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  1. Just back from the taxidermist a couple of days ago, my Mount from this past rifle season in Nebraska. thank you for looking.
  2. I've got a couple Buck knives, but my 110 has gone with me everywhere for the last 30 years.
  3. My brother and I use the mid-sized units in our ground blinds. But when we're hunting on stand, we try to dress for the conditions to tough it out as best we can. No heaters in the tree stand.
  4. My brother and I lease a 160 Acre section. About 70 of it is agriculture the rest is heavy Timber with a small maybe 10 acre alfalfa field. There's several ridges and a natural spring that runs through it. In the early-season we have to walk from the farm yard to the timber as there is no road going around or through the crops. That is about 600 yards. Usually around late October to early November the crops come out depending on what is planted and weather conditions. At that point we are able to drive up to the Timber and Park. this definitely cuts down on the amount of time required when arriving early in the mornings to be able to hike to any stand sets that might be on the furthest point on the property. as far as hunting pressure goes the neighbors around us do hunt but they don't bother or interfere with us and we do not bother them. there is also one section that is a church camp where no hunting is allowed, and it seems to act as a sanctuary for the deer. My brother likes to run a lot of trail cams, and we do get a lot of pictures of nice bucks. Sometimes we get lucky and are able to kill one of those bucks but more often than not they disappear. We've had a lot of success at that place over the years and feel very fortunate that we have been able to hunt there as long as we have.
  5. Pretty low if you arent out there, TBH.
  6. Yes sir. It was my dad's who I think bought it sometime in the mid-to-late 90s. He gave it to me three years ago when he stopped hunting due to bad health. And then when I got it I used the 209 primer conversion kit to change the ignition system on it. This is actually the first deer I've shot with it.
  7. Been kind of an up-and-down season and even though I killed a nice buck during the November firearm season, deer movement had been real slow in the succeding weeks. I hadn't had much luck seeing any bucks, but did pass up a few opportunities at does. I had an either-sex permit and was giving it until the last weekend of the month, then I would fill my tag with a doe. On December 16th just after sunset a young Buck came walking up a trail at 20 yards from my tree stand and presented the perfect opportunity. The resulting shot led to a 30-yard recovery and my second buck of the season. This was also my first buck ever with a muzzleloader. And even though he was young he must have been in quite a few scraps because he had two broken tines and both of his brow tines were broken off at the base. Nevertheless I was very happy to take him and fill my freezer to the brim with delicious venison. I would like to say congrats to everyone else who's been able to have success this season, and to those who didn't I hope you at least had fun in the process. I' m looking forward to the morel mushroom hunting season and spring turkey as I'm sure a lot of you are too. Have a happy and safe New Year. Jim
  8. Congrats! Seeing kids smile and having fun hunting makes me smile. Same as when my nephew is sucessful, too.
  9. I don't know about the deer in your neck of the woods, probably minimum 3.5 years old probably pretty close on the weight that you guessed, too.