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  1. Missouri rifle

    Congratulations Hoytshooter ! Great tracking job and sticking to the task at hand to locate blood and then the long difficult tracking job to recover your buck on the neighbor's property. Also kudos to you for calling the neighbor and asking for permission to enter his land. The 30/30 Win has taken many deer, and I hope it continues to serve you well. HH
  2. Let's meet up Oct 2017 Here is a REAL backcountry elk hunt ! A bowhunt for elk in rough country in of the best videos I have seen ! Enjoy ! 43 minutes long . HH
  3. Let's meet up Oct 2017 Looks like Unit 80 & Unit 81 are doing well from Colo Dow. Read the report as Colo residents sound off on elk populations to DOW. HH
  4. Let's meet up Oct 2017

    dawg: see my PM to you. HH
  5. Let's meet up Oct 2017

    Found a thread that might be an eye opener for Unit 54 in the West Elk Wilderness. It is pretty disappointing for hunting results. Sure some folks score but on a general consensus... it is crowded, even in the Wilderness area. Please read through the thread and form your own opinon. Now... a lot of the fellows were archery hunting, but many also rifle hunted the area in the past. Perhaps Units 53, 63, and 521 are not so crowded, but I imagine they have lots of hunters also. Respectfullly submitted. HH Richard PS scroll up to the beginning of the thread.
  6. 4 states, 3 birds (pic heavy)

    pointing_ dogs: Great photos, friends and hunts. Very nice photos there. Glad you had a chance to enjoy your medical leave, and were successful on your hunts. Hope the healing & recovery goes well. HH
  7. Let's meet up Oct 2017 Some terrain photos of mountain bike riders by the "Castles", Swampy pass, and the Anthracite Mtn range all along CR 737Ohio Pass Rd in Unit 54 not far from Gunnison Colo. HH
  8. Let's meet up Oct 2017

    Happy Memorial Day to the members, vets, and our fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice ! HH
  9. Let's meet up Oct 2017 LOL... Ok last one, a video of Unit 81 over Platora reservoir and the Continental Divide in the distance for the Tenn boys ! HH
  10. Let's meet up Oct 2017 Here is a short drone video of Platora Reservoir and surrounding mountain range, which holds the Continental Divide. Some beautiful country in Unit 81. Colorado. Charlie aka Silvertip_Co and Jeff have hunted this Unit. Posted for your viewing. HH Richard
  11. Let's meet up Oct 2017 From Photos There are 3 pages of photos from the Flat Tops Wilderness area 73 total I believe I am offering as on Pg 1 Charlie had suggested perhaps a hunt in the Flat Tops White River National Forest might intrigue some folks. Well... here are photos from the area for your viewing. Anyone have any experience hunting here ? At one time... this location held the largest elk herd in Colorado, now I believe it is perhaps 2nd or 3rd largest elk herd. With heavy snows the elk migrate out of the high area into lower elevations. If you know the migration routes when that happens, heavy snowfall, you can see hundreds of elk. Click the photos in the gallery to see them larger with some explanation of the area. This area usually has a large population of hunters, but many elk also. HH Richard
  12. Idaho fawn mortality 2017 Another western state. Colorado: Discussion from monster forums on the deer tag reduction in Colorado's Gunnison unit and surrounding units due to a bad winter and falling deer numbers. Good read. HH
  13. Let's meet up Oct 2017 A thread from on the deer tag reductions for the Gunnison area and thoughts on the deer numbers drop over the last few years. HH
  14. Let's meet up Oct 2017 A heads up about deer hunting in 2017 in Idaho's Unit 48 and it fawn mortality. HH
  15. Idaho fawn mortality 2017

    A post on 24 hour campfire forums about Idaho unit 48 fawn mortality. HH