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  1. 2016 buck on the wall

    That's an awesome TN buck William and certainly looks great on the wall. The buck looks much older in the pic with you in it. I think the nose and eyes make it look much younger in the mount. Mount pics generally make the mount look worse than it actually is.

    Have watched those movies since I was a kid. My dad had to have the soundtrack on his phone as a ringtone (back when that was the thing to do).
  3. Anybody know what happened to Tominator??

    Remember how Chris always said the biggest deer were in his neck of the woods and that out of state hunters should go to his home town to hunt. LOL I'm on FB, but still check in here at RT.
  4. Team 4

    Yep -I'll be turkey hunting and headed to Manitoba to hunt black bear. Can't wait!
  5. Member's Total Reputation???

    I just boosted your rep (+1)
  6. Texas bound

    Good luck! I'm afraid I'm not help when it comes to those states.
  7. Team 4

    Looks like we were a tine short of first. LOL Been a great season and I have enjoyed sharing it with all of you. Hope 2018 is great year for everyone.
  8. Euro Mount

    Looks good - working on one of my own today.
  9. Double Pedestal Mount

    Thanks everyone! Ruth - looking forward to seeing it next season.
  10. Double Pedestal Mount

    It's a tough call when you only have so much room (and a wife) LOL. I've still got to boil my 2017 buck as it's still in my deep freeze. Will do a Euro probably next month
  11. New Lady in my life

    I hope you never separate!
  12. Double Pedestal Mount

    Thanks everyone. Picked it up tonight.
  13. Double Pedestal Mount

    The IL buck was by far the ugliest I have ever taken and while I've yet to see it in person the pic of the mount makes it look bigger and prettier. Yes, lets see it.
  14. Double Pedestal Mount

    Thanks and I can't wait to see it Al
  15. Double Pedestal Mount

    I will pick these up later this week from my taxidermist. These were my bucks from 2016. The top one is my Kentucky buck and the bottom is my IL buck. The taxidermist really hit the mark with what I was looking for.