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  1. keep on keepin' on Al. I'm done here, both my states seasons closed with no upgrade. Time for a little weekend R&R and getting stuff done around the house. Hopefully we get some decent cold weather this year and I can make it out a couple times on the ice.
  2. good luck in Arkansas, sorry to hear about the lost buck, I had the same thing happen to me back in October. Ended up shooting a nice little 6 so I'll take it.
  3. congrats Ruth, nice looking deer.
  4. The video seems to get screwed up a little for me at around 1:45.. PS- you don't type with as much a Canadian accent as you have when you talk.. 🤣
  5. cool looking buck Al, I like the flyer off his left side. Good Luck. I'm still at it until end of December, although I'll admit since I got my 6 a few weeks back I've slowed down a bit, don't have much time to hunt except the usual Saturday and the last two or so Saturday's here the weather has been miserable, not just heavy rain but winds as well. This coming doesn't look great either. I usually get out for a few sits around Christmas time, so I'm looking forward to that.
  6. Beautiful Pics Dave. Quite the country out there!
  7. Pretty cool Martin, although it doesn't look too easy! Reminds me of being a kid and using video game controllers to do special moves, A, B, B, A, CC Left Right, lol. I been watching videos on JD 1 and 2 series tractors as I see that in my future and find it fascinating the amount of equipment made and all their special uses and implements. Good luck, be safe.
  8. Congrats Frank, what a year you've had!
  9. same thing everywhere around here in Massachusetts William (no surprise), no toiletry/paper goods, haven't heard most recently about freezers but i know back in May, June, July Freezers were absolutely impossible to get your hands on, i already own a chest freezer and spare fridge and freezer but my parents shopped around everywhere at the time for chest freezers and they were backordered at the time for close to 3 months.. it's crazy, what are people doing with it all? Like you say, they've got to be hoarding it... PS- another reason i'm glad to be a hunter, rumors of grocery sto
  10. Congrats Martin, nice tall basket rack on that guy. You guys sure have stacked on the points the last week or two.
  11. Congrats huck, looks like a stud of a buck. Good length and mass.
  12. Congrats Catrina, great looking deer. William, you sure have your hands full with 8’s down there.
  13. pretty cool history with that deer Pat and on your home turf to boot. Congrats!
  14. definitely laid down the blood trail for you.. congrats on the doe and meat in the freezer. Looks like a little funnel/pinch point there in that photo.