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  1. Dawg

    Team 5

    Gentlemen, Unfortunately I am having to withdraw from this years contest. I won't go into specifics but your thoughts and prayers are welcomed. Hope you all understand and I wish you all the luck this season.
  2. Dawg


    See snipe quite often down here during the colder months. One of them will flat out scare the hell out of you walking to the stand in the dark.
  3. Dawg

    Team 5

    Sorry for being late to check in guys.....been a little hectic around these parts the past couple of weeks. My first hunt this year will be in Colorado. Leaving 10/31, start hunting 11/3 for mule deer. Back home by 11/9 and will start hunting these piney woods for whitetail.
  4. Dawg

    Colorado Draw Results

    T-60 days until we head to Colorado.......this hot muggy weather ain't making the wait any better.
  5. Dawg

    Texas Drawn Hunts

    Thanks Jeff, I'll check that out for sure.
  6. Dawg

    Best from 1st MO cam run

    All good looking bucks Al! I'd be after this one!
  7. Dawg

    deer contest?

    We need 2 more entries....
  8. Dawg

    Friday check-in/Bring on September!

    Going out to the lease Saturday morning to move a box stand (shooting house for all you yankees) and do some trimming on shooting lanes. Supposed to rain later in the day Saturday into Sunday and Monday as well. Probably burn some meat on the grill and relax for the rest of the weekend.
  9. Dawg

    big and angry

    Yogi and Boo-Boo were none too pleased about their relocation.
  10. Dawg

    DIY tick/pest repellent

    Another great thing about permethrin is it lasts for a few washes so you don't have to apply it every time you go out. I keep it safe though and apply after two washes.
  11. Dawg

    deer contest?

    Still needing 6 more....
  12. Dawg

    8-24 Friday check-in

    Took the boat out this morning for a few hours and wet a hook. Must have left my fishing skills at the house....didn’t catch anything. By 9am I had enough of the heat and came home. Heading down to Beaumont shortly for a family day outing. Nothing planned tomorrow. May make another morning trip to the lake. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Dawg

    DIY tick/pest repellent

    Permethrin beats any other repellent hands down. Been using it for years. It'll kill wasp also if you spray enough on them......learned that when last summer when I opened my box stand and had a swarm in there. The only thing I had in the truck was the permethrin but it worked good enough.
  14. Dawg

    Favorite broad heads

    Never have bear hunted with a bow and when I deer hunted with one I always used Magnus Buzzcuts.
  15. Dawg

    deer contest?

    6 more entries to reach our minimum head count for the contest............come on folks, join in on the fun! You lurkers out there, quit your lurking and get back in the game!