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  1. abrown

    bow or gun

    My question is, what kind of tag is it? Could you take both, and the opportunity presented itself with a bow take it, if not, use the big gun?
  2. Like anything else, give her enough rope, she's going to hang herself. She did not get 1 vote for her new "Green Deal". I was getting pretty discouraged about how our country was heading, then I started following Turning Point USA. I do not know if you guys are familiar with them or not, but it is a group of conservatives that's exposing the lies about liberalism. Just encourage people to seek the truth.
  3. abrown


    HeadShot, I would look more into hiking boots for elk. I've tried hunting boots, then went to Keen, SO much easier to hunt in than boots when it comes to the mountatins. That's just my opinion though.
  4. Hey guys. sorry I haven't been in here in a while. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Also sorry about the passing on the buck. My 9 year old I can't get to shoot a gun yet. I do have twin 4 year old boys that I don't think it will be a problem with.
  5. Congrats on the deer, the rut is starting to kick off here. I hopefully will have something bigger than a doe to turn in, but if not, no biggy!
  6. I have 2 doe down, will see how the season goes before I check one in.
  7. Rhino, I have a cousin that lives over your way. There in South Haven, he has something to do with a hunting club there in southern Mississippi, MS Delta Ducks.
  8. Hey guys, good to see they went ahead and started the contest. I look forward to seeing the kills.
  9. i have not posted in a LONG TIME either. I have been busy with NEW management at work. I usually don't post either, because the majority of you guys voice my opinion to a T. I just read them and laugh, and tell myself I could not of have said it better.
  10. Too late? Aaron abrown Oklahoma, October 1 - January 15
  11. I love my Accura as well. I also have a Nikon scope, but I bought a ML scope. The CVA Optima is also a really good gun, just a little less $$$. I would also look into Blackhorn 209 powder, again, it's just preference.
  12. I shoot the Nikon XR muzzleloader scope, love it!
  13. Mine closed the 15 of January, wished it closed the 15 of February. If I put that, I am sure sorry for misleading you.