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  1. Little late on this but here goes anyway, Sat all day opening day and saw a lot of deer but none he wanted to shoot. He passed on some young bucks and a lot of does, 4Th season hunting deer so he’s a bit more picky now. Day 2 he was acting pretty sluggish in the morning getting ready and didn’t want to eat breakfast before we left. We have about an hour drive and then a taxing 30 minute walk through steep bluff county with full gear to last the day. We made more stops than usual during our walk and I was starting to feel bad we even came out, he clearly wasn’t feeling well but didn’t
  2. Fantastic buck! that thing is a huge!
  3. ALL hunting shows have taken a doward spiral in the last 3-5 years. To much advertising, same ole tip-o-the-week-crap, they spend way to much time yappin and runnin their lip rather than hunting. Most every show is nothing more than a 30 minute infomercial for outfitters. There are a few exceptions, very few, I am embarassed by a lot of these shows and just shake my head in disbelief at every episode I watch.
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    Fairly common here in Nebraska to get a late season kill with babies. 3 of the 5 does we killed this year were pregnant with twins. Kinda of the point of the late season really , get them after they have been bred and take out the babies as well as the parent taking out 2 or 3 deer instead of 1. Typically a doe in january is about two months into her 6-7 month gestation thats about the same as the end of the first trimester of humans.
  5. That deer was killed last year or the year before.
  6. I own 4 of the calibers listed. The .270 was my first rifle and will always hold a special spot in my hunting memories. My 7mm mag has taken a few deer but in my opinion is too much gun for whitetails, a fine caliber but a touch much, better suited for Elk I think. I got a 30.06 this year and have not hunted with it, but have alwayes admired the versatility of the caliber. Now my .243 has become my go-to-gun in the last two season. After placing a Luepold VXII 4-12x40 AO on top it has been unstoppable in the woods. I have killed one buck and 5 does since Jan 1st 07 (late antlerless and regular
  7. I used to read all the time on stand. Mostly whitetail hunting books and Stephen King novels. One year I was reading on of Greg Millers' books on deer hunting and I came to a chapter on reasons hunters miss out on the big bucks. As I sat on stand I read the sentance that said " Many hunter miss out on shots or prime oppertunities at big bucks because they have their nose buried in a book when they should be reading the woods" something to that effect anyway, well needles to say reading that while on stand made me feel slightly stupid so I put the book away and havent read on stand since.