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  1. Read up first post for his name.
  2. This was cut n pasted from another Texas forum when others have asked the same question. Last time I am talking about him (spit on ground). lets see, He solicited bows and archery equipment that was supposedly for wounded veterans and he took the free equipment donated and sold it for a profit and pocketed the money. He solicited dates (read more into that) by offering to take women off this site hunting if they would be his girlfriend. When a very well loved member of this site died he made fun of it all over facebook. Plus a long list of other stuff. And the only reason he was a PH in Africa is because he was hiding from tax evasion. Total piece of crap.
  3. We were all enamored with his his experience and drawn in like a bug to a light. Quite a few things have come to light about him. So, having said that. Would love to turn this into a bash thread. But people like that are not worth the air to speak their name. Anyone and everyone should stay far away from Harvey Wientink as possible. Great to see the Minutemen rally here 🤠. Be safe!
  4. Ya feel dirty knowing him...UGHH!
  5. Appreciate your help on this issue. Yikes! Prayers headed your way William. Sure hope they are able to help you with the surgery. Stay strong, you have plenty of heart brother. I am glad the kids stayed close and it is great to hear they are doing well. Hang in there.
  6. Thank you William for deleting that thread. I do not need to delete acct since I am rid of all things Tink. Am I ? Hope so. Please delete any other mentions of him through my name. Maybe Realtree should consider ridding its server with ALL Tink things. Like being associated with the Harvey Weinstein of hunting. Thanks again William. Hope everyone is great on your end. Not too long ago, my son Joe and I were talking about this place. Tominator, Ross...Buckee fighting with the mule deer and stabbing it...The guy who pulled that worm out of his belly button. Some crazy stories here. It was a happening place a ways back. Joe is getting married in Sept, AJ is a NYPD officer in the South Bronx, Michael moved to Wall st. Yes, He lives on Wall st. Working for a big accounting firm, walking to work. The wife and I fixing to get out of NY altogether and to the place in Texas I bought many years ago. I am happy to have known y'all. I'll pop back in..I'm getting sentimental talking...Dang!
  7. Hello to all my old friends. Time to delete my acct here. William, I put up a post Feb 2009 about Tink from tinks 69 fame. I wish to have it deleted in its entirety. The guy is real dirt bag and I am ashamed to have been associated with him. You do not want to hear the stories. Please delete my acct which in turn I think all the pics of me with him. Nice knowing y'all.
  8. Keep this guy on the payroll Realtree...Nice...Real nice.
  9. And Companies like Realtree and Nike pay me. Thank you SUCKAS! Signed Colin Kapernick.
  10. Hey guys...I don't want to leave...But with my convictions. I feel I am being chased. Just the same way the Gov of NY said...If you are pro gun, anti abortion and right of center...NY is NOT the place for you. No problem...I am moving to Texas. Realtree...If you dislike America hating and cop hating sports players...Realtree and Nike is not the brand for you. That is how I am reading it. Maybe there is a reason why this BB dropped off the map as far as participation goes. Others just may not be as vocal as me. I know some of y'all a long time and while I am not in here everyday, I can tell each of you a lot about your family as you could mine. We all grew here together and learned about each other. I may just stop buying Realtree and X them out my life, but continue to drop in here and see my friends. I have turned down money in the past that I felt was not right to take. Integrity cannot be bought back , no matter how much money you make. No official response, makes me think Realtree could give a Rats azz about what its supporters think.
  11. That makes me sad...How many of us here are keeping this board on life support? Maybe they do not care about the 8 active people on this BB 🙄 I am here since 2005! Long time. I would say that would make me a Loyal customer...Right? That is just here on this BB. Not how long I have been purchasing Realtree licensed products. Everyday I am finding out this ain't the same company anymore as when it was Friends, Family and Realtree. Now it is about Money. Money and MO Money. Integrity cannot be repurchased once it is lost.
  12. Oh doubt. Unless it is the crabs that Lewis gets from Nova Scotia 😁
  13. (Crickets.....) Gonna sit on this a little longer before I decide to wipe my hands of it all and Realtree. On the bright side...I am hoping to meet up with Ross while I am down in Texas next week.