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  1. 12-8 weekend check-in

    Well ... busy weekend on tap, to be expected t his time of year. Leaving the office early today, headed to the old tree farm down the road with the family to cut down our tree. Since we're in a much bigger house now, my wife wants the thing to be huge. Guess I'll me sucking up more needles than ever before. lol I've got the living room all buttoned up, so I will go tonight after getting the tree, across the river to tax free NH and buy a furniture set that my wife has picked out. Then I get to unload and drag it in the house! Then of course we'll have to get a coffee table and area rug, which, apparently, is an absolute priority as my Mother in Law is coming on Sun and staying for a week. This is our closing weekend for ML'r/late archery here, after this weekend no more deer hunting until next year. And my freezer is still empty, so I will be visiting with my mother in law after legal shooting hours!!
  2. With a heavy heart

    So sorry to read this, I hope you and your family find peace quickly.
  3. .308 broke in this morning

    Nice buck WTN! Congrats.
  4. It's December- Check-in here

    Good luck this weekend MUDRUNNER!
  5. It's December- Check-in here

    Our Muzzleloader and late Archery season open on Sat. Seeing how I haven't killed a deer yet, I will be out as much as I possibly can, certainly all day Sat and half day Sun. My 11 year old is just chomping at the bit to go, I may take her but she can't keep warm for longer than a half hour which is a bit of a challenge. I've been scraping and mudding the perimeter of the living room ceiling in our new house ... apparently the wife thinks its a priority to get it done before Christmas, frankly it's deer season and soon to be ice fishing season and I think her priorities are askew ... but she's not interested in my opinion on the subject. lol! It's kind of strange, the previous owner had some roof work done (or did it himself) and it seems like there was a leak (that's been repaired) that drained down the chimney into the living room ceiling, which peeled the paint all the way around the perimeter. Thing is, there is no staining from water damage ... the sheetrock under the paint looks brand new ... I've been making significant progress in the evenings after work, and we need to purchase furniture, which my wallet is not terribly excited about but it will be nice to have the room finished.
  6. FIRE!!!

    Oh man, close call for sure! Glad everyone escaped unharmed, and sorry to see your property damaged!
  7. Cyber Monday Deals

    Got a notification last night about this one, Wildgame innovations Terra IR trail cam 10MP $34.98 with free shipping! I snapped up a few!
  8. ~2017 RT Christmas X-change Pairs~

    Thanks TG!! I'll send a message...
  9. Turkey Day check-in

    Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I went out before light and sat for a couple hours. It was a beautiful and cold morning. Had a deer walk by me about 30 feet away, but it's so thick where I was all I could see were it's legs. It never showed itself, but I'm fairly certain it was a small Doe that's been hanging around all the time. I know right where she likes to be, so I'll keep that trick up my sleeve for ML'r. I got home fairly early and began the family festivities! After the parade we made up a whole batch of appetizers for lunch and then prepped for the big show, lol. I like to fry a turkey for the holiday, this years came out better than ever, along with some sweet potatoe fries, and all the goodies. After dinner bonfire and then on to the pie! I hope you all had as great a holiday as we did.
  10. CHRISTmas exchange?

    Thanks man!! Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. accura strikes again

    I was just recently reading an article from 1996 where they estimated the number of coyotes in Vermont was around 3000, now F&W estimates around 30,000! Thankfully we don't have a closed season on them, but at this point, that horse is already out of the barn. I get them all the time on camera, and have tried a couple times to shoot one from the stand, but they've been faster than me! Also of interest to me is the difference between Eastern coyote and the Western. More wolf DNA in the Eastern yote...
  12. Buck Tag Filled!

    Beauty!! Congrats!
  13. CHRISTmas exchange?

    I missed this somehow! I hope you'll allow me to participate again, I always had fun doing this!!
  14. 11-17 early check-in

    Counting the minutes here until 12:30, then I'm outta the office and heading right to my stand for this evenings hunt. I haven't been out since our rifle opener on 11/11. We had a inch or two of snow yesterday, and today is blustery with tonights forecasted 15 ... so I will be back out in the morning as well. I managed to catch a glimpse of a small buck opening day, I've had a lot of activity on camera with 8 Does and 3 small legal bucks and a nice wide 5 hanging around. My freezer has been empty for a while, so if it's legal I'll try to take it. Good luck and straight shooting everyone.
  15. Veterans Day-Friday check-in

    Hello everybody ... Planning on attending a Veterans day ceremony at the kids school tonight as well ... we're always grateful to those that have served. As I previously mentioned, I've been out of the game since 2nd week of Oct. we're starting to settle into our new house. Despite the fact I have a list a mile long of things that need to get done, no real urgent projects pending, so I'm spending this weekend in the woods. The weather is looking really good, we got a dusting of snow last night and its supposed to be pretty cold tonight, single digits. I'm planning on sneaking into my spot before light, and sitting for as long as I can stand it, then I'll hike over to a steep south facing ridge that overlooks a trail once I get to cold to sit still.