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  1. Personally haven't use any of said product since 96. Have found it wasn't as effective as other products. Thanks for the heads up always appreciated.
  2. Cut down in his prime. Sorry for your loss, prayers go out .
  3. Just got told a trick here I'll try it and let you know how it works, smear a very thin coat of chevy gasket maker on contact surface of the rings. Going to try locktite as well before I toss it in my spares bag. Temperature may have had something to do with it to 75° to -1° expansion contraction may have had an effect too.
  4. My season ended with the Burris zee rings not holding properly, the scope sliding and missing a 10 point at 50 yds before I noticed that it happened. Time to give up on anything Burris had it sighted in 1inch high at 100 yds, 18 inch lbs for torque that is the max and the 270 win isn't a heavy recoiling cartridge oh well he will grow another year.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving, that ham looks good.
  6. Went again on the weekend. Started out good the only bucks i seen were at 500 yds with a 15 mph constant crosswind with gusts up to 25. Didn't try to many if factors. Seen one buck chasing a doe so even with this little warm up in temp didn't slow them down to much.
  7. Been pretty much like that here too! Last weekend was cold then it warmed up a bit, any signs of rut that were starting to happen just stopped dead. Last weekend bucks alert but nose working ot for receptive does. Tried fake marking territory and scraping with no luck with that at this moment in time. Give