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    just another piece of the puzzle

    i agree with what Al said. also seems to me that buck is only 2.5 or 3.5 years old.
  2. dbHunterNY

    Emma's first buck!!

  3. dbHunterNY

    3 Generations trip of a lifetime

    seems like it was a hell of a trip you'll remember for a long time.
  4. dbHunterNY

    Merry Christmas!

    Decided to stop back in here and wish all the Realtree forum members a belated Merry Christmas. Hope it was a good one!
  5. dbHunterNY

    Merry Christmas

    He's the reason for the season!
  6. i know this is an old thread but.... target bows are often longer with a higher brace height for more comfort and forgiveness. that said if you shoot your hunting bow throughout the year it will feel the most comfortable and be more consistent for you starting out. plus come fall you'll be more than ready and dialed in.
  7. dbHunterNY

    Outdoor Target/3D Shooting

    Best of luck Joseph!
  8. dbHunterNY

    Outdoor Target/3D Shooting

    Maybe some of you shoot outdoor 3D targets in the back yard, local sportsman's club, or maybe do more sanctioned competition. Awesome for keeping all the right muscles conditioned and keeping up your shooting going into fall. Who out there is shooting their bow this summer? I'm sure some of you are shooting out there, even if it's just in between waiting for dinner to be ready on the grill. Pictures shooting with buddies, kids, or by yourself... post them up?
  9. dbHunterNY

    WOW...Double Droptines!

    drop tines are not a 4.5 year old buck is a great buck anywhere. not that you need much of it but good luck Al.
  10. dbHunterNY

    Been Gone Keep Coming Back

    Been gone from the forums a while. Lot going on. Moving into a new house and deer management for others sort of stuff, including running a QDM co-op. Season here in NY state started October 1st (bow right now) some areas further north a little sooner. Haven't made it out yet though. Hopefully get the new house settled enough and work will slow up some so i can get out there. These forums always in the back of my mind. Decided to check back in. Hope everyone's season is off to a great start. Best of luck this fall. - Dan
  11. dbHunterNY

    Broadheads for this fall?

    shaun muzzy has changed hands and is now owned by same company that owns Rage and others. I used them years ago though and they worked great. missed a buck low and one went into a dead blown down tree. unscrewed the arrow from the stuck head, gently kicked it loose. spun fine, so i put it back on the arrow and then shot a doe and a red fox with it. i did swap out the blades after hitting the blow down though.
  12. dbHunterNY

    WOW...Double Droptines!

    older original post and haven't been around in a while. not sure if Al has hard antler pics but it's extremely deceiving trying to age a buck on the hoof when it's still in velvet late summer. i agree with Al in that it's probably 4.5 yrs old. depth of body front to back is very even typical of full skeletal maturity, with the legs looking not overly long compared to the body like you'd get with 2.5 and 3.5. neck with no swelling or bulk is still fairly low on the chest. by now that thing is probably juiced up and has put on some serious bulk up front, despite not the thick northern deer some of us are used to. definitely hope he connects and sends teeth out. i don't think he supplemental feeds year round down there so cementum annuli results should be true to what they are.
  13. dbHunterNY

    Deer Calling Tactics you can WATCH work!

    just to shutup unless the deer is walking away from you. lol call less. got to give them time to think about it and wonder where exactly you are. call too much and they'll walk right up to the tree and look up at you, whether you've got a shot or not.
  14. dbHunterNY

    308 Scope Recommendation

    if you aren't shooting really long distance get a 3-9x40 muzzleloader/shotgun scope. they typically have longer eye relief it seems like. if you're shooting out there past 400 yards then more magnification might be helpful. shooting farther will get you in a pickle shooting with just elevation in mind and not figuring in wind.
  15. dbHunterNY


    nope. only use a 12ga and 20ga. another gun isn't a bad thing. great for youth and usually compact for small game hunting in thick brush. lightweight too.
  16. dbHunterNY

    Got a New Elite bow!

    I'll be using it for 3D. It's a new Elite Victory target bow; all black, 70#, 29"draw, 39" A-A, 325 fps. Should shoot pretty well if I do my part. Not sure if anyone here has one or has seen one. seems like it'd be a great hunting bow for a finger shooter though too.
  17. dbHunterNY

    Been awhile! Checkin in!

    Who knows if anyone remembers me. Been a while, but now and then I try to check back in. I've been pretty busy with life, work, and deer endeavors. I scoped out some of the sub-forums here. Have to say things look slow, but that's to be expected this time of year. Maybe I'll try to get on here a little more. NY hunting forum i now frequent gets a little drama filled during the off season. Awesome that i see several regulars are still kickin around here. Hope everyone is doing well! Back to work and hoping things thaw out here in northeastern NY. - Dan
  18. dbHunterNY

    Been awhile! Checkin in!

    I'm on facebook. I have a couple QDM group pages on there to keep track of. Also I suppose someone has to keep an eye on Tim Andrus and Steve Beilgard. Friends with some others that came from here as well. All is fairly well. Day job is busy. Past deer season was good. Turkey season starts tomorrow here in NY. Woodchucks are out, if i can only get out to clear out the hay fields before the hay grows too tall in the next month. That's assuming we stop getting snow and it warms up a bit. Pretty wet so far so it should catch right up.
  19. dbHunterNY

    Finally tagged my first deer with a bow!

    perfect. congrats and nice buck!
  20. dbHunterNY

    he's a skipper this year

    we've had young 2 year olds break racks off too. one wide one broke off both sides to barely 3" stubs. not big into naming deer but you should nick name him "scrappy".
  21. dbHunterNY

    1st. crossbow harvest

    nice job Luke. wish they'd have full inclusion into deer seasons for crossbows here in NY and i don't even own one.
  22. dbHunterNY

    Gift Certificate

    Hope everyone gets things worked out. Scott is the man and I'm sure you'll all be taken care of. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  23. dbHunterNY

    It's finally Friday-check in here

    3D shoot Sunday and maybe tomorrow. also have to do some yard work and tick/bug control. plus tend to garden stuff. whatever else the wife has us scheduled to go to.
  24. dbHunterNY

    Outdoor Target/3D Shooting

    nice shooting Ruth! Sounds like you're getting settled in well with the new bow. Scoring is consistent with IBO for this league but distances all over the place. I really wish i had more time for actual competition. Time is spent now more into deer hunting and not for myself but with orgs and community QDM cooperatives. my 3D bow is setup with slight disadvantages so it can double as a back up hunting bow. I still might make some changes though anyway. i think my peep needs work and some other things.
  25. dbHunterNY

    Outdoor Target/3D Shooting

    Fun times. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk