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  1. Crazy, right? Still here in Wa. Married, two kids, 3 dogs, another new house. Not exactly the old wild and crazy life I used to live but I sure don't regret any of it or how it is now.
  2. That's awesome. Hope that big goon is doing good these days! Hard to believe it's been almost 11 years since I met him on my trip across the country.
  3. Can someone post a link to a thread explaining everything in detail, or a link to the charges that have been placed on him or his real name so the Google can do the work?
  4. 92xj

    Past wyo hunts

    Thanks Shaun, hopefully my message went through. This forum format is horrible to see and navigate on my phone.
  5. 92xj

    Past wyo hunts

    Is Steve still around? I am planning on heading back to Wyoming for antelope this year, taking a friend and brother in law. We will only have <1 pt as a group so we will be in the NE section of the state where public land is very limited. I haven't been to the great state in 10 years when I went with Steve, so I don't have any contacts anymore. Im thinking of trying for the unit his ranch contact was in, but am open to any. We would also entertain paying a treaspass fee if anyone has any recommendations.
  6. Congrats on a quick hunt. Did the change in Colorado points process screw you up in the draws the last few years?
  7. 92xj

    Winter begins

    I heard east glacier got around 4' in places! We got about 6" 2 hours west of us in the Cascades a d heard anywhere from 2-16 north of Spokane into the selkirks. Also, I might want to pick your brain about some elk spots up your way for a hunt next year or whenever I draw a general tag....
  8. 92xj

    Our first

    Congrats, that is insane she is grown up. When hearing references to her, I still think of a 9 year old going hunting with Dad.
  9. 92xj


    Mabel is going to be an older sister june29ish...wiener has been seen, nowhere close to a name yet
  10. Thanks. Hopefully it gets mom's brains as well. And Kyle, I had no idea you could get another man pregnant and produce a girl, congrats!
  11. Don't really remember you at all but good to see you check in. And by the way, just found out number 2 is on the way...
  12. Hello everyone. Been hammering ducks and geese. Elk season was humbling. Heading to Montana in a few days for a week of chasing rutting mulies that just got pushed out of the high country by weather...perfect! Still married. Mabel is 20 months old now, growing and developing amazingly. She gets that from her mom. Anyhow, hope all is well.
  13. 92xj


    Shovel some of her poop into the hole. 49 out of 50 dogs won't dig or loiter around their own poop. Every random time one of mine digs and starts a hole, in goes a log and the digging there stops. Just hope yours isn't the 1 of 50 that enjoys digging in their own poop.
  14. mike

    whats up peckerhead?