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  1. Interesting Piece

    I sure am glad I don't watch football.
  2. Anthony behind bars

    Is that whatcha cell 'em out there? "Anthony's"? lol!!
  3. Friday 29th check in

    Oh man, we've had the same weather here ... 4 days of record high's. And I don't mean sneaking one in, I mean records broken by 6 or 7 degrees. 90's in late Sept. around here is unheard of! I had the AC on 3 days in a row! We don't even normally use it that often during the Summer. And in typical fashion, woke up to scattered frost this morning. Looks fairly typical for the next couple days, 60's/30's ... We're still a week out until archery opener. Tonight is the first night with no soccer practice (or game) for the kids in quite some time, so we will probably just chill out at home and watch a movie after dinner or something. 2 games tomorrow morning however. We have been under contract on our house, and a house we are buying, for almost 6 weeks now and things are progressing ... so I imagine we will begin the monumental task of packing things up and make at least a couple trips to the dump. I can relate to how you felt MUDRUNNER, we have 4 kids, and all the craziness that comes along with it. I can't even imagine it any other way though! It'll be 15 years for us in the Spring ... time does fly indeed. Congrats to you and yours!
  4. Metal Roof

    Heheh ... "banned camp" ... Heheh
  5. 343

    Yessir! FDNY lost 343 members.
  6. could use some prayers

    Sorry to read this. Best wishes for peace to you and your family.
  7. 343

    Same here, had an extremely busy day at work to boot!
  8. where potholes come from

    Can't help but think there was a mineral contaminant in the crushed stone ... ? Or maybe not. lol Really cool pic though.
  9. 343

    That is all.
  10. Done growing here

    I haven't had a buck on camera since July!
  11. Tapatalk issue

    I've never been able to successfully sign on using tapatalk. I've tried several times over the past couple years.
  12. Helping a young guy out

    That's awesome. Guys like me are grateful for guys like you.
  13. paradise burning

    Oh man, good luck and stay safe! I have several family members on vacation in Yellowstone right now and another separate group of friends in MT on vacation, the pics they're posting on FB are frightening,
  14. Bacon Wrapped Deer Bites!

    Well, we had to reschedule the club BBQ and I couldn't make it. However, I did make them for a dinner party last week, and they came out AWESOME!
  15. public school systems, teachers....

    Yes, definitely have the Principal in on the meeting. It sounds to me as if his current teacher is completely unaware of his "condition" (For lack of a better term) IMO public education really sticks to the "one size fits all" when it comes to learning style ... especially older teachers. Not that there aren't awful newer teachers and stellar ones with lots of experience. If I was in your shoes, I'd make it clear that her expectations are likely unrealistic and try to identify more obtainable goals and guidelines for him in the classroom. Is he eligible for an IEP? If you don't have one already, it may be worth looking into. 2 of my girls have medical issues, and we have 504 plans in place for them ... I admittedly have little knowledge of an actual IEP, however I believe that once that plan is in place the childs educators, and other staff, are held accountable to that plan. Good luck, I hope the school year smooths out for you guys and your boy has a great year.