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  1. Long Road Trip

    Nice trip Al, good hunts for sure. Congrats
  2. Got my WIS Tag

    Awesome, best of luck to you. IF and that's a big if my work breaks free I may have to make a run up that way myself.
  3. Ohio/Pa trip

    Will do that for sure, thanks.
  4. 3 Generations trip of a lifetime

    Our three NW Nebraska birds
  5. Was looking forward to this hunt for a year after my daughter got her first bird last year in Oklahoma. She told me she wanted to do what I did and try to get birds in other states so I was more than happy to oblige. I told her as soon as she got out of school I would take her and my dad on a trip, were headed to Nebraska first. We stopped in south Nebraska to hunt some land Reid and myself had found last year. First morning we found ourselves skirting a big field and a deep creek. The sun was starting to brighten the surroundings and we needed to get set up so for the first time in a long long time I set out some decoys, one DSD jake and an Avain X hen. Well as we got back to the tree we wanted to set up against and as Georgia starts to sit down I look in the morning haze and tell her to grab her gun and just shoot him. It was a huge Nebraska gobbler with a rope running swinging from wing to wing closing the distance. At 14yds she rolled him as my dad any myself stood beside her. It was awesome. We high-fived and she slipped out to get her bird. We said a prayer and tried to get two other gobblers to play but they didn’t want any part of it. We headed to north western Nebraska to try for her Merriam. We found some birds right at dark and came up with a plan for the morning. Never would I our could I have dreamed of what the next morning was to hold for us. We got set up well before the sun thought about breaking the horizon in the area we had seen the birds the afternoon. Our set up was a huge cedar tree at the base of an oak tree. It was so thick that we couldn’t get against the base of the tree so I cut a hole out and wedged myself as far under it as I could get and Georgia sat with her back against my legs. My dad sat next to her. Neither of them had ever hunted for Merriam’s and I was hoping it would work out. As day broke we could hear birds in the distance but nothing close to us so we waited and after about 15 minutes a bird half gobbles and yelps right above us. Then it happened birds went nuts all on top of us we were literally sitting in their bedroom. No one said a thing but just sat still and quiet. I had my decoys out again at about 15yds. A gobbler and two hens pitch out and said about 75yds away and hit the ground looking back at the decoys then it sounded like a duck flush. There were birds pitching out all over us and two gobblers cupped up like a pair of mallards and almost landed on the decoys, it was unreal. Georgia ever so slowly raised her gun as the two gobblers strutted and pushed on the jake decoy. When she got her gun raised I told her to take her time and she rolled the bird on the right and my dad rolled the bird on the left just after she shot. We were all so happy and I started cutting hoping to get the other gobbler to come closer when another bird gobbled up the ridge we were on, so I laid into him with my calls. In less than 2 minutes he was looking at my dad’s dead bird when I hit him with the Lil 20ga. 3 generations of hunters and 3 birds down in the mountains of NW Nebraska. I wish I had videoed it but ill remember that hunt forever. We had a couple more days before she had to be home so I said let’s try Kansas. So we loaded up after taking some pics and headed South. We found some public land that had birds on it and scouted\hunted the first day. The second day we got on a lot of jakes that would run the gobblers off which worked to my favor. 5 jakes ran this bird into an alfalfa field and he just stood out there. We watched him and I told my dad and Georgia to make a stalk on him with the layout of the land. They got within 70yds of him and he saw something he didn’t like, he came my way and as I was making a move on him to cut him off he decided to make a change in directions back to where I had been sitting. I crawled and made a move but dint see him and I figured he had squatted down in the alfalfa. I pulled out a fan I had in vest and crawled up to the field edge. I looked and looked but couldn’t find him, finally I see a dot in the grass and I figure that’s him. I start cutting at him and he finally stood up and I rolled him. It wasn’t the hunt I had envisioned but it was fun none the less. That afternoon Georgia asked if she could pick a spot and scout some, heck yeah you can! She saw some birds and showed me on the map where she wanted to set up the next morning. My dad went to another sop and we set up where she wanted to. After seeing some birds she calls and they head our way. I told her to keep calling and to be ready. Then one bird breaks away and here he comes, it was the 5 jakes that ran by gobbler the morning before. She lets them get to 20yds and rolls one. It was her setup her calling and her bird 100% It was so awesome seeing her hunt and get it done by herself. She was so happy and shaking so bad. We met up at the truck and was getting ready to leave when she sees a bird waaaayyyy out in the cut corn field and tells my dad he should go try that one. He was right at 1/3mile away so my dad grabbed my lil 20ga and made a big loop on him and actually got to the edge of the field without him spooking. We watched through binoculars and waited for what seemed like forever then we see the bird start flopping then about 3-4seconds later we hear a faint boom. Now that was pretty dang cool. We don’t get to stalk or bushwhack birds much nor is our preferred method but in some cases it sure can be productive. Can’t ever thank the Good Lord enough for all he does and provides for us, but I’ll sure try. We packed up and headed home with a cooler full of meat and feathers. She asked me if she would ever get to try Florida, It’s her Christmas present this year. Were headed to Florida in March to hopefully finish her grand slam
  6. Ohio/Pa trip

