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  2. We've been on lockdown for 3 weeks now, schools canceled until Sept. at the earliest. Still empty shelves in the paper goods, canned food, frozen and meat counters. Supermarkets have limited the amount of people allowed in at once and the Governor has cracked down on non essential businesses after issuing several orders. state police have been going to lodging businesses to make sure they're in compliance. There are also monitoring checkpoints at all entrance points to the State. Not stopping anyone yet, but keeping track on out of state plates coming in. The amount of people who have fled the
  3. Ha! pretty cool. I met Tim Andrus in January at the Yankee Sportsmans Classic, nice guy!
  4. I'm a critical care Respiratory Therapist / ECMO Specialist at a large hospital ... this has been on our radar since December. Effecting in a substantial way to say the least. lol
  5. I can't believe it's over already. Muzzleloader here closes on Sunday, but I was back to work today, I managed to spend more time hunting this year than previous years. I got to know a couple local spots fairly well, I feel like I was able to bring some knowledge and intuition to the table this year. Got 2 trips to my family camp in the Adirondacks in, where as I previously posted, I took a nice Doe with my muzzleloader in Oct. A few weeks later our youth weekend debacle occurred, painful but exciting and unforgettable. Then on opening day of rifle in VT I passed on a bear, although he w
  6. So sorry to read this. Peace to you and your Daughter.
  7. Yea, I definitely hear you there. I was initially hesitant but after some research about the .223 deer rounds and him proving himself at the range I felt far more comfortable. We also spent quite some time discussing acceptable range and the importance of shot placement with that caliber. He understood he would not shoot unless the perfect shot presented itself ... and wouldn't you know it ... lol I did acquire a Ruger .44 mag carbine just before the season, my daughter carried it the one time we made it out. She had more time once the season started to practice with it, but they'l
  8. Oh man, I will never live this one down. As I mentioned in my last post my 2 older kids passed hunter safety this Summer and had been shooting my AR15 regularly. They both took right to it and could consistently achieve nice tight groups at 75 and 100 yds. Youth weekend rolls around and my daughter had a scheduling conflict so she opted to get out with me later on in the season. So my 10 y/o son and I were in the woods (Private land I've been hunting for several years now) before light. It was around 10 above so we could only sit for about 90 minutes before we had to move. We worked our way to
  9. Thanks everyone! I just wrapped up a fantastic season! back to work unfortunately! I will post our youth weekend story in the deer hunting room, you don't want to miss it. LOL
  10. Thanks wtn! Yep, still hanging around... lol Family is doing well, same to you! It's been an extremely busy late Summer/fall so far, I can never seem to catch up, but we're keeping our heads above water so that's always good! Got a teenager on my hands now, I'm not sure what to make of that. She's a good girl though, her and her brother passed hunter safety this Summer and are both looking forward to youth weekend. I have them on my AR-15 with the Fusion 62gr ammo. I'm proud of them both, they really took it very seriously and enjoyed it. I'd be delighted if one of them got a deer!
  11. Killed my 1st deer with a ML'r last week. Spent 4 days hunting in NY's northern zone, and took a nice 120lb Doe at ~50 yds on the hill behind camp. I've had a wicked dry spell going and after what seems like countless close encounters over the last 4 seasons, it lined up for me. I covered a lot of ground, those Adirondack deer don't give it up easy ... lol My knees are still on fire, but somehow a nice veni dinner takes the edge off. We still have almost a week of archery season open here at home, hopefully my luck will carry on.