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  1. im your huckleberry

    Been a bit.......sorry to my old friends

    Great, your back . Now we have to get this place jumpin again. Welcome back!
  2. im your huckleberry

    10-18 Friday check-in

    Just staying indoors for about the last 4 days come down with something. Barely get out of bed just sleep and crawl to go to washroom.
  3. im your huckleberry

    Any ideas on this doe??

    Almost looks like she's sick from something or another.
  4. im your huckleberry

    10-12 check-in thread

    Martin how do you go to washroom if you can't lift more than 30
  5. im your huckleberry

    10-12 check-in thread

    Still kicking here, had a complete physical from the dr, nothing wrong so far. Got one more thing to do a cat scan I guess the dr wants to make sure I'm all there lol. No seriously had an mva 18 months ago and my right arm and leg go numb but comes back within 10 minutes he just wants to make sure.
  6. im your huckleberry

    308 Scope Recommendation

    Put that 5 on my Sako Bavarian it's has very fine clarity in low light conditions, like cloudy when it is just legal hunting time.
  7. im your huckleberry

    308 Scope Recommendation

    Nikon Monarch 5 2-10x50 or Vortex viper hs 2-10x50
  8. im your huckleberry

    It's coming

    It come back last night
  9. im your huckleberry

    It's coming

    Snow is all gone here. Although Calgary got dumped on real good , about 14" in 2 days .
  10. im your huckleberry

    A moose for ColoradoBob

    Nice swamp donkey.
  11. im your huckleberry

    I survived

    Sure wish we had a large dove population here.
  12. im your huckleberry

    9-28 Friday check-in

    Not doing g to much here relaxing. Went out on Monday got a few grouse, seen a small 8 point but let him wander into the woods. Think I'll call him lucky because he was lucky it wasn't the last few days of the season.
  13. im your huckleberry

    Team 2

    Seen a nice 8 point today, but was out looking for grouse and did get a few. Deer season where I seen the deer wasn't open yet.
  14. im your huckleberry

    Team 2

    Get people shivering
  15. im your huckleberry

    9-21 Friday check-in

    Just on my first of 5 days off. Tomorrow I'm off with the rifle just in case lots of bone, and the 20 gauge to try and get some grouse.