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  1. People protest because their lives have no meaning. There are professional protesters who have been to all the big events from Occupy Wall Street to all the major leftist protests we've seen by antifa and blm. If these protests were military operations these professional protesters would have a chest full of ribbons for their efforts. I bet soon some of the leftist run colleges and universities will offer degrees in protesting. I think if I was the dictator of all the world I would take the names of these dirt bags and make them all pay 5 times the normal prices for gas, electricity,
  2. ...could probably have tracked this deer. I took a big doe Sat morning. Bullet took the heart out and exited at the very bottom of her chest cavity so she dumped every bit of blood out. She ran about 60 yards and crumpled about 30' from my blind.
  3. Ultradog

    Cousin's Buck

    My cousin's daughter took this buck on Sat - opening day of rifle season. She's been hunting since she was 15 or so and is quite the deer slayer. Now fellas, keep your eyes on the deer. Ok? 😁
  4. Thanks for posting that. It's still good after all these years.
  5. Ultradog

    Real or not?

    Photoshopped? Pretty creepy. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=vTZ7_1603790129
  6. Any of you remember the hunt with Bill Jordan where he nicked a barbed wire fence with a broadhead? Must be 15 years ago now on one of RT's monster buck videos. He missed a great buck.
  7. Ultradog

    it's time

    Yeah, it's that time. We had flurry's on Friday but it melted as it hit the ground. I spent the day yesterday getting ready. Checked the antifreeze in the tractor, drained and ran the fuel out of the lawnmower, put the hose away. And I cleaned and swept my wife's stall in the garage after I used it all summer. It won't be long and it'll be looking like this again.
  8. I think if you've never lost a deer you've never hunted. Sorry to hear of your bad luck but it happens.
  9. Mike and I got my deer blind installed. Hauled it up to the land yesterday and unloaded it off the trailer. Used short pieces of 3/4" pipe and rolled it off. Used both the tractor and the pickup as a dead man to come-along it into place. Kind of scary doing it as it sits on a very narrow promontory about 15' above the old gravel pit floor. One mistake and it would have rolled over the side. It is very stable out there now though. I will go back up in a few days and get the electrics hooked up to it. I broke the 3/4" pvc conduit where it comes up out of the ground. Won't be hard to fi
  10. My cousin sent me this yesterday. Not the best photo but it gives a good hint. In my 50? years of hunting I have never seen a rack this big in our area. Never even Heard of anyone taking a deer this big up there. But of course there must be some. Cousin's place is about a mile (as the crow flys) from mine so not too far for a buck like this to travel during the rut. This would be a BOLT (buck of a life time) for sure. Time stamp on the photo says he went through at 2:30 AM.
  11. I didn't mention that I screwed it up. Max width you can legally haul on the highways is 102". Any wider and you need an over dimension permit. Somehow it ended up being about 105 1/2" at the eves. Ugh. I strapped it down tonight and hooked the PU to the trailer and tomorrow morning gonna just go with it. If it doesn't go well I'll post the story after I make bail. Wish me luck. Thanks for all the nice comments
  12. What a great post! It has it all. Hunting, game, guns, cute kids, critters, beautiful scenery and an excellent narrative to tie it all together. Thanks.
  13. For some reason it wouldn't let me edit but I wanted to mention: I have some camo netting to use as curtains. The type you can shoot an arrow through. I learned with the old blind that I need curtains or the deer can see you inside. That netting is up at the property and I'll install it when I get the blind up there.
  14. I got a little carried away with my new deer blind. Almost afraid to show it here. Especially since some of you don't like all the technology and prefer hunting the old way. But I finished it yesterday. 8'x8' All super insulated, carpeted - for sound and additional insulation. It will have electricity to it - like the old one. For heat, coffee pot, cell phone charging and a microwave on the shelf above the bunk. I built it here at home, on my trailer, with mostly free, cheap and used stuff l got off Craigslist. Still have quite a bit in it though. Will transport it up to the huntin
  15. I think if you are surrounded by beans and corn you aren't going to compete with those staples with a couple of 1 acre plots. So I would put in something that's extra tasty to the deer. Try planting something like turnips for them. Like you, I keep a couple of one acre plots. I'm not surrounded by crops like you but the deer get enough to eat from natural forage. But the deer love to cruise through my plots to grab a few tasty morsels. They don't stay long but just cruise through and eat a few mouthfuls of dessert. That's all you need is for them to cruise through on the