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    Steer It Fishing

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    Steer It Fishing

    Go www.SteerItFishing.com
  3. Cast or Troll Planer Boards with DIRECTION CONTROL! This Holiday Sampler Pack of fishing floats with direction control will help you catch fish when the catching gets tough! There are a lot of ways they can help get and keep a bait or lure where the fish are longer from shore or a boat (trolling or drift fishing). Includes all you see for $39.95 free shipping. www.BulletBobber.com Four sizes of BulletBobbers, Two sizes Prowler planers, One 6" DualFin planer, Two size packs of pop-on bobbers stops, 25 glow sticks and pegs.
  4. I have some videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/Bulbob
  5. My son is making DualFin Planers with directional control. They are idea for river fishing or slow trolling. They plane to the side and flip direction when given a little tug. You can clip them on at any time and steer them wherever you want to go downstream or out of the wake! 100% made in the US $27.95 per pair at www.DualFin.com or contact me.
  6. I have been working hard for 10 years to make a planing fishing float that can cover all the bases. My goal is to license the patent. I do not sell them yet because i have not figured out pricing. I may see what they bring on eBay??? I call them ProwlerPlaners. They are very hard to make and I have a very high scrap rate. Machining high density Styrofoam is difficult because it melts on dill bits and worse yet on the band saw. I have to go very slow and back out many times to keep from melting them. They can do it all! - for casting and retrieving, trolling or river fishing – fish from shore, anchored, drifting or trolling - slip rigged or fixed depth - steer them anywhere you want down stream or set it and forget it in the current - flip direction when given a little tug or plane just one direction by moving the weight to a keel - steer under trees or docks and come back out - troll from shore - put in the hydrofoil for high speed walking, paddling, currents or trolling! Fishing in rivers with wicked currents and eddies is a riot but they can help catch fish in many ways. They can they can pull BIG lures for their size. They cut a furl like a water skier cuts out to the side of the boat with the hydrofoil. Best Fishes
  7. Planer boards that fit in a stocking or you pocket and are not hard on your wallet. 1 for $16.95 but get 2 for only $24.95 BUY TWO DUALFINS and Save $8.95
  8. Planer boards that fit in a stocking or you pocket and are not hard on your wallet. 1 for $16.95 but get 2 for only $24.95 BUY TWO DUALFINS and Save $8.95
  9. If you want try a totally new way to fish check out this video from www.BulletBobber.com Catch more fish by keeping your lure or bait in the water and where you want it longer. .
  10. bulbob

    Musky Fishing

    Steve Pennaz from North American Fishing Club goes Musky fishing with large live bait and new planer bords called DualFins. You can watch the video at www.dualfin.com Here is a coupon code if you are interested.