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  1. HOLY MOLY!!! I've been following this story for a few days now, it's all over the local FB Ice fishing pages. I instantly thought of you! Hope everyone gets off alright...
  2. Yep, came with every bow. From what I've heard their service was great. Very sorry to hear about this, I bought a Parker Xbow new and have hunted the past 5 seasons with it, haven't had any issues with it at all.
  3. Oh yea, I can relate! I haven't had much of a chance to get out, and I'm itching to get onto a bite. The annual winter trip to camp is next week, I hear the Laker bite has been hot ... we will fish hard for 3 days ... between the food and friends its always a great time. I'll be sure to post pics, you do the same! You always get some nice ones up there!
  4. Same here bud, jigged all day yesterday and pulled up one decent perch ... that's it. It almost got up to 40 yesterday, there were a ton of people out. Tip ups every where, and not one flag. Sure beats sitting home!
  5. I missed this one also! Didn't get a whole bunch done ... bunch of errands and chores on Sat. Spent Sunday looking out the window wishing it was warmer. Cabin fever is starting to set in! We had some crazy weather also, ~25 days of arctic weather and then 36 hours in the upper 50's and an inch of rain. Massive ice jam on the river behind my house. I was outside scraping the driveway and it sounded like a freight train crashing through the woods! No damage to my propert thankfully. We had several areas evacuated and some damage elsewhere though. Was back down below zero past couple nights.
  6. HooWee! Currently 35 degrees and it feels like Summah!!
  7. Couple small indoor chores for Sat ... I REALLY need to scoop out the woodstove. Small bathroom repair and light fixture replacement and I'm calling it. lol Meeting a friend for a College hockey game on Sat evening, our mutual friend passed away very unexpectedly a few weeks ago. Those two were thick as thieves and my buddy is having a hard time, we'll grab diner and catch up a bit. 2 basketball games tonight, my oldest plays at 5 and my son tips off at 7. At least they play in the same building tonight! COME HELL OR HIGHWATER I AM ICE FISHING ON SUNDAY! LOL! I haven't been able to get out yet and it's really bugging me! I hear the bite has been slow in most places, and I probably won't feel like dragging the whole kit and caboodle with all this snow, I'll likely just bring a jig setup and try to find some Crappie.
  8. Man, that's a bad scene. Hope everyone got out OK. I've only been in my new house 2 months, and this cold snap has pointed out a few small issues. I have an outbuilding with water to it, the feed froze and obstructed the water flow. I was able to use an electric heater (Pics like this one always haunt me when I think of thawing pipes) to thaw it and thankfully it didn't burst. Previous owner wired a receptacle right where the pipe comes in, looks like I'll put some heat tape on it in the Spring and pick up where he left off ... haha Just a couple small gaps I filled here and there with silicone to stop the draft. Other than that she's buttoned up fairly well for a ~150 year old house.
  9. Only got about 8 inches or so, got windy but never lost power. Not supposed to get above zero (again ... lol) on Sat. I am JONESING to get out on the ice ... Sunday is my day!
  10. 2 dead car batteries so far this year, both of which are less than a year old. Was around 20 below both nights.
  11. ALAN, I got your gift yesterday, thank you! It's a "Hunting-Opoly" board game. I left it out so the kids would see it this morning, and they're itching to play already! Thank you very much, a very thoughtful gift!
  12. HNY Everyone! No real party plans here, I will certainly enjoy another 3 day weekend, we are supposed to be on either side of zero for a high temp and around 15 - 20 below at night ... I see a lot of indoor activity this weekend, lol. Cards and drinks by the woodstove perhaps! I was hoping to get out ice fishing on Sat, we will have to play that by ear. I've always grilled year round! In fact, I need to repair my grill, I misjudged on the new house and the snow shed off the second story roof and tore the side burner right off! Thankfully the burner and gas line are intact. I think I'll grill some venison over charcoal tomorrow however. My Son and I went to see the Star Wars movie a couple weeks ago, we loved it. My wife will take our oldest daughter on Sun probably ... it's sort of become a tradition for us past several years. Fun. Decorations coming down here also, only have a small projector outside, buried under the snow but I think I can get at it, my wife wants to make sure we have it ready for Valentines day :::eye roll::: heheh. Here's to a happy and healthy 2018!
  13. I do believe you are correct Sir, just like Brookie without the blue rings around the spots ... as far as I know anyhow, and that's not a lot. lol I know they bred them to gain an advantage over the lampreys back when they were prevalent in the great lakes and lake champlain. I've only gotten one once!