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  1. Dawg

    Crazy weather

    Y'all keep all that ice and snow up there! We are in a strange weather pattern down here.....warm, cool, warm, cool.....not record breaking cold but unseasonal for sure. Worst part is we are getting into the typical spring pattern where it rains almost every weekend. That puts a damper on lawn maintenance and my fishing/camping time!
  2. Dawg

    Texas Drawn Hunts

    Yes sir, same thing I thought. We didn't stay the full length of the hunt due to some obligations at home popping up. Probably could have scratched one out if we could have stayed the full 5 days. This won't keep me from applying again though.
  3. CO mule deer application put in last week. Fingers crossed! Looks like CPW is reducing the amount of elk tags again this year. Pretty much blows my chance at an OTC cow elk tag this year.
  4. Dawg

    2016 buck on the wall

    I agree on the eyes. Makes them look alien-like. Nice buck!
  5. Dawg

    Texas Drawn Hunts

    We didn't see a single deer. There were, I think, 20 hunters on the 28K acres. Out of that only 8 doe were killed and one hog.
  6. Dawg

    The cost of hunting.

    Texas hasn't seen an increase on basic licenses since 2010 and no noticeable decline in sales. Here's an article Realtree published about increased license sales albeit the data is going on 4 years old: https://business.realtree.com/business-blog/hunting-license-numbers-increased-2016 The sky isn't falling.
  7. Dawg


    Ahahahahahahaha.........I don't even remember this convo but it's freakin hilarious. Yep, I'm bored and am reading 5+ year old threads....
  8. Dawg

    The cost of hunting.

    It can get pricey if you want it too in Texas. For me it's pretty straight forward.......hunting license with HIP certification, freshwater fishing combo.
  9. Dawg

    motor vehicles and hunting

    If it's legal in the state/county/parish where you live, more power to you. I live in Jasper County, TX and it is illegal to trail a wounded deer with a dog but there are many counties in TX where it is perfectly legal to do so. If it's illegal in the state/county/parish where you live and you do it anyway, yep you are breaking the law. Call it what you will, poacher, outlaw, criminal.....bottom line is you are breaking the law.
  10. Dawg

    Dear Realtree Forums IT Gurus

    Please fix the issue with Tapatalk. I can view the forums but it is not allowing me to log in and post from the app.
  11. Dawg


    One of those "sounded better in my head" moments. Some things in life don't need to be added to or taken away from.....the National Anthem is one of them.
  12. Which units will you be hunting?
  13. Dawg


    Congrats Ben
  14. Dawg

    Hello all!

    Welcome back Dorothy....
  15. It has been a funky year down here for sure. Some areas of the state have had great success, others (as in where I live/hunt) have been pure crap. I hunted quite a bit this season and saw only two deer. Tag soup for me! Maybe the 2018/19 season will be better!