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  1. Team 4

    Went out yesterday AM as the weather has been much better. Had a 2.5 year old 7-point walk by around 8am. He wasn't displaying any rut behavior at all. No scrapes and no fresh rubs yet. I expect them to start showing up any day now.
  2. CHRISTmas exchange?

    I'll participate this year.
  3. Butchering deer

    If the deer was shot in the evening I am generally too tired to mess with it that night. Additionally, the lighting in my carport isn't that good to skin and remove the meat at night. I generally ice the cavity, wrap in a tarp and wait till the next morning (unless I have to work - then I'll do it that night). If the deer was harvested in the AM I would skin and remove the meat in the afternoon. Sometimes I'll just keep the meat in a cooler and trim/grind the next day or evening (just depends on how tired I am and what else I have going on). The trimming and grinding I do in the kitchen so the time of day doesn't matter. It's likely that Cabela's partners with another grinder company to produce their grinders. Might even be LEM. They do that with other products they sell. I'd go with the best deal on a LEM or Cabela's model.
  4. Butchering deer

    I read the above and you have a lot of good information to soak in. There really are numerous methods and it's up to you to discover what is worth the time and effort and fit you budget. I've spent a lot of time researching this topic and have my own personal philosophy I'll share below. I also want to point out that I've processed somewhere around 100 deer over the past decade when I started doing it myself and I have never once had bad meat or any problems with how I go about deer processing. I don't add anything to the venison and i trim as much fat away as possible on every deer. I only make steaks, roasts, and ground venison to keep my cost and time commitment down. 1. Aging venison: Never intentionally. Sometimes I have to work and simply can't get to it for a few days. 2. Time commitment: (3.5 hours) Generally an hour to hang, skin, and remove the meat from the bone. Two hours to trim fat, cut into steaks / roasts, grind into burger and package. I use small freezer bags and use a marker to write dates on them. A half hour to clean up. I use a hide puller and electric hoist installed in my carport (100 dollars and worth it). I use an older 1HP grinder from Cabelas (400 - 500 dollars)- I wouldn't recommend anything smaller than 1hp if you do more than one deer a year. For big bucks over 200 pounds add a half hour and subtract a half hour for small deer. 3. Temperature: I will not process a deer that has been dead in the field for more than 8 hours when the temperature is above 60 degrees. If below 50 degrees I will harvest and process a deer that has been dead in the field for up to 20 hours. When the temperature is between 50 and 60 degrees it's a judgment call that depends on the location it died, amount of sun exposure, shot placement, bugs, and what it looks and smells like. When in doubt throw it out. 4. Field dressing: I try to get the deer field dressed as soon as possible and get a couple bags of ice inside the cavity. I also wrap in a tarp when the temperature is above 50 degrees. When below 40 degrees I don't even use ice. Yes - remove the tenderloins soon and refrigerate till time to prepare and eat. The tenderloins are a celebration item that I prepare and eat right away. Be careful not to cut them out when field dressing. I do save the heart and years ago I saved the liver. Once field dressed I personally leave the hide on the deer until I am ready to butcher or store in a walk in refrigerator or freezer. It will help keep bugs off the meat and serves as an insulator when ice is inside the cavity. My taxidermist will store any early season deer in his walk in freezer for free if I don't have time to process. Don't let the warm weather scare you - hunters in the south have been deer hunting for decades and many have a more relaxed philosophy than I do. Happy Hunting!
  5. Team 4

    Same here Patrick - only been out one AM since the 7th. Weather hasn't been good at all and I've been very busy at work. Probably won't get munch hunting in till after Halloween.
  6. Swamp Buck

    Thanks everyone. Indeed Shaun - I had that deer gutted within an hour and had him iced within 4 hours from the time he expired. I wrapped him in a tarp and butchered the following AM. The bacon wrapped tenderloins were fantastic!
  7. Swamp Buck

    No kidding - heading in a direction from the GPS wasn't too helpful as the swampy terrain wouldn't allow me to drag a buck in that direction. I'll place reflectors on the trees marking the way in and out next time. There were areas I only had a few feet of dry land to walk across. He's not the giant I'm used to seeing out there but was the biggest buck I saw in my week long hunt and I was glad to get him.
  8. he's a skipper this year

    Hopefully you find the buck that did that at the end of a blood trail!
  9. Finally tagged my first deer with a bow!

    Great first bow buck!
  10. Where to buy???

