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  1. Hope everyone gets things worked out. Scott is the man and I'm sure you'll all be taken care of. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. 3D shoot Sunday and maybe tomorrow. also have to do some yard work and tick/bug control. plus tend to garden stuff. whatever else the wife has us scheduled to go to.
  3. nice shooting Ruth! Sounds like you're getting settled in well with the new bow. Scoring is consistent with IBO for this league but distances all over the place. I really wish i had more time for actual competition. Time is spent now more into deer hunting and not for myself but with orgs and community QDM cooperatives. my 3D bow is setup with slight disadvantages so it can double as a back up hunting bow. I still might make some changes though anyway. i think my peep needs work and some other things.
  4. Fun times. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Hope it was a good one everyone. Went to a couple parties, got the garden in, and did some shooting.
  6. Just shot at a local summer outdoor 3D league. Targets of animals from all kinds of continents; Asia, Africa, North America, etc. Wet weather and got rained on but it was still crazy amounts of fun. Ended up with score of 305/330. No rangefinders allowed, so you just have to guess well.
  7. Maybe some of you shoot outdoor 3D targets in the back yard, local sportsman's club, or maybe do more sanctioned competition. Awesome for keeping all the right muscles conditioned and keeping up your shooting going into fall. Who out there is shooting their bow this summer? I'm sure some of you are shooting out there, even if it's just in between waiting for dinner to be ready on the grill. Pictures shooting with buddies, kids, or by yourself... post them up?
  8. all my plots are pretty open and haven't had much trouble with about anything.
  9. only blend i can think of would be DeerAg Back 40. i'd probably go with white clovers, brassicas, and trefoil. if you have an agway up by you or cornell cooperative extension they could tell you something more specific.
  10. last month i picked up an Ameristep hub style blind from there for $35. it was clearance with 50% off the clearance price to boot. there was one more but decided to leave it for the next guy/gal... ya know spread the opportunity.
  11. i got nothin. hope you figure it out Ross.
  12. Used to but it's been almost a decade i've had a Cabelas card. i guess it's a BassPro card now.
  13. i don't think it's a good idea. the strands in a string are dynamic in that they move and shift. also adhesion can be hit or miss knowing that a good condition string will be sufficiently coated with wax. BCY Nock Point and Peep Tieing Thread ran across wax will hold a tight knot. the fibers of the thread itself is bonded so if won't fray as easily. depending on what you're dealing with there's lots of tips and tricks for getting things to stay put on a bow setup. what are you holding in place?
  14. time well spent. nice job Don. congrats to her!
  15. nice congrats!