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  1. Keep this guy on the payroll Realtree...Nice...Real nice.
  2. And Companies like Realtree and Nike pay me. Thank you SUCKAS! Signed Colin Kapernick.
  3. Hey guys...I don't want to leave...But with my convictions. I feel I am being chased. Just the same way the Gov of NY said...If you are pro gun, anti abortion and right of center...NY is NOT the place for you. No problem...I am moving to Texas. Realtree...If you dislike America hating and cop hating sports players...Realtree and Nike is not the brand for you. That is how I am reading it. Maybe there is a reason why this BB dropped off the map as far as participation goes. Others just may not be as vocal as me. I know some of y'all a long time and while I am not in here everyday, I can tell each of you a lot about your family as you could mine. We all grew here together and learned about each other. I may just stop buying Realtree and X them out my life, but continue to drop in here and see my friends. I have turned down money in the past that I felt was not right to take. Integrity cannot be bought back , no matter how much money you make. No official response, makes me think Realtree could give a Rats azz about what its supporters think.
  4. That makes me sad...How many of us here are keeping this board on life support? Maybe they do not care about the 8 active people on this BB 🙄 I am here since 2005! Long time. I would say that would make me a Loyal customer...Right? That is just here on this BB. Not how long I have been purchasing Realtree licensed products. Everyday I am finding out this ain't the same company anymore as when it was Friends, Family and Realtree. Now it is about Money. Money and MO Money. Integrity cannot be repurchased once it is lost.
  5. Oh doubt. Unless it is the crabs that Lewis gets from Nova Scotia 😁
  6. (Crickets.....) Gonna sit on this a little longer before I decide to wipe my hands of it all and Realtree. On the bright side...I am hoping to meet up with Ross while I am down in Texas next week.
  7. I will second guess ANY company that I do purchase products from. It is my right as a consumer to NOT buy anything from a company that does NOT stand for what I do. According to some of the replies. It looks like others do also. I could care less about how lucrative of a deal Realtree got into. I care about respect for Law Enforcement, our military and fellow Americans. To support a company that supports Kapernick is supporting Kapernick. Just in case you do not know. Who do you think Realtrees customers are? Hipsters, the misinformed and low information voters who give kapernick a platform? They believe his rants about how bad America is. Hunters are their main business. Yes Conservative people who reject kapernick. Hunter numbers have been falling? Really? And Nike is just the sneaker to revitalize those hunter numbers eh? Will they make me a better hunter? LOL. Sure, I understand it is all about money. I said that. But at what cost? That is the way it is IF their customer base does NOT abandon them for their actions. Ask Yeti...Ask Benchmade. They have customer loyalty problems because of their actions. I do not think you read the whole thread Rhino. If you or Realtree thinks I will support a man who disrespects America and is getting rich off of it, Y'all are plum crazy. So sales are down..we need to get back in the groove. I got it! lets sell out to people who hate America...Sounds like a good plan. So are you to sell out next? Who will sell out and say this means nothing and contribute to your own demise. Kapernick is part of the problem in this country an if we all become complacent because of money...Then we should get what we ask for. If money is all they are about then, it looks like I am done with Realtree. The only way I cab see Realtree out of this is saying... Oops! Our bad. We will donate ANY money we make in our deal with nike to wounded warriors and families of slain Law Enforcement. Still waiting for a official response. They are most likely waiting to see if this goes away and see how many are on their side. Playing politics. This has NOTHING to do with recruiting hunters. I have no idea where that even came from.
  8. Great points Dave and William. Thank you for the replies. I am interested in a official reply also. Thanks for forwarding it up the ladder. My middle son AJ is police officer in one of the toughest places on earth. The South Bronx in NYC. Any idea how I fear for his life each day he goes to work? Fighting people who hate the police. These same people become emboldened by Kapernick and respond to his endorsements and stand with him. Furthering his cause and influence. I have a nephew in the Sandbox now, The Army. Who I will do anything to support. I have some skin in this game. These are two of the reasons why kapernick is so revolting to me. Giving Kapernick ANY voice is giving a platform to a liar and a ungrateful POS. We all know police are not the blood thirsty killers the press makes them out to be. Yet, Kapernicks position is that the Police are lawless killers( The Ferguson incident) and are racist and Nike says... we agree with you. Here is money. We like dirty goods. It might make us money hiring bad controversial people...and people just eat it up and pay it no mind. Then the perps become the victims and the cops become the perps. I expect a sneaker company to do that. Not a company like Realtree which I thought had conservative values. Look what happened to Yeti and the NRA. Look at what happened to Benchmade with helping the Oregon PD destroy firearms. Extreme pro 2A people went over the top, saying Benchmade endorses gun grabbing. They were helping the PD destroy crime scene firearms. In my eyes no big deal. But what was found out in addition to the gun destruction was that benchmade gives 90% of their political donations to the democrats. Nuff said. The NFL and many other big companies did not want to touch this guy and Realtree said yes? Was kapernick even thought of when making this move? So Nike makes money, Kapernick makes money...Realtree makes money and the respect for the United States and the people who keep it safe goes straight into the toilet. Just want to make sure I have it right.
