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  1. Word from up north is bachelor groups were seen as recent as two weekends ago. However things changed with the cold weather and things are heating up. Its about time cause I was about to name my 80 the ghost town.
  2. Just found out the neighbor seen 13 (120"+) bucks in a field together as of two weeks ago. Also found out that in the last two years, he has put in 10 7+ acre food plots throughout his 1800 acres. Seems that my three plots totaling 1 1/2 acres may not have the drawing power that his do. The plan is to triple the size of them next spring with the dozer. Split them between eagle forage, wintergreens, and clover. This year we had just one young ten point on camera all summer. Next year we will see if we can draw some of those deer across the property line. (deer sightings were on his closes
  3. When thinking about driving three hours to go hunting on the weekend, I can't help but remember since the cameras went up six weeks ago that we got six different does, one buck, five different bears and two different timberwolves on them. I would rather be hunting than doing anything else outside the bedroom, but sometimes it is just hard to get the motivation to take the first step in the 360 mile round trip. What gets you guys going?
  4. Vikes by 3....unless its saints by 21. Go vikes!
  5. Just checked my trophy cam for the first time this year. 6 weeks on the tree, full battery reading 200 pics. Along with the deer, were five bears, two turkeys and a wolf. There were pics of the deer fifty to sixty yards away. Although more expensive than some cams, my next one will be another trophy cam.
  6. trace mineral block also works. Trophy rock is a funny looking salt block that they charge way too much for. But if it gives you confidencewhen you hunt, then use it.
  7. NAWI wintergreens, biologic maxim..a?, rape & turnips from feed mill, I am limited on space but I always like to try one new thing every year. Not a whole lotta luck with the turnips...especially considering lots of people swear by them.
  8. I just want a dnr that recognizes the change in population before we have gigantic swings in numbers. I want one that has a finger on the pulse of the hunter as well as the herd. I want them to do their job. However, they are gov't employees and well... the gov't hasn't done much well the last few decades except give themselves raises so I guess I will wish in one hand and uugghh in the other and see which one fills up first.
  9. After hearing the hype, I planted 1/2 acre of eagle forage beans. I hung the soap in the tree (doesn't really work) to try to let the plot get a head start. Went to plant fall plots two weeks ago and the beans were all 12"-24" high and receiving heavy browsing pressure, but all the plants had new buds or leaves on them. I consider eagle beans a huge success that I will be trying every year from now on.
  10. In three years our unit in WI has went from earn a buck to herd control to regular unit. Last year there was one free doe permit and unlimited available to purchase. This year there were 250 available for our unit, I was the third person in my hunting party in line and 11 minutes after they were available there were 24 left. I just don't know what to think anymore.
  11. Greetings form Idaho. the high desert has produced more rain this year than any other... the curse of putting up wind turbines i guess. I don't have internet and get to the library occasionally to check the internet...and realtree whenever I can. Life is tough for alot of people all over and we all do what we have to do to take care of the people we love. My only bonus is a potential elk hunt in september and am hoping for the best. You guys and you pics keep me going and wishing for the big woods of northern wisconsin. best of luck to all and make sure you keep posting pics of your de
  12. I am leaving tomorrow for work in Idaho til november. I am sad I am gonna miss food plotting and bowhunting this year, but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. I will try to make it to a library to use their internet to check on all you trouble makers. Good luck to everyone.