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  1. Dawg

    7-20 Friday check-in

    Last day of the evening shift today, hope to be off by midnight. Not much planned this weekend......might make a run to the river tomorrow afternoon and get neck deep for a bit. Other than that, gonna soak up as much AC as I can.
  2. Dawg

    RT has sadly gone dead

    'There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you're going to be part of the problem.' ~ Eldridge Cleaver
  3. Dawg


    Did the user blogs get flushed with the last forum update? Went to go back and read some of my entries and can't find them anywhere.
  4. Dawg

    Texas Drawn Hunts

    Yes sir, applying for a handful of hunts again this year. Hoping to draw a Caprocks mule deer buck tag.
  5. Dawg

    Think I got this one right

    Very nice Ross!
  6. Dawg

    4rth Of July Check In

    Didn't hit a lick for most of yesterday. It rained off and on for most part of the day so we stayed inside and piddled around. Around 4pm we headed down to a friends house in Kirbyville for family game night and played board games til almost 10pm.
  7. Dawg

    Anybody know what happened to Tominator??

    Had him as a friend on Facebook but somehow he no longer is. Either I inadvertently removed him or he removed me, same with Tom.......dunno. Kyle is also active on Facebook. Facebook is really no different than any other forum. You control what you see and who you are "friends" with. I have a crap ton of people hidden so I don't see their posts on there and mainly view hunting, fishing and news related news feeds.
  8. Dawg

    RT has sadly gone dead

    The annual "What happened to RT forums" thread. I've been guilty of posting one too LOL... Why has it gone dead? That answer is the same as the one for the tootsie pop......the world may never know!!!!
  9. Dawg

    Friday check-in/ June check-out

    Spent all day Saturday neck deep in the Neches River. Didn't hit a lick all day Sunday and it felt great!
  10. Dawg

    Here comes the heat

    Same down here in southeast TX. Been hot and muggy for a few months now. Heat index yesterday was 107.
  11. Dawg

    The Friday June 22 check-in

    On my last day of the graveyard shift....should head home around 5am tomorrow morning get a few hours sleep then have to be in Beaumont (hour away) at 2pm. After that we don't have much planned. Have to mow the yard at some point but with temps in the low to mid 90's and heat indices reaching triple digits there ain't much I want to do outside lol.
  12. Dawg

    6-15-18 check in

    Siemens makes a protector for phone lines as well....the FSPHONE protection.
  13. Dawg

    6-15-18 check in

    Or one of these. You can also buy the coaxial surge protector with this one: https://www.amazon.com/Siemens-FS100-Whole-Protection-Device/dp/B013WINLIO
  14. Dawg

    6-15-18 check in

    Invest in one of these: https://www.intermatic.com/en/surge-protection/whole-house-surge/ig2240-imsk