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  1. Too late? Aaron abrown Oklahoma, October 1 - January 15
  2. Looking into a new ML - suggestions?

    I love my Accura as well. I also have a Nikon scope, but I bought a ML scope. The CVA Optima is also a really good gun, just a little less $$$. I would also look into Blackhorn 209 powder, again, it's just preference.
  3. Decent ML Scope

    I shoot the Nikon XR muzzleloader scope, love it!
  4. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    Mine closed the 15 of January, wished it closed the 15 of February. If I put that, I am sure sorry for misleading you.
  5. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    I would be in trouble with the Mossy Oak thing. I wear whatever Walmart, Basspro, or Cabelas has on sale. Travel the farthest, New Mexico was the first for me this year. Oldest, well I am way out of the running for that one!
  6. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    Actually if I'd turned in the big doe I shot early season, we'd be #1. I didn't have anyone with me, and did not have a selfie stick for take my pick with the deer.
  7. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    LOL, I'm not Moses, I was just the messenger! I abandoned the last weekend of deer season to go shoot a cow elk. I have a pic of it, and license, but I don't think that'd count.
  8. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    Sorry guys, I let ya down.
  9. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    Congratulations on your buck Martin, awesome story! Thanks, no pressure! Went out yesterday, finally figured I'd give some private land a shot. A couple young bucks on trail cam, ALOT of doe. BTW, I'll never shoot a yotie again with a bow. Dang thing ate my arrow! One arrow and Nocturnal down, that's at least $15 bucks. I'm still going at it, and I will until the last day.
  10. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    I'm still here, sorry for not checking in more often. I've been hitting the woods 2-3 times a week. Shot a doe early season, didn't have a way to take a selfie with her, shot a doe last week, couldn't find her. Still have my fingers crossed!
  11. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    Congrats, Mrs.Wtnhunt, and that's a heck of a buck fly.
  12. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    It is hard to say for sure how old he is. Each area will be different, some have more food sources, some have less. He could be 3.5 year old if you have good ag or he's been hanging out over a couple corn piles. I'd say closer to 3.5, he doesn't have big mass through his antlers. All the bucks I've shot, that's been older, that's one of the sure enough characteristics is mass. Biologist abroad will agree that the main factor is age structure, then genetics.
  13. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    "I" ! Oh, a little late. Love it!
  14. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    LOL, I'm not ready to make that journey just yet! I did shoot my best deer to date last year, and have another one on trail cam that's comparable. So as far as here, I think I'm doing pretty good, or better yet very blessed!
  15. Team 2 White Tails Matter

    Way to go fly, do you do all the processing yourself? I grew up on venison, squirrel, rabbit, quail and fish. Wish I could get my wife to develop a taste for it! Joe, that's a sweet looking buck, I bet he'd have some good size butterfly chops. BTW, my name's Aaron. XT, you'll get a kick out of this, my great grandpa always introduced me as Mose's mouth piece whenever I went to stay with him.