  7. Ohio/Pa trip

    MS season was a bust for me, 2nd time I've ever gotten skunked granted I worked midnights the entire season and that didn't help. But still never got on a bird. Had a lone gobbler I chased all year, never would gobble or respond to a call, I would just get pics of him and he drove me nuts. Me and Reid headed out on our annual trip this past year to Ohio with hopes of hitting PA WV and maybe NY but that got changed thanks to horrible weather and less than friendly locals. We scouted for a day and found some birds in Ohio for the opener and when we drove up the next morning the road looked like a parking lot. There were people everywhere so we kept moving to other spots until we finally found a spot that no one was hunting. We could hear a bird in the distance and after walking through the medieval briar patch the bird ended up being across a big finger of the lake we were hunting close to. No luck day one and we had to stop hunting at Noon. We scouted a new block of land we had found and it looked promising. Day 2 looked like a parking lot too. It was very similar to back home in Mississippi on the public land there. But that’s just part of it and it makes it more rewarding when you do harvest a bird. We set up and didn’t hear a bird all morning. So we started walking and looking. When we were driving out at 12:02 a big gobbler just walks out in front of us and looks at us as if he knew what time it was. Later that afternoon after we got some lunch we kept scouting finding some more birds. We are glassing some birds going to roost, from the truck, about 300yds away and a guy pulls up right behind us and gets out and starts cranking on a box call. The two gobblers ran the 100yd dash in about 5seconds flat. He shrugs his shoulders and drives by us as we aren’t even there. Day 3 we’re in the area the two gobblers ran hoping they would gobble a little for us, they got to gobbling and it was our best gobbling morning so far. We could hear 8 birds in all different directions so we felt like the other trucks we saw that morning would have birds close to them to chase. We get set up about 100yds away and have the birds cutting off our tree calls. We heard them fly down and then the woods went silent. We waited, expecting to see two gobblers slipping in on us instead we see two guys slipping in from behind us. They had walked past 3 other gobbling birds to get to the more fired up ones. They finally saw us and backed out only to make a loop and get in between us and the birds. We sat for a little while listening to the calling and gobbling and waiting on a shot but they ended up bumping them somehow. It sounded like a sure thing as hot as the gobbler was. A little disgusted we split up to cover more ground and I never heard a bird the rest of the morning. Reid had one close to him and as I was getting close to the truck a shot rang out, I was pumped that he got a shot only to find out someone had shot one off the bend in the road in the area he was walking. A huge storm was blowing in that afternoon so we scouted as much as we could and yes at 12:05 we had another gobbler step out and laugh at us. They just don’t realize were from Mississippi and out past, but what I woulda done back then isn’t what I do now so they lived to gobble another day. We actually roosted that bird in the absolute last place anyone would ever think to hunt. It was at a main road intersection and another heavily traveled road in a corner lot of woods maybe 2 acres with a power line running through it. Mind you there are 1000’s of acres of land around. Day 4 we get up to some bad weather and say what the heck we know where he is lets try him. As were pulling up we see a truck we hadn’t seen and its parked somewhat close to where we wanted to park. There are pull off on both sides on the road with trails on each. We don’t know which way he went so we parked up the road and walked in close to where we saw the gobbler last. He starts gobbling at the thunder and we make a move. I set up where I could see the tree he was roosted in and Reid made a loop to get on the other side, that way we had a good chance at one of us getting a shot. As the bird kept gobbling I kept trying to see Reid slipping through the woods then BOOOM flop flop limbs breaking and thud I see the bird hit the ground. I didn’t know how to react after seeing him get shot off the limb but when Reid stood up and walked the 3 steps to get his bird I Noticed it wasn’t Reid. Turns out (we stopped and talked to him at his truck after we got out of the woods) this was his first hunt and he just happened to have set up under this bird, he’s 40yds off the blacktop in the smallest cove of woods on the entire area. We asked him if he knew he was there and he said he had no idea just blind luck. We shook his hand and congratulated him and laughed at our luck. SOOOO now we go check out another area and find a bird strutting at a distance and decide to give him a try in the morning. Day 5 We are walking into the area we saw the bird strutting the afternoon before. Just as were getting close we hear someone call. Still haven’t figured out how they got there. They had to climb a mountain to get there or come in from the way we came in and we didn’t see any track in the dew covered grass. So we made the long walk back to the truck to go find another bird. We found some more gobbling birds just up the road. We crawled through the thickest nastiest hedge grown field I’ve ever tried to hunt only to find out they were as expected 6 super jakes blowing it out. They sounded so good we couldn’t help but mess with them. Then we hear someone else start calling after we had been there for about an hour. He had walked or crawled over a mile and half to get to where the birds were gobbling and he spooked the heck out of them shutting them up and running them right by us at about 15yds. I actually felt unsafe at that moment hoping we didn’t get shot by mistake because of the dense brush and hard gobbling birds. We were whipped so we headed to PA to give it a try for a few days to get a break. We had some worse luck there and I don’t really know how to put it other than the land we were set up and shown to hunt(Private land a guy I had been talking to for months had set us up (literally)) was very private and the land we thought we had permission to hunt we didn’t. He said he hunts it every year, I didn’t drive to PA to poach a turkey. SOOO we went out on our own and found some public land with birds but he weather got worse and we had a guy turkey hunting with an orange jacket and an orange seat cushion spook the birds we had seen so we just loaded up and headed back to Ohio. Day 6 Ohio Not knowing what to do we decided to go back to the last bird we had hunted where the guy climbed the mountain to get to him. He gobbled as we walked into the area. He finally started gobbling good as it broke light. It was overcast and he was gobbling good so we got as close as we could. I sat down maybe 80yds from him with a slight hill between us and Reid set up to call a little to my right. After about 5min of him hammering Reid gets up and slips out headed back to the truck, with a horrible headache, whispering good luck as he comes by me. (it had to be bad for him to leave a bird) With the way my season has gone I was in a bit of a conundrum, with the way my season had gone so far I doubted my every decision. I thought about it and said a prayer and then told myself that I’ve killed birds and to just do what I do. SO I laid into him and let him help me in deciding how I would play it. I called really aggressive and he ate it up. After a few minutes he hit the ground and was closing the distance. He got quiet and knew he had to be close. I catch movement in the corner of my eye and there he is at 12steps. I put my red dot on his head and my Ohio tag was filled. I said my prayer and headed back to the truck but Reid wasn’t there. I could hear a bird way off in the distance and I hoped he had heard him and was going that way. Turns out he tromped through a thicket over 1.5 miles only to get less than 100yds from the bird and a dang helicopter flies over him at tree top level shutting the bird down. Dang the luck. Day 7 We hunted for a while with no luck and more bad weather coming in so we packed up and headed South. It was tough but fun, and we will for sure be back to hunt in a little better weather.
  8. 4 states, 3 birds (pic heavy)

