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  1. Team 3

    Hey fellas! Bow season opens October 1st here. Hope it cools down soon, summer finally showed up here in Ontario. Currently over 90 degrees right now and well over 100 with the heat index.
  2. 9-22 Friday Fall check-in

    Trying to stay cool here today. High of 90 with a heat index of 106! 3 weeks ago we had frost and I had the wood stove going 3 days in a row lol. Guess summer finally decided to show up.
  3. Bye-Bye Cheap Gas

    Still slowly dropping here. Down to $1.06. Yeah funny how they can sky rocket over night but take months to come back down.
  4. Bye-Bye Cheap Gas

    Yeah we are starting to drop now, didn't take too long. Saw 108.9 in Ottawa this afternoon.
  5. I made u tube

    Yeah you took me in the processor, that was neat! Then took the skidder for a rip too.
  6. I'm back new name

    Hey! Welcome back X 2 lol.
  7. I made u tube

    Very cool Martin! You are one heck of an operator, seen it first hand!
  8. 9 - 15 Checkin

    Mmmm if that's the same fish fry restaurant you took me to Martin for the walleye I'm jealous! Have to work tomorrow as usual 8-3. Then down near the Ottawa Intl Airport we go after "work" to continue working, they had a little senior outdoor show and we had a booth with a few boats, atv's, snowmobiles etc so we need to get that removed and back to the shop. Supposed to be a beauty weekend, sunny and in the mid 80s. Probably the last weekend with those temps so may try and get out fishing. Also going to try and hammer a few geese. Was sitting outside all evening, just came in about 10 minutes ago when legal shooting light ended. As I type there are hundreds of geese flying over lol. Didn't have one fly over all evening. Oh well that's the way it goes!
  9. I predicted Irma to hit texas....

    Yeah looks like Texas is gonna miss it. Wouldn't want to be in Florida though!
  10. Bye-Bye Cheap Gas

    Yup not much you can do about it Martin, unless you want to get an electric scooter lol.
  11. Bye-Bye Cheap Gas

    Not sure if gas has jumped everywhere, I'm sure it has. We were down around 95 cents/liter (3.04US/Gal), now we are around $1.30/liter ($4.04US/Gal). Cost $82 to fill the GMC Terrain from a little less than 1/4 tank this morning.
  12. 9-8 Friday check-in

    Might get out in the boat for a fish at some point over the weekend. Probably only a few more weekends left until I have to winterize and shrinkwrap it for the winter. Gonna push that as long as I can! Goose season opened yesterday. I literally hunt them in the back yard, they fly from a pond 1/4 mile from my house, right over our house and fields. Usually there's hundreds every night, haven't got a shot at one neither last night or tonight! Weather has been pretty crappy. Stiff northwest wind and 50 degrees right now. Just fired up the wood stove for the second time this year already! Supposed to be a nice weekend, sunny and in the low 70s. Never know what you get this time of year up here. Could be 90, could be 30!
  13. It's on!

    Season opens on Thursday here! Just loaded my shell belt full of 10 gauge BBB's, I'm ready for them!
  14. Done growing here

    I've gotta get my card back in my camera at my stand and get some apples out for them, have like 3/4 of a garbage can full of them lol. Last pics I got they were still in velvet.
  15. Helping a young guy out

    That's great man! Always feels good helping people out. Can just imagine how thrilled I'd be if someone offered me some land to hunt on!