    I'm from IL (20 miles from St. Louis) and have looked at land for many years. It's not a bad time to buy right now. A friend of mine bought some land in KY because the price was half of that in IL. The problem is the drive! Four hours is a hassle and when you add up the cost of gas over the years I'm not sure it is really worth it. For him he plans to retire there but it's a pain to put in food plots and a cabin (just like you're talking about). My friend plans to retire in KY in a few years so it makes more sense. However, I don't think I'd buy land more than 2 hours away from where I live. If i lived in Chicago my plan would be to move and buy land where I moved to. However, if I couldn't I'd look at IL land north of Peoria or east of Moline. No limit on doe tags in IL and two buck tags each year. If IL was out and distance wasn't a problem I'd look at Iowa over Wisconsin and MI for a good hunting area. I'd pick MI for non hunting activities. Stay safe up there!
  11. he's a skipper this year

    And early too!
  12. Swamp Buck

    My 2017 deer season is off to a good start. I was lucky enough to get drawn for a local public ground 7-day hunt from October 1st - 7th. The area is very flat and swampy but holds an abundance of wildlife. While I was lucky to get drawn, I wasn't as lucky with the weather. I had been successful in years past hunting a field corner from a large Sycamore tree but this year was HOT and HUMID with temps in the 80's and periods of rain and storms throughout many of the 7 days. While I was seeing deer from the stand they were all does or small bucks. After a a few days I decided I needed to find a new location if I was going to put my tag on a buck. I decided to move a half mile north to a large area of timber bordering tall grass and a swampy area (thinking this might be where the bucks were bedding). The first evening I was glassing from my stand in the timber and about an hour before dark and I could just make out a decent buck about 120 yards away. I looked closer and could see he was drinking from what appeared to be a small pond I wasn't aware of previously. He moved on after a minute or so and more does filtered in. It was very difficult to see them through the early October foliage but I knew the next evening my stand would be set up on that murky mosquito infested pond. The next evening brought more humidity and temps in the high 80's. Thank the Lord for my Thermacell. A small 5 point came out and was drinking and eating the scum on the pond for an hour. A couple does joined him a little later but the bigger bucks were not to be found this evening. Below is the 5 pointer viewed from my pond stand. Thursday evening (day 5 of the 7 day hunt) brought the worst weather of all. It was the first time I had to hunt without my glasses because they would continually fog up while on stand. Of all the days I brought my water bottle this was the one I forgot it. Finally, at 5:30pm the buck I had seen earlier came out of the timber from behind me (right under my stand). He could smell the ground I had walked on and got a little spooked. He bolted quickly but made a mistake that cost him. He stopped at 30 yards turned and looked back giving me a quartering away shot with my TenPoint crossbow. The shot was perfect - hitting both lungs. The buck ran about 50 yards and crashed. I'd like to say this is where the story ends... but it's not. After gutting the buck it got dark on me I had a long haul to get him back to my truck. The timber I was hunting had swampy areas that are impassable on foot. Trying to navigate in the dark with it being so hot and humid was not going to be easy. Indeed I got turned around and came out of the timber in a location twice as far from the primary trail I intended to reach. I knew where I was but had to go back through that swamp in complete darkness. I wanted to rest but the mosquitoes were relentless keeping me on the move. After another hour I was finally out of the swamp and on the main trail but still a long distance from my truck when it hit me. I got light headed, nauseated, and felt like I was going to pass out. As a nurse I knew I was severely dehydrated and suffering from exhaustion. I sat a while and got up and tried to drag the deer and about fell over again. I was now getting a little worried. This is when having a charged cell phone and good hunting buddy comes in handy. I called my friend Dave and he was happy to come out and help me get the deer to my truck. I spent some time re-hydrating in the air condition of my truck and after an hour felt well enough to drive home. It was the first time I had experienced dehydration and hopefully the last.
  13. Team 4 fly 8 - point buck - 13 points October 5th, 2017 - IL
  14. Team 4

    The weather in IL has been terrible. Actually hunted the AM of the 4th and saw ZERO deer. First time that has happened in this particular special draw area. With my hunt drawing to a close, temps in the 80’s, and humidity at infinity% I decided to take the first decent buck to give me a good shot. Well, it happened. This eight point isn’t breaking any records but I’m happy with him. Having two IL buck tags made the decision easier. A lot of time and effort went into this buck and that’s what makes it a trophy regardless of score. I’ll post more pics and details in the deer hunting room later.
  15. Team 4

    Saw a big one this AM as soon as I got on stand. Too dark for a shot and couldn't tell any thing except that he was a shooter.