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  1. Hunted some this past week and weekend. Small bucks, does and fawns so far. Things starting to pick up. Saw lots of chasing Sunday morning. I am scheduled off this Wednesday to next Wednesday for TREE THERAPY!!! :D
  2. Sorry was a busy afternoon so I know these updates are a little late.... but here they are.
  3. Headed to stand in a hollow at 230 pm hopefully will have service TIM
  4. I just got off the phone with Tim, he said the buck he "missed" while hunting in Manitoba..... Turns out he actually did get. Guys have since found the buck. He will update everyone on the exact details and picture when he gets back from Illinois.
  5. I don't think it matters WHO gets into to office price of gas will continue to go up and up and up. WE AMERICANS have tolerated and ACCEPTED prices to go up and up. We continue to pay and go just as much as we always have. SO WHY would the price go down. I hate the price just as much as the next guy but very few people drive less these days because of gas prices. So I don't think we will ever see them go down and stay down....... Just my .02
  6. toddyboman

    Safety harness

    HSS vest for me. I have been happy with it!
  7. Pretty Awesome! Great Job! Very challenging to kill one and film yourself doing so! Nice work!
  8. Hunting this morning!! 5 bucks and 0 does. 4 bucks where small (8, 6, 6, spike) and 1 ok 8 pointer. No shots but great to be out. This weekend should be good!!