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  1. Congratulations - still haven't connected with my ML yet this season but I do have until February so fingers crossed.
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time and always - so sorry for your loss.
  3. Finally got the picture printed and mounted on the panel along with the spent shell. I think it turned out pretty good, the whole hunt right there in one place.
  4. Cost for one thing and really expected it to be on a smaller panel which would not have taken up so much room on the wall. As it is he hangs about halfway between the floor and the ceiling, he only clears the ceiling by one inch. We only have 7 foot ceilings in this old mill village house. This worked out though it gave me room to mount a 5 x 7 print of the picture I took in the field right after I dropped him and the spent shell under him on the panel. He scores right at 30 inches which is on the low side for a trophy Axis - don't know what I would have done if he had been any taller - probably a pedestal mount.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving one and all.
  6. hammerforged

    Axis mount

    Got my Axis mount back from Cow Creek Taxidermy in Boerne, Texas. I neglected to ask for a panel mount so it came with a bracket on the back for a straight to wall mount. Luckily the local taxidermy shop had an extra shoulder panel that they let me have and since it was free I couldn't say no. My plan is to print the picture of me with the buck right after I downed him and mount it and the spent shell under him on the panel. He only clears the ceiling by 1 inch. Don't know what I am going to do with the hide yet. Have an antique rocking chair that I may recover the seat with the hide.
  7. Been busy in the shop getting ready for a show coming on December 7th. Headed to Greensboro, NC this weekend to visit with family for a couple days then back at it. Everyone headed to the woods - Safe Hunting - Good Harvest.
  8. hammerforged

    Range Time

    Took a break from the shop this morning to spend some time at the range with my best bud, my grandson Robby. Even with iron sights this young man is a shooter. Even said he had a good time cleaning up after. That is my old Marlin model 60 he is shooting. Still nuts on accurate even after all this time. Never had a scope on it but may add one for him as this will be under the CHRISTmas tree for him this year - and no he doesn't know that.
  9. Congratulations - beautiful deer.
  10. Sorry I haven't been around these past weeks. Was tapped to submit pics of my work for a jury for an upcoming show on December 7th. This is a show I have been trying to get into for a couple of years now. I passed the jury and will be one of only 15 artists who will be allowed to set up and sell at this show. So I have been busy getting pieces ready, want to have a good variety for folks top choose from. Wish me luck.
  11. Best of luck - Safe Hunting - Good Harvest.
  12. Anyone have any experience with these percussions? I have always hunted with my CVA Optima but was just gifted this Traditions Deerhunter in .50 cal. She is in rough shape, been in the back of a closet for years. She is missing the ramrod so I will need to source one for her. A good bit of surface rust and I don't know how the bore looks yet. wil need to take her completely apart and go through her.
  13. hammerforged


    I have some loss from my time in the Corps, do wear hearing protection while working in the shop and around the yard with the mower and chainsaw, etc. Use while hunting as well.
  14. hammerforged

    CVA Wolf.

    Best of luck, I have a CVA Optima that just loves the Blackhorn 209 with the Powerbelt Bullets. She has taken quite a few whitetails and hogs for me and hope to use her on an Axis this next spring. Took an Axis with my Ruger .223 this spring, going to try with Optima this next spring and hopefully the crossbow too.
  15. Not much doing around here this weekend, will probably grill some burgers on Monday, otherwise just taking it easy for a few days as I am for once a bit ahead on my CHRISTmas orders.
  16. Picking up some debris from the storms the last couple of days, nothing major just some limbs down. Hopefully starting on a new dining room table build later today. With 6 grandkids need more room at the table come Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas.
  17. Congratulations my friend. Glad everyone is doing well. I'm sure Emma is going to be a wonderful big sister.
  18. CHRISTmas orders are starting to roll in, so getting a jump this year. Planning on a stew with some of the Axis stew meat tomorrow, just got back from the farmer's market with some fresh corn, green beans, red potatoes, celery, a big beautiful Vidalia onion and some fresh carrots. Should be some good eatin'.
  19. What do you put in your brine? I've got plenty of Hickory and Pecan on site, have some Apple too. How long do you smoke the inner loins? I grilled this piece of backstrap for about 15 minutes each side over very hot coals - coated with Olive Oil and salted pretty good all over before going on the grill. Came out fork tender and juicy.
  20. Had Poutine when I visited Winnipeg a few years ago, wish we did have it down here.
  21. Really enjoy Postmodern Jukebox, got to see them in concert last year and she was with them, great show.
  22. Grilled Axis backstrap with stewed potatoes and navy beans. That is some good eatin' right there. Need to find me a recipe for smoking backstrap - or is that not a good idea? Insight from someone who has done that would be appreciated.
  23. Picking up a Masterbuilt Smoker tomorrow, this is a digital electric model. Any advise and recipes would be most appreciated. I have a beauty of a shoulder roast from my Axis I don't want to screw up.
  24. Welcome to the campfire, pull up a stump and set a spell. Don't know about the area around El Paso but I do hunt Abilene for dove and quail, as others have said I have heard the Oryx hunting is great and there is a good whitetail population out that way. We do have some Aoudad and Axis moving west don't know any numbers but have heard of a few being taken west of Abilene.
  25. Well, I gotta say these backstrap bites were mighty tasty. Marinated them in apple cider overnight in the refrigerator, took them out let them rest til at room temp then wrapped in Smithfield applewood smoked bacon. On the grill at high heat to blacken the bacon then moved over to low heat for about 20 minutes. Fork tender and loaded with flavor. Sorry for the poor pic, taken with my cell phone.