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  1. They are stabilized so no varnish necessary.
  2. Both sides done - off to the client tomorrow. will post pics of weapon with them in place as soon as I have some.
  3. I will be sure and post a picture when it is all done.
  4. Thanks William - I thought about checkering but the customer does not want any. The wood has been stabilized so they should hold up pretty well despite Maple being a fairly soft wood.
  5. hammerforged

    If it can,

    Old man Murphy just has to rear his ugly mug every now and then, most always at the most inopportune times. I feel your pain.
  6. I have been tasked with making a set of custom grips for a .45. I have never done anything like this before and I do not have the weapon here to use for fit - only a set of spare grips from the weapon to use as reference. I have finished the right side and have pictured it here. The left side is close. I would really appreciate some constructive criticism here, these are being made from some of that 100+ year old Tiger Maple I salvaged when they tore down the Pacolet Textile Mill here in Pacolet, SC.
  7. The rain has returned here and it is miserable - although the weather man says Sunday it will be in the mid 70's and in the high 50's and mid 60's this next week. Hopefully I will be able to get somewhat caught up in the shop before I leave for Texas in a few weeks.
  8. Welcome back - beautiful bull right there. Still waiting on my KY Elk tag but I ain't holding my breath 😉
  9. Still raining here, so tired of all this. Waste of time to fire up the forge, too much moisture in the air to get anything to weld properly. Getting ready for two events back to back in the Austin, Texas area in early April. One benefitting Honor Flight and another benefitting the Children's Hospital then hopefully going to give an Axis or two a dirt nap. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
  10. hammerforged

    Dream to Reality

    Congratulations - great looking property. Best of luck - Safe Hunting - Good Harvest.
  11. Loading up the truck getting ready to make my annual trip to west Texas to try and reduce some of the Quail population. Looks like we will have to deal with some rain this year but temps should be in the mid 50s. Will be meeting with the landowner whose property I will be Axis hunting in April while I am out there. Hoping for a safe trip and successful and safe hunt.
  12. Going to spend Saturday checking my gear and getting ready for my trip to west Texas to try and reduce the Quail population some and then work on a few of the honey do items on my list.
  13. Sorry for your loss - been there a few times myself. New pup looks like she fits right in.
  14. Working on a few orders and hoping to get in some range time - calling for some rain off and on, so don't know about the range time. Wife's Birthday is next week so will probably go out for dinner Saturday. Had some sleet yesterday but it didn't stick around, thank goodness. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.