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  1. I recently bought a carter ht2000. you can change it to either use it was a thumb or a pinky release. i am using the thumb trigger now and i like it a lot. it has improved my shooting quite a bit. i highly recommend you give it a try
  2. Try this link. Tollgate Bowhunting - Archery On this site you will see the 3 D schedule and directions. Any problems send me a PM (stcif) and I'll tell you how to get there. We have done West Winfield, Cassety Hollow, Waterville, Mohawk, Trenton, Gilbertsville (should be close to you I think) and Vernon. We live in central NY and go to a lot of these and have done several so far this year. We only live about an hour from Oneonta so if you are close to Oneonta you can make it to several of these shoots in about an hour or so. I am sending this under my son's name as the si
  3. Thanks guys. Sorry I havent been on in a long time!
  4. Pics to come. had a lot of fun there. saying it is big is definitely and under statement. saw randy shooting but never had a chance to say hello.
  5. Me and my dad will be there saturday and sunday. if any of you guys are going leave me a pm and maybe we can meet or something.
  6. Awesome buck! Congrats! My season is done and was an awesome season. Got my first buck ever which was bigger than any buck my dad has ever shot haha. He is at the taxadermist now. Good luck to any of you if you guys are still hunting and have a safe and happy hollidays!
  7. I just bought the TC Venture in .308. I researched and looked at tons of rifles. I felt this was the best gun for the money. I can't wait until spring to start shooting a bunch of different loads out of it! I see I did it again. Tyler was logged in when I posted this. Oh well I meant to post this under "stcif".
  8. Tyler Cifonelli - Diamond Archer 018 point buckTeam 16 - Straight Shooters
  9. Congrats Matt. Thats an awesome buck!!
  10. Thank you very much. I will get the pics up tonight in the photo thread when my dad gets home. What do you think he scores? We tried scoring him and got 120 but we are not very good at it at all haha.
  11. What do you guys think he scores?