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  1. I have been spending half of my season behind the camera for a buddy of mine here in WI with his own hunting show (local channel) and the other half hunting my home farm trying to fill one of my doe tags. Well sunday night I finally connected. I was hunting a staging area off of a 8 acre bean feild behind my house right off a 120 acre bedding area. Its about a 1/8 acre opening about 40 yards into the woods with an unbelievable amount of acorns on the ground and 2 rubs and an active scrape. I was set up in a lock on stand about 15 feet in the air. Its only about 300 yards from my house and I co
  2. Looks like ill be helping out our score with a WI doe. She came out with 2 fawns and gave me a easy 6 yard shot. made it about 100 yards before dying. I should have her entered tommorow.
  3. That big 8 pointer I got one bad picture of in velvet came back out and gave me about 10 pictures of him, this one was the best: Double main beam buck, would love to put an arrow in him, hes got a good scrape going already: -shane
  4. Slughunter here, Bow season opens up september 18 and with my current work schedule I get off at around 330 so I should have time to hop in a tree every evening during the early season. Just pulled the game camera cards, got a lot of bucks running around, and 3 that will go pope and young. So we will see what happens. -shane
  5. Thats a good lookin 8-pointer, has really good brows. -shane
  6. yup, thats the leaf river infrared, the ir7ss like yours. -shane
  7. Would like to hear some score ideas on the first and last buck. This decent 8 pointer is already out of velvet, shooter around this area: High brow buck on one side, I would take him: Kinda Mad this picture didn't turn out better, its been real damp out here at night lately, Definitely a shooter in a lot of places -shane
  8. Looks like 2 healthy WI 2.5 year olds. Body size looks like 2.5 at least to me. -shane
  9. Looks good, looks like a nice shooter to me. We got one buck that shed his velvet too. -shane
  10. Finally getting excited for season to start. These are off the QDM farm I have by my house. -shane
  11. I know what you mean. All my freinds call my bedroom a "trophy room" cause it has 5 deer heads, 2 turkeys, a pheasant, and 5 fish mounted in it. And I got one more deer head and a fish on the way. I cant get enough of my animals mounted, I love taxidermy work. -shane
  12. I think people underestimate deer a lot, They have an incredible abuility to survive injurys. The buck pictured below has a 3 year story with us. In 2004 I was shotgun hunting and made a terrible leg shot on a fawn. I saw it a couple more times that year but could never get a shot off. Then in 2005 there was a 1.5 year old buck roaming around with only 3 legs, which we have strong confidence was the fawn I leg shot. My grandpa missed it twice with his shotgun and I missed once with my bow. Then in 2006 he walked out during shotgun season at 40 yards and my grandpa dropped him. The missing leg
  13. I agree, that tall crazy rack guy is pretty cool. I would shoot him in a heart beat. -shane
  14. Great lookin bucks, all of them are shooters by a long shot. Good luck on the top ones. -shane