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  1. Only got to hunt in MI two days - on the last day during the evening, I called in two jakes on their way from a corn field into their roost and shot the larger of the two. They unexpectedly came in from my right (pretty smart for jakes...), and I shot him at 30 yards from my left shoulder (I payed for that for about 3 days!). He had a 4 1/8" twiggy beard, 1/8" buttons, and weighed almost 17 pounds (he had a gizzard full of seeds and corn that added at least a pound to him!). Sorry I couldn't post quite the bird I posted last year, but it was fun and hopefully this little fella can help the team. Here are a few pics: Me with the bird: I brought him home at dusk, but the girls wanted to come out and see him in their pajamas anyway:
  2. Another bird for Team 15 Beard Busters: Jake I took on Apr 29. 16.9 pounds, 4 1/8" beard, and 1/8" bumps. Me with turkey: Bringing turkey home at pajama time: 4 1/8" Twiggy beard: 1/8" buttons (didn't take picture with ruler as it was uninterprable): Turkey with MI tag: Entry form:
  3. Way to go Ranger... He fellas - sorry for my extensive hiatus from the forum - I've had some pretty hectic things going on. But I was able to bag a bird here in MI - a 17 lb jake - I'll have to post the pictures tomorrow.
  4. I like the green tattered one. BTW, Coles - that girl is A LOT better looking than you...
  5. After reading the title, my question to you Ruth was going to be "Wow, How did that happen?"....
  6. Hello gents - sorry for the little hiatus... I hunted 4 days in TN for the opener without killing a gobbler. I should have taken a nice mature gobbler that was roosted 75 yards across a field directly in front of me, but some knucklehead tromped in right at daybreak and yelped on a box call for 30 minutes straight without stopping once - he had every bird within 3 miles gobbling its head off on the roost, when they finally flew down they scattered like mad. A big cold front came in and the birds shut up and holed up in heavy cover - I was able to call several fairly close but was unable to get them in the crosshairs in the brush - had a lot of fun though and certainly learned a lot. MI season opens next week, and I'm planning a return visit to TN for May. As my 4 yr old daughter says - "we're never giving up on the turkey birds".
  7. Re: season opens tomorrow-figures(pics) OK William - I'm down here in TN with you - gonna hunt the opening week here in the Nashville area - probably gonna hit AEDC, Cheatham, and a few other areas I hunted before.... Good luck.
  8. Re: TURKEY TEAM #15 OK boys - here we go... I'm down in Nashville -- gonna hunt the TN opener.
  9. Re: What Kind of Student were you? [ QUOTE ] i am a freshman, and i currently maintain a 4.0 unweighted and a 4.5 weighted GPA. i guess i do all right. [/ QUOTE ] you're not quite up to an A in Modesty yet!
  10. Re: UNBELIEVABLE MATH PROBLEM I did all that and this number came out: 25125175 It is the dimensions of the longbeard I'm gonna put the smack down on: 25 lbs 12.5" beard 1.75" spurs!!!
  11. Re: I need a little help from the ladies [ QUOTE ] My mom made a couple scrunchies once...they aren't hard really. You basically, I think, cut a long piece of material, stitch it so it becomes a tube, put some elastic in the tube, bunch it up and stitch it closed...I think,lol [/ QUOTE ] Wow - that's far more complicated than most operations I perform!
  12. Re: what size shells 3 or 3 1/2 in 2 shot.
  13. Re: Weekend plans???? [ QUOTE ] Heading south to Ky and Nashville for the week. A day of turkey hunting and a day of striper fishing at Percy Priest Lake. [/ QUOTE ] Hey Bill - where you gonna turkey hunt?
  14. Re: Weekend plans???? leaving tomorrow for Nashville...