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  1. DowninWhiteys

    Mid December Muzzleloader Buck

  2. DowninWhiteys

    Mid December Muzzleloader Buck

    Yes sir. It was my dad's who I think bought it sometime in the mid-to-late 90s. He gave it to me three years ago when he stopped hunting due to bad health. And then when I got it I used the 209 primer conversion kit to change the ignition system on it. This is actually the first deer I've shot with it.
  3. DowninWhiteys

    Mid December Muzzleloader Buck

    Been kind of an up-and-down season and even though I killed a nice buck during the November firearm season, deer movement had been real slow in the succeding weeks. I hadn't had much luck seeing any bucks, but did pass up a few opportunities at does. I had an either-sex permit and was giving it until the last weekend of the month, then I would fill my tag with a doe. On December 16th just after sunset a young Buck came walking up a trail at 20 yards from my tree stand and presented the perfect opportunity. The resulting shot led to a 30-yard recovery and my second buck of the season. This was also my first buck ever with a muzzleloader. And even though he was young he must have been in quite a few scraps because he had two broken tines and both of his brow tines were broken off at the base. Nevertheless I was very happy to take him and fill my freezer to the brim with delicious venison. I would like to say congrats to everyone else who's been able to have success this season, and to those who didn't I hope you at least had fun in the process. I' m looking forward to the morel mushroom hunting season and spring turkey as I'm sure a lot of you are too. Have a happy and safe New Year. Jim
  4. DowninWhiteys

    Emma's first buck!!

    Indeed. Nice buck.
  5. DowninWhiteys

    patience pays off BIG for 13 year old daughter

    Congrats! Seeing kids smile and having fun hunting makes me smile. Same as when my nephew is sucessful, too.
  6. DowninWhiteys

    looks like a linebacker, age em

    I don't know about the deer in your neck of the woods, probably minimum 3.5 years old probably pretty close on the weight that you guessed, too.
  7. DowninWhiteys

    Got a great doe at Willow Slough in Northwest Indiana this weekend

    Good looking doe, congratulations.
  8. DowninWhiteys

    MERRY Christmas

    Merry Christmas, folks!
  9. DowninWhiteys

    Best 9 days hunting I ever had

    Thats a great haul. 👍
  10. DowninWhiteys

    ready to get down..... late season buck

    Very nice.
  11. DowninWhiteys

    2018 Nebraska Buck

    Thats nice country. Used to go antelope hunting and a little camping, too out there years ago but havent been back since.
  12. DowninWhiteys

    2018 Nebraska Buck

    I live in the Omaha area, and this buck was taken in Butler county.
  13. DowninWhiteys

    2018 Nebraska Buck

    Havent been here too much lately, but every now and then I still like to pop in and see what others have successfully killed. I shot this buck during our firearms season, and was the first deer I had killed in a couple of years so it felt good to finally get the monkey off of my back so to speak. Didnt get out too much during our archery season prior to this due to work committments, so this was a welcome sight to see just after sunrise after a few long days of hunting. Passing on a hearty congrats to everyone else who has been successful this season, no matter the size of the animal, be proud of yourselves. Have a safe and happy holiday season also! Thanks for looking!
  14. DowninWhiteys

    Public land buck down

    Congrats to you and all the others who have had a successful season so far!
  15. DowninWhiteys

    Great 2 days in Missouri

    Great Bucks.