  9. LOL...Yeah I meant Bowe Bergdahl...I worked with a Glen Bergdahl. Sorry about that. (Im still laughing). I have found out where many "Outdoor " companies donate their money and to what party. Look here. Here is Benchmades contribution past...all democrat donations. We know where the democrats stand now don't we? Hanoi Jane is still feeling the sting. One town in Seneca, NY last week rejected her being entered into the Womens hall of fame because of her past. Some people do not forget that easily. She should feel the sting her whole life. There are no do overs in life. You get one shot. She blew it. I feel Kapernick dirties Realtree and anything he is involved with. My money is where my mouth is. NIke or ANY company that supports what I do NOT support will not get my money. The NRA gets my time. I am on the Friends of the NRA committee here in my county over 15 years. Raised over 500k in our small county over that time. The NRA/ILA gets my money, often. Yes, sometimes I feel the NRA is too soft and there is some things I do not like about them. But they are the ONLY Game in town protecting gun owners rights. There is no formidable alternative. There are other camo patterns out there, unlike only one NRA. I do not think Realtree gave it much thought about the licensing agreement. $$$$$ thats all. Hey, they are in business right. Business is just that business. Look Realtree is a great pattern, that is why I love it. If Kapernick makes these sneakers popular and they sell...Realtree is helping the cause of a crap bag like kapernick by making him a successful endorser. Nike sees money well spent. When people like him, are part of what is wrong with this country, and... he is being promoted and paid( in a way) by a company we love and like. We are helping our own demise. I don't know...I am trying to find something good in this and cannot. The only answer I think I can accept is ..."It was a hell of a lot of money". The only answer that would make sense. There is no way Realtree chose to be on the side of that crap bag...could they? Naaaa. I appreciate you engaging me in this discussion and sharing your thoughts. These are what these BB are for right? Thank you.
  10. .Yes...I have stopped being friends with those who kept company I did not approve of...Easy decision to make. Hunters buy more camo and specialty camo than non outdoor people...Hunters are Realtree's Core customers. Hunters are known to be conservative people. I am not calling for censorship. It is a awareness level I have raised. Maybe we need to look into how Realtree makes political donations and and what party they go to. Maybe Stacy Adams is getting pac money from Realtree. It was found out, accidentally that Benchmade gives 90% of their political donations to the democratic party....Who do you think buys their products? Hipsters? Don't be asleep at the wheel. It is a different game today. Insurance cos are shutting down the NRA. A lot is happening. The decision to buy and not to buy IS directly related here. I see this as a big violation...I don't like that the flag is burnt either. But it is a right to do so. But I also have the choice to not support what does not support me. Would it be OK then if Realtree did a Jane Fonda Line...Or a Glen Bergdahl Line of camo? I mean...You don't have to like everything they do...right?
  11. William...It really breaks my heart to read this. I love Realtree. Always loved Realtree and went out of my way to buy ONLY Realtree. This hurts. I agree...They have some Splainin to do Lucy.
  12. I saw a Instagram post of Realtree Nike sneakers...Really...Realtree is in bed with Nike? The anti American company that supports and employs Colin Kapernick? The company that embraces a man who disses America at every turn and used that controversy to try and sell sneakers with it. Is that all we are about in todays world? Money? (stupid question huh?) Is anyone shocked that Realtree would do this? I am...because hunters/shooters and consumers of Realtree are not the people who generally buy Nike. What is Realtree thinking? But then again...It is all about money. Right Realtree? Nike? Really Bill?...Really Tyler or whomever is running this company now. Now...I know how I feel about Kapernick, the NFL and all who take his side. I have family in the Military and in Law Enforcement and I am all about freedom. Kapernick/Nike can do what ever he/they like and I will support their right to do so. Even if I do not like it. But I have some of that freedom also. To not support a company that supports someone I do NOT support. Now more than even hunters, shooters and Americans need to put your money where your mouth is. Too many sneaky enemies like Dicks and Gander mtn. trying to undermine our rights and system. If Realtree is in bed with Kapernick/Nike...I really have to be a man of my word and say goodbye to Realtree. It breaks my heart. Really does. I feel like I just found out there was no Santa Claus ☚ī¸ . Betrayed. It has been my favorite camo pattern since Jim Crumleys Treebark in the late 80's. I cannot accept Realtree selling out to Nike and Kapernick. Realtree has picked a have I. Am I missing something here? Please enlighten me. Kapernick is part of the problem in this country.
  13. This disassembly of the family unit and removal of religion from society has done incredible harm. Do what you can in your circle to help keep your world as good as you can. My Pop always told me the best thing you can spend on your kids is time. Money you can always make more of...Time you cannot buy. Teach your children well and be there for them.