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  1. Just got home from Vermillion, SD. Went to my wife's 45 year HS reunion. Don't tell her I said this but Boy was that boring! I played the good husband and kept a happy face. Sure am glad to be home.
  2. I spent both Sat and yesterday working on vinyl siding the new garage here. Have 3 sides done now. Just need to do the front and will start on that today. I didn't side all day. I split the transmission off from the rear end of this tractor and tore into the PTO. Someone has been here before and didn't put a thrust washer back in properly. That damaged a couple of shim washers and a circlip. I looked up the part numbers at New Holland online and will order them and a couple of seals on Tuesday. Parts will cost about $150 so not too bad. Have the exteriors pressure washed and degreased now. Will get some sanding and priming done and they will be ready for paint and reassembly. I wouldn't want to have to do this wrenching stuff for a living but do enjoy it as a form of stress relief. Nothing to do with hunting tho but that's always in the back of my mind.
  3. My wife mentioned last night at dinner that the young guy she works with that I let bow hunt at my lake property asked her when is a good time to call me. It must be getting on to that time. I guess he wants to go up and set a couple of trail cams this weekend. This will be his 3rd season up there. He has my cell # so she said call anytime. The first two years I wrote and signed a permission slip. I told her a month ago if he asks to tell him to just GO - which she did. But he's respectful and will likely call me anyway - if only to yack a bit. If my relatives who are all around me up there and keep an eye on things ask any questions just have them call me. I'm glad to have someone hunt there. Last year he took a nice doe and was pretty happy with it. I think bow season starts 9/14 so I'll bet he's getting antsy. The seasons are coming fellas. I say bring it on!
  4. Ultradog

    Friday Check-in

    I came up by myself this time to do some bush hogging. Am doing the hard parts. I usually have someone with me and they want to drive the tractor so I put them on the easy stuff. Those have been done twice this year but the rest of it needs mowed too. If you don't mow it once a year the forest takes over and you lose your clearings. This area used to have a lot of small dairy farms and many small areas around the alluvial hills and swamps were farmed. Now I'm just trying to hold back what little I have from the forrest but I know that ultimately I will lose the battle. I came up prepared. Brought 8 gallons of diesel, some dinner and two pale ales and sat in the deer blind to eat. Doe and a fawn came out for about an hour. Summer is over here. Night time temps probably wont reach above mid 60s again this year. I hope you all have a good weekend.
  5. Ultradog


    Despite my exposure to noisy machinery in my lifetime I think I still hear pretty well. Much better than my wife for sure (folk fiddle player all her life) and the guy I hunt with too. There are studies out there that compare hearing loss in men vs women. Of course men have more loss due to greater exposure to noise. What I always thought was interesting is how men vs women differ in the ranges of hearing loss. Women tend to lose it in the lower ranges and men in the upper ranges. I've always thought it was a darwinian form of self preservation or maybe a gift from God. Old women can't hear the low pitch grumbling of their husbands and old men can't hear the whining and high pitched screeching of their wives and children. 😄
  6. Worth reading. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-17/zombie-deer-disease-rears-its-ugly-head-canada-issues-stark-warning-about-always
  7. I assume this is for target practice? If so I guess what ever you are comfortable with. I use a good pair of ear muffs that I keep in my puckup for work. As for hunting with ear plugs/muffs on, I cant imagine doing that. I hunted in the woods for many years and shot more deer after first hearing them than seeing them. I suppose if you hunt in open country that would be different.
  8. Looks really good Wm. Was looking at your earlier posts on this and still think it's odd to see a plot or field that's not full of rocks and stones. This will be my second season of not plowing, discing and seeding my plots. The rye I put in 2 years ago after a burn off did well last fall after I bush hogged it off and disced the seed back in. I will do that again in a few weeks so there's fresh growth this fall. Next spring I will start over - plow and disc then seed with a commercial 'big rack' mix of some sort. Also, I used to bush hog other grassy areas once a year - mostly for brush control. This year I mowed in late June and will do it again the end of August to promote extended plant growth into the fall. Next year If I get this tractor I'm rehabbing finished I'll have 3 tractors to use. One on the bush hog, one on the plow and one on the disc. Maybe I will have to find another one to pull the cultipacker. A guy doesn't want to spend too much time changing implements. 😁
  9. Ultradog


    I liked this.
  10. Just looked them up online but will get the handbook soon and look it over again. We can take two deer again this year. Wahoo! 99 days till the opener. I guess I'd better start getting ready. 😉
  11. Ultradog


    " "A drive through any large city will show you what it could and, I'm afraid, will be." Yes. That's why I support the guy who recently said that Philadelphia is a 3rd world hell hole. He's right. But, Humans are pretty adaptive and inventive. We will invent ourselves out of this and civilization will still manage to keep the lights on. We always have. Security will come at the cost of liberty but that is the choice of the next generation, not ours. Your lifestyle won't be affected much by all that. You're old, you're in a remote region of the US. It sounds like you worked hard all your life. Probably set something aside. You'll be alright. It changes slowly and you'll be gone before the elk are gone so no worries.
  12. Great photo. Were you able to sneak up there to get that pic? It does look like both of those bucks are on to you, even from that distance.
  13. Ultradog


    No offense Elk but I think you are being a bit pessimistic. Since the 50s or 60s when we as a nation starting becoming aware of our capacity for environmental destruction we have come a Long way towards caring for our environment. I could write for days about "that was then, this is now" and how much we have improved in our care for the environment. Yes, there will always be those who simply don't give a damn and blithley pollute, litter and destroy. But by far, the greater majority feel as we do and try to be good stewards of our planet. The old addage states that one can not prove a negative. Likewise, we can not see how much litter and pollution there COULD be. Because it isn't there.
  14. My bride is out of town for a week. She went to Estes Park in CO for a family reunion. I opted not to go. I painted a bunch of tractor parts yesterday. Some of my own and some for my tractor buddy, Ken. Today I want to do a few honey dos for her in the main bathroom. Another towel bar and a glass shelf above the sink for her makeup, etc. Oh, and change the light fixtures above the mirror. She'll be happy to see them when she gets home. Maybe make me a Colorado Peach pie. Ummm
  15. I mostly don't care for sports. I believe they are too hyped up and overrated. But... I must admit I enjoy a good boxing match now and then. The talking heads say that this fight is one of the biggest upsets in a loooong time as Joshua was favoured to win by about 25 to 1. I hear there may be a rematch in Nov ir Dec. I'm looking forward to it. This is about a 5 minute clip. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ4P1ySqbLg