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  1. jbeck


    I remember this same conversation when the compound came out. the bow hunters at that time said the compound with sights was to easy to use, it didn't require the work to get good at and it would bring more people into the sport. As a group hunters need to stand together, we have enough outside groups trying to tear us down. We are loosing hunters every year and not replacing them with young people. I also grew up on a farm outdoors, but my kids did not and giving them the opportunity to hunt archery was worth the purchase of a crossbow. I feel that if you have a license you have the right to hunt with whatever weapon you choose, if you want to have land to yourself you have to pay for that.
  2. jbeck


    I have taken 5 deer with the crossbow, I still prefer using my compound and I find it easier to transport to and from the stand, as well as handling in the stand. I prefer the compound over the cross bow but that is just my personal opinion. I will say I get the same satisfaction from harvesting a deer with either weapon. I let Carlee's boyfriend use the crossbow this past fall, he had terrible target panic, and I wanted to make sure he was confident when the time came to take the shot. We have had an increase in archery success rate in Pa. since the cross bow has been allowed, but we have also had a reduction in lost deer in my area. I think anything that puts more people in the stand is a good thing.
  3. jbeck

    8-9 check in

    Friday I took the wife and daughter fishing. Saturday, played golf Sunday fished in the morning early(skipped church), mid afternoon took the wife kayaking.
  4. great buck Al, that is a really interesting whitetail. congratulations my friend
  5. that is a great buck, congratulations
  6. jbeck

    Got a good One

    yep very similar, I don't head up till the bucks are ready. with my area you have to go up through everything to hunt it. I wait till they are traveling side to side on the mountain searching before it is time to hunt. it takes patience but usually pays off with hunting uneducated deer. I am not a great hunter so dumb deer are my best chance. LOL
  7. chasing should start here when this cold front rolls in tonight, warm and humid here.
  8. jbeck

    Got a good One

    I finally saw enough rutting activity on trail camera to enter my core area at the house. North west wind dictated the stand I would sit, this stand is only good during the rut. It is a pinch point at the top of a large hollow funneling the deer around the hollow instead of traveling through it. 7:21 am I spotted a deer in the fog 31 yards below my stand. When he cleared the tree he was behind I decided he was one I wanted to take. He fed to 22 yards, double lung, ran about 100 yards down the mountain before piling up. 19 1/2'" outside spread, 202 LB. live weight, scored 117 5/8. this is my second best bow buck to date.
  9. that is a cute puppy, and an adorable little girls. AWSOME
  10. jbeck

    Need Vaction time

    enjoy it my friend, I am just about to start hitting the timber here. Bucks are starting to show just not early enough yet.
  11. jbeck

    Butchering deer

    I have been doing mine for years, I use channel locks to skin them, that really helps with gripping the hide. I use a 6" filet knife for boning the meat while they hang. I put the boned meat in foil trays and put in our fridge to age at least 3 days. I have a LEM #22 grinder. I have a VAC Master vacuum sealer. the sealer is AWSOME it will seal soup and water. you have to check them out. Having the right equipment is a big help
  12. yep my little girl is ready for homecoming. where did the time go.