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  1. Got 2 nice looking deer here on feeder camera. Ones larger than other one but defiantly a shooter
  2. Still kicking around guys. Still love this forum
  3. Hot a lot of small stuff done this weekend. Rented some kayaks Friday and took them down Maumee river which was a lot of fun
  4. Amen to that!
  5. I'm kind of in same boat. Have an older 2500 gas with the 6.0. Never had any issues with it pulling what I needed it to. But I have been eyeing a new to me truck possibly with the diesel. I like gas due to the lower upkeep costs of them and there easier to work on. The downside though is the fuel economy. Pulling my 8000 lb tractor with ballast tires and loader plus weight of dump trailer is pushing 12000 easy. Truck pulls it fine but u never see over 10 mpg. Im sure a diesel would pull a little nicer
  6. Amazing how much technology has changed
  7. Going to lake tomorrow up in Indiana. Still waiting on parts for trim motor for bass boat. Really wanting to get that back out especially since summer is half over already. Got bow out last night and waxed string good. Felt nice shooting again
  8. Holy cow! ( no pun intended). Im feeling a lot better today
  9. Use to be able to shoot 50 a summer if u wanted. Now I'm lucky to shoot a quarter of that.
  10. Ouch I hope I never have to get a root canal. They sound painful
  11. Anyone shooting any ground hogs this year? I've shot a couple but not seen as many as years past
  12. Saturday afternoon my right side of my face started swelling up bad. I couldn't eat. Ended up leaving work early monday and got both my upper wisdom teeth taken out that afternoon. Hurts like heck and gotta be careful chewing. I'm sure it'll feel better here in a few days
  13. Best of luck to you man. Better sooner than later. My dad smoked for 30 plus years and ended up not even getting to see me graduate... terrible thing to watch happen
  14. I'd like to try one of those they look comfortable.
  15. Yes it helps a lot too that the economy is so good down there