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  1. mike


    Pretty much, but you suck the innards out through the head, thats where all the seasoning and flavor goes lol
  2. I see Kyle on facebook, don't hear much from Ben anymore. Last a new Ben and his girlfriend or wife, not sure, had just had a baby
  3. I might be here, I don't know....... maybe I guess
  4. mike


    I say on heck of a season for a couple rookies leading the offense! We'll see what happens next year, ?
  5. mike

    hey stranger! long time no see

  6. mike

    whats up peckerhead?

  7. mike

    Any big weekend plans?

    The Packers will not be rooted for at our house Dak and Elliott will handle the cheese heads
  8. mike


    Ever do homemade canadian bacon? I have brined pork loin and smoked it, turned out amazing! I will have to dig out that recipe. I did a batch of summer sausage but wasnt real impressed with it, first try though, so I need to play with the recipe.
  9. We are heading out tomorrow to pick up a tractor for my son. Its an FFA project we are going to restore together to show at the state and county fair. Other than that not much planned. We have some weather moving in Sunday night that sounds like ice and snow mixed here in Iowa. All our hunting seasons have closed for the year so I guess its football and smoking some food.
  10. Just get Luke involved (vermonthunter), and the morons crawl out of the wood work Its his magnetic personality I am sure
  11. We always trim 100% of any fat or sinew out, including silver skin. Then grind it 75-25 with pure beef fat. You will never know it isn't hamburger. It's all n the trimming of the deer and the quality of the beef fat
  12. Buckee kickin it old school ??? hahaha
  13. bought a new smoker recently, looking for any good recipes to run it through its paces. Love ribs, brisket, wings, and pork butts. lets hear you favorites! this place used to be hoppin! would love to see this room clicking again!
  14. Do we sign as OG or OM (original moron)