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  1. Adjam5

    1-18-19 Friday check-in

    Oh Boy Muff...those are beauties. Labs have stole my heart. My son Joe has a Charcoal Lab named Ruger that did it. You gonna take one?
  2. Adjam5

    1-18-19 Friday check-in

    Happy B day Mrs Mudrunner and Happy B Day Mrs Tyser. Good luck with the traps William. We are getting ready to batten down the hatches here for the big storm. 8-10" expected here in Rockland and 9-15" expected in Sullivan county. Well it has been a while without a big storm. It IS winter...right? Don't mind the cold but the snow has to go. Won't miss none of this when I am in Texas. Stay warm and safe gents.
  3. Adjam5

    Ruger American Predator and Tract scope

    Ha ha ha...You know you will not be able to have just one...😉
  4. Adjam5

    Ruger American Predator and Tract scope

    Have 2 Ruger Americans. One in 5.56 the other in 300 BO, both ranch models. Great triggers and deliver a lot of gun for the price. I see you have the threaded one Ross. Have a can yet for it?
  5. Adjam5


    Is that the Crypt keeper? We can go and enjoy the zoo...why? Walls work.
  6. Adjam5


    Ugly times boys...Ugly times. The next two years is gonna be a hoot.
  7. Adjam5

    is it normal... new one on me

    I think the shakes are normal and I think she may have bumped her eyeball, but not necessarily, scoped her head or eye socket as what happens usually when people get too close to the scope. That would make the red. My guess. Hope she is OK William.
  8. Adjam5

    Happy New Year!

    Yes Happy New Year to all. Be safe and stay home ...Its amateur night for drinkers.
  9. Adjam5

    Amazing Grace

    Pretty cool. That guy knows how to play. It looked like Phil Specter had escaped from jail 😀
  10. Adjam5

    MERRY Christmas

    Thank you Lewis. Wish the best to you and family as well.
  11. Adjam5

    Christmas check-in

    Our youngest Michael is home from Grad school for Christmas. Great seeing him. He changes so much each time I see him. My son AJ, a cop in the South Bronx does not have to work Christmas eve, but got nailed Christmas day. Domestic disputes are one of the biggest the biggest hazards for police during the holidays. My son Joe and future DIL will be at my brothers house in Bethel, Ct as will my wife, Michael and I. My Mom will be there, she is 91, closer to 92. Still sharp mentally, but falling apart physically. My wife has been baking the last few days making cookies and chasing me from eating them. Hope everyone has a great safe Christmas. Anthony
  12. Adjam5

    I finally did it

    First off. Congrats on the purchase. I have a S&W shield and it cycled everything I have fed it. I am confident it will go bang and hit where I point it when I need it to. Tula ammo is Russian made steel case ammo. I have shot a lot of it in .223 with the AR's and it worked fine but dirty. The steel case does tend to be hard on the extractor. Brass cases expand and contract better than steel. So the extractor needs to work a bit harder to get the spent shell out of the chamber. We have used it when we shoot full auto down in Texas when we get the class 3 weapons out( full auto). The UZI, FN FAL eats everything we fed it. Even the steel case. I have shot it in .45 and it makes my 1911 very dirty. Other ammo burns better and cleaner. I have no idea about your ammo laws. But I have made many purchases from and is another site that tells you where the best buys are. Have fun and good luck.
  13. Adjam5

    Been a tough few days

    I am sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your family. Now he will walk with you whenever you are in the woods.
  14. Adjam5

    Trap shooting ( my new obsession)

    My sons and I usually shoot skeet on our property during the summer. But that is how I was introduced to guns. Through Trap and skeet. Still fun to do. Would like to do a sporting clays course. All kinds of different targets doing different things.