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  1. Team 2

    Checked the cams Sunday. Same group of hogs are showing up almost daily. Had one small non-shooter buck and a doe and her two yearlings. Hoping this cooler weather will have the deer up on their feet in the coming days.
  2. that's not a stick

    Neither do we......but we do have venomous snakes
  3. How about a 10-6 Friday check-in

    Still too hot to hunt here. Ran cards on Wednesday and have several hogs cleaning up the corn. One doe with two yearlings have also made an appearance. Have friends coming over tomorrow for an evening of entertainment. Sunday we'll prep everything again for a Cowboys game get together with the same crowd. Spare ribs, burgers and boudin are on the menu for Sunday. Tomorrow's menu is of the liquid variety.
  4. Okay

    There's several out there......a quick Google search will help. I'm on AT some but mainly look through the classifieds on there. I frequent a bowhunting forum that is mainly made up of Texans but there's several folks from LA, CA, CO and other states.
  5. Team 2

    Congrats Martin!
  6. Team 2

    Finally have my game camera issue resolved. I'll go back out next week to check the new camera. According to the sign on the ground I still have some hogs coming in. I hope they move on soon.
  7. Friday 29th check in

    Work half a day tomorrow. Saturday afternoon we'll get the house prepped for entertaining some friends on Sunday for the Cowboys game. Bow opener is tomorrow......but it's too hot and I no longer own a bow so I'm out on that LOL
  8. Metal Roof

    1. Very old thread 2. We have a Captain Obvious on our hands. 3. Off to banned camp!
  9. could use some prayers

    My deepest condolences to you and your family William.
  10. Team 2

    I’m good with it! Maybe Rackblaster will check in soon...
  11. could use some prayers

    Very sorry to hear this William. I dread the day I have to cross that bridge...
  12. Buck Down!!!

    Sweet deal......where's the head banging emoji when you need it? LOL
  13. 9-22 Friday Fall check-in

    Not much planned for me. I'll probably ride out to the lease in the morning to swap out my camera that crapped out on me. No Cowboys football this weekend so looks like I may have to do some yard work or something LOL....
  14. Team 2

    Rode out to the Newton County lease to check my camera.......no worky. I put fresh batteries in it the day I set it out and walked in front of it to see if the IR light came on and it did. Guess the camera itself crapped out on me. Oh well.....guess I'll have to buy another one. Still hot down here in southeast Texas. We are supposed to get a cool front next weekends which will bring mid to high 50's for our lows and high 70's low 80's for the high. That'll be a refreshing break from the heat and humidity and maybe get the hogs up and moving around.
  15. Who's going where?

    Anyone get lucky yet and draw any big game tags this year?