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  1. Keep that crap down there Al lol. It was 38 degrees here on Thursday morning. Supposed to be around there tomorrow night too.
  2. Got it all sighted in, super impressed with it! No issues cycling from either the old mag or the new one I just purchased for it. With Remington corelokt 140gr I had two holes touching and the 3rd with a 1/4" gap between the other two. Probably just good luck. All the other groups were under 1" @ 100 yards with just a tailgate lean. One thing that happened though was the forearm cracked from one end to the other during sight in. Was able to find a stock set of a slightly older model from a guy close by. But I like the originals better. Going to try my luck at gluing it with some good waterproof wood glue and hope for the best. It was a clean break and you can hardly see the crack when you squeeze it back together.
  3. What's everyone up to this weekend? Getting ready to head up the road to my father in laws to put his 2012 Silverado back together. Took the engine apart last weekend to diagnose why his engine light was on and running like crap. Timing chain tensioner broke and chain was very loose. Got all the new parts to put it back together for him today, should be done by dinner time. Still need to get back and clean up around my stand. Been saying it for a month but it's been very busy with the new baby. Hoping to get some brush cleared out and the cam set up. Hope everyone is ok from the hurricane down on the east coast! It is going to hit Nova Scotia tonight with lots of rain and 100mph winds. Know of a few members from there. Hopefully there's minimal damage.
  4. Shaun_300

    Deer Contest

    I'd be in if there's still enough interest!
  5. Had a pretty busy day today, got up pretty early, looked at the thermometer and it was 42 degrees, nearly had frost up in the valley, was 36 there! Anyway I got some tree trimming done and weed whacked, raked all that junk up and made about 5 trips to the woods with brush and stuff. Nice to get the yard all cleaned up. Tomorrow I am going to start tearing into the engine in my father in laws Silverado, it's throwing a code for a timing error so it likely needs a new timing chain. If I have any time left I'd like to get back to the stand and do some brushing back there. Turned the cam on a couple weeks ago and ended up getting over 4000 pics of the brush moving in the wind lol. Might get some more wood cut and split too. Emma is off to kindergarten this week, she's very excited! Can't believe shes going to school already. Where does the time go...
  6. Shaun_300

    Friday Check-in

    I'm at home with the little man at the moment while mommy and Emma are at a birthday party for one of Emma's friends. Once they get home I'm going to mow the lawn I think and maybe split some wood if I feel really energetic.
  7. Yup they are getting changed this afternoon. The more I looked at them the more it bugged me lol. The chances of me using the sights through the rings are about as slim as can be. Went to cabelas this morning and got a weaver one piece base and medium rings.
  8. Picked up a new rifle last week on a Canadian gun classified site. Wanted one since I was a kid, finally came across one in the caliber I wanted, in great shape and for a good price. About $250 cheaper than what they go for here. Then i walked into a hunting store looking for a decent scope for it and they had a Bushnell Elite 3500 3-9x40 with the DOA 600 reticle on clearance because they discontinued the model. Haven't sighted it in yet, still have to pick some ammo up. Still not sure if I want to keep the see through rings on it or not. They're a bit ugly but would serve a purpose for what I want to use the rifle for. Here's the weapon. Remington 7400 chambered in .280 Remington.
  9. That is something I need to be more diligent with. I honestly hardly ever wear any. Only time I did if I was shooting multiple rounds out of my .300 WSM, I should be wearing them no matter what.
  10. Shaun_300

    Kawasaki Mule

    That's a really good deal! Hope it works out for you.
  11. Shaun_300

    8-9 check in

    Was just about to go out and split up a poplar tree that fell down in a storm at my father in laws last year but it started raining! Hopefully it doesn't last too long. Beautiful day other than that, 70 and no humidity. If I still have energy I'll throw the chainsaw on the 4 wheeler and go knock down some dead elms and maples in the bush. Gonna try and gather up some dead stuff and may get away without having to buy wood this year. Won't be long, another month or two we will start having fires in the morning and evening to keep the chill out.
  12. Enjoying the last of my holidays with my family and new baby. The week went by so fast. Long weekend up here though so I also have Monday off which is nice! Just got back from Cabelas, dad is turning 60 this week and was in need of a new fishing rod and reel. So my brother and I went in on a $320 G Loomis rod and a $150 high end Shimano reel. He'll be mad at us but that's ok. They also had Stoeger X10 air rifles on sale, 1200fps! Picked one up, going to mount a spare 3-9x scope on it and get it dialed in. Got some starlings and pigeons making a mess in the barn. That will fix the buggers lol.
  13. Shaun_300

    New addition

    The picture says it all.
  14. Shaun_300

    New addition

    Well I mentioned in the check in thread that momma didn't think the baby was going to make it until the due date. She was right! Yesterday morning right at midnight she woke me up saying her water broke. No contractions though. We relaxed at home til 2am and headed into the hospital. The contractions didn't really start til after lunch yesterday. Then the big ones hit at around 3:30. At 4:23pm Patrick made his appearance into the world 18 days early. 7lbs 6oz. Mom and baby are going great. Emma is over the moon to finally have her "baby brother" here. Couldn't be more thrilled!
  15. Just trying to stay cool. In the mid 90s with the heat index this weekend. Not as bad as the 116 last weekend but still warm for this canuck! Trying to get some stuff done in the house before the baby arrives. He is due August 15th but Momma doesn't think she is going to go that long. We'll see. Going to try and get the crib together tonight and all the baby stuff out of the attic. She already has her bag and the diaper bag packed for the hospital, and Emma's bag ready to go to Grandma and Pa's while we are at the hospital. She sure is excited to meet her little brother! Other than that, not much on this weekend. I was off a little early from work yesterday because I had to do something in the city. Got home at around 3pm and put a high performance camshaft in my truck. Had it running shortly before 10pm. Sounds good now and way more power. Just waiting for the PCM to come back from Idaho with the new tune in it for the cam and it will run even better. Not sure when this performance kick is going to end, probably never lol. Once that is in your blood it's there for good.