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  1. This is the last year for paper applications. In 2018 it will have to be done online. That kind of sucks--I enjoy filling out the application, putting a check in the envelope and mailing it. Guess I'm just old fashion and set in my ways.
  2. colorado bob

    Bucket List

    1/2 curl id a legal ram here in Colorado
  3. colorado bob

    Bucket List

    Huckle-----I have been on 4 sheep hunts here in Colorado. 2 were mine. The other 2 were my wife's and a buddy of mine. 2 were successful, I killed a 7/8 curl in 2000 and my wife killed a 3/4 curl in 2002. The other 2 we were in rams but couldn't close the deal. Colorado is draw only for sheep.
  4. colorado bob

    Bucket List

    Al----I'm just like the IRS---I'm here to help!!
  5. Well that's closer to me than McCune is.
  6. colorado bob

    Bucket List

    Shaun-----That was a winter hunt for caribou. They probably used Mirage Outfitters hunting near LeForge Quebec. I did that hunt a few years ago---the herd was about 50 miles north of us. To far to get too. Yep, prairie dogs are a ton of fun!!
  7. colorado bob

    Bucket List

    Go to Argentina for the Red Stag. I would love to hear the "Roar" I would love to do a bird safari. Doves, Pigeons, Ducks. I love wing shooting. '
  8. colorado bob

    Bucket List

    I've got a few still to do. Catching a fish over 100 lbs was on the list, last summer a caught a 98lb halibut out of Homer. I still want to catch a marlin. I would like to do a buffalo hunt, either a Cape buffalo or an Aussie water buffalo. A caribou hunt is still on the list----but with Quebec closing it's season, Newfoundland numbers down and AK numbers dropping---it probably won't happen. Grizzly is on the list---I'm hoping to check it off this June. A nice whitetail is on the list. A Florida gobbler is needed to complete my slam. The older I get the more I enjoy turkey hunting. I would love to start in the south and follow the gobbles north.
  9. My favorite go to call for Merriams is the Quaker Boy ---"Grand Old Master" box call. I'll buy calls but it's the one I use every time. The Colorado gobblers love to gobble & it fires them up. Pot call-----I usually carry a slate but it's rarely sees an action. Diaphragm----Don't use one. They sound horrible when I try them. So, I guess I'm a 1 trick pony----Grand Old Master.
  10. I just put a Leupold FX-II 4x on a Savage 99F in 308. I like a fixed power---simple & rugged. It's a nice light lever action for humpin these Colorado Rockies. My other rifle is a 30/06 Remington LH 700 it's topped with a Leupold 6X. I would pick either. I've seen guys looking real hard thru their variables trying to see the elk---comes to find out the bull was at 50 yards & the power was cranked up to 9x.
  11. colorado bob

    Spring Bear Hunt

    Frank----You'll need to go to Africa as least once. I was there in 02. Someday, I would like to get a Cape Buffalo. I've killed a mtn lion here in Colorado, it's a fun hunt with dogs. It can be really physically demanding if the cat wants to run or like mine it treed in about 1/4 mile. We jumped it off a kill & it had a full belly. The cat didn't want to run to far. I've hunted elk in the rut here in Colorado, those red deer in rut would be fun. Love to here the "roar". Tim good to see you. Hope things are good, I'm going to miss KS. That was a fun hunt with Hickory Creek.
  12. colorado bob

    Spring Bear Hunt

    Al---getting a good buck like the one you got in MO is on the bucket list. That was a real nice buck. What's on the top of your list? Bob
  13. colorado bob

    Spring Bear Hunt

    Frank-----small world I'm hunting with Jake this coming June. It's a baited bear hunt out of a lodge that's about 5 hours north of Anchorage. He's picking me up in Anchorage & driving to the lodge. I just turned 62 this past month, time to start doing the bucket list stuff.
  14. Tim, do you have any spring gobbler hunts planned? Looks like we lost Hickory Creek.
  15. colorado bob

    Spring Bear Hunt

    Have you given up on the POW hunt? I've signed up for a spring grizzly hunt in AK. It will probably be my last bear hunt if I get one.