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  1. Haha nice one. I load my own shells and they have some pop. I load a 2.5” for kids that’s deadly and has zero recoil.
  2. Haha yeah it’s a little short even with the extension the over the stock sims butt pad give it (Got to work on an extension) so at the angle I was at my thumb knuckle was literally touching my nose and I didn’t realize it. When I touched it off I knew it lol. I was just happy it wasn’t my 20ga. Just have a little crunch in my nose now. Well worth it.
  3. Thanks Forgot to add the measurements Jeremy’s had an 11.25” beard and one spur that was 1 1/8” the other was a nub maybe 3/8” and weighed 17lbs Mine had a 12” beard and one spur that was 1 1/8” the other was a bump 1/8” and weighed 17lbs. It was strange that both had only one spur.
  4. My covid 2020 turkey season went out with a bang bang. Long story short me and my buddy Jeremy made another hunt together and it was total silence in the woods that morning so we bounced around to a few different spots with no luck. We get back to his house and I asked him to help me look at my car because it was making an awful noise in the front end. We drove it up the road and when he was turning it around he said "would you look at that" it was a strutting bird going over the hill just behind us. Its on his land and he said well I guess well try them in the morning. I said why not get him
  5. Made a mad dash to Florida and was able to take this fine bird with my .410. He’s got some beautiful color to him. 15lbs 10” thick beard and 1 1/16” spur and a broken spur I’ve got some buddy’s down in Florida that are outfitters and run TnT Outfitters. We’ve been talking about the covid-19 mess and how it’s affecting their year. They have had a pile of folks move their hunts till next year. They invited me for a hunt and I couldn’t pass it up. I wanted to try to get a bird with my .410. I left work at midnight Thursday night and drove the 9.5hrs to their camp house. They asked
  6. I slip away from work a little early again in hopes of getting Maddy her first bird. We get set up on a ridge where we had heard a couple the day before. Jeremy and Maddy are sitting about 40yds in front of me. Just as daylight starts to appear we hear 3 different birds gobble and one is real close. The close bird actually flys down real close to us but it’s thick and we can’t see him and he goes quiet. The other two are gobbling good and go the other way. Jeremy hits them with his snuff can call and the are quick to cut him off. A few min later they gobble closer. Now I’m trying to motion
  7. Man it’s been a tough one for me this year. A crazy outage work schedule along with a ton of pressure in the woods has made it an interesting season. I got an invite from my buddy Jeremy to go hunt the bird that got within 4’ of his daughter and me opening day. I was hoping she was going back but she was at her grandparents so me and Jeremy took I Off after him. Ended up with him strutting and drumming at about 150yds for an hour. Bad set up on our part and the bird didn’t do his normal deal. 2 days later were in there again and we hear him gobble in the distance. We make our wa
  8. congrats. I was headed to TN this year but the corona got to me first. Next year.
  9. Fine place to kill a bird congrats!!
  10. Congrats those Madhatter calls are pretty nice.
  11. Nice looking rig Al. Can’t wait to see what all you do with it.
  12. Well even though I'm working 13hr nights 6 nights a week I was able to get out and help a buddy of mine take his 8yr old boy and his 12yr old daughter. Birds gobbled a couple times on the roost then maybe 2 times on the ground. Heard 4 in all directions. It got quiet after fly down so we sat patiently calling softly every so often. I no more than reached up and turned off my camera than out pops a head then another then 6 more. We had 8 hens standing at 15yds from us and we couldn't move. Then I hear it, drumming and he is close. I tell Ty to get ready but he is frozen because of the hens
  13. Congrats. Fine looking bird
  14. Nothing wrong with that. congrats!! I hope to get up that way next year.
  15. A few of the pics from the trip. Lic Cost.docx Merriam's DIY Turkey Hunt 2.pdf reid schedule.xls.xlsx turkey 2019 schedule.xlsx Turkey Target 2019.pdf