ones I bought were the 129gr Nosler ABLR for the .260.... think they were $80 or $90 per 100. As for optics, I'm not really sure yet. Kind of have an "in" with a local Leupold rep. There is a new model coming this year I may get once he gets one for a sample. I just wish they had broader magnification without having to spend thousands on the VX5 and 6 line. We'll see what the new one is for ma
  12. Thanks William. It comes with 100 brass and the dies, yes. Just need to get some IMR 7828 or H1000 powder to make some loads.
  13. Looks like it's designed for heavy stuff. The Xbolt in the new 6.8 has a 1 in 7.5" twist! Should work good! Thanks Don, really looking forward to playing with the STW. Always been intrigued by that big long 7mm cartridge. I'd like to try loading some 120gr ballistic tips for coyotes. Can you imagine?!😂😎 180 and 195gr Berger for long range showing off. Looking at the ballistics the STW even blows the doors off the .338 Lapua when it comes to bullet flight and speed.😁
  14. Interesting! Curious to see if it's 6.5 or 6.8, isn't a 6.8 shooting .277 projectiles like the .270 WSM is though? Saw a Tikka T3 for sale that had been rebarreled for a 6.5x300WSM and thought it would be a pretty good shooter. Of all of the new ones recently I really like the look of that 6.5 PRC! And the .300 PRC. But hey, the oldies will do it just as well when you feed them the modern bullets that you're feeding the new ones. I opted for a .260 Remington in my Tikka mainly because of the creedmoor craze fan boys ranting and raving about it. I know it's a great cartridge! But holy...... som
  15. Another boomer for the collection! Remington 700 Sendero 7mm STW! Anyone ever load for one of these creatures?🤓😁