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  1. Ultradog

    November 9 check-in

    Here is the trail cam photo he sent me of the buck on my other place. Im definately going to hunt there tonight.
  2. Ultradog

    November 9 check-in

    I rifle hunted yesterday afternoon and all day today and saw exactly 0 deer. I let the he young guy who works with my wife bow hunt on my other property again this year. He took a nice doe tonight. Cold here today. High of 16 I think. Gotta hand it to him for staying in the stand most of the day. He going to text me pics of a nice buck the trail cam took there on Friday. Am going to hunt out of my blind in AM tomorrow and I think I'll hunt out of the camper which is over where he hunts PM tomorrow. Got the word that the inlaws are coming for Thanksgiving. Means I need to get the second overhead door on the new garage this week and get the construction debris hauled away that's inside before they come as I'm sure they'll want the tour. I have the far door in since I took this photo but not the near one.
  3. Ultradog

    11-2 early check-in thread

    We're leaving here about 1 pm for deer camp. That's all I need to say isn't it? ☺
  4. Ultradog

    10-26 Last October check-in

    My wife plays violin so she's at a Scandinavian fiddle fest in Wisconsin this weekend. I'm baching it and making some macaroni, hamburger, tomato sauce goulash for deer camp next weekend. Green peppers, celery, mushrooms and pea pods too. Will freeze most of it. Tomorrow I will go up to the land and bring some stuff home for the garage. Probably won't go near the blinds. I know they're ready. Am thinking about a pork roast later in the week. Have some for dinner and save some too. Can you say cold pork roll-ups in a tortilla with cabbage, cheese and a little horse radish sauce for in the blind? I might stop at Fleet Farm coming home tomorrow. Don't need anything, just look around. Get some candy corn.
  5. Ultradog

    I set the alarm.

    I have never used the alarm function on my smart phone. Never needed it for anything as I'm an early riser. So I never looked at that app at all or tried to learn to use it. Had some free time today and was looking at it and did some clicking and figured it out. So I set an alarm for 6:45 AM on Sat Nov 3rd. I know I'll already be awake by then but in case I'm not it will tell me it's time to go deer hunting. 9 days 10 hours and 16 minutes from now.
  6. Ultradog

    10-18 Friday check-in

    Still working on the new garage here. I finally got the roof capped yesterday and got the house wrap (Tyvek) on the exterior. Will install the windows and service door in it today. I still haven't gotten the wall where the overhead doors go framed in completely so will work on that too. It's less than 2 weeks till the opener now. I've been thinking about starting my cooking for the season. I like to make big batches of stew or chilli or casseroles, etc then freeze them before the season starts and bring them up for deer camp. Also need to get to Fleet Farm and buy a bunch of munchies for the stand.
  7. Ultradog

    10-12 check-in thread

    Went up to the land yesterday. Picked up a front axle from a Ford 3400 and a pair of rear tires that I have sold. The buyers will stop by tomorrow to pick them up. There is a road kill doe right at my driveway up there. Sad to see one of "my deer" get wasted like that. I let the young guy bow hunt my other property again this year. He was up last weekend and saw 10 deer - all does and fawns - on the property. He also saw about 20 turkeys. I keep thinking I should try turkey hunting one of these years. We never had turkeys when I grew up there so I just don't think about going like I do deer hunting. Speaking of turkeys; I cooked a turkey yesterday. Just a store bought one. We stripped it and will boil down the carcass today in the pressure cooker to make stock for soups, etc. I went up last weekend too . did some brushing and sighted in my rifle. I had problems finding my way into the scope so I loosened it and moved it back about a little. I set up a target about 110 yds out. Took me 6 shots to dial it in. What a big improvement! Looking forward to the opener here - 3 weeks from yesterday.
  8. After several years of plowing and discing then planting a Big Rack Mix of seed the weeds had completely taken over my deer plots. So much that basically got nothing to attract deer in 2016. So in 2017 I did not plow or plant but in late June that year I did a glyphosphate burn off. That August I disced the plots very well and then broadcast in some rye. In September I was disappointed with the germination rate but by that time of year it's too late to start over. The deer did hit the plots but there wasn't a lot there. In spring of this year the rye really came back in strong. More and thicker than last year. Early too. My tennant up there said as soon as the snow receded the rye was coming up and the deer were hitting it hard. Probably they were happy to get some fresh, early greens after a winter of eating brush. In August of this year just as the rye ripened and was falling off the stalk I bush hogged it all down and disced it back in. We were blessed with some good rain after that and boy did it come back strong and I have two good stands of fresh greens for the deer. I mentioned in another post that my wife and I sat in the blind for a while last weekend. It was really interesting to watch the deer eating. We saw 7 deer and it was like they were chowing down big mouthfulls of the stuff and couldn't seem to get enough of it. I'm assuming it will winter over again and come back next spring. I don't know what I'll do then but I'm thinking a guy could keep this routine going for several years. One thing about it is that both plots that were completely covered with weeds are essentially weed free now. I guess the rye dominated and choked out everything else.
  9. Ultradog

