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  1. mossyhorn

    Heading home

    Sitting around at Boston Logan Airport waiting to go home. Been up here on a job this week and boy am I tired. I have worked around the clock to get this stuff finished. Haven't done the math yet but I'm pretty sure I put in about 45 hours in 3 days. Then got in bed at 11:30pm and up at 2:30 to shower then it was back to Boston to catch my flight. Can't wait to be home and just lay down and maybe go hunting in the morning.
  2. Yeah we are cleaning up on our new lease. Three of us dropped does the first weekend. This weekend end turned out to be amazing. Seen several deer yesterday. Only one was a shooter and of course he came in right behind me. Had it not been for a small 8 point I may have got a shot off. He was walking straight to the food plot and this little 8 was right under me. The 8 started walking over to him and walked right into the trial I used to come in. He started acting skittish and the bigger buck (actual size unknown, but lots of mass) paused. One gust of wind later he was gone.
  3. The last couple of years the luck just hasn't been with me. Seen plenty of deer but all small bucks. I would grit my teeth and let them walk knowing I may go home empty handed, but the dry spell is over. Shot a doe opening morning and going back this weekend for more. This new land lease is going to be worth every penny. We have had 3 hunters sit in stand so far and each have bagged and early season doe. Can't wait to see the rut activity.
  4. Heading into the 3rd weekend of archery here in Ky. After a day full of drizzle the temperature finally dropped. Opening weekend was in the 90's and bugs were awful. Tonight its going to be in the 40's with a high of 66 degrees tomorrow. For the weekend at night upper 40's and the high will be mid 70's. Its almost at the perfect time of year.
  5. I bought a pack of mx3's for $21.99 just last week
  6. I really liked the politically incorrect guide to hunting. its a good read and also arms you with useful information if you are caught in a debate about why hunting should be banned. and for me its proved useful because i actually have actually had a few debates with a friend of mine that is vegan and doesn't like hunting. In the end we are a lot alike, in the aspect we both love nature but i choose to hunt and eat meat and he doesnt
  7. Some people man. If they cant steal it might as well make it to were you cant use it. Its a shame there are other hunters out there that do this kind of stuff. Gives us all a bad name. Hope you find out who did it and be safe out there.
  8. Almost sounds like he hasnt done a lot of hunting really. I get the same stuff at work. Everyone told me I was crazy when I told them how much my z7 was. Then I explained that that was naked and they almost died. But it about the quality of a bow. Sure a $200 bow will kill my first few deer were taken with a PSE Nova. But it had no let off, the draw was less then smooth, and compared to what I am using know was loud and very jumpy. And of course you could get a gun. Heck for what a new bow goes for you can get 2. But its about the passion not just the kill and most people just dont get that.
  9. Well my little brothers turning 8. We planned a small party for him last night because he wont be around on his birthday cause he will be back in VA with his mom. Whenever he does get to visit though he always want me to bring up my .22 so he can shoot. He takes after my dad so he is small framed and my little rifle is too big for him so this year I decided it was time he get his first gun. Me and dad chewed it over and went out yesterday and bought him a little cricket. Planning on taking him shooting today.
  10. Well I am renting a house with some friends now and thats helping a lot because i dont have to sit anlone all night. But sitting by myself for a month let me get some thinking done and helped me start healing really. I mean yeah I started to lose my mind up there but I think it was for the best. Once i realized it wasnt going to go back I started going out to friends houses and just relaxing a little bit. I know I am not over it yet but I have started moving on. Yesterday would have been 3 years of marriage. Yesterday was also my first day in my new house. But we are on good terms I told her a
  11. I havent been on here in some time now. Well I have been doing pretty bad the last little bit. About 7 weeks ago my wife told me she wasnt happy with our marriage and want a divorce. I have tried talking to her and flat out begging her to stay but nothing would sway her. For the last month I have lived in a home that was soon to no longer be mine. There was no tv, no internet, no even a stinking deck of cards. I just moved out last week and the internet was tunred on today but just wanted to stop in a say hi to everyone and let them in on whats going on....Be good everybody.
  12. So I started the day out planning to go make some mineral licks on a 400 acre farm we gain permission to this year. It was hot out and I still have a fever so we just done the one. Well after a watching a little monster buck me and a buddy drove out to the public land to see if we can see and antler growth. We were heading home when we met a good friend of his grandfathers. He gave us permission to hunt his 900+ acres in the middle of nowhere. I have always heard people talking about the quality deer out in this area. All things considered it is only about 2 miles from the government managed a
  13. Ok I woke up with a fever and still went to work. Gathered my route for today and tagged every door I went to finishing up at 11:30, it kind of makes me wish I had called in and just stayed in bed.
  14. Seen 9 last week in crossing the road. A few of them had 4-6 inches already. Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!