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  1. Picking up a Masterbuilt Smoker tomorrow, this is a digital electric model. Any advise and recipes would be most appreciated. I have a beauty of a shoulder roast from my Axis I don't want to screw up.
  2. Welcome to the campfire, pull up a stump and set a spell. Don't know about the area around El Paso but I do hunt Abilene for dove and quail, as others have said I have heard the Oryx hunting is great and there is a good whitetail population out that way. We do have some Aoudad and Axis moving west don't know any numbers but have heard of a few being taken west of Abilene.
  3. Well, I gotta say these backstrap bites were mighty tasty. Marinated them in apple cider overnight in the refrigerator, took them out let them rest til at room temp then wrapped in Smithfield applewood smoked bacon. On the grill at high heat to blacken the bacon then moved over to low heat for about 20 minutes. Fork tender and loaded with flavor. Sorry for the poor pic, taken with my cell phone.
  4. Headed to the mountains to do some fly fishing tomorrow, church on sunday and then trying that new backstrap recipe on Monday.
  5. Good to hear you had a good season. Hopefully your longline season will be good as well.
  6. Trying a new Backstrap recipe this coming weekend, new to me anyway. Calls for cutting the backstrap into two inch chunks and marinating in apple cider in refrigerator for 3 hours then remove from cider and pat dry, let stand until room temp and wrap each chunk in bacon, fire up the grill for high heat, grill for 15 to 20 minutes or until bacon is slightly burnt looking. Fingers crossed that I don't screw it up. will let you know how they turn out.
  7. Oh my - I wonder if they will be at range day at SHOT - sure would like to play with one of those.
  8. So sorry for your loss - kneemail headed your way.
  9. My grill has died an honest death after 12 years and am in search of a new Charcoal Grill not gas. Any recommendations would be most appreciated.
  10. Try this - https://ipmnation.com/bladetv/blog/the-wicked-ulu-set-from-rt-knives-review?fbclid=IwAR1IVmzUy3-2AJaERsMzeAdBNus-qhA6-X0ELl2QSHTYyrQkF_sn0AxKzSs
  11. I was asked to make an Ulu for a long time customer and have never liked the traditional Ulu design as the closed in handle area always felt too confining and tight so I came up with this open ended design. I use one of these almost every day for everything from chopping pecans to cutting up brisket and chopping vegs for salads. I have had nothing but positive feedback from all who have used the Wicked Ulu. To date I have made and delivered 25 of these and am expecting more once the above article drops. I actually used one to skin my Axis I took in Texas. The rancher's wife was so impressed she insisted on buying it from me - I gave it to her as a Thank You for allowing us to hunt their property.
  12. Here is a link to a review of one of my designs. Nice to see a review from someone who actually used the product and put it to a real test. https://ipmnation.com/bladetv/blog/the-wicked-ulu-set-from-rt-knives-review?fbclid=IwAR0y-Iy34OxB3ZKF7nWntM5wijp9hUTFDltypo4vVy83fDeMFyQSwWO26Nk
  13. hammerforged

    What if?

    Love being outside - most of my work takes place outside. There have been many a day where I spent time just sitting in a ground blind and never pulling the trigger or standing in the river and never wetting a line. I cannot recount the number of times I have just went along on a quail hunt just to watch the dogs work, never even took my shotgun out of the case. I love being outside and thankfully my daughters picked up on that at a very early age and are making sure my grandchildren are doing so as well. the last time I took my oldest grandson trout fishing, when we got to the river he turned to me and asked if it would be okay to just sit and listen for a while and watch the river run. Of course I was perfectly fine with that very thing.
  14. Better than whitetail, Axis graze on grass and don't browse on acorns and such like whitetail. Axis tastes like grain fed beef only better.
  15. Just got my Axis back from the processor. 16 lbs. of burger - 10 lbs. of stew meat - a shoulder roast - a ham roast and 10 lbs of back straps add to that the 10 lbs of stew meat the ranch owner got off of the ribs. I see a lot of good eatin ahead for the summer. Got to get my grill on!