    9-28 Friday check-in

    More work on the garage here. We were going to go up to do some brushing around the blind and I moved the scope back about an inch on my rifle and need to sight it in again. The tire shop up there was supposed to get the fluid pumped out of one set of tractor tires and into another but he didn't get to it so we didnt go. My wife and I went up last weekend and sat in the deer blind for about an hour and a half. We each had a beer and just waited. Saw 7 deer. All does and fawns except for one spike. It was a pleasant way to while away part of an evening.
  10. Ultradog

    9-7 Friday check -in

    No. Much smaller. 4600.
  11. Ultradog

    9-7 Friday check -in

    Friday I went out to Brookings, SD to pick up a tractor I bought a month ago. It's just a hulk/parts machine but I want the transmission and rear end out of it for another project I'm working on. Went straight from Brookings to my property and dumped it off there. Yesterday I did some bush hogging then left for home about noon.
  12. Ultradog

    Friday check-in/Bring on September!

    More work on the new garage here. I have one side of the roof sheathed and tarpapered now I have to start the other side. My knees, ankles and calves are sore from walking around on this pitched roof. I had hoped to get out to Brookings SD to pick up a parts tractor I bought out there and haul it up to my property. Then finish bush hogging the open areas on my property for the year. But that won't happen this weekend. Maybe next. Summer's over guys and the feeling of fall is already in the air. My favorite time of the year is just starting.
  13. Ultradog

    Any cord cutters out there?

    Ever think about getting rid of your tv? Most of society's ploblems can be traced back to that idiot box. We don't own a tv. I haven't for most of my adult life. My wife hadn't owned one for a dozen years when we married. We share the satisfaction that we don't need one to be happy. I say Kill your television! You and your family will be happier, smarter and more blessed without it.
  14. Ultradog

    Bonus tags this year!!

    We have to get our doe permit applications in by the first week in September so I finally got around to looking at the new deer hunting regs for 2018. I am amazed to see we can take a bonus deer this year. Cost for the second tag is 1/2 of a regular tag. This is only the second time in nearly 50 years of hunting that we could take more than one deer in our area. The usual here is bucks only and does by lottery We did have hunters choice last year and the winter wasn't too bad so I figured we would have hunters choice again. But not bonus deer. Wow! I will probably buy the second tag. One deer is enough for the two of us but we know several people who love venison and always give some away as gifts. A second deer will allow us to be more generous. I was up bush hogging last weekend and saw this guy. Not a monster but a decent young buck for the freezer. He was with a spike with horns about 9 or 10" long. Kinda odd. They were with a big doe and fawn and they didn't seem bothered by the tractor much. 65 days till the opener.
  15. Ultradog

    8-24 Friday check-in

    I will continue working on our new 30x33 garage. I took 2 1/2 weeks off from work and have gotten this far after a week and a half. Working alone here so not real speedy progress. I borrowed my pal Kenny' s loader tractor and it has been a real godsend for raising the walls, trusses and hopefully starting tomorrow, the sheathing for the roof. Had a contractor pour the slab and aprons a month ago. Hoping to get it enclosed by winter. I've been 2 years without a garage.