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  1. Congrats hoosierhunter. Only been out once here. Hopefully this weekend Ill get some time.
  2. Hello all. Best of luck to everyone season starts here in Ohio in 2 weeks
  3. G5 Havoc last year worked great
  4. Needstohunt was another guy haven't seen around in awhile. Still shooting that old Mathews bow I bought off him in 2006 lol. Miss having these guys around...
  5. ODH

    My office view

    Man that be a great place to call home!
  6. ODH

    "IT NO WURK"!!

    Yes Bush was a good president
  7. ODH

    New pics

    Awesome deer man!
  8. ODH

    Whats your 2 cents?

    That's my thought wtnhunt. I plan to have this truck the next decade or more and I'm not sold on these new diesels.
  9. ODH

    Whats your 2 cents?

    Only way I'd buy an emissions truck would be an out of warranty truck thats been deleted lol
  10. Nice looking tractor man. Gotta love them fords even though I have case here lol
  11. ODH

    Whats your 2 cents?

    I have been contemplating on getting a newer truck. I have an older 2004 GMC 2500 and a 2003 Saturn go to work car. Both have been very reliable the years ive had them. Problem is the car is getting up there in mileage and it aint worth putting money into if something were to happen. The truck is rock solid mechanically but the years of being out in the salting roads of ohio have made her rust in normal places. I do use this truck for a smaller snow and salting business that I do on the side. It also hauls my dump trailer with firewood or equipment as well as bass boat and car hauler. ive been entertaining the idea of getting rid of both and buying a newer truck. GMC or chevy 2500 HD gasser since Ive had good years of service with it. What are you guys opinions?
  12. Probably working Saturday morning then have daughters soccer game. Hopefully Friday night Ill get the bass boat out and do some fathead fishing if it doesn't rain...Happy Mothers Day