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  1. Ultradog

    9-7 Friday check -in

    No. Much smaller. 4600.
  2. Ultradog

    9-7 Friday check -in

    Friday I went out to Brookings, SD to pick up a tractor I bought a month ago. It's just a hulk/parts machine but I want the transmission and rear end out of it for another project I'm working on. Went straight from Brookings to my property and dumped it off there. Yesterday I did some bush hogging then left for home about noon.
  3. Ultradog

    Friday check-in/Bring on September!

    More work on the new garage here. I have one side of the roof sheathed and tarpapered now I have to start the other side. My knees, ankles and calves are sore from walking around on this pitched roof. I had hoped to get out to Brookings SD to pick up a parts tractor I bought out there and haul it up to my property. Then finish bush hogging the open areas on my property for the year. But that won't happen this weekend. Maybe next. Summer's over guys and the feeling of fall is already in the air. My favorite time of the year is just starting.
  4. Ultradog

    Any cord cutters out there?

    Ever think about getting rid of your tv? Most of society's ploblems can be traced back to that idiot box. We don't own a tv. I haven't for most of my adult life. My wife hadn't owned one for a dozen years when we married. We share the satisfaction that we don't need one to be happy. I say Kill your television! You and your family will be happier, smarter and more blessed without it.
  5. Ultradog

    Bonus tags this year!!

    We have to get our doe permit applications in by the first week in September so I finally got around to looking at the new deer hunting regs for 2018. I am amazed to see we can take a bonus deer this year. Cost for the second tag is 1/2 of a regular tag. This is only the second time in nearly 50 years of hunting that we could take more than one deer in our area. The usual here is bucks only and does by lottery We did have hunters choice last year and the winter wasn't too bad so I figured we would have hunters choice again. But not bonus deer. Wow! I will probably buy the second tag. One deer is enough for the two of us but we know several people who love venison and always give some away as gifts. A second deer will allow us to be more generous. I was up bush hogging last weekend and saw this guy. Not a monster but a decent young buck for the freezer. He was with a spike with horns about 9 or 10" long. Kinda odd. They were with a big doe and fawn and they didn't seem bothered by the tractor much. 65 days till the opener.
  6. Ultradog

    8-24 Friday check-in

    I will continue working on our new 30x33 garage. I took 2 1/2 weeks off from work and have gotten this far after a week and a half. Working alone here so not real speedy progress. I borrowed my pal Kenny' s loader tractor and it has been a real godsend for raising the walls, trusses and hopefully starting tomorrow, the sheathing for the roof. Had a contractor pour the slab and aprons a month ago. Hoping to get it enclosed by winter. I've been 2 years without a garage.
  7. Ultradog

    Technology revisited

    Once again I'll play the devil's advocate here and just ask some questions. At what point in the history of hunting do we want to draw the line on the use of technology to increase our likelyhood of making a kill. With the first bow and flint tipped arrow? With the introduction of gun powder and "rifles"? With rifled barrels? With cartridges that allowed repeating rifles? With scopes? With recurve bows? Compound bows and bone smashing arrow tips? Trail cams? Advancements in clothing that keep the hunter warm and dry? Camo patterns? Sharp super steel knives for gutting and skinning deer? Deep freezers so the "tribe" doesnt have to eat the deer within a couple of days before it spoils? Should a hunter be allowed to wear eye glasses? Have fillings in his teeth - so a toothache doesn't interrupt his concentration at that crucial moment? Can I hunt now that I have a long pin in my leg where I broke it! In neolithic times a broken leg would likely have been fatal. What if you'e had an appendectomy - which in past times would also have been fatal? Can I not have my heated deer blind? Use automated, time controlled deer feeders? Super seed mixes for deer plots? Can I jet across the country to hunt where they have more and bigger deer? These are just a few technological advances off the top of my head that affect our ability to take a deer. Answer them to yourself and then say at what point we should say thus far ye shall go and no farther. I don' have an answer but would be interested in the opinions of others.
  8. Ultradog

    Friday the 13th check-in

    The concrete man came to our house this week. 3 pours, 31 yards of concrete for a new garage plus apron and side slab. I will take it from here. Going to start laying a single course of block around the perimeter of the garage tomorrow.. Weve been nearly 3 years without a garage.
  9. Ultradog

    RT has sadly gone dead

    Yes, I don' t post much here but do read the boards fairly often. The slow demise reminds me of one of the tractor forums I frequent. It is specifically aimed at the Ford N series tractors which were the first tractors Ford built but by no means the best or the last. But the moderators - and posters would chafe about, or even ignore posts about the later models of Ford tractors which didn't help to expand the reader base. So the forum is slowly dying off while other forums have gained in readership. This forum has always been mostly about shooting monster bucks. Actually, shooting monster bucks with a bow. So the average weekend warrior who rifle hunts and is happy to take a spike or doe doesn't feel that he really fits in here. It was those types who despite their lack of passion for big bucks, were the bread and butter of a place like this and they did add a lot of otherwise interesting stuff about deer plots, teaching kids and wives to hunt, family events, laws affecting hunting, gun control debates and lots of other stuff that may not have been interesting to you "hard core guys" but was interesting to other weekend warrior types - like myself. A forum needs a lot of 1 star types to support the platform for you 5 star hunters. Going back to tractors; another board I frequent is supposed to be about all tractors but has devolved into a place where any and all types of topics are welcome. It's become like a bunch of guys - and gals sitting around at the coffee shop discussing all sorts of things and is hugely popular. Incidentally, sometimes a tractor question does get asked there and when one does it is answered with fantastic advice. I have commented before about how I would never show off my deer here. They'e just dinks and does. But I challenge anyone to say that they have a greater passion for deer hunting than I do. We've lost the weekend warrior types here. The type who added color and humor and news and camaraderie on a daily basis. I do not know how to get them back. But the decline in readership is a bit self inflicted. Just like the Ford N Series forum who didn't much care for posts about other tractors or topics. Lastly, It must be said that the terrible forum software we suffered through a few years ago really killed this place too. That caused a huge decline. It made a lot of people seek out other venues to chat about hunting - l suppose like Facebook, etc. Anyway, these are just my thoughts and opinions. I don't claim to be right about it all, just opinionated. And I sure don't mean to accuse anyone of any wrong doing. Your passion is your passion after all.
  10. Ultradog

    Friday check-in/ June check-out

    Elkoholic, You do know that if you don't have a job you never get a day off. Right? :) We're the same age. I'll be 65 tomorrow. What was your draft number? Mine was 22. Happy retirement to you. I'm going to go a couple more years.
  11. Ultradog

    Spring is finally here.

    I did not plant a plot this year. The rye I planted last year was measly and sparse but came back with a vengence this spring. My plots were over run with weeds so I let the rye grow and hope anorher season will crowd out the weeds. Mt plan is to let the rye ripen then bush hog it down. Then set the disc harrow at a gentle angle and disc the rye back in for a fall plot. Next spring I will start over with a new plot. Was up last weekend and this is how the rye looked. 4 months and 3 days till the rifle opener. Bring it on!
  12. Ultradog

    Friday check-in/ June check-out

    PS, I hated to just tear the garage down. It needed paint but was structurally sound. So I picked it up and put it on my trailer and hauled it 120 miles to our property. I just set it on treated 2x6s on a gravel pad. Cheap storage.
  13. Ultradog

    Friday check-in/ June check-out

    Much cooler today but raining. I was hoping to get a trench dug. Have to cut the blacktop driveway along the house and pull the asphalt up then hand dig 12" deep trench below that. Only about 20' though so not too bad. But I no sooner started and the rain came back. Concrete man is coming 7/12 to pour the slab for a new 30'X33' garage + apron. Am putting new 100 amp service to garage. Direct bury wire. I've been 2 years without a garage here at home. We added on to the house and the old 1 car garage had to go.
  14. I went up to the land this weekend. I went up about a month ago and brought the rear tires and rims home and did some work on them. Sandblasted , prime/paint and put some decent, used tires on them. Went back up last weekend and put them back on the tractor. Also changed all the fluids in it. My goofball tractor. I'm going to try it out for plowing up my deer plots this year. I got the plot seed about a week ago so probably 2 weekends from now we'l go back up and do our planting. The first hunting related event of the year.
  15. Ultradog


    Just a check-in and a heads up. 203 days till the rifle opener. You might want to start getting ready now. Ciao, Jerry