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  1. survivor looks like he's got a hole in his broadside? No? It looks like a damn near perfect shot too.
  2. Maine Hntr

    it's time

    Wow. Looks like perfect weather for a lazy Sunday by a fire.
  3. Good luck. I’m headed out this afternoon for a bit, cold front moving in today, heavy rain last night and this morning so I’m hoping that’ll have them on their feet this evening.
  4. cool shot Martin, is that a hawk? I've been seeing a ton of vultures this year, more than I've ever seen. Not in any one particular location, just in general. That was the other thing I saw a ton of last weekend in Maine were Blue Jays, all over the place and loud as anything the first few hours of the morning.
  5. I'd say the odds are pretty slim to hit such a small diameter electric fence wire! Sounds like the plan sorta worked though.
  6. yeah William and Martin, we're still running cams in multiple locations, just don't get to check them that often. That's what I'm hoping though is we catch him on Cam again. I was watching all day Sunday for crows/buzzards and didn't see anything. I'm almost certain he's still on hoof, based on us seeing something take off only a short distance from where we lost last blood. Additionally, one thing I didn't mention was that my father went into that area again Sunday evening to observe (can't hunt Sundays in Maine), as soon as he got there a deer took off back into what I think is the core bedd
  7. Well, I've got some tough news to share after 2 or 3 sleepless nights. I shot a big one Friday night, would have been my biggest deer ever, probably by far, an 8 possibly 9 pointer at our land in Maine, a typical heavy set north woods Maine deer. It couldn't really have gone any better, I don't get but more than 2 days to hunt in Maine each year as it is my parents second home for the last 10 years and I've been making it a point to get up there and bow hunt each year for the last 4-5 years, with my primary hunting happening here at home in Massachusetts. I saw a couple of nice doe Frida
  8. Congrats Al, I’ll check out the story and pics. Great to have early season success.
  9. yeah that looks like a nice one! Not just the rack but his body looks very thick in the mid section.
  10. I actually have Deer Cast as well, downloaded it last year, although I don't pay for the subscription to get the future forecast, only able to see 2-3 days out and it doesn't show you the best time of day out further than the current day. I like the other content as well though. Maybe I'll look into it more though.
  11. good luck Pat, you're after em' early and often this year!
  12. nice looking machine, I went last weekend with one of my brothers and a few of his buddies, we put on over 225 miles in a little over 2 days in the Jackman Maine area, beautiful country. They're all big Can-Am side by side fans, I still prefer the utility style 4 wheeler, although those things are a lot of fun and suspension is something else. Definitely an easier ride.
  13. awesome looking deer Al, he's got quite a bit going on there.
  14. Hey guys, checking in. good luck to all this 2020 season, hopefully our 2020 deer season goes better than the rest of 2020 has! looking forward to some cooler weather and sitting on stand, I don't start until 2nd week of October or so. Chris
  15. Chris Levesque Maine Hntr 37 Mass and Maine Oct 3rd - Dec 31st