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  1. In Edmonton at one point you had to use your lights in your house at 2:00 pm the smoke had choked out the sun that bad.
  2. Thats for sure Strut10. Just purchase a 270 win Vanguard synthetic griptonite stock not done running the barrel in , but so far it looks good with 140's. Dialing it in this weekend, hopefully. Maybe try some American whitetail 130 gr Hornady spire points.
  3. Yup bears are tough critters, if close range a good 180 and 200 gr bonded or 180 monolithic should do the job, if you shoot the shoulder. Another place is throught the boiler room, if your at further distance, 180 gr bt or sst would work. Those 2 would go into the ribs and go to work shredding as they expanded .
  4. Its here too, skin your kapes , cut off antlers and have the skull tested to be okayed for consumption. Let them know which management unit you shoot it in, if it has cwd then they pay attention to that and do fly overs and shoot any that show signs.
  5. Another name for poacher hmmmm, how about idiot.
  6. Jeepers creepers, forgot my password then it come to me when i was Still around and kicking even after that extreme cold we had in February.
  7. Wow, been a while. February was so darn cold here most of the time it was -30 C plus the wind chill which dipped it down to close to the -40 C or F it is the same but stayed . It's amazing when it gets there the cold goes right through you then it is a bugger of a time to get those chills out of you, about the only way is jump into a hot bath and soak until you feel it leave you.
  8. Merry Christmas to all and their families.
  9. It sounds like to me it was a rancher protecting his cattle or someone that he hired to do it. These animals aren't stupid if they don't get shot at in the park they will stay until they eat all the game animals in the park. When they come out of the park after eating all game they are after domesticated animals and they are fair game. Trophies are just as everyone mentioned in the eye of the beholder and the people who think all hunters are trophy hunters are the ones who probably think chocolate milk comes from brown cows.
  10. Good hunt, that barrel barely cooled down
  11. Didn't get a buck, darn it all. Brother in law got this with a draw tag
  12. Didn't get to pull the trigger on a buck again, seen a few this year but was picky. Brother in law got this stud with his antlered mule draw.
  13. Here too those big bucks aren't doing anything. Have seen 2 good ones this year, the last one a doe come out of the bushes with a big boy on her she went back in and there he went.