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  1. 66 More Days!

    *BUMP* to 46 days and counting
  2. sightings on trip

    We have quite a few mink around these parts but no lynx.
  3. Lost a good spot for this year

    Sorry to here that man... I guess we shouldn't take for granted owning land even if its not a ton
  4. 8-4 It's gonna be a cool Friday check-in, ya dig

    Have fun Dawg! We were just down there in June for a week.
  5. Lost a good spot for this year

    Man that really sucks. We have a few farms around here that clear cut woods but never actually wipe them out. You said they took your stands?
  6. Thunder chicken

    LMAO common sense goes a long way!
  7. What happened to the Blogs?

    I never had any luck with the old chat rooms either with people being on there
  8. 10 years already

    Few days I hit my 12th year
  9. Pic hosting sites

    Havent used photobucket in some time now sure I have a lot of old pics on there if I couldn't remember my password lol
  10. I love my TC Omega! Nikon BDC Omega with reticles
  11. Enid, Oklahoma

    Doesn't sound like my kinda crowd lol
  12. Who's in for a 7/28 Friday check-in?

    Left Friday night and heading down to Kentucky to see the Noah's ark encounter. Spent most of day Saturday there. Let me tell u guys it is worth the drive and money. Very awesome experience. Headed home and had a fire here. Got the bass boat out today and did some swimming on river today. Nice weekend.
  13. Got a start

    Very nice. Need to get out and tighten my stands back up. Getting close to opener here soon
  14. Lost a good spot for this year

    Good point. I have offered to help with trees blown down or other stuff. Heck I put the guys barn out several years back when it caught on fire one summer with the volunteer fire department I run on lol. I hope to get it next year again
  15. I tell ya I am serious thinking the same thing. I think the 6.0 is a well proven motor. Although my buddy of mine bought a new 3500 with the duramax. Deleted emissions. He's pulling around 21000 on his gouseneck fifth wheel hauling water for spraying. Problem is the price on that was way more than I'd be willing to spend.