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  1. Maine Hntr

    10-17 check-in

    we can only wish it was "10-17"... 2 months early! A little bit of work on Saturday, a little bit of relaxing on Sunday for me.
  2. Maine Hntr

    I missed the special day?

    needs to cool down some, man its been a hot and dry one here in the northeast this year.
  3. Maine Hntr

    2018 -19 deer contest signup

    Chris - 35 MaineHntr Mass and Maine Oct. 1st - Dec. 31st
  4. Maine Hntr

    deer contest?

    I’m in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Maine Hntr

    RT has sadly gone dead

    i'm still here too, after deer season in the winter months i slow down with reading and posting here but usually come back over the summertime when i start getting the fever again, nice to take a little break!
  6. Maine Hntr

    Here ya go

    I missed this last week but those are priceless...
  7. Maine Hntr

    Let's debate

    rack is tough to tell, I'm thinking age wise though that he's 2 1/2?
  8. Maine Hntr

    Euro Mount

    I didn't use beetles, I just skinned, boiled and power washed... something I saw on youtube by a few different guys.
  9. Maine Hntr

    Vikings Gonna Win?

    Hope to see Minnesota vs. patriots! As a New England fan, there are a lot of haters but we’re truly witnessing greatness. If you’re a true fan of sports, you’d agree!
  10. Maine Hntr

    Euro Mount

    Thanks guys, just a good little project for the colder weather. Watched some youtube videos, skinned the head, boiled, power washed, kept cleaning, simmered in a water and peroxide mix... probably took between 6-8 hours of actual labor, not counting the time it just sat boiling. I thought of the barn board last minute and liked how it looked.. I thought an 8" diameter log sliced at a long angle might look pretty cool too, maybe 1" thick or so, maybe next time
  11. Maine Hntr

    Euro Mount

    well I decided just for fun and to try something new that I'd do my own euro mount this year... not a big deer but different project and I learned some. A couple photos, don't worry he won't be staying there.
  12. Maine Hntr

    1-12-2018 check in

    bought and installed a new dishwasher today, watching some football tonight... tomorrow will be a laid back day, may try and do a little work in the garage, supposed to get cold again starting tonight, was 60 here this morning.
  13. Maine Hntr

    Double Pedestal Mount

    looks nice Frank, those are trophy deer for sure, let alone taking them the same year!
  14. Maine Hntr

    Blizzard 2018

    Supposed to be 15 for a high tomorrow and 5 on Saturday... not going away anytime soon. (I know martin, it’s not Wisconsin cold!) lol
  15. Maine Hntr

    Blizzard 2018

    Yeah I know martin, it’s all relative I guess... just came quicker than most storms do. I don’t consider it a good one unless we get 18 or more, lol