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  1. You seem to like pondering these things. That is good. This topic fits in with some of the other conversations we've had here: What should or shouldn't be legal? What is moral? What is ethical? Can governments define morality? Can they regulate it? What is moral? Is morality an absolute or has it changed over the decades and centuries? What is ethical? Were our founding fathers ethical? Do they deserve having monuments to them torn down? Are the icomoclasts who are tearing down the monuments moral and ethical for doing it? Should we judge them by the standards of their day or our day? What if something is legal? Does that make it moral? It is illegal to block the entrances to abortion clinics. Is it immoral to block those entrances? The Native Americans have a recently redefined legal right to net waleyes during spawning season. Should they be allowed to use modern tecnology to do it? Is it moral and ethical for them to do it? If they can do it why can not others? I have no answers for you. Like you I only have questions.
  2. Well, I haven't actually started building the new blind yet but I have most of the materials for it now. Fortunately my bride didn't grumble too much when I asked to use her garage stall for a couple of months to store everything. I sold the old one for $1K and had hoped to get the new one built for that but even though I am building it on the cheap with stuff from Craigslist I will still have a couple Hundred in when I'm done. A big part of the cost was the windows. I got some really nice - new windows for it which weren't cheap. One thing I bought was some beautiful, old school wood paneling for the inside. I had to buy 30 sheets @ $10 each to get the 9 sheets I wanted. It was an all or none deal. Sold the rest for $14/sheet and came out alright 😊 I'm looking forward to actually starting on it but have some other projects I have to get done around here first. I'll post about it again when I actually get to building. In other news, the 2020 hunting regs come out one month from today and it's 129 days till the opener. Oh, and y'all can wish me happy birthday if you want. I'll be 67 on Saturday. Ciao
  3. Hearing deer is one thing I miss about sitting in an enclosed blind after all the years I hunted in thick woods in an open tree stand. I always listened intently to the sounds of the woods and was alerted to more deer by sound than by movement. I can remember sitting there, bored, cold, sleepy and would close my eyes and just listen. Part of the reason I built the blind was the property I hunt at is bordered on one side by a busy highway so there is not much chance of hearing a deer anyway.
  4. This guy has it right.
  5. We finally got a little rain. Enough to get my plot mix to start germinating. Could use more rain tho. It's early here. Sun's just coming up. Peeking over the trees on top of the bluff. I drove over to have a look. Having my morning coffee in the pickup. No virus or rioting with looting and burning here. Nice to get away from all that. Just a seed mix. Growing like it should.
  6. Yes! The bunk for a nap is primarily the reason I want it a little bigger. I want to place the windows a little better too so the inevitable blind spots aren't so annoying. The guy who bought it said he was going to set it up on an old hay rack so he could pull it to different locations on his property for hunting. He called to say he got it home safe and sound then said his wife and 6 yo daughter immediately decided they had better uses for it. LOL
  7. I dragged it out by the highway and it sold the next day. Should have priced it higher😶Oh well. I made some $ on it and have enough to build a bigger, better one. I decided to do this about a month ago and have been collecting free stuff off of Craigslist for it. I'll probably get started on it fairly soon. Last one was fun to build and I used it for 6 seasons.
  8. Ultradog


    My little brother bought a 40 about 2 years ago. Has about a 5 acre field right in the middle of it. He built a nice stand on one end last year. He's a bow hunter. Deer and he got his first turkey last year. We turned over about a 1/4 plot last Saturday. Threw in a standard plot mix that we added a bunch of rutabaga to. He's pretty excited about it all and had fun on the tractor. I got my plots turned over but not disced or seeded yet. Am going back up to finish them this weekend. We'll be halfway to the opener on Saturday.
  9. All is well here though I haven't posted lately. Work has been non existant for me lately but my wife is still working so we're staying afloat. But I will be starting about a month long job next week so will be able to play catch-up on a few things. I've been watching several government auction sites for a used pickup lately. Bid on three different ones but didn't get them. Finally lucked out and won this one. 2013 2500HD 4X4. Plain Jane Work Truck but it has trailer package which I really needed. Basically the same package as my 06 Chevy which suited me perfectly but is worn out and getting rusty. New one came from a university. They sold 5 of these that were almost alike. I don't need or want the plow but might have it sold already. Has 13,336 actual miles on it. I pick it up on Tuesday. Oh, and it's only 218 days till the rifle opener.
  10. Well, I must have Alzheimer's or something because I don't see a name. Or is the original post you are referring to the one that was deleted?
  11. So what did he do? If you'd rather say at least tell me his name so I can do some searching about it.
  12. Seeing the thousands of patriots in Richmond VA on the news makes me proud. Wish I could have gone. Just a thumbs up to them all and wishing godspeed to them from Minnesota.