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  1. First I've heard of EHD Al. No one has had any die off in IL (east of the St Louis area). Generally EHD is bad in drought years and this past summer was not that. However, the biting bugs were as terrible as they have ever been - wonder if that might be the reason.
  2. fly

    Kawasaki Mule

    So far so good - it really does well on the creek crossings. It's certainly isn't a speed machine and to be honest isn't much to look at. However, it does exactly what I need it to do and hopefully will do it for many years. Got my clover/mix seed from amazon this week and my field is almost ready for planting. Can't wait to see the results in a couple months. My expectations are not real high given this is the first year.
  3. fly

    Kawasaki Mule

    Had it out on the trails today. It did what I needed it to do. I had to do a little digging at a couple creek crossings but all in all it worked well. I had a little trouble shifting from Low to reverse when at an idle - I just hit the gas a bit in low and it shifted very easily then. Seems to be normal and common for a lot of utility vehicles from what I found on an ATV forum.
  4. fly

    Kawasaki Mule

    Yea, the Mule is several thousand cheaper compared to the other side by sides.
  5. fly

    Kawasaki Mule

    Spent a lot of time researching the options and went with this 2019 Mule 4X4 with Fuel injection and a 5.5 X 10 foot trailer to haul it. Was going to get a Yamaha Kodiak 700 for a sale price of 6500.00 but ultimately went with the mule. Sacrificing the fun factor and paid 1000.00 more for practicality. Test driving it this weekend. Hoping it does well on the hills and creek crossings. Might end up with a small tractor but it will be a couple more years due to space limitations at my current residence. Borrowing my buddies tractor this year to get a fall food plot in.
  6. fly

    Trail cam bucks

    I hope that changes soon William. If you have the does you’ll have some bucks come November.
  7. fly

    Trail cam bucks

    I have three cams out and only getting pics of decent bucks on two. Still figuring my new place out. Nice to know there are some shooters in the area.
  8. fly


    Some of the better pics from our vacation in the RMNP last week.
  9. fly

    Last June check in

    Painted my chest green Saturday and ran through the city streets punching and stomping stuff while yelling Hulk Smash. Then I let a greased pig loose in the piggy wiggly store and attempted to catch it. Planning to end the month sleeping here in this jail cell. Actually what I really did was so boring I had to come up with something else. Next week will be better though... Headed to Rocky Mountain National Park on Friday for some mountain hiking, boating, and wildlife watching!
  10. fly

    First Buck Picture

    That or perhaps the settings were off. I’ve done that before. Yep - date is right. Won’t check again for a while to keep my scent out of the woods.
  11. fly

    First Buck Picture

    Got the first decent pic of a buck on my new place. Thinking this is a 3.5 year old that will grow into an 8 pointer. Can’t wait to see what else shows up over he next couple months.
  12. fly

    St Louis Blues

    I agree Tim. They won the President's Trophy some years ago and a few years ago they beat Chicago in round one. Those were great years but for whatever reason they never came together in the playoffs. This team reminds me of the 2000 Rams. The Rams went from worst to first in one year. The Blues were dead last in January and look a them now. They played better than the Bruins last night - they deserved that win.
  13. fly

    St Louis Blues

    Any Hockey fans around? I'm not a die-hard fan but it sure has been fun to watch the St Louis Blues this year. I've never seen them play for the Stanley Cup as it has been 49 years. Last night the Blues won their first ever Cup playoff game evening the series 1-1 with the Boston Bruins. I checked Stub Hub and the cheapest ticket for game 3 in St Louis is going for $800! Think I'll watch it at home. LOL
  14. fly

    Property Dispute

    Thanks Tim. I met with a lawyer and he said it could go either way if it goes to court. He said that the fence owner has to prove it was placed under hostile conditions and remained as such for 20 years. The original owner is deceased and the land went into a trust fund about 5 years ago. The lawyer is craftign a reply letter to send out. It does take some of the excitement out (but not as much as those biting gnats)! I can't even get out there until they die off. I think they are no-see-ums.