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  1. I hang out on forums quite a lot. A couple of tractor forums mostly but also a few hobby machine shop and Airstream travel trailer forums. Have been on my main tractor board for over 20 years where I have more than 26K posts. I don't see a downturn in traffic there or at the other forums much at all. I had an alias on Fecebook for about 10 years but never followed any hunting stuff there so don't know if that place pulled any traffic from here. I do agree the software updates here were a huge cause of the loss of traffic. Also, I have said this before - and it wasn't recieved well then and likely won't be now but the focus here has always been on hunting big bucks. I have always thought that a greater acceptance of guys who just want a legal deer would have helped. It isn't like we here didn't accept that type of hunter but our enthusiasm for them wasn't there. And enthusiasm does show. Yeah I know, I sometimes get a bit weary with all the noobs and boobs who ask dumb questions about 8N Ford tractors but I learned to be patient, helpful and welcoming to those guys because from THEM the place has built a huge traffic base and and within that base is a solid cadre of really excellent members who have moved far beyond those antiquated 8Ns. Another analogy, this one from the retail shopping world would be: Guys who really are in to hunting spend a lot more on hunting stuff than the average weekend hunter. But if you are a retailer you know that it is all those thousands of weekend hunters that keep your doors open. I don't know how we here can ever get this board's mojo back. This place is hosted by a very fine company and is NOT laden with crappy advertising like so many other sites are. You would think the lack of advertising alone would bring people in. I bought the RT MB vids for a dozen years but now am pretty far removed from anything RT is doing on TV or video. Does the old David, Bill and Michael bunch still make tv programs and vids these days? If they are, all it would take is a few mentions of this place to bring the traffic back. But we old timers would have to reach out more and do our part to keep folks coming back.
  2. Maybe should be in deer hunting but more action here. I've gotten to know a fellow that lives in SE Iowa pretty well. Never met him but we've talked a lot over the last few years. I've helped him a bunch with his Ford tractor as he restored it. His land is right on the border between IA and MO. In fact the border cuts his property in half. Anyway, he has a lot of big deer down there and invited me down to rifle hunt for all the help I've given him. So I started looking at non resident license fees and was shocked at the cost. It would cost upwards of $650 for me hunt there. Wow! I was thinking more like the cost to hunt in WI. ~ $150. Do regular people really pay that much to hunt in other states? Or has that become another pass time for the wealthy? No way I would pay that much! Since he has land in MO too I am wondering that it would cost to rifle hunt there. I haven t looked up MO yet but it is on my mind today.
  3. Thanks for the good wishes fellas. I will be getting a pretty good birthday present this year. I finally signed up for Social Security about 6 weeks ago and will be getting my first check (direct deposit actually) on the 11th of August.
  4. My 68th birthday on the 4th. I will be flying the flag on the front porch and enjoying my inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  5. Ultradog

    Still kicking

    I'm a little late here so doubling down on the best wishes Wm. You'll have a buck in your sights again before you know it. God Bless you!
  6. Just an FYI. I did not get the shot because I did not think it necessary. It is as simple as that. It was not because of Trump or my politics. Not because of my believing in any conspiricy theories. I simply do not believe the virus was as deadly as it was reported. I think the entire thing was terribly overblown - primarily by TV news media. Modern TV news is not in business to accurately inform the public, or be fair. They are in it for their shareholders - for their bottom line. And nothing sells like tragedy, fear and as was talked about in the boxing thread, violence. The news media made a bundle off this Covid mess and the people who watch a lot of TV news bought into it all.
  7. Elkoholic, Interesting book review/article about this topic in the WSJ that might interest you. https://www.wsj.com/articles/damage-review-boxings-moral-quandary-11623007254
  8. Shucks Elkoholic, Boxing is the Only kind of sport I like to watch. Am not into the MMA stuff at all but give me an Ali, Frazier, Forman or especially a Mike Tyson type bout and I will watch it - again and again. Watching any sporting event requires a TV of course and as I have no doubt mentioned before, I don't own one. Haven't for at least 20 years. And yes, I am proud of that. I will catch a few bouts on youtube now and then tho. As for violence and cruelty, yeah, it's part of our nature. But I can't say if violent sports incites violence in society or if it fissures off some of that violence and makes us gentler. I think a pretty good case can be made both ways. Hollywood, one of the biggest purveyors of violence on the planet, goes to great lengths to argue the latter view. I guess my biggest gripe about sports in general is how it is such a huge waste of the national mind. Ask the "man on the street" to name his 3 elected representatives at the national level and you'll often get a blank stare. But ask him to name the starting line-up of his favorite team and he'll rattle off most of them. To me that is a greater tragedy than a few fighters or football players who are permanently punch drunk.
  9. I got the plots in and the rain came last night - right on schedule. I sat in my blind overlooking the main one and had a cup of coffee this morning.
  10. I go up tomorrow to put in the plots and plow my cousins' gardens. Supposed to get scattered thunder showers for 5 days after that so hopefully they will get a good start.
  11. Ultradog

    New Pool

    Wow. Nice. Photos make me think of warm summer days with bikinis and martinis.
  12. I bought 2 lbs of rutabaga seed. Might add some other stuff to it. Not sure yet. About 3 weeks till we go up to plow and plant. By then we'll be past the halfway point to this year's opener. I enjoy the plotting thing. Get to use my tractors and you get to watch the progress as your plots grow. Have had dismal results with my plots the last 3 years but as they say, hope springs eternal. Cheers, Jerry
  13. Good for you. Best thing I ever did.
  14. What the hey? It has been nearly 2 weeks since anyone posted here. Somebody Must be up to Something fun. I have been getting away from messing with tractors as much and going back to an old interest of mine. I've bought a few old machine shop tools and am slowly setting up a machine shop in the garage. I had an old Leblond lathe that I was using but it was so worn out it wouldn't hold tolerances anymore. So I sold it recently as a big manufacturing plant auction was coming and I wanted the $ to put into a better one. The auction was on Tuesday and I won this old CK12 Monarch. Monarchs were kind of the queen of lathes back in the day and needless to say I'm tickled to get one. The size is 14.5X30 if that means anything to you. I'm going to go to pick it up tomorrow morning. It's a big honkin thing. Weighs just over 2 tons. Will take a week or two to get it set in place, leveled and power run to it before I can use it but then watch out chips cause here we come. So that's my plan. What are you folks up to this weekend.