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  1. public school systems, teachers....

    Yes, definitely have the Principal in on the meeting. It sounds to me as if his current teacher is completely unaware of his "condition" (For lack of a better term) IMO public education really sticks to the "one size fits all" when it comes to learning style ... especially older teachers. Not that there aren't awful newer teachers and stellar ones with lots of experience. If I was in your shoes, I'd make it clear that her expectations are likely unrealistic and try to identify more obtainable goals and guidelines for him in the classroom. Is he eligible for an IEP? If you don't have one already, it may be worth looking into. 2 of my girls have medical issues, and we have 504 plans in place for them ... I admittedly have little knowledge of an actual IEP, however I believe that once that plan is in place the childs educators, and other staff, are held accountable to that plan. Good luck, I hope the school year smooths out for you guys and your boy has a great year.
  2. Nipagon pics

    Oh Man!! Great pics and beautiful fish!! That laker is a brute! And a gorgeous brookie. Looks like a great trip! Thanks for posting the pics ... now back to work! haha A friend and I are floating the idea of a lodge trip to Canada to fish in the next couple years, something like this I hope.
  3. Getting Ready for a NIP

    WELL??!! lol Hope you had an awesome time.
  4. 8-11 Get this Friday check-in going

    Happy Friday! Congrats to your daughter MUDRUNNER sounds like she earned it with her dedication. My girls only have softball in the Spring so far. Weather in our neck of the woods has been fairly typical I think, warm days around 80° and cool nights around 50°... the 10 day looks like this pattern will continue. I just noticed a couple trees are starting to change their leaves already ... We got free tickets, through my employers chamber of commerce membership, to the "Adventure Zone" at the local ski resort. Those tickets would've run me about $100 for all 4 kids! So we are headed over there as soon as I get out of work tonight. My good friend is having a Birthday party BBQ for his daughter and his GF's son tomorrow at a State park on a lake, so we'll spend most of the day there and probably just relax at home Sat afternoon. Sunday we are going to a another friends parents house for a visit with their family. They've retired to their camp, so it'll be a nice day at the lake again. Busy weekend, should be fun.
  5. Check in now for 7-21-17

    Hello Lady and Gents, long time no post, I hope everyone is well and having a nice Summer. I'm glad to see these Friday check-ins! I left my previous job in the NICU ... gave up the helicopter and ECMO runs for an informatics position in a smaller hospital much closer to home with a M-F schedule, so the weekends mean a lot more to me now. We put our house on the market a couple months ago, been keeping busy fixing all the little things I procrastinated on over the years. My kids are busy as ever with Summertime activities ... movie night in a barn at a local farm tonight, then finishing swim lessons tomorrow. On Saturday I start my 43rd trip around the sun, we're planning on spending the day at a pond in the National Forest close by. Great swimming, and it's loaded with trout to boot! Then on Sun I am dropping my oldest (she's 10) off at sleepaway camp for 2 weeks, she has Type-1 diabetes and this is a big step ... more for her Mother than her I think! She just got a new bow and she signed up for archery, very excited to say the least. Hopefully Sun afternoon I'll be able to get the boat out and see if the fish are biting.
  6. Bacon Wrapped Deer Bites!

    I've got a bunch of Moose stew meat in the freezer and a gun club BBQ coming up, gonna give this a shot!
  7. We had a great start to the ice fishing season here, had good ice by mid December or so, and then around the end of feb we had a ,major thaw. I managed to get out quite a bit on the CT River. Made the annual trip to camp with several friends, the fishing was slow (A few perch and Smallmouth) and as usual the menu did not disappoint! I've been trying for a nice Brown trout the past few weeks, no luck so far however. The photo is my largest Northern this Winter, 6lbs.
  8. Ice Out

    Pretty much same timeframe here Martin! How was your season? Hope you are well!!
  9. Anyone Listen to Joe Rogan's Podcast? Lots of Hunting Guys on There.

    That's him! I like to catch Rinella as well, he posts lots of recipe's also. A big part of what I like about Rinella's show is it is so diverse.
  10. didn't get a real good look, but.....

    Great Buck! Thats a shooter for sure around these parts.
  11. Just checking in ...

    I learned this year that passing one up is slightly less of a jagged pill to swallow than missing a shot. lol! Lots of Does around, I passed on a couple small ones, my freezer is still empty. I've found a decent rub in the usual corridor on the land I hunt, should get out Fri / Sun / Mon coming up. Still after my first Buck.
  12. We're Back!

    Theres a cell phone maketed to older people with BIG BUTTONS!! lol
  13. We're Back!

    Oh man, I laughed way to hard at that!
  14. New Site

    I'm still here fella's! Been super busy with life. Managed to get out quite a bit during Oct. archery (we have a wacky season here in VT). Passed on a couple small does, which I now regret because my freezer is empty!
  15. Are you getting it?