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  1. fly

    2022 Buck

    Thanks Martin. The stag will go on the wall to the right of the fireplace. It's a large wall and that will be he only thing on it - if I am fortunate enough to get one.
  2. fly

    2022 Buck

    Already got my 2022 buck back from the taxidermist. He said he had to use the largest form he could get.
  3. fly


    Not sure if you all know about the free application you can get on your phone called photo-room? It is pretty cool and can add some cool effects to our deer pictures.
  4. That's a wrap for the 2022 season! I look forward to sharing the hunt with the RT family in about 9 months!
  5. fly

    Corona 2020

    Thanks! It's not my biggest but the first mounted deer off my property so it's special.
  6. fly

    Corona 2020

    Some of you may remember the 4.5 year old 130 inch 8 point I took off my hunting ground in IL back in 2020. Well, I finally got the mount back! Took over two years. Way too long if you ask me. Anyway, here is how he turned out. I had the brow tines replaced from a trail cam pic I had.
  7. Hope you get better soon William. I just got over my cough from influenza back in mid-November. I went out this eve and got skunked - didn't see a deer. Thursday will be my last day for the 2022 season. I'm skipping turkey hunting this year, because I'll be chasing Red Stag in the mountains of New Zealand. I'll be sure to post pictures of that hunt. Should be amazing! It has been a life time dream of mine since I first started hunting.
  8. Well boys... I went out tonight and guess who walked past me at 20 yards? The unicorn buck I shot back in early October! At this point he has a free pass till next year. I didn't even take my crossbow off the EZ hanger. I figure he's 3.5 or 4.5 and will be bigger next year. I already have one at the taxidermist and really just wanted a doe for my sister. I saw three, but let the two smaller ones walk past waiting on the bigger one, Then the smaller one caught my wind and that was all she wrote. I've still got one week so maybe I'll catch up with that mature doe.
  9. fly

    Happy New Year !!!

    Happy New Year!!
  10. Same here Pat. My influenza developed into bronchitis and I still have a nagging cough preventing me from hunting. Would still like to fill my archery doe tag, but will have to see how this cough does. Currently on steroids and it's a little better. Took my cameras down, as this arctic weather in the negative digits will just fry the batteries. Probably put them back up in April.
  11. Good luck Al - could this be the first season (that I know of) that Al doesn't connect on a mature buck?????
  12. fly

    Stellar Year

    Congratulations! Nice buck