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  1. Team 2

    Not sure I'll be able to put any points on the board either. This is by far the worst season I have had. Finally saw a deer Saturday morning out on some public land but it saw me first. I never got a good look at it as it was running off in the opposite direction. All the deer at the lease are coming in at night. My son and I head up to Matador WMA for an antlerless hunt next Friday. At best I might get lucky and add 5 points to the board for our team.
  2. Who's going where?

    So here we are a month and 8 days later..... No big game hunts for me this year. My son and I have a whitetail antlerless hunt coming up in December. My dad and the other guys made the annual trip to unit 741 in Colorado at the beginning of the month. Horrible hunting conditions. Biggest buck tagged was a small basket racked 3x3 and two guys having tag soup. Reports were lots of does but the bucks hadn't shown up yet. That's what warm weather, no snow up high and very little precipitation down low will do for you....but it's all part of hunting I reckon.
  3. FIRE!!!

    Horrible deal, Al. Sorry for the loss of y'alls possessions.
  4. Who's still around?

    Shots fired....
  5. Team 2

    I’d just like to see a deer while on stand. I’ve stared at the same bushes and trees and am getting tired of it real quick!
  6. Turkey Day check-in

    Late check in here. Had a good Thanksgiving with family yesterday. Not much to report on hunting. I’ve almost lost the desire to go. Deer have disappeared.
  7. Who's still around?

    Return of the Prodigal Sons....albeit probably short lived. Congrats Kyle on your baby girl. Ben, congrats on #2....hope he/she looks like his/her mom...
  8. Team 2

    Not much to report. The rut is just about over in my neck of the woods. Haven’t seen a deer while on stand yet. Hunting the 140 acre lease this morning. It was clear cut a few years ago so we’ve had to make some major adjustments on stand placements. Deer sign is good but I’m afraid they are moving at night mostly. Going to sit til about noon.
  9. Team 2

    Had a buck ~130" show up on the camera Wednesday. He was following a doe. They showed up at 10am and 2pm. Me and the boy are going to try to stick it out tomorrow in the heat to try and him a chance at that buck. Other than that we had the typical residents show up......the doe with her two youngins', the lone doe, 4 pointer, 6 pointer, one small spike and the hogs.
  10. 11-3 First November check-in (rut edition)

    The rut is on in SE Texas. A nice ~130" 8 pointer showed up on camera Wednesday following a doe. They are moving mid morning here with the full moon in place. He showed up at 10am and 2pm. My son and I will be in the stand in the morning and will attempt to sit past 10am but with the warm temps I'm not sure how long we'll last in our box stand made of tin. We'll hunt Sunday morning too then head home and get the house ready for our weekly gathering of friends for the Cowboys game.
  11. Team 2

    The boy struck out Sunday. Couldn't have asked for better hunting conditions but we didn't see a single animal. Not sure what to make of it really.
  12. 10-27 Halloween check-in

    Daughters birthday party is Sunday so I'll be spending all day tomorrow getting the yard and house ready for the onslaught of kids coming. Youth Season is this weekend so Sunday morning the son and I are going to try to sneak in a early hunt. Have a group of hogs coming in that need a reduction in population. Hopefully they make an appearance while we are on the stand. After the birthday party we will have friends over for the Cowboys game.
  13. Team 2

    Checked cams last night. Same group of hogs coming in and in true hog-like fashion, there's no pattern to their movement.....6am, 9am, 12pm, 3am, 7pm.....just whenever they feel like showing up they show up. The tall 6 pointer is becoming a regular but I'm not sure he is going to be legal. He needs to be culled but AR restrictions will probably keep that from happening. Also have a doe and her two yearlings (one I know is a nubbin buck) that are regulars as well plus one lone doe is showing up at night. The rut is getting kicked off pretty good right now so no telling what will show up in the next couple of weeks. My cousin has a stand ~600 yards through the timber from me and he has a very nice 8 point on his cam. Definitely a shooter. Youth season is this weekend. I'll have the son on the stand early Sunday morning. Really hope the hogs make a show so we can start erasing their numbers.
  14. Team 2

    Checked the cams Wednesday. One small 6 point, four doe and hogs. Three doe were at one of the feeders when we pulled up. I was able to walk about 60 yards from them before they bolted.
  15. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    Not much going on today besides getting the house squared away to entertain friends for tomorrow’s Cowboys game. Chili is on the menu.