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  1. Shaun_300

    308 Scope Recommendation

    All depends how far you're planning to shoot. I like the Leupold scopes. I went with a VX-1 3-9x40 on my Remington 700 CDL SF chambered in 7mm-08. It was the only scope they had in stock at the time I bought my rifle that was silver to match the barrel. Even though it's a base model Leupold I've been very impressed with it. Extremely clear and I haven't had to touch the crosshairs since the first sight in. My next rifle will be a 700 Varmint SF .220 Swift and you can bet there will be a high powered Leupold on top!
  2. Shaun_300

    Broadheads for this fall?

    I usually shoot Muzzy MX-3, first and only archery deer I shot ran 15 yards before piling up. Bought some MX-4 yesterday to change it up.
  3. Shaun_300

    10-18 Friday check-in

    Went to the stand Friday night after work, jumped 2 or 3 deer walking in, then a doe and two fawns came in about a half hour before dark. I enjoy sitting there watching them just as much as shooting! Cool having them in so close you can hear them crunching on the apples lol. Yesterday morning Emma (3 yo) wanted to go to "Babela's", how can daddy say no to that LOL. So off to Ottawa we went. She has been asking me to come hunting but there's no way I am taking her 18 feet up in a tree with me bow hunting. So I told her that I would get a ground blind for rifle season and she could come. I got some arrows, broadheads and a couple bags of deer feed. Also picked up a 360° chair that was half price. It has been windy all weekend. Gusting to 30mph all day yesterday so I stayed at home. Still pretty windy today and only a high of 37° then dropping into the high 20s overnight tonight with some snow. Going to go to the stand this afternoon for a few hours. I'll have to dress warm, that NW wind is downright RAW even for this canuck LOL!
  4. Shaun_300

    Team 2

    On my way to work this morning around 6am I saw 2 nice bucks in the neighbour's field about 300 yards from my treestand. I stopped to shine the headlights on them since they were only 25 yards off the road or so and they took off right towards my stand. So badly wanted to play hookie and turn around and head to the stand but we are backed up at work with boat winterizing so I didn't want to leave them hanging. Got home around 4:45 and booked it back to the stand. Half hour later I hear this commotion coming toward me, 3 stupid coyotes. Wish I would have had the rifle they would have been screwed!! 20 minutes after they left I heard something behind me. Turn around to see the rear end of a deer with his tail half up. It was on high alert. Not sure if it smelled me or the coyotes. He buggered off shortly after. Got out the stand about 15 minutes early so I could look around a bit and warm up, temp was down to 34 degrees or so with a stiff wind out of the northwest so it was a little chilly. Saw quite a few fresh rubs! Hopefully the weather is nice this weekend and I'll be able to get some hours in the stand. Supposed to be 60 tomorrow.
  5. Shaun_300

    Team 2

    Checking in! Meant to earlier and forgot lol. Went out for the first time Sunday evening and saw a 5 pointer, doe and a fawn together in a group. Still early so I passed. The little buck was rubbing everything around the treestand though! Low of 24 tonight so that should get them moving a bit. I'm off work at 4pm with the new job so I'm home by 4:25ish, so am able to get a couple hours in for now. Sunset time is shrinking quickly though. 6:15 now but losing 2-3 minutes a day. Then daylight savings time in a few weeks, usually kicks in just before rifle season starts so that will put the kibosh to after work hunting lol.
  6. Shaun_300

    10-12 check-in thread

    Cooling off here now too! Looks like tomorrow is the last day in above 50. Low of 27 Tuesday night. Fall is here woohoo! Think I'm going to go sit in the stand tonight for a few hours. Haven't been out yet this year. Was back to stand earlier to dump some apples from the yard and and clear the leaves off the floor of the stand. I haven't even set up a trail cam yet this year so not sure what we have in the area.
  7. Shaun_300

    9-21 Friday check-in

    Off weekends now with the new job finally. Going to clean the interior of my truck today that is long overdue. Nice and cool today, low 50s. Looks like fall has arrived. Summer went out with a bang yesterday in this area. An EF2 tornado touched down about 10-15 miles from here just in the suburbs of Ottawa and did a pile of damage. Flattened some homes, ripped roofs off, snapped trees and hydro poles etc. After seeing the videos I dont know how anyone wasn't killed. I left work which is only 5 miles from where it hit about 40 minutes before it touched down.
  8. Shaun_300

    9-7 Friday check -in

    Have my daughters 3rd birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Other than that not too much that I know of. Cooler weather moved in here too, it was in the low 40s this morning and it's supposed to be cooler tonight. 50 miles west of here has a frost advisory lol. I'm welcoming it with open arms! Sure was a hot summer for us!
  9. Shaun_300

    Friday check-in/Bring on September!

    Going to try and get my wood shed built this weekend if the weather isn't too bad. Supposed to be stormy all weekend. Heat is ramping back up too. It was 43 degrees here Thursday morning, was hoping that would stay around. But it's calling for heat indexes near 110 on Wednesday. Ugh so sick of this scorcher of a summer we've had. Other than that I'll see if I can get the lawn mowed again if it's not too wet. Could literally cut it every 4 days for the past month.
  10. Shaun_300

    The new setup

    Nice looking setup!
  11. Shaun_300

    August in the west

    Yeah it's crazy! Very sad. Western Canada is the same, there are more than 600 fires currently ablaze in British Columbia.
  12. Shaun_300

    2018 -19 deer contest signup

    Shaun_300 Shaun / 31 Ontario Oct 1 - Dec 31
  13. Shaun_300

    10-17 check-in

    It was a long day for me today. Made a 620 mile round trip to southwestern Ontario and back to deliver a customers new side by side and pick up his trade. Left the house here at 3:10am to avoid Toronto traffic, rolled through there around 7am so it wasn't too bad. Delivered just before 9, spent an hour or so with the customer and headed back east. Rolled back into the driveway right around 4pm. Funny I reset the trip meter on the truck this morning and when I pulled in tonight it read 1000.0km, couldn't do that again if I tried lol. Probably will just relax tomorrow, may mow the lawn if I feel energetic. Then my weekly golf on Monday afternoon with the guys from the GM dealer I used to work at.
  14. Shaun_300

    road trip

    Sounds like a fun trip! Would be a good haul to the east coast area from Montana! Sounds like driving here in Ontario. I'm taking my family to Toronto this weekend to take my little girl to the Toronto Zoo. Only about a 3 1/2 hour drive from here. They call the 401 the deadliest highway in Canada. Posted speed limit is only 100km/h which is too low for starters at 62mph. If you're not going 80+ you'll be run off the road. And yes optional signal use and talking on cell phones or texting, people doing their hair, reading a book etc while driving is a common sight too.
  15. Shaun_300

    Here comes the heat

    Temp was 99 and heat index was 120 here in eastern Ontario on Sunday. Broke the all time record at the Ottawa airport! Been hot ever since. Right now its 95 feeling like 111. I was putting an engine in a Seadoo at work today, thought I was gonna die. Looks like we are getting a break for a few days. Tomorrow night is a low of 50. I think I'm gonna sleep outside and take it all in lol. Bought a pool on Sunday for Emma, just a 12' wide 30" high quick set. Water out of the well was 55 degrees when I filled it and now its 82. 1500 gallons of water sure warmed up in this heat! Speaking of pool I think that's where I'm headed right now!