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  1. Ultradog

    who are they?

    My wife is widowed twice. The brother of her first husband is long retired and calls her every morning for a chit chat. He still is and always will be her brother in law. Her second husband had a bunch of brothers and sisters. They keep in touch and always invite her to all their family functions. They have even welcomed me into their lives. We went to Crristmas day dinner there again this year. It was hard for me to go at first. I felt odd and thought they might resent me at their functions. They still love my wife. And they know I did not cause their brother's passing and are open minded enough to see that though they lost a brother they have gained a friend. Divorces are much harder as they tend to cause people to pick sides. A death does not require people to pick sides or end alliances. Your wife's kinfolk will always be your kinfolk - in law. My wife has a saying that she uses sometimes when someone gets a little too personal about her being being widowed and does she not feel she has betrayed a past husband by finding a new one. She just shrugs and smiles politely. Then she says, "Eat, drink and remarry." I hope you will see the wisdom and strong spirit my wife has and take those words as some that you can live by. Jerry
  2. Ultradog

    Got snow now

    You guys need to get your wife some of these so she can help with the snow clearing.
  3. Ultradog

    Oh, Christmas tree................. !!!

    I couldn't find any tiny lights for it.
  4. Ultradog

    Amazing Grace

    I came across this on youtube yesterday. Random guy plays an old favorite on a public piano. It's worth a watch. Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a fun, happy and blessed Christmas.
  5. Ultradog

    12/14 Check In

    I passed the framing inspection on the garage yesterday. I wasn't worried about it but am still glad. It's supposed to be in the high 30s this weekend so I will work on the wiring. Electrical code now requires at least two circuits in a new garage. One for outlets, one for lighting. Easy stuff. I'll call for that inspection maybe Monday or Tuesday. My wife and I are going to our annual "traveling feast" tonight. Hors d'oeuvres at one house, dinner in parts at two other homes and finally dessert at a 4th place. It's always fun to go. We're thinking about hosting one part of it next year.
  6. Ultradog

    I'm thinking...

    ...I might have to give this turkey hunting stuff a try. I have a beat up old 12 gauge somewhere that I haven't shot in 30 years. Find some camo clothes? Maybe watch some youtube videos. Do a little learning on calling. We never had these birds in central Minnesota when I grew up. Now they're getting to be everywhere. Brother sent this from up there. This flock is about 150 yards from my property up there. I'm thinking hard about it fellas. Never done it but thinking hard.
  7. Ultradog


    Lol. Excellent!
  8. Ultradog

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    William, I was being tongue in cheek about buck hunters being trophy hunters - thus the itty bitty "trophy" I posted the photo of. I dont care why you hunt or what you hunt for. That's your business. This bruhaha about the wolf is just another attempt of the Antis to divide and conquer by setting us hunters at each other's throats.
  9. Ultradog

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    To me, at least for deer hunting, a trophy hunter is anyone who prefers to take a buck over a doe. You're out there to get some meat. A doe will provide meat just as well as a buck. But with a buck you get the meat And you get a trophy. Sometimes the trophy is pretty small though 😀
  10. I sold the engine out of this hulk tractor so went up to our property yesterday to pull it. It made me realize how fortunate we are here. The ground is froze hard so you can use a floor jack Anywhere and it won't sink in.💩 Oh, and to keep this on topic, I did see one deer - a small doe.
  11. Reminds me of coon hunting as a kid. We had some great times doing that. Deer hunting with dogs isn't legal here. Maybe it's more of a southern thing. I say if it's legal where you live go for it. Nice video. Thanks. Oh, you should get the girl a shooting stick. They do a lot to help aim.
  12. Ultradog

    The season's over

    I spent a lot of time in the blind this year. Probably about 80 hours over the 3 weekends. Saw a few does and fawns late afternoon on the opener. After that I saw exactly Zero deer. Not even any tracks in the fresh snow. They just disappeared! Late in the afternoon on the last day a big doe and her fawn came through. I had to make a quick, long, extreme quartering away shot on a moving target but I took the shot. She ran about 30 yards and dropped. No horns to brag about and a very boring year. But it's still a lot of fun to go hunting. And... I got some venison for the freezer.
  13. Ultradog

    I think I'll frame it.

    I was going through a box of old papers yesterday - throwing most of them out. Came across this local front page from 2004 that I had saved. I think I'll frame it.
  14. Ultradog

    November 9 check-in

    Here is the trail cam photo he sent me of the buck on my other place. Im definately going to hunt there tonight.
  15. Ultradog

    November 9 check-in

    I rifle hunted yesterday afternoon and all day today and saw exactly 0 deer. I let the he young guy who works with my wife bow hunt on my other property again this year. He took a nice doe tonight. Cold here today. High of 16 I think. Gotta hand it to him for staying in the stand most of the day. He going to text me pics of a nice buck the trail cam took there on Friday. Am going to hunt out of my blind in AM tomorrow and I think I'll hunt out of the camper which is over where he hunts PM tomorrow. Got the word that the inlaws are coming for Thanksgiving. Means I need to get the second overhead door on the new garage this week and get the construction debris hauled away that's inside before they come as I'm sure they'll want the tour. I have the far door in since I took this photo but not the near one.