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  1. Glad you made it home safely Lewis! Don't go stir crazy being in the house for 2 weeks.
  2. Now apparently Trudeau's wife has symptoms lol. Yeah I can't wrap my head around the whole TP thing, geesh where so people think of this crap? Haven't used hand sanitizer once in my life so that doesn't bother me.
  3. Enjoy your vacation Lewis!!! Have fun in the sun.😎
  4. Only by driving me absolutely mental by the way people are reacting to it, and you can't go anywhere or read anything without seeing it all over the place.
  5. Thanks for putting the contest on William!
  6. LOL! The bow and deer target on the way home from your place that time. Wish I could have got a pic of the border guard's face when she opened the trunk to find the deer target.😂😂😂
  7. Yeah of all people to get snippy with in this world, customs agents are usually the last on the list lol.
  8. LOL!!! The US border guard was actually quite arrogant. We actually clear customs in the Ottawa airport after going through security. He asked when I was returning to Canada and I said I'll be returning Friday. He looked at me stupidly and said "Which Friday?! There are 52 of them in a year!!" 🙄😂
  9. Oh wow that is horrible William. Hope the dog recovers quickly. Hopefully the company covers the vet bill for you.
  10. Tonight I met another member of ours! Good buddy of mine for at least 12 years that I've never put a face to the name until tonight. Tennessee Turkey hunter, used to be KentuckyTurkeyhunter aka William! Down here in Knoxville, Tennessee for a course for work this week, Will works pretty close to here so we had dinner tonight! I know he hasn't been on here in a while, but awesome meeting ya buddy!😎
  11. They are everywhere here Martin! Go outside after sunset and that's all you hear is them yapping and howling. Tracks EVERYWHERE you look all over our farm.
  12. Yup it was awesome. Sighted the gun in this morning, went out this afternoon and got my first kill with it. And this yote is my first one I've ever called in!
  13. Smoked one this afternoon with the .257 Weatherby Mag. Hit the rabbit in distress and within 5 minutes two came flying in like it was their last meal. Well for one of them it was. I wasn't prepared, missed the first shot, hit the back leg on the second and leveled it the third shot on a dead run.
  14. I'd like to get some snow camo myself. I live in Ontario Canada so its snowy usually from November til April or May. Usually just wear my realtree AP or realtree extra.
  15. Yeah its probably about an eighth of an inch with the flip cap on William. Got its first kill with it this afternoon. Went out, blew the rabbit in distress call a few times and within 5 minutes two of them came running in. Silly me wasn't prepared and rushed, missed the first shot then it was a full bore run broadside. Hit it in the back leg, then finally rolled it with the third shot. Man it was fun! It happened so fast, honestly I'm surprised I was able to bring myself together and get it done.😂