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  1. I am considering a Carlson's extended Turkey Super-Full .690 tube. What say you? Thanks...
  2. all factory flush constrictions in full, IC & skeet; (NOT modified) for my Mossberg 935. Any "Turkey" chokes of any manufacture considered...
  3. I am considering a Mossberg 930 shotgun; 3”, 26”barrel as a turkey gun. I need moderate cost, lower recoil, drilled and tapped for optics and available parts and service. What say you? Thanks…
  4. GaryO

    Turkey Loads?

    Well, I finally went to the range today and took two 3” loads with me. Remember my set up: 870 21” Remchoke X-Full choke. Ammo was Win Supreme HV Turkey Loads, 1.75 oz. 5 shot ($16.49). AND Rem Nitro Turkey 1 7/8oz. 5 shot ($6.99). Results at 40 yards? Winchester scored 30 hits inside that 10” circle with 5 hits in the brain/cervical area. Remington scored 60 hits in that 10” circle with 9 brain/cervical area hits. All in all kind of disappointing. Maybe I should move on to Hevi 13 and JellyHead chokes. What say you?
  5. I sighted in my 870 Express turkey gun the other day ( red dot scope) with 3" Federal turkey loads. Lord, did that gun kick my head off! I have been shooting my entire adult life (63 years) and have never experienced anything like that. Upon examination the recoil pad that was on the gun was about as soft as a hockey puck. Is there a pre-fit pad that I can change out and use? What say you? Thanks...
  6. I am looking for a ground blind for deer and turkey, both archery and firearms. I will be woods hunting here in Missouri and would like a blind big enough for two folks. I am a large specimen (6'5", 300lbs.) and because of physical limitations I will need sit for long periods. What say you? Thanks... p.s. Which chair do you use?
  7. GaryO

    Turkey Loads?

    870 21", Extra Full Turkey choke, 3" 12 ga...
  8. Could you folks suggest a couple of 12 gauge factory loads for me to pattern? Thanks...
  9. Which model are you folks shooting? Thanks...
  10. They don't take to scope mounting well. Scopes won't stay puy on that sheet metal receiver. Those folks have thier own website; surf around a little and you will find it...
  11. for my daughter: 26.5"/40-50lb. Camo or target would be fine.
  12. Looking for a 26.5/40-50 for my daughter. Even if they are in the box. The warrantee(sp?) may be in question...
  13. Wanted to buy: 16 GA. Shotshell Reloader. Looking for an inexpensive complete loader; any manufacturer will be considered. Also looking for 16 gauge shotshell components…Thanks, Gary
  14. Beretta AL390 Silver Mallard Synthetic semi-auto shotgun: 12 gauge, 28 inch barrel with 4 multi-chokes, stock adjustment shims and black synthetic stock. Less than 200 rounds shot in 9 years. This is NOT one of the close-out guns sold by Wal-Mart. Minty in the Box condition with all paperwork, $700 plus $25 S&H. Can do a face-to-face deal here in the St. Louis/St. Charles area of Missouri. USPS MONEY ORDER: international S&H extra…Please contact me with an “I’ll take it” on items you wish to buy. At that point I will contact you to work out the details such as S&H; THEN I will indicate that the item is SOLD.
  15. GaryO

    Knife help?

    American made? Of all these mentioned companys, which knives are made in America?