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  1. fly

    vaccine or no

    It may be an employment mandate like the flu vaccine is for me. If I want to work I am required to take the flu vaccine. I would not be surprised to see the same with COVID.
  2. fly

    Sold my deer blind

    I'm sure the financial difference between this option and a redneck are considerable.
  3. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Great News!!
  4. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    The IL Governor (also known as fat tax boy) extended the stay at home order even after admitting that the numbers of COVID deaths were inaccurate as to the actual cause of death. Oh, he also sent his wife to Florida on vacation! The county officials (where I live) voted to go against fat boy and started opening businesses on Wednesday in a 4 phase approach as advised by the county health department. Will be interesting to see how fat boy responds.
  5. fly

    My daughter scores

  6. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Not much to report except a lot of people are accusing the IL governor of embellishing the COVID numbers to gain more federal money. I would not doubt it. The problem is he extended the stay at home mandate which keeps many people out of work. Hope this is about to end. On another note: I have a closing date for my new house on June 8th and a closing date for my current house on June 12th. Great timing!
  7. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Well, the Governor in IL extended the stay at home order with a few changes. non-essential surgeries get the green light which means Beth will not have to work the COVID floor. so far the COVID cases peaked on April 24th and is gradually declining the past few days. My house was listed yesterday evening and I've got a contingent contract on a new house. Had a showing this AM. Hoping for a quick sale.
  8. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Here in IL the numbers of new cases have been about the same for the past couple weeks. I expect to see a decline over the next week or two. I've been keeping busy working from home (teaching online) and getting my house ready to sell. We put it on the market Friday and will send an offer on a new house this AM. A friend of mine (nurse) traveled to New York to get the big money and work with COVID patients. I believe he gets close to 10K for 3 weeks work work. Tough work though - he works something like 20 of the 21 days.
  9. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Death Toll in IL is lower than projected. IL is expected to lift the stay at home order on April 30th.
  10. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Not much to update on. Finding toilet paper is a little easier now. The Department of Natural Resources sent a memo that all hunting in the closed parks is prohibited and that those with park specific permits will not be issued a refund and that the permits can not be transferred. Taking this time to fix up my house and get it ready for the market. Planning to move to a larger house soon. Not sure how severe of an impact this virus will have on selling my house.
  11. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Update: I have learned that a major hospital in St Louis is dedicating several patient floors for COVID-19 positive patients. There currently are about 70 positive patients. Another floor is being dedicated for more positive patients coming in. The number will be at 100 soon. Once admitted with the virus visitors are not allowed.
  12. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Good news! My girlfriend's cough was gone this AM and her headache. No fever and no symptoms. Guess it was just a cold or something. Anyway, IL numbers: Positive tests: 1,865 and 19 deaths.
  13. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Today's Update: My girlfriend (recently moved in with me) is an OR nurse but they re-assigned her to screening people for the virus and then to work on the floor where COVID-19 positive patients are being cared for. She came home yesterday with a cough, headache, and general tiredness (no fever). We felt it best to isolate her in the spare back room for now. She is not allowed back in the hospital until cleared by HR. She has not been tested as the symptoms developed right after she left work yesterday. I had to make repairs to her condo (necessary to pass inspections) as she closes in early April. I went to Home Depot and they have instituted a 100 person at a time limit. There is a line of people waiting to get in. I ran by the grocery store and still no toilet paper but they had bread (limit 2 packages per person). Plexiglass was up to protect the cashiers.
  14. That sucks - if this virus was more lethal it would be a lot worse.