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  1. Maine Hntr

    Venison Roast

    That's typically why i didn't like them but this was probably the most tender piece of venison i've ever had, and contrary to not cooking as long as beef you actually cook this longer than beef and it just breaks everything down in it.. my wife and 2 of 3 daughters loved it as well.
  2. Maine Hntr

    Venison Roast

    I typically haven't done venison roasts much (I'm not much a cook myself but enjoy eating most anything), I decided with my deer last year to get a roast to try something new, my wife and I have been trying a lot of new recipes and different cooking methods with the last few deer.. had a 2+ lb roast for dinner tonight she did in the pressure cooker, she did sliced onions, cut the roast into 3-4 pieces and placed on top of the onions, put some beef broth and beef crock pot mixture in over the roast and cooked for an hour and a half, had with a side of diced potatoes and baby carrots.. most delicious and tender roast I ever had, pulled apart easier than pulled pork, no knife required.. needless to say I'll be getting more roasts in my future and this one will go in the books as one of my favorites. Figured I'd share.
  3. Maine Hntr

    Team 4

    congrats Al, having a heck of a season!
  4. Maine Hntr

    Team 2

    sat yesterday for a bit in both the morning and evening, had a doe come in and I was prepared to take her if she presented a shot then I heard some subtle grunting a ways behind her and she turned and trotted off before offering a shot, turns out the grunting was a little skipper spike that ended up coming right to my stand, I passed him up.. would have been some good venison though! Oh well, still a lot of season left..
  5. Maine Hntr

    Team 2

    Took the day out of work today to get some tree stand time in, had a nice buck hot on a Doe running circles near me in a swamp bottom, she brought him right into me within 15 yards but I couldn’t get him to even think about stopping.. he was excited. Got to full draw but never an ethical opportunity.. that being said, I’m gonna try and stick it out for the day.. don’t get a ton of opportunity and I’m hoping they come cruising back through or something else with antler does! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Maine Hntr

    Ahhh...Sweet November Success

    congrats al, great deer.
  7. Maine Hntr

    Team 2

    congrats, saw the photo in the entry forum.
  8. Maine Hntr

    Been Gone Keep Coming Back

    Welcome back Dan, still slow around here but a lot of the same names still checking in here and there. Good luck with the season.
  9. Maine Hntr

    Team 2

    good luck, good to get the kids out!
  10. Maine Hntr

    Been Busy

    Good looking piece Ross! The two I bought from you over the years are still going strong and holding their own! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Maine Hntr

    Climbing sticks and stands

    I knew you were a millennium guy Al, I actually took a look at some this weekend and they definitely look like nice stands, how's the weight compare to lone wolf? The Lone Wolf's are very light and they're really gearing toward the pack and climb strategy vs. the hang and leave them all year.. both have their advantages but either way I prefer an easier pack and setup when possible. I have an old Summit climber which I still really like but it is a bit bulky for today's standards.Thanks for the feedback and info.
  12. Maine Hntr

    Team 1

    congrats Pat, nice mature deer there! Got quite the neck on him..
  13. Maine Hntr

    Fall success

    congrats Martin. Nice bonus to the fall season!
  14. Maine Hntr

    Team 2

    Got my oldest out with me tonight for her first hunt ever, 9 years old. Both her and my wife have been bugging me to take her out one of these times so I decided to tonight while the weather is still nice, just chose a simple little spot on the field edge and put a couple things of brush in front of us to brush us in.. we’ll see what happens but as long as she enjoys it I’m good! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Maine Hntr

    Climbing sticks and stands

    whats everyone using for climbing sticks and stands? I got a few older cheaper ones and like to buy a new one now and again to replace them over time.. just curious what everyones using and how they like or don't like them. Any good deals on anything? I often check out cabelas for sales but some of the better brands don't seem to discount much or often..