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  1. not much going on here, trying to stay cool this weekend, temps approaching 100 each day, probably spend some time by the pool today and tomorrow we have my nephews B Day party.
  2. ditto! I usually check the date out and somehow missed it on this one! still stand by my decision though 😎
  3. Gun shop owner recommended against the crimson trace because they become too dependent upon the laser Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. My wife has had her concealed carry license for a couple years but just recently decided to carry because she is a salon business owner and has had some sketchy things going on with random cars in her parking lot etc.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Also meant to ask, did you ever end up putting the crimson trace on? Guy at our local shop recommended against it, he said people put it on and rely on it too much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I know this is an old post but my wife just bought a little M&P Bodyguard a couple weeks ago, nice little .380 gun. she's not done a ton of shooting but she picked up on it and liked shooting this little gun. have you seen the new shields William? Looks like they've made a couple small changes, they have the Shield 380 EZ now, not sure if they've always sold a 380 in the shield model?
  7. bought a new hat recently, chose this over Nike...
  8. I agree with William, I have a Deere X320 lawn tractor bought from a local Deere dealer, if you buy from a big box store you're not getting the same product. On your list, I would recommend the Deere.
  9. better watch out Martin, you'll have all the older women's blood pressure way out of whack if you keep going in there!
  10. Congrats team 3, you guys did well. Apologize to my team for not putting any points up, it's a tough thing to do up here in the northeast, I enjoy the challenge though! Look forward to next year and this years turkey season.
  11. some good ones here!
  12. We've been spoiled here in New England, a good defensive game/chess match.. was a little frustrating to watch but definitely a change of pace from the typical high scoring shootouts throughout the league. Halftime and commercials left a whole lot to be desired.
  13. Anyone else shoot the QAD Ultra rest HDX? I went to my local bow shop couple weeks ago and had one installed. Got it dialed in for now and was really happy with how I was shooting. I had a different drop away prior to this as well but have had issues with the spring mechanism at times causing inconsistencies in my shooting and decided to try something new, really happy with this choice so far.
  14. Deer movement and activity have a lot more to do with than just the temperature, but that temp is something that will get them on their feet. As far as killing one from a stand, well it's all about being in the right area at the right time.. this time of year you need to focus strictly on food for the most part.
  15. Nice pic William, you'll hold onto that one forever. That photo shows the maturity/size of the deer well. Congrats again.