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  1. turns out.....

    My prayers for your family William. Hope he gets the help he needs. I know he is getting the love.
  2. The cost of hunting.

    Jeez Rhino...y'all do get hosed real good. Wow!
  3. Welcome April

    Sure is some heavy snow you got there. Not fun plowing or shoveling. Hope it is the last storm for you. Good luck chasing Toms. The snow is nice to look at, play in a little bit; but as it impedes your ability to do things and cause your heating bills to go up in smoke. The more I cannot wait to get to Texas and be done with the snow and 4 months of cold here in NYS. Come on Spring!
  4. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter all.
  5. Turkey season

    Hoping to get down to Texas and chase Rios very soon. Also, this year will be the first with no youth mentor to guide for NYs youth season. Good luck with the Merriams Tim.
  6. 2016 buck on the wall

    Nice! Love the crab claw
  7. Music....staind

    Wow...You are bored BUT...I did see Aaron Lewis last summer with Hank Jr and Skynard Good show.
  8. The cost of hunting.

    I feel lucky that my planning worked out. Because there are NO bargains in NY. I have been blessed with family land to hunt, fish and trap on. Bought myself and my 3 sons($250 at birth) lifetime licenses. Have mine over 25 years. I have a Lifetime Sportsman(paid $500), which covers, deer, bear, turkey, small game, fishing and doe tag fee. A few years after, I got into bowhunting, I bought the $180 lifetime archery endorsement and also added the $180 Lifetime Muzzleloader endorsement. The only NY license I buy annually is Trapping. I am ahead of the game if I had to buy a annual license that supports all I do. I do donate $ for venison donation and buy a Conservation stamp. Non residents in NYS actually had their hunting license fee reduced a few years ago by King Cuomo. Just over $100 for deer. Not bad. Texas charges non residents $48 to hunt exotics and non native species(Hogs and Axis ect) for 5 days. Now to hunt whitetail in Texas; the license costs just about $400. For me hunting is not expensive as long as I stay in NYS or hunt only hogs and Axis in Texas. I hunt private land in Texas with no fee.
  9. texas 2018 deer hunting video

    Some impressive kills there. Congrats1 How were the acorns by your part of Texas this year? Had them everywhere in the Hill Country.
  10. Friday 2-16-18 check-in

    Congrats on your boy passing his hunter ed. Great times are ahead for you both :). Put a trail cam in the house for great impromptu pics of the party! Have fun. Our home has been very quiet for some time now. Empty nest. My oldest, Joseph moved out with his girlfriend. Y'all might remember him here as Squirrelhunter91. Hes working on Turbine engines now. Middle boy AJ is a NYPD officer and when he is not on patrol in the South Bronx chasing bad guys, he is in the gym. Hardly see him. Youngest son Michael is finishing his senior year at Albany now, living off campus but going to graduate school, next year for a better pay rate from the company that signed him already to work for them when he graduates. Hes a smart kid. My wife is a home body, and works full time. So... off to the country house I go! and cross my fingers I don't get walloped with snow. Hey...That rhymes Coyote and crow the ONLY critters left to hunt here in NYS. Looking forward to spring turkey. Maybe find some sheds.
  11. Texas bound

    Go get 'em Ross have fun!
  12. Anybody know what happened to Tominator??

    Yup Chris was a great guy who was always quite witty. Yeah....we lost a few of the great ones around here.
  13. Texas bound

    Texas happens to be my favorite state. Made that road trip myself last November from NY. San Antonio is a beautiful city and the food is great. Just be careful where you park. Many vehicle break ins. Maybe you can grab an Axis while your down there. Have fun Ross and hunt safe.
  14. My office view

    Breath taking to see that daily.
  15. On a roll - fair chase

    This is a can worms here... Where folks hunt has a lot to do with it. New Mexico, Oklahoma, The Dakotas, Texas. A 3-400 yard shot may be common. Is that hunting? You are killing a animal, but I think it is more a long the lines good shooting. Firearms give a huge advantage in hunting. The lesser the weapon, the greater the skill. Less margin of error. Drawing a bow(compound or stick) in the presence of a animal changes the game so much as far as fair chase goes. So to make the hunter successful, crossbows are allowed. No more choosing a pin and drawing the bow with the animal in front of you. Easy with a crossbow. Now for as far as kids and folks who have disabilities hunt however you want, as long as you hunt. Spot and stalk with a recurve , longbow, spear or Atlatl are the only pure methods in hunting. All the other weapons have used advanced technology to make a less skillful hunter . But even if you spot and stalk with primitive weapons in a apple orchard, you are still hunting over bait. Advantages of a Steel broadhead or obsidian? Carbon arrow shaft or Osage? Plastic fletch or Feathers? Bone or self nock? Who defines what is and whats not?