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  1. Adjam5

    Team 5

    Sat in the ground blind behind my house for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Saw 2 doe, not in recurve range. What a difference to not have the Matthews. My future daughter in law shot a good sized doe here in town yesterday. between her and my son they have 3 deer in the freezer. Their goal is to fill every tag they have.
  2. Adjam5

    10-12 check-in thread

    Nice...Good luck in the field. The cold front has zoomed into here in NY also after the storm. Gonna get close to freezing(34) tomorrow night. That will get the deer moving. When my boys had sleep overs I always had fun with the Fox pro coyote call 😂. Have fun. I am headed for my SS IMI exam today. Fingers crossed. Hoping they let me retire and give me full disability. I have a attorney on it. Both knees need replacements after 2 surgeries. 35 years is enough eh? Let alone in construction. Yup throwing in the towel and putting the pieces in place for us to move to Texas. Land bought already. Need to start building. Then headed up to deer camp for the weekend to meet son Joe, his fiance Sammy and my Grand dog Ruger( Charcoal Lab). I'll watch the dog while they hunt. Good luck to anyone who goes out and hunt safe!
  3. Adjam5

    Been a bit.......sorry to my old friends

    Hello Al. Good to see you around. Hang in there. I too am not a facebooker . Been stopping back here to see old friends. Glad the light is still on here.
  4. Adjam5

    Happy Columbus Day

    Thank you. I am a Proud American of Italian heritage. 3rd generation. Gramps came here to NY in 1911. Guess that is how I got the name Tony🤣 ToNY
  5. Adjam5

    October 5 check-in thread

    Dealing with torn meniscus root in left knee and torn ACL in right and now my back is killing me. Had hunting camp trailer jacked, leveled and skirted. I was the laborer. Pushed myself too hard. Paying for it. I have a wedding to attend Saturday eve and headed back up to camp Sunday to get skirt painted and ready for snow and cold weather. Waiting on wood delivery also. Hunt safe all who go out and good luck!
  6. Adjam5

    It's coming

    Wow...awesome view. Hope your knee gets better and your prepped for the snow.
  7. Adjam5

    Team 5

    Corey. You have my thoughts and prayers. Hope it all works out. Good Luck.
  8. Adjam5

    Team 5

    Our season opens Monday here in NY. Gonna try to get out. Making plans for Texas in Early November.
  9. Adjam5

    I survived

    Glad your trip was a success Ross. That is one heck of a amount of birds! Hope you had a nice Benelli or Beretta to ease that recoil. Interesting info about the rattlers. That survival process they have adapted means trouble for humans.
  10. Adjam5

    9-28 Friday check-in

    Happy birthday to your son. These are special times. Enjoy them. Happy Anniversary too! I have been running back and forth to deer camp getting the place ready for the season. I am having the trailer leveled and reskirted. The wind has been howling through it for far too long stealing heat. Tomorrow is my son Joes engagement party. We are having a pig roast at Joes future in laws house. Expecting over 100 people! Then back up to camp Sunday because the guys are working, they gonna want to get paid, plus Monday is opening day of bow season here in NYs southern zone.
  11. Adjam5

    she has it all wrong

    The democraps are making these conformation hearings a joke.
  12. Adjam5

    Sept 22nd Nat'l Hunting and Fishing Day

    Thanks William. It is a very rewarding day. Look forward to it each year.
  13. Adjam5

    Sept 22nd Nat'l Hunting and Fishing Day

    We had another great day at Congers lake Park. The weather was perfect. Over 250 people came to shoot bows at our range. Many women showed interest. Which is great having my future daughter in law there. She is great with kids and women. Sometimes it gets crazy with kids looking to shoot. We had one kid pick up a bow when no one was looking(Mathews Genesis micro) and dry fire it. Of course it came off its cam scared the crap out of the little kid. At that point we had to be a little mean with people management. Not everyone listens about wandering out onto the shooting field. We take over a small baseball field and try to limit access. Even some adults were difficult. Everyone wanted to shoot. This was a totally free day, so people were getting the most out of it. But all in all. It was a rewarding day. When a kid hits the target, let alone a bullseye. The smile is priceless. A few pics of the day.
  14. Adjam5

    9-21 Friday check-in

    Volunteering at National Hunting and Fishing day teaching folks how to shoot bows Saturday. Sunday I will be headed up to deer camp to get the place ready for cold weather. Most likely stay there 3 or 4 days. Gonna order 2 cords of wood. Early bear closes on the 23rd this month, our bow season starts Oct 1st. Might take a walk around property. Leaves are dropping in full force. Be safe everyone.
  15. This Saturday is Nat'l Hunting and Fishing day. A nationwide event. Check link to see if there is a event taking place close to you. This will be my 8th year(representing NY Bowhunters) handling the archery range with volunteers at our NHFD. Our Countys Sportsmans Federation, started it and is sponsoring the event. Fun filled day where everything is free, except food. Kids get free cane poles all set up with bait. Area stores donate. Taxidermists, fly fishing demos, dog retrieval demos ect. DEC declares a no license needed day at this lake. It is all about exposing others to the outdoors. We spend 6 solid hours of helping people fling sticks, bows/arrows and targets bought with grants from the Friends of the NRA. 50% of the money raised at Friends of the NRA events come back to the county in the form of grants promoting the outdoor sports. I am proud to say I am on that committee also in my county. Last year was our largest event with us drawing over 500 people who could care less about the 40 or so protesters outside the hotel protesting the NRA. Anyway, we do pretty good supporting and promoting gun and hunting rights so dang close to the city. The pic is of my future daughter in law, Sammy at last years NHFD event here in Rockland county. This girl was a vegan when my son met her. Now she kills her own food Hopefully one of these events is close to you.