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  1. William - those Ozark hills sure got steep in areas. Southern MO has some nice springs and rivers tucked in the hills for sure.
  2. There was a little snow but not much. We had a bunch the week before. The sound works from my end. Not sure what the issue is. Might be muted.
  3. A 10 minute video I created of a back country hike my son and I completed last weekend.
  4. fly

    Anyone Know?

    Sure enough - I went to the Knight and Hale site and they have no calls to order.
  5. I don't think it's the same for everyone. I would say the stereotype would include ones health, home ownership, family, annual vacations as well as a job to finance those things. For me the American dream includes the stereotype as well as owning a house on a couple acres that has a garage/work shop for projects. Some hunting land close to home and an out of state hunting trip every other year for big game. It took 50 years but I can finally say I'm living the dream!
  6. I moved last summer Al, and while 18 years isn't 31 it was plenty of time to acquire way too much stuff. So funny that at the time I had an "important Papers to save box" that I hadn't opened in over a decade. I guess they were not that important after all. My next move will be out to the cemetery.
  7. Well, my season is officially OVER. It was fun sharing the hunts with all of you. Best of luck in 2021!
  8. Yea, I've got too many photos and videos from 2009 to nix it. Still, I'm not going to be on there like I used to. I don't know if there is an App for this site or not? If not that would help. A user friendly app that allows video and image uploads. If it is too difficult people stop using it.
  9. fly

    Covid 19 vaccine

    The moderna has a 94.1% effectiveness while the pftizer has 95% (both after the second shot). However, the moderna is the preferred vaccine in my opinion. The temperature range it must be stored is wider than the pfitzer. If the vaccine is not temperature controlled it is not as effective.
  10. fly

    Covid 19 vaccine

    Looks like he was pretty healthy William. Well, If I develop any bleeding issues I'll be sure to let everyone know.
  11. fly

    Covid 19 vaccine

    I received the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday at 9am. My arm is a little sore today (similar to a flu shot). No other symptoms experienced in the last 24 hours. Interesting that a physician in his 50s died about 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine. I believe it was thrombocytopenia (inability to clot blood). Will be interesting if they link this to the vaccine.
  12. fly

    Covid 19 vaccine

    I was offered the vaccine (Moderna) by a local health facility. I'm a nursing faculty member. I'm still working on scheduling it, very limited time frames. I have not contracted COVID-19 (that I am aware of). I figure getting the vaccine may keep me from getting sick and feeling bad for a week. It may or may not reduce my chances of contracting the virus, but will likely keep me from coughing on things and thus spreading to others.