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    From Bristol motor speedway. Drivers: Shut your engines off. After 4 rain delays the race has been cancelled and will continue tomorrow, weather permitting. Bummer. Back to work tomorrow.

    Crazy weather

    30 deg. F here in northern NY and raining. Was 39 deg. F earlier and freezing rain. Go figure. Enough sand on our roads to build a sand castle but the rain is washing it off. My tax dollars at work. Highway crews are happy with the overtime. Drove 46 miles south this afternoon and roads were dry 10 miles south of us here. Good trip @75 MPH down the Interstate. Snow is gone except for traces on the north side of tree lines. Was looking forward to one more snow drag race next weekend but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Bummer, I just bought 5 gallons of race fuel at $90 per 5 gallon can. Not returnable if opened which I did to mix oil into it. No problem starting campfires this summer. Sob! Turkey season starts in 2 weeks. Anyone ever shot a frozen turkey? I might get my chance. LOL Lynn

    Shade tolerant plot seed

    I have been planting food plots since 2001. I have used just about every clover seed available out there. With a doubt the best shade tolerant clover I have planted is "Forested Trail" from Heartland Wildlife Institute. https://www.heartlandwildlife.com/use-forested-trail-food-plot-seed/ I have one area on the north side of a stand of pines which only gets a very few hours of sunlight daily. This area gets a lot of traffic from tractors, ATV's and trucks. The last time I planted the area the clover was still growing strong after six years. I plan on working up the area this spring and replanting it with "Forested Trail". There may be a better choice out there but if there is I haven't found it yet. Maintenance hasn't been a big operation or issue. This area gets so much vehicle use grass doesn't survive well. A couple bags of low nitrogen fertilizer yearly from my broadcast spreader is about all the attention it gets. I know many don't cater to "buck on the bag" seed but in the overall scheme of things after buying equipment, fuel, Glyphosate and fertilizer the added cost of a picture on the bag is a moot subject if the results are satisfactory. Lynn

    Sighting in Rifles for Hunting

    Just as important to me is a good thorough cleaning before checking the zero. I never just pull a gun from the cabinet and shoot it without giving it a cleaning. If you stored it already clean (as you should) just a stroke or two to remove any dust particles, spider webs or other debris can extend barrel life and assure accuracy. Newer synthetic stocks aren't quite as prone to shrinking or swelling as some wood stocks. Unless the barrel is floated you have the possibility the barrel can have different pressure on it from the wood. One piece bolt action stocks are more prone to this than 2 piece semi-auto, pump action or some single shot rifles. Always take the best instrument you have for the job at hand. It is the only ethical thing to do. Good Luck this season, Lynn

    Ottawa gun man

    As a southern neighbor with friends and family in our neighboring country let me extend my heartfelt sympathy to everyone affected by this senseless act. Regards, Lynn
  6. William, haven't been on here for a while. Busy, busy summer. I'm glad you got your window problem solved. Just FYI, or anyone elses, NAPA has replacement regulators with motors available for around $90. These are "plug and play". I use these all the time and have only had one failure up to now. They come with a lifetime warranty which would be honored at any NAPA store with a receipt from the original purchase. This job takes about 1 hour including cleaning the channels and adding lube to critical points. Lynn

    Hey NYers....

    I don't get the changes. I see no good reason to change something which has worked well for years just to make a change. I know quite a few people who used to buy a sportsman or super sportsman license with no intention of using a one of the licenses at all but wanted to support the DEC projects and system. It doesn't really affect me any as I have a Lifetime Super Sportsman license. I still have to go to my Town Clerk to pick up my tags for muzzleloading, archery and DMP's. I feel the state will lose money for the DEC fund by complicating the process. Why fix something which worked so well for years?

    Had Enough

    Just goes to show you you can't go hunting elephants with a BB gun. Nice call on the dozer. I'm with the rest hoping for a gradual melt down. I feel for the California residents facing massive mud slides threatening their homes except knowing this could happen is not unusual. I can't understand why anyone out there would build at the foot of a hill. This makes as much sense to me as building a nice home on a frozen lake knowing spring is coming. I don't live far from Ranger Clay. We have had our fair share of white stuff. Flooding could be a problem we haven't had to deal with in quite a few years. I'm hoping for some warm southwest winds to come along and evaporate the moisture. We don't need a sudden change and get heavy rains. I am high enough that I am safe but my snow will cause big trouble for those down below. Let's all hope our neighbors are safe and trouble free. Lynn

    Government wants to burn you!

    They are preparing to do just that. http://tellmenow.com/obama-quietly-orders-one-billion-dollars-worth-of-disposable-fema-coffins/ Lynn

    More Info on the Ammo Shortage.

    Maybe our government really wants us to be Ammo Free. It would be a lot easier for them to control or completely eradicate the folks who don't agree with their policies. While I don't know how truthful this link is it is worth taking a look at. Lynn http://tellmenow.com/obama-quietly-orders-one-billion-dollars-worth-of-disposable-fema-coffins/

    More Info on the Ammo Shortage.

    I am surprised but not surprised. 63 views and only two posts. I hope I provoke some thought and folks in other states get active fighting our gestapo before it is too late. When the SAFE Act was passed here in NY we never saw it coming. It was passed at the midnight hour with the legislators having only a few minutes to review the legislation before it was voted on. We as law abiding citizens knew nothing of what was being proposed. We knew nothing about it until the next morning when the newspapers reported it. Totally blind sided! Also totally unconstitutional! As far as the ammo shortage here, the link below should scare he** out of anyone. Suppose our idiot governor declares all ammo sales must be suspended until all the pieces are in place for enforcement of the ammo sales restrictions? Please read the link below. Lynn http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2014/02/no_system_yet_exists_to_enforce_ny_safe_acts_background_checks_on_ammo_sales_sup.html#incart_m-rpt-2

    More Info on the Ammo Shortage.

    Does anyone see a trend forming here? http://www.infowars.com/u-s-postal-service-announces-giant-ammo-purchase/ All this going on while our Constitutional "Right To Bear Arms" is eroding away. Are you better off than you were 6 years ago? Lynn

    What NY's governor thinks of us

    My sentiments exactly. I have been in business here for 32 years. Now they are encouraging more come in and compete with me with a distinct advantage over me to start up. Worse yet is the fact we as taxpayers will have to pay increased taxes to provide services to those who are getting the break. Maybe I'm not too bright. I can't figure out why creating 20 new jobs which may put 30 already working out of work Is such a good thing Lynn

    What NY's governor thinks of us

    http://nypost.com/2014/02/04/wine-dealers-say-new-tax-could-raise-alcohol-costs-by-2-a-bottle/ Here is a look at our "Business Friendly" governor? Lynn

    What NY's governor thinks of us

    There is no doubt the most powerful tool we have in our kit is our vote. Yes, our one single little vote. Added up though we can over come this wave of idiots and run them out of town. Everyone needs to talk with family and friends and get them to the polls this November. I realize we aren't voting for governor this year but we do have many legislators who did support the governor when the Safe Act was passed. We need to oust them first. Then we need to find and support a viable candidate to defeat Cuomo. This is going to be difficult in as much as Cuomo already has a warchest of 34 million dollars tucked away for his re-election campaign. Anyone running for any office this year needs to know we aren't going to put up with Cuomo style politics and we want the Safe Act repealed. Then we can go after Cuomo and send him to another state or better yet another country which rules under communism. Lynn