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  1. Deer Age - Cementum Analysis

    "Just out of curiosity how much did it run you per set to get those tested and did they send the teeth back to you?" If you send in teeth for 5 or more deer the charge was 18.00 per deer. I sent in 8. I will not get the incisor teeth back as they are destroyed in the process (cut in half). " Now you know how molar wear in your hunting area looks at those age classes and can create your own aging chart based on that information. " Yep - I have the jaw bones for all of them and will now have a good reference. One thing I learned is that on the hoof it's pretty tough to figure out if a deer is 4.5, or 5.5, or 6.5, etc... unless you have seen it in previous years and know its history. It's easy to ID a 1.5 and not too hard to field age a 2.5 but after that there are many variables that come into play making it very difficult. Generally I underestimate.
  2. I sent in several incisors of deer I have shot in the past and got an official age. My identification based on molar wear was off on most and every time the deer were older than I suspected. Check out the results below. This buck I estimated to be 4.5 years old when I saw him walking in the woods. Molar wear indicated he was 5.5 years old and cementum analysis found him to be 6.5 years old. This buck I estimated to be 4.5 years old when i saw him and molar wear also found him to be 4.5. The cementum analysis found him to be 5.5 years old. This one I didn't really have time to age in the field - just n]knew he was a shooter. Molar wear also found him to be 4.5 years old but cementum analysis found him to be 5.5 years old.
  3. Photobucket Charging

    I'm done with photobucket - they are charging to post pics on other sites now - like HERE. Can you post pics from Facebook or is it easier to upload directly to the forums now? It never used to be.
  4. Lost a good spot for this year

    Has happened to me several times. I have one spot left and I have three stands I leave in place year round so he knows I'm there to stay. I also call every May and ask if there is anything he needs help with on the farm. He has never accepted my offer but I call anyway. Been hunting there 11 years now.
  5. Trackable Nock

    I had the same concern Al for the same reason! Martin - I thought that as well - especially early season when they die in an uncut corn field. Most of my shots are pass through - but not always.
  6. Trackable Nock

    Thoughts on this...
  7. Gift Certificate

    Hey Martin - I just got a Bad Boy buggy with 3 RT girls in it. It had your name on it too!
  8. Who's still running trail cams

    We have a couple out in KY. Here is devil horn! He's at least 5.5 years old and will be number one on the hit list. He never showed up during daylight hours last year.
  9. 2017 Hunting Preperations

    A moose! I'll bet it too the arch out. It is a Frontier.
  10. 2017 Hunting Preperations

    Eagle bean is what's available at the local ag store in KY. They are a forage bean and we add inoculate. The reason there are so many deer is that the land is surrounded by subdivisions. The deer can't be hunted in the residential areas so the population is very high. We love it though - always nice knowing you'll see deer every sit.
  11. 2017 Hunting Preperations

    Tim, the gas mileage is terrible for a mid-size V-6 truck. I am an 80% city driver which hurts. My average on the one tank I've had in it came to 17.2 mpg. My old Ford F-150 averaged 14.5 mpg (V-8). The sticker price was 30k but I talked them down to 26K and a financing rate of 2.69% which was good enough for me. A friend of mine has the Frontier and it has been a great little truck for him. It's also several thousand dollars less than the Colorado and Tacoma equipped with the same things and over 5K less than the Canyon. Good luck with the cams Al. We've had ours out for a month and have one nice shooter from last season that made it. The others were just starting antler growth and couldn't tell if they would make shooter status yet.
  12. 2017 Hunting Preperations

    I hope to paint the bed of that truck red this fall! We over seeded for sure William. We easily could have went with half of what we threw down. The deer numbers are so high at this KY farm that it only took them a month to reduce the 1/2 acre bean field to stubble last season. We hope a full acre will at least get us through the ML season in mid-October. We too will put in a box blind for kids but likely not this year.
  13. We decided to expand the bean field to 1 acre this year and add an additional 1/2 acre electric fence extension. Last year the round up ready beans grew up and fell on the fence a few weeks before we wanted to take the fence down. This year we weren't having that happen again. A few weeks later and everything is looking great for the September 2nd start! I also just bought this truck to bring the back straps home.
  14. Climbers aren't just for hunting!

    Accidents certainly can happen and the more things added to the risk (height, chainsaw, tree stands, houses, falling limbs, wind) the more something can go wrong. After falling the tree the neighbor asked me if I'd take one on his property down. I told him I was retired. LOL
  15. Climbers aren't just for hunting!

    The tree was healthy - I cut the branches off as I ascended with so I could get the climber up. I've climbed hundreds of trees - knew the climber part would be safe - attached to the tree the entire time with a rope. Only thing I hadn't done was cut the top off a tree with a chainsaw. My only worry was hitting the house below. I never had a concern with safety.