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  1. hammerforged

    Ruger American Predator and Tract scope

    Not yet - headed to Oak Ridge this next weekend for that very thing.
  2. hammerforged

    Ruger American Predator and Tract scope

    Finally got my rifle and scope together. Ruger American Predator in .223 - Tract Optics Tekoa HD 2.5 10x42 scope. Got out to the range to dial in the optics. Remington Premier Match 77 grain - 100 yards - 3 shot group easily covered with a quarter. I know I will need to re zero when I get to Texas in April but I am confident that I will come home with an Axis or two.
  3. hammerforged

    MERRY Christmas

    Merry CHRISTmas everyone - I hope the New Year brings each of you everything you desire and deserve.
  4. hammerforged

    Christmas check-in

    Have 4 more orders to get buttoned up and delivered before Monday. Christmas program at church Sunday evening. My wife's Chili for Christmas Eve and then everyone over for chocolate chip pancakes Christmas morning and Christmas dinner at our oldest daughter's place. Hoping to get to the range Saturday to dial in the new glass for the Ruger Predator - got an Aoudad hunt in Texas in February.
  5. hammerforged

    Been a tough few days

    So sorry for your loss - as others have said your memories will let him live on in your hearts.
  6. hammerforged

    Best 9 days hunting I ever had

    Love hunting in Texas, have only hunted Doves and Quail with a few Javalena over the years but hope to add an Axis this February and maybe an Aoudad. Thanks for sharing Anthony.
  7. hammerforged

    Trap shooting ( my new obsession)

    I shoot Trap twice a week and Sporting Clays to tune up for Pheasant and Quail hunting. My favorite Trap game is Blackout - shot at night with the machine throwing white clays. A wicked challenge.
  8. hammerforged

    Happy Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  9. hammerforged

    Almost cried.

    When it rains, it pours - I feel your pain. Hang in there it has to get better.
  10. hammerforged

    Need help

    Another update - think I have finally sourced the issue/issues with the Stevens - As stated above the lifter assembly had been installed upside down at some point, also discovered it needed to be moved ever so slightly forward - I'm talking about a 1/16 of an inch to keep it in the right position. Everything seems to be working right now, cleaned her all up and will be heading to the range later today to test her out. Now- my neighbor has offered me my choice of this Stevens Model 87a or a Glenfield/Marlin Model 60 for my work on getting this Stevens going again. Decisions, decisions - with the Stevens my grandson would have the option of shooting shorts, longs and long rifle cartridges with the Glenfield he would be grounded to only long rifle. I would appreciate the group's thoughts as I have no experience with either of these. I've still got the Winchester lever 22 my Dad got me when I was 8.
  11. hammerforged

    Need help

    Update, figured out that the lifter assembly had been installed upside down at some point, still won't cycle right, noticed a worn spot on the face of the bolt that I think is allowing the lifter assembly to drop locking the bolt in the closed position. Can the face of the bolt be safely mig welded and resurfaced?
  12. hammerforged

    Need help

    A neighbor has a Stevens Model 87A that we cannot get the bolt to cycle on. If I take the gun apart and work the round loading lever I can get the bolt to cycle fine but with the gun together it will not cycle no matter how hard you pull on the charging handle.. I know this gun should cycle whether there are rounds loaded in the tube or not but cannot get it to do so. Is there a you tube video someone can point me to that can shed some light on this? He also has a Glenfield Model 60 that he says will no longer fire - I suspect a firing pin issue on this one but have not had a chance to take it apart yet to see, it cycles just fine. Many thanks in advance - If this is in the wrong place please feel free to move it to the correct location.
  13. hammerforged

    In need of some guidance

    Thanks, I am looking for a no nonsense plain jane beater with acceptable accuracy so it sounds like just what I am looking for and the price can't be beat.
  14. hammerforged

    In need of some guidance

    I have a friend who has a Ruger American Predator in .223 that he is looking to rehome. I have been a Ruger fan for many years but know next to nothing about this particular model. Anyone have any practical knowledge on this one? I have seen many mixed reviews on line. Many Thanks in advance.