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  1. fly

    deer contest?

    I'm not in any good draws this year so my contribution may not be what it has been in the past... count me in though.
  2. fly

    Favorite broad heads

    Used the Steeforce phat heads for years on deer. I went with the Bloodsport cut on contact hybrid this past spring. Used my compound and the bear only ran 30 yards after the shot.
  3. fly

    RMNP Fly Fishing Trip

    It sure was Tim. While the larger National parks get more attention - the RMNP has some spectacular views and remote areas to explore. The wildlife is pretty amazing as well.
  4. fly

    RMNP Fly Fishing Trip

    On June 29th my friend Jim and our sons went on a back packing trip in the Rocky Mountain National Park. We hiked in 6.1 miles and set up camp for a 3 day, two night stay. The hike only had a 510 feet elevation change but at over 10K feet high and near 50 pound packs us flat-landers were feeling it! The above picture is the start of the Poudre river that we used for our water and food supply. The weather was unexpectedly cold at night with temps dropping below freezing. The brook trout didn't seem to mind the cooler temps and we caught a bunch with our dry flies. Below is my sons first brookie and our dinner for last Saturday evening. The remote area was full of wildlife. Nothing like fishing with a bull moose 50 yards away. It was my first back country over night trip and we all had a blast!
  5. fly

    Colorado Bob

    I'd love to know if the cost has went down. I heard the Alaska has recently passed legislation to allow Grizzly hunting over bait and I think that would equate to a cheaper hunt but that's only speculation. Baited Griz hunts also opens the door for a "realistic" archery hunt.
  6. fly

    Colorado Bob

    We were talking about it on the RT private messages last fall. I don't think he mentioned it in the forums. He was going with a guide I had communicated with about setting up an AK Grizzly hunt with about 5 years ago. The problem is that I just couldn't see paying 15K for the hunt. After the airfare and taxidermy the cost would be over 20K. Maybe in 10 years but not any time soon.
  7. fly

    How long should wait to hunt

    Could be bear hunting. I'd wait till fall to hunt any land where I'm at in IL. The weather is nasty hot and humid.
  8. fly

    Colorado Bob

    Thanks for the update William. Hopefully Bob was successful on the hunt and the Grizzly wasn't! ?
  9. fly

    Colorado Bob

    Hey Bob, sent you a message a few weeks ago but if you're like me I don't check messages much. Wondering how your spring Grizzly bear hunt went?
  10. fly

    New mount

    love the mount!
  11. fly

    Video - Canadian Black Bear

    Thanks Tim. I really didn't want to place it on public and hear all the BS from people that oppose hunting.
  12. fly

    Video - Canadian Black Bear

    First time uploading to You Tube - trying it out here. Can everyone see it? Wondering if the settings need to be on public or if the unlisted setting works.
  13. fly

    My office view

  14. fly

    Hey everyone

    Enjoy retirement Tim! We are planning a return bear hunt to Manitoba with Gage in spring 2020. Would love to share camp with you so keep it in mind as you contemplate what to do !
  15. fly

    Season ending gobbler

    Great spring season Al!