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  1. 2017 2018 deer contest signup

    Oh darn to late , working.
  2. 9 - 15 Checkin

    Yes another week passing by, one more closer to deer season. Was up by Grande Prairie, Alberta doing some deliveries a 4x4 passed me and the lucky man had a 6x6 bull elk on the back of the trailer it was a bow kill.
  3. even with brakes......

    Wow I drive trucks right at the moment and can assure you that I have never cut anybody off like that. I alway make sure that I can at least get up to 30 before I will pull out in front of anybody. In Canada it's usually our fine East Indian drivers that do that, for instance they will come up to a stop sign and slow down and pull out without even stopping. They also keep going hiway speeds even in urban areas, seen one take a speeding ticket last week in northern B.C. Young drivers starting out are no better they feel they have something to prove, the damn load or the the money they are getting is worth taking someones life or your own.
  4. Mmm Mmm Good

    Nothin used here just a marinade with mccormicks rub. For chicken and pork it's Cattle boyz bbq sauce.
  5. Touchy topic

    Montana and Alberta must be sisters, we have to many of those people that just drive around and wont get out of their vehicles unless they shoot something or see something worth shooting, then its jump out on the road and let fly. Where have all the sportsmen gone? I think all the sports men have hidden themselves in the bush waiting for the right buck to come by. Changing times with not many people wanting to be in enforcment or is it government budgets that will not allow to hire any more officers, sometimes i think it is the other hunters are expected to report poachers and they do here. In Alberta wardens out west near the rockies are busy watching the sheep thats where they make the yearly budget with hefty fines doled out for any infractions leaves me wondering what about other big game critters.
  6. 8-18 friday check in

    Stuck in Northern BC working for me, oh well the money is great got paid 12hrs for 2 days on standby and caught up on some sleep.
  7. Thunder chicken

    To funny. Be just like a fmj go through almost anything.
  8. 8-4 It's gonna be a cool Friday check-in, ya dig

    R&R here. Plan on getting some extra sleep maybe taking the wife to the Heritage Festival and sample some healthy eats from other cultures.
  9. Who's in for a 7/28 Friday check-in?

    Im still here. Another 45 days and elk season opens in thiz neck of the woods. Anotber 90 days and it back to the hotspots.for that wbitetail buck for the 3rd year.
  10. Check in now for 7-21-17

    Planning on burning some powder at the range if it's not to hot need to get that Nikon on my Wby zeroed at a100 yds seeing it was replaced with a brand new one though their warranty.
  11. Who's still around?

    Oh yah, still here. Is there any better forum not that i have found will be here for a long time to come.
  12. Get this Friday going-7/14 check-in

    Working trying to stay cool from this heatwave.
  13. 4350 and metering issues

    The peak should be toward the top of the measure. Only other thing is 4831sc, but if your getting good accuracy and velocity from 4350 why change.
  14. 7/7 Friday check-in on a Wednesday...what the

    Are you talking my butt or the car? lol
  15. 7/7 Friday check-in on a Wednesday...what the

    Dark green