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  1. Good plan Dawg. I have a new target buck. This guy showed up 2 days ago. Hope he sticks around for a while.
  2. DAWG, do you get a chance to scout before the 2 day hunt you were drawn for? Two days isn't much time, but will work if you can scout earlier.
  3. Hey Martin... how about that! We are up to 10 points already with the three does I took a couple weeks ago in Kentucky. This should be a great year as I was fortunate enough to get THREE draw hunts in IL. One draw hunt isn't until January, but historically it has produced some real giants. I've never hunted in the late season there so it will be interesting. Below are the top 2 "regulars" on my 32.5 acres in IL. I call the smaller eight COVID and the one in the back CORONA. My trail system is in and I have about 8 stands ready to go. IL season starts on October 1st!
  4. fly

    2020 deer contest?

    Let's see how it turned out Martin! Good luck regardless of the team you are on.
  5. fly

    2020 deer contest?

    Whatever team I end up being on - we got 5 points already!
  6. I just moved to a new house in June Al. Close to town but in the country. A subdivision with 2+ acre lots. Just put in a new fireplace and a pool goes in next spring. We love it out here. Good luck with your new house! Front.webp
  7. fly

    Does are wild!

    Thanks everyone. Butchered them up this AM. Nice looking doe Martin!
  8. He's a brute! Congratulations!
  9. Frank Lyerla fly 49 Illinois and Kentucky Starts September 5th - ends mid-January.
  10. Doe management - a lot of work. These were taken today in Kentucky.
  11. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Well my oldest daughter is now in an isolation dorm at the University of Illinois. She has COVID but her only symptom is a minor cough. Have also had some neighbors test positive all with minor symptoms. Here is a pic of her on a hunt with dad many years ago.
  12. fly

    Societal breakdown

    My views... The polarity of our country has escalated. Social media has enabled people to see other people as text on a screen as opposed to real people. Pointing a gun (a thermometer gun currently) at a persons head is the norm now. Place a Trump 2020 bumper sticker on your car and see how long you go before having a window smashed. I see this polarity getting worse over time and eventually leading to another civil war or the distraction another country needs to invade and take over. It probably will not happen in our life time.
  13. Still feasible in IL as hunter numbers continue to go down. What used to be full camp sites during deer season were rarely half full since 2010. The big deer are there but in areas hard to access. My dad is near 80 now so we (me, my dad, and my son) have deer camp on my small 32 acre property. It works for now.