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  1. More often than not we are better off not trying to fool Mother Nature. The little guy might grow into a slammer and spread some fine genetics. If he was dead there would never be that chance. You did well. Lynn
  2. I have one similar to your but Mine's a Stihl. I use the broom attachment on the same unit I use my Poly Cutter head on for light brush trimming. My son uses the power broom the most as he's 30 years younger and 120 pounds heavier than I am. I buy the gas and oil and he uses it at his home which is next door to mine. Cheap rent for him and saves his Pop's from a heart attack. He makes the piles and I scoop the piles up with my tractor bucket and dump the sand and gravel in my road leading to my back field. Lynn
  3. Good luck Shaun. I woke up to 8 deg.F, rolled over and stayed right in bed. Lynn
  4. https://www.remington.com/support/safety-center/model-710-product-safety-warning-and-recall-notice Lynn
  5. Here's hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas. I hope you not only got something you wanted but had the pleasure of giving something to someone who wanted something special. May the true meaning of Christmas remain with all throughout the New Year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and God Bless. Lynn
  6. Shaun, don't think you have the corner on the market for "liberal idiots". We have more than our share over here. Lynn
  7. If you are like me I need all the BP's I can get. I just get ahead and somehow screw it up and start all over again. BTW, Joey Lagano won the championship. Good race. Lynn
  8. I will be heading to my stand in a few minutes. My wife is so busy I don't want to get in her way. She got her deer a couple weeks ago. Set the bar a little high for me. I'll start recording the race but I'll be back before it's over so I will watch the ending live. Unless of course I drop the big boy I've been waiting for. Then I'll have to watch later. Enjoy the race Cinderella. Lynn
  9. I have to agree 1/2 acre is not enough unless other green crops are planted closely by. Last year I leased my land out for a farmer to grow soy beans on. This was the most productive my land has ever been for deer and good hunting. The farmer I leased my land to went out of business so I leased my land this year for another farm owner to grow corn. Deer sightings are down this year in my fields. They picked up right after the corn was picked the weekend before rifle season began. Now the corn lost from the combine is eaten up and sightings are back down now. Knowing I wasn't going to bene
  10. Last race of the season. 91 days to Daytona. The field is set for four drivers to compete for the championship. Who is going to win? I'm picking Kyle Busch! Lynn
  11. From Bristol motor speedway. Drivers: Shut your engines off. After 4 rain delays the race has been cancelled and will continue tomorrow, weather permitting. Bummer. Back to work tomorrow.

    Crazy weather

    30 deg. F here in northern NY and raining. Was 39 deg. F earlier and freezing rain. Go figure. Enough sand on our roads to build a sand castle but the rain is washing it off. My tax dollars at work. Highway crews are happy with the overtime. Drove 46 miles south this afternoon and roads were dry 10 miles south of us here. Good trip @75 MPH down the Interstate. Snow is gone except for traces on the north side of tree lines. Was looking forward to one more snow drag race next weekend but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Bummer, I just bought 5 gallons of race fuel at $90 per
  13. I have been planting food plots since 2001. I have used just about every clover seed available out there. With a doubt the best shade tolerant clover I have planted is "Forested Trail" from Heartland Wildlife Institute. https://www.heartlandwildlife.com/use-forested-trail-food-plot-seed/ I have one area on the north side of a stand of pines which only gets a very few hours of sunlight daily. This area gets a lot of traffic from tractors, ATV's and trucks. The last time I planted the area the clover was still growing strong after six years. I plan on working up the area this spring and re
  14. Just as important to me is a good thorough cleaning before checking the zero. I never just pull a gun from the cabinet and shoot it without giving it a cleaning. If you stored it already clean (as you should) just a stroke or two to remove any dust particles, spider webs or other debris can extend barrel life and assure accuracy. Newer synthetic stocks aren't quite as prone to shrinking or swelling as some wood stocks. Unless the barrel is floated you have the possibility the barrel can have different pressure on it from the wood. One piece bolt action stocks are more prone to this than 2 pi

    Ottawa gun man

    As a southern neighbor with friends and family in our neighboring country let me extend my heartfelt sympathy to everyone affected by this senseless act. Regards, Lynn