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  1. Got out Mon eve

    They've all been biting great here in Illinois the last couple weeks. The weather has been about perfect, and everything seems to be going right.
  2. Super Glue

    I personally wouldn't......but, its your choice and money.
  3. Any changes for 2017 season?

    I like that treestand, will definitely have to look into one. Gotta get the bow restrung, but other than that....just trail and timber maintenance to try and switch some paths and spots up a little bit.
  4. Climbers aren't just for hunting!

    Great idea and job! I've done the same thing before. Usually though I just use my climbing harness and rigging.
  5. New Record

    What a shot! Wonder how long before it gets broken again...
  6. Would you?

    Wouldn't want to, and wouldn't be allowed to in these parts haha
  7. No tag soup for me!

    That's awesome man, congratulations. Ya always gotta stick it out till the end!
  8. Bear Hunting

    Alright, thank you guys very much. That outfitter in WI has peaked our interest and will definitely be one we look into. As for the never ceases to amaze me some of the stuff they will do. They go through more work just to try and prevent it.
  9. Bear Hunting

    Good morning everyone. I just wanted to see if I could get some feedback from y'all....a few of my family members and I are wanting to plan a trip in the next few years to go on a bear hunt. Just seeing if anyone could make any recommendations on which state/province to go to, what to hunt, gun vs. bow, outfitters, etc? Thanks guys!
  10. Mathews Z7

    Any feedback y'all? Thinking about purchasing one (by far an assumed upgrade from my current PSE) and was wondering what you guys thought. Thanks!
  11. Took a Risk

    Looks great.
  12. H&R Ultra Slug

    Thanks y'all, appreciate it!
  13. H&R Ultra Slug

    Hey y'all, just bought a new H&R Ultra Slug 12 guage. I had two questions. First, can anyone recommend the best kind of slug to be used with this gun? Also, I bought a Bushnell 1.5-4.5x32 shotgun scope for it, and was wondering what scope rings/size of rings would be best for it? I've never mounted a scope before as my muzzleloader came with one on it, and I much preferred open sights on shotguns and handguns in the past. Thanks.
  14. My biggest yet!

    That's an awesome deer man. Congratulations!!!
  15. Struck by lightning!

    Thats CRAZY man. Thank the Lord you're aight though and didn't get hurt.