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  1. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Update: I have learned that a major hospital in St Louis is dedicating several patient floors for COVID-19 positive patients. There currently are about 70 positive patients. Another floor is being dedicated for more positive patients coming in. The number will be at 100 soon. Once admitted with the virus visitors are not allowed.
  2. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Good news! My girlfriend's cough was gone this AM and her headache. No fever and no symptoms. Guess it was just a cold or something. Anyway, IL numbers: Positive tests: 1,865 and 19 deaths.
  3. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Today's Update: My girlfriend (recently moved in with me) is an OR nurse but they re-assigned her to screening people for the virus and then to work on the floor where COVID-19 positive patients are being cared for. She came home yesterday with a cough, headache, and general tiredness (no fever). We felt it best to isolate her in the spare back room for now. She is not allowed back in the hospital until cleared by HR. She has not been tested as the symptoms developed right after she left work yesterday. I had to make repairs to her condo (necessary to pass inspections) as she closes in early April. I went to Home Depot and they have instituted a 100 person at a time limit. There is a line of people waiting to get in. I ran by the grocery store and still no toilet paper but they had bread (limit 2 packages per person). Plexiglass was up to protect the cashiers.
  4. That sucks - if this virus was more lethal it would be a lot worse.
  5. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Update: Been busy moving my girlfriend (Beth) in since her condo sold. We close April 10th but cant get inspectors out to follow up with the new fuse box they wanted installed. Beth has been reassigned from working the Operating Room to screening people for the virus. The state park I was issued a turkey tag for (Pere Marquette) is closed. I have a second tag for my property so maybe I'll get lucky. The Governor issued a stay at home order that started yesterday at 5pm. If I need to go to my office at the university I have to get cleared by campus police first. A close friends wife is symptomatic and was tested. Takes 4-5 days. A doctor she works with tested positive.
  6. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Today's Update: The township I live in has closed all parks until further notice. Three people in the hospital my girlfriend works at have tested positive. Little to nothing is being done to safeguard health care workers. I know one nurse that just completed chemo and is having radiation (immunocompromised) that must work or take sick time to get paid as they no longer allow any staff to take vacation.
  7. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Today's update: I read that the earliest a vaccine will be available will be spring 2021. The county I live in reported the first case of the virus. The state of IL is reporting one death so far. I went to the store and milk was back on the shelves, some bread, and some meat. Not a lot, but better than previously.
  8. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    This topic is to communicate the impact the COVD-19 virus is having in your area and on you (if you choose to share). You probably all know me by now - I'm Frank and I live on the Illinois side of St Louis Missouri. I work as a professor at a public university. The following are the impacts in my area linked to the virus. 1. Most stores are being cleared out of meat, milk, toilet paper, and Tylenol. 2. The public universities and grade schools / high schools have extended spring break to online learning environments (likely until the end of the spring term). Grade school kids are now being home schooled (so much for common core) LOL 3. Restaurants and most bars are closed (for inside dinning). 4. Meetings at the university I work at are being conducted via an online platform or via phone. 5. The IL National Guard has been activated. 6. My girlfriend is a nurse at a St Louis Hospital and has received notification that she may be called in at any time and is being asked not travel more than 40 minutes away from the hospital. 7. Physicians and other clinicians working for hospitals in the St Louis area have been asked or told (Not sure of the mandate) to cancel spring break trips and stay in the area. 8. So far no one I know has contracted the virus. Hopefully it stays that way. I read the death toll in Italy has been rising quite high. It seems this bug is a bit worse than influenza and hopefully a vaccine may be available soon. The YMCA of the Rockies has cancelled all reservations until mid-April and maybe longer. This was to be our summer vacation destination.
  9. fly

    Congratulations to

    Thanks William for running the show.
  10. fly

    Another first

    Found this yesterday. The squirrels must really love them as it probably hasn't been there for more than a week or two.
  11. I took the other route on You Tube.
  12. fly

    Best of's 2019-20

    I agree with Al - MCH with those chocolate horns!
  13. Great pic there William!