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  1. lubricant for bolt on bolt action rifle

    I have been using Frog Lube to clean and Breakfree CLP to protect and preserve. - Gun Cleaning&utm_content=856502&cm_mmc=pf_ci_bing-_-Shooting - Gun Cleaning-_-FrogLube-_-856502&msclkid=b34d693206ed151400e93354469ce464&utm_term=4585513244644279
  2. 1-19 Friday Check-In

    Happy Birthday Rhino. Supposed to be mild weather in the 40's this weekend at my Catskill deer camp. Think I am gonna take a ride up, do a over night and make sure all is ok since the crazy freezing temps they have been through up there. Most likely have traps full of mice too. Stay warm and safe everyone.
  3. Euro Mount

    Nice job. The barnwood is a nice touch.
  4. Double Pedestal Mount

    Very nice. Good work!
  5. 1-12-2018 check in

    Thursday I was out in shorts in the Catskills. It was 58 degrees. Getting snow here again and the furnace it seems like, is always kicking on . Its cold baby. You guys who deal with the negative temps this time of year, my hat is off to you.
  6. New Lady in my life

    Beautiful Ross. Enjoy it. 44cal?
  7. Winter has arrived

    Aint that the truth! I'm fixin to go back to Texas in February. Axis , hogs and good friends. God Bless Texas.
  8. Hey Corey. I have been applying for Georgia gator hunts the last 3 years. I have a buddy who lives there and he keeps close watch on that for all of us as in when to apply. Can count on me going to the Hill Country a few times this year. Just got back 4 weeks ago. Small axis, no hogs , no whitetail. I tried! Too many dang acorns is what I hear.
  9. Winter has arrived

    Freezing as well here in NY. Cabin fever has got me!
  10. Merry Christmas RT!

    Merry Christmas Y'all.
  11. Simple venison meatloaf

    Gonna do this Joe with Axis meat. Just got back from Texas. Thanks for the heads up! The best to you and the family.

    Merry Christmas Y'all.
  13. With a heavy heart

    Oh man tough during the holidays. Prayers up for you. Sorry for your loss.
  14. Maybe

    A lot of time on stand this year and either bucks not big enough to shoot due to antler restrictions or no shot placement available. Gun season around the corner so maybe things will be different. Good luck everyone.
  15. Butchering deer

    We do it all ourselves in the garage. Have everything we need. Got tired of giving away $. Also always felt we didin't get all of our meat back. So you learn how do it yourself. I love using a golf ball under the hide with a dog choker and winch to pull the hide off. Saves so much time.