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  1. Glad you made your decision on your job! I did the same thing on Monday. Move my toolbox out on Friday after work. I'll bring it home and clean and organize it and take it to the new place Saturday morning. Looking forward to the change, and finally working on the water! Thinking about getting a little Jetta TDI to buzz back and forth to work in. Will be driving about 80 miles per day. Would be a lot better on fuel than the Silverado! We have a long weekend here in Canada this weekend. Got the lawn mowed today. Will try and finish Emma's new room tomorrow since it will be raining. Just have to paint the door and baseboards. We were going to go over to a park in Quebec this morning that has a 9 mile road with tame wild animals that come up to the window of the vehicle and eat out of your hand. Never made though. Guess it can wait for another weekend.
  2. Shaun_300


    So far so good here. They aren't usually too bad in this area. Noticed the black flies starting tonight when we were out though.
  3. Yup for sure! Not very pleasant getting up and not wanting to go to work in the morning. Notice went in yesterday morning. It's amazing how badly an employer shows that they want to keep you after you put a resignation notice in. Onto bigger and better things on the 27th!
  4. Very sorry to hear Joe!! My condolences and prayers sent to you guys.
  5. It cooled off severely here too late this week. It was 77 degrees on Monday and 72 on Tuesday. Opening up the gates at work Thursday morning, it was snowing. Then 2 days of cold rain. Nice this weekend so far. Mid to high 50s and sunny. Not doing much this weekend. Took Emma and our golden retriever Gus to my brothers house today and had a play date with his two new German shepherd puppies. Then went and visited my parents for a bit. Trying to prepare myself for Monday morning. Resignation notice is going into work. Not working out like I had hoped, found another marina with a really good reputation about 20 minutes south of Ottawa, right on the Rideau river. More money, better benefits and many other perks. Looking forward to the change! It will be a 45 minute commute instead of 25. But not worried about that. Being on the road doesn't bother me! Always hate leaving a place, but I know I have to look out for myself over them.
  6. Shaun_300

    May 3 check-in

    Sorry to hear about your mom, Joe. Prayers sent buddy. Actually a nice weekend here weather wise. Was about 63 degrees today and sunny, supposed to be closer to 70 tomorrow and 72 Monday! Got the lawn tractor out today and changed the oil in it, cleaned up the yard and the field a bit. Lawn is ready to mow for the first time this year so I'll probably do that tomorrow. Probably get the summer wheels and tires on the fiancee's Terrain and change the oil in it. Other than that, not a whole lot. Just going to enjoy the nice weather! Been a really cool and wet spring for us so far.
  7. Too cool!! Way to go pickle!
  8. I'm telling you Martin I never thought I would get so pumped up over shooting a turkey. I was shakier than the biggest deer I've killed LOL. I could hardly hold the phone still to get Emma's picture. It was a combination of the excitement of calling one in, and seeing my daughter so excited too at 3 years old over her dad getting a gobbler.
  9. Thanks! Yeah it was like trying to hold a telephone pole up for her LOL! She sure was proud. Before I loaded it I held out the 3 shells and told her to pick the lucky one. She did and I guess it worked. I know what I'll be doing in deer season now. Unfortunately we have to use a minimum 20ga here in Ontario for turkeys. I bought my fiancee a Weatherby pump with the short barrel and stock. But it kicks like a mule with just 3" steel, a lot more than my SP-10. Can't imagine a Turkey load!
  10. Opening day was today here. Last night while having my nightly snuggle with my 3 year old I asked her if she'd like to go turkey hunting with daddy. She was ecstatic and didn't stop talking about it the rest of the night. After work today I picked her up from daycare and the first thing she asked is if we could go turkey hunting when we got home. So by the time we made it to the blind it was about 5:15. I made some calls with no response. It didn't matter, we were having fun just spending quality time together in the woods. Emma played with the box call a bit too and actually it sounded really good. Well at around 6:00 a gobble echoed through the woods. The look on her face was priceless. It sounded less than 100 yards away. I told her she had to be quiet and still and daddy would try and coax the turkey in close. I was having a hard time pin pointing the direction it was coming in with the echo in the blind. It seemed like forever but about 10 minutes later I see the red head through the trees at about 70 yards. We called back and forth and he booked it towards the blind. I struggled to get down on my knee and quietly maneuver my cannon of a Remington SP-10 with thr 30" barrel out the window of the blind. At this time it was at 15 yards. I whispered to Emma to cover her ears and squeezed the trigger. Down he went like a ton of bricks!! Emma and I looked at each other and burst out into laughter and cheer. We were both beside ourselves to what just happened. I will never forget this hunt, I think she's hooked for life!! He had a 9 inch beard and 1 inch spurs. Didn't have my scale handy, but it was minimum 20 pounds!
  11. That is awesome Ross. Glad you had a good time. Congrats on the buck, beautiful animal!
  12. We have two Easter dinners to go to, one tomorrow and one Sunday. Other than that it's going to be a wet one until Sunday. Approx 3 inches of rain between last night and then. Already dealing with flooding, now this! Oh well, hopefully the ground is thawed more and can absorb more. Rivers are overflowing and roads are flooding in the area. Sunday and Monday look good though, sunny and very close to the 70 degree mark.
  13. Shaun_300

    Our first

    Amazing that she is all grown up starting her own little family now. Time flies! Congrats to all of you!!
  14. That's awesome William! Hope everything is going well.