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  1. Hello Willy Nilly... ya big putz.
  2. That's one good thing about MeatEater for sure. He obviously has sponsors, but they're not shoved down your throat.
  3. Dakota's post on Facebook got a lot of people talking. What's everyone been up to?
  4. On Thursday evening, I killed my biggest buck to date. Not only was I excited about how big the deer was, I was ecstatic just to be able to kill one. As most of you probably know, I am a quadriplegic so I rely on a power wheelchair to get around. Well last September, a pinhole somehow developed in & deflated my wheelchair cushion. Not having feeling there, I had no idea that this had happened until a place appeared on my backside. After going to my primary doctor, a general surgeon, and finally a wound clinic, we found out that I had a pretty serious pressure sore that we've been treating ever since. It turns out it was infected & that had gone into the bone so I've been on antibiotics for over a year now, orally at first then a PICC line for 11 weeks & back to oral. My wound made progress as we tried different things, including a wound vacuum & 60 visits to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber which is five days a week. All of this was going on during last hunting season and my last two semesters of college. Once my wound’s progress came to a standstill, the wound clinic referred me to a plastic surgeon in Chapel Hill. We discussed a few options and I had a bone biopsy in August and had another PICC line placed for IV antibiotics that were supposed to last for six weeks. However, I became very sick due to the antibiotics destroying my white blood count and was hospitalized twice in two weeks. My counts got so low that my doctor informed us that a common cold or virus could have killed me. I really didn’t realize it was quite that bad until that point. We figured out that the meds were killing my WBC and switched me to some others. Over a year, and mostly during a two month span, I lost about 70 pounds (not that I didn’t need to haha). I’ve since gone back on oral antibiotics and I’m doing a lot better. I’m having some issues but I’m staying in bed a lot to keep pressure off of my wound, which has limited my hunting time. In the four or five times I’ve been able to hunt our stand I have seen deer every time, but just does, yearlings, and one small buck right at dark. We’ve had a good amount of pictures of what I consider a big 8 point. They had all been at night until Sunday morning. I had an appointment with a doctor and voted Tuesday so I wasn’t feeling up to hunting that evening. After spending Wednesday in bed and getting up about lunch time Thursday, Daddy and I headed to the hunting club. There’s a view from the stand added. That lane runs perpendicular to an old logging road that we use to get to the ground blind. About 30-40 yards behind the blind is the boundary road between our club and the State Park. We settled in about 3:45pm and enjoyed the squirrels & birds for a way. A good while later, we thought we heard something to our right but didn’t see anything. Right around 5:00pm, my back was a little tight so I leaned forward a little to stretch it out. Daddy was looking down for some reason and I stretched, the buck stepped into the right side of the lane, about even with the corn pile. He stopped and so did we. When he made his move across the lane, I sat back & got on him. I thought he might go straight across, but he circled in the lane and put his head down to eat. Daddy helped move my chair a little so I could adjust the crosshairs on the buck. I got settled in on his shoulder & dropped the hammer. I hit just a little low and he whirled, leaving the left side of the lane. We thought we heard him crash just a few seconds later. We were both crazy with emotion and praising the Lord. I was almost to the point of shedding tears because of the circumstances. A couple of guys we hunt with texted Daddy to see if we shot & if we got it. After a few minutes, Daddy went to look for him. As soon as he got to the corn pile, he could see him piled up in the woods about 30 yards. He drug him out for some pictures and celebration. One of the guys came in and he & Daddy loaded the buck on his truck to take to the skinning rack. It was a great evening & this one’s going on the wall! This makes the first time we’ve killed the best buck we had on trail cam. He was 14 & ½” inside, 16” outside, 7” G2s, & 5” G3s.
  5. Leo's been killing deer so I'm guessing he's alright.
  6. clrj3514

    Christopher Reynolds

    Hey y'all, I just now signed in for the first time in forever. I was kinda surprised to see this post Dawg. I had seen an old interaction between the two of us on Facebook this morning & wondered why your posts weren't showing up on my News Feed anymore. I saw we weren't friends anymore so I sent you a request (no idea how that happened). Glad to see somebody was thinking well of me.
  7. As a Steelers fan, I love the sound of that. Pats vs. Seahawks seems more likely though.
  8. Sorry I haven't gotten around to entering my buck guys. I'll do my best to get it submitted this week.
  9. I killed a 6 point yesterday evening. I've got a lot of school work due this week so I'll probably get the pics up around Tuesday. I have the kill pic though.
  10. I haven't been able to go as much as I'd like between rain, school, & some other things going on. We have been getting ton of pics, including bucks with some being in daylight, but my daddy & I have hunted a combined 7 or 8 times and he's only seen one doe. I haven't seen anything.
  11. Muzzleloader season starts for me tomorrow. Won't be able to go in the morning, but I'll be in the stand tomorrow evening. Looks like the weather will be clearing up from some rain that's coming tonight & cooling down tomorrow evening. I sure hope that makes the deer move.
  12. I have 6 teams all together & I was 4 points shy in this league of going 6-0 for the week. I guess 5 out of 6 isn't too bad, but it would've been cool to win them all. My team in this league is just terrible though.
  13. clrj3514

    Bad Grandpa.

    Reminds me of my childhood!
  14. I know it sounds like I'm beating a dead horse here, but seeing this post really makes me wish this forum was like it used to be. I joined in '08 when I was just an annoying 15 year old kid & you guys & gals have really been good to me. This place & these people were/are awesome. Congrats on 10 years Joe.