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  1. Ultradog

    New Pool

    Wow. Nice. Photos make me think of warm summer days with bikinis and martinis.
  2. I bought 2 lbs of rutabaga seed. Might add some other stuff to it. Not sure yet. About 3 weeks till we go up to plow and plant. By then we'll be past the halfway point to this year's opener. I enjoy the plotting thing. Get to use my tractors and you get to watch the progress as your plots grow. Have had dismal results with my plots the last 3 years but as they say, hope springs eternal. Cheers, Jerry
  3. Good for you. Best thing I ever did.
  4. What the hey? It has been nearly 2 weeks since anyone posted here. Somebody Must be up to Something fun. I have been getting away from messing with tractors as much and going back to an old interest of mine. I've bought a few old machine shop tools and am slowly setting up a machine shop in the garage. I had an old Leblond lathe that I was using but it was so worn out it wouldn't hold tolerances anymore. So I sold it recently as a big manufacturing plant auction was coming and I wanted the $ to put into a better one. The auction was on Tuesday and I won this old CK12 Monarch. Mon
  5. The whole Tribes thing. Sheesh! They are allowed to net spawning walleyes here. It has decimated the population on Lake Mille Lacs - one of the most popular and productive walleye lakes in MN. I think my brother has it right; if they want to exercise their treaty rights they have to do it in the manner it was done when the treaties were signed - no modern technology. Bro says he would even disallow those who wear eyeglasses or have filling in their teeth :)
  6. Cool. Don't just take one tho
  7. I feel a greater loss from Rush's passing than I did from either of my parents passing. I listened to him less than I used to but that was because I just didn't listen to the radio as much. Always tuned in for a few days after a major event like an election though - to get his take on things. And I always took comfort knowing he was out there. Like you sleep better knowing the sentry is at his post. Now the sentry is absent and the enemy is still at the gate. Very sad.
  8. Yeah, I saw Biden had pulled the plug on Keystone. Wondered if that would affect you. Only good news I saw that pertained to this was union boss Richard Trumka slammed him for it. Hope it is yet another nudge for unions to start endorsing the other party.
  9. Ha! I was beginning to think that no humor was allowed here.
  10. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Implicit in that statement is we have the right to pursue happiness but not a right to happiness itself. Happiness, like success, is not easily defined. One man can consider himself happy and successful with an acre or two of land, a moble home and an old car that gets him around. Another man might need a castle and a 100,000 head of cattle to consider himself as happy a
  11. Just checking in. Hope everyone is staying warm.
  12. People protest because their lives have no meaning. There are professional protesters who have been to all the big events from Occupy Wall Street to all the major leftist protests we've seen by antifa and blm. If these protests were military operations these professional protesters would have a chest full of ribbons for their efforts. I bet soon some of the leftist run colleges and universities will offer degrees in protesting. I think if I was the dictator of all the world I would take the names of these dirt bags and make them all pay 5 times the normal prices for gas, electricity,
  13. ...could probably have tracked this deer. I took a big doe Sat morning. Bullet took the heart out and exited at the very bottom of her chest cavity so she dumped every bit of blood out. She ran about 60 yards and crumpled about 30' from my blind.