    Those are some awesome photos and some real good hunts. Huge congrats on some nice birds.
  9. Got your spring 2018 trips lined up yet ???

    My work messed me up last year and its gonna really get me this year. Didn't get a chance to post my hunts from the past season because of work but I'll post them one of these days. This year I'm taking my daughter to Florida to hopefully finish her Grand Slam. We got 3/4 last year so she's pumped. Me and Reid are working on an Hawaii trip and imagine this, the wives are some how very interested in going with us on this trip go figure. haha with all they put up with, its a trip well deserved. Then home(MS) and any others I can hit before my work completely shuts me down.
  10. Opening Day Success!

    Congrats Al nice bird. Can't wait to get out in the woods myself
  11. Outstanding Gobbling Morning

    It's right around the house right now Al. Good luck next week.
  12. MS youth season she's tough

    I got to go with my daughter,Georgia, and dad this morning and what a great morning it was. The Good Lord blessed us with clear sky's (thunder in the background had this bird gobbling) and a perfect hunt. Such a special morning getting to watch her grow up loving the outdoors as I do and to hunt with my dad who has had his hand in making a fine little hunter out of her.
  13. MS youth opener

    Gotta brag a little. My 11year old daughter and my dad got it done this morning at 7:15 25yd shot with her Remington 20ga I built for her last year. 9 1/4" beard and 1 1/4" spurs.
  14. 2016 Road trip Iowa

    This is the creek and hollow I called the birds across if you look close you can see Reid down in the bottom of the first pic. It was about 80yds across.