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  1. Cool, yeah, I found one in great condition used for about $150 cheaper than I was planning on spending. Really nice gun. Blued and wood panel handle.
  2. Dakota

    Trail Cam Pics

    Well, looks like he took it like a champ. Lol
  3. I'm sorry, I don't care how much I like you as a person, how much I love a certain sports team or know you're doing all the wrong things with the best intentions at heart - I stand for the flag and kneel to God alone. Man, I was really looking forward to the arrival of Kirill Kaprizov on my Minnesota Wild, too. Looks like Major League Fishing, PBR and American Cornhole League have my full sporting attention now.
  4. Man, velvet would be sweet! My best friend and I got into some velvet Muleys last year, but he missed at 10 yards and the buck I stalked didn't like vehicles passing by and bugged out. I never saw him leave, but he never knew I was there from what my buddy said viewing from afar. We're going out again along the Missouri River a month from now to hopefully get on some velvet bucks and maybe tag a bonus antelope, but I'm almost more excited about the two ladder stands I put up yesterday. There are some big bodied deer using the trail and it could be a good shot at a velvet whitetail! You've got the juices flowing now, William! Lol
  5. They, uh, don't get much better than that! 😲
  6. Dang, that's just way too cool! Got to love those Remington 700s, too.
  7. Dakota

    Trail Cam Pics

    That's a dang good buck up top, Frank. What did you shoot him with last year, he looks completely healthy!
  8. Has anyone tried the Wildlife Acorn Rage? I've got pretty much two weeks to have a supplement out before I have to stop. A buddy and I set up two ladder stands on public yesterday and put out a few trail cameras. We've got deer trails running just 10 yards from both stands, and I know there's a big bodied deer using it to get down to the creek in the river bottom. There are various old acorns in the underbrush, but not a lot on the trees (I'm no expert but I believe we have white oak and bur oak). I'm thinking about scattering a 15 pound bag of the powder acorn rage around the ground with the older acorns and around the stands, then freshening it up with the liquid stuff a few days before I have to stop. They also make a scent attractant, which is legal in SD during hunting season, so I figured that's what I'd use to refresh it in season. Any thoughts? Anyone with experience with this stuff? The riverbottom stand could probably get us shots out to 40, but the stand on the ridge top has about a max shooting distance of 15-20 yards with a bow. I've got four mock scrapes dug out on the connecting trails up there (two on each trail), and will put up a couple mock scrapes down in the bottom. Got a real good feeling about these spots for archery and muzzleloader season.
  9. Dakota

    2019 SD Mule Deer

    Thanks, my pleasure! Yeah, it was kinda a climbing Everest moment for me really. Its worth and value was beyond price.
  10. Looking at purchasing a revolver for bear/cat protection, self defense and probably short range deer hunting. Definitely focused in on the Ruger GP100 in 6" barrel. Anyone have experience with one? Can it be sighted in without issues?
  11. What's everyone binge watching these days? Definitely MeatEater and The Hunting Public for me. Such awesome educational shows! I know it's helped me a lot in my hunting the past few years.
  12. Been a long time since I've hooked into northern that size, actually, maybe if ever. I've really gotten into the smallies lately, though!