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  1. Yea, my number one goal is to get my dad a crossbow deer this year. At 78 I'm not sure he has many seasons left. After that it will be to get a 4.5 year old buck or older that scores over 140. Will get a better idea once they stop growing. Probably only a couple more weeks of growing left.
  2. Thanks, It has been a good year. Hoping to keep things going that way with my first pronghorn in a few weeks and then get ready for September archery season in KY followed by IL in October. I'll be pretty picky when it comes to bucks this year.
  3. Looks like some decent prospects for the upcoming season. The neighbor planted corn in my acre field so that might be paying off. I noticed the ears are already being eaten.
  4. Yea, the price for a bear tag has went up from 30 something to 41.75. I always hunted ID bears in the areas with reduced fees. These areas still have the reduced fees. I was told these areas were reduced to help get elk numbers up. I did have to purchase a hunting license which in 2010 was somewhere around 150.00 as I recall. I drove my travel trailer and camped out in the woods for free for 10 days on a DIY hunt. Took 2 bears that year and the legal fees were under 200.00. I don't remember there being an archery fee. The entire trip cost me about 1000.00 after splitting gas and food 3 ways. We were in the Lolo area, next to the north eastern state border. Did the same trip in 2008 and did not get a bear that year. Went again in 2012 and took a smaller color phase bear. I'm sure the pictures below are on these RT forums somewhere. I know what you mean about the experience. Back in the day money was so tight that this was the only feasible big game hunt I could afford. Reduced Bear and Second Bear - 41.75 Reduced Price To be used only in designated units, NOT Statewide. Second To be used only in designated units, NOT Statewide.
  5. fly

    Gotta Wonder

    Yea, these forums might just merge into a Facebook page. That would produce a bump in activity. The RT forums is the only forum I still get on but I do see that archery talk has modest activity. I don't think the RT forums ever had the number AT had though.
  6. No way would I pay 650 to hunt whitetail deer. I have them where I live and pay about 30 dollars for a tag. I did spend 600 for a pronghorn tag in WY. Just got it in the mail today. Probably a one a done for me. Idaho NR bear tags go for about 30 bucks.
  7. fly

    Getting Married

    Thanks everyone! Here are some pics from Mexico.
  8. fly

    Getting Married

    Tinks will get em every time! LOL Been divorced twice myself. Took a long time and a year of living together through a pandemic to get another ring. Four years and we have yet to raise our voice at one another. New thing for me. Off to Mexico in the AM.
  9. fly

    Getting Married

    Thanks everyone!
  10. fly

    Getting Married

    This Saturday Beth and I make things official. Didn't think I'd ever get married again, but when you find the right person things can change. After the wedding we are headed to some resort in Mexico. I'll keep my eye out for that elusive oscillated turkey!
  11. fly

    Still kicking

    Hope things improve for you William! What's your ticker going to do this fall when you see a 200 inch TN buck in the back yard!
  12. fly

    Pronghorn Hunt in WY

    Thanks everyone. The outfitter has a family obligation on the 15th-16th. Looks like I'll be adjusting the dates a bit. I know it will be hot, other than bringing a cooler full of ice and a battery operated fan, I'm not sure what else to do about it. I certainly could go later and use the rifle, but I'm thinking if I do not connect with the crossbow the outfitter might possibly let me come back during rifle season.
  13. I remember the good ole days when RT members went to Steve's place in WY to hunt Antelope. Tags were OTC as I recall and I always wanted to 'tag" along with them but work and financial difficulties prevented it. Well, I decided to finally give antelope a try this fall. Our own Tim Andrus recommended I book with Diamond Ranch in unit 46 so that is what I did. Tim hooked me up with Wildwood Outfitters a few years ago where I harvested a big black bear so there was no hesitation. You may also recall Tim's pronghorn taken from unit 46 a couple years ago. This year unit 46 has a lottery system in place. It's pretty complicated and to be honest I don't quite understand the process. However, I do know that yesterday the website indicated I was successful drawing my antelope tag for unit 46. I notified the outfitter and was informed NO other hunters that had booked with him were successful (including Tim) ☹️ Anyway, I was allowed to change my September dates to any dates in the season. I'll be taking my new crossbow out for some ground blind over water hole hunting on August 15th-17th. Now I need to do some research to better field judge a trophy caliber pronghorn. I did look up the Draw results online and it indicated my unit had a quota of 2 with 84 applications submitted. All my friends have encouraged me to buy a lottery ticket.
  14. fly

    New Pool

    Yea, this is the first pool I've ever had other than a blow up one from Walmart. The process of the install was nerve racking and we had several ALMOST screw ups that I caught and corrected at the last moment. However, it's done and done right and that's what is important. Looking forward to landscaping ideas now. It will not all get done this year.
  15. fly

    New Pool

    Some updates - still a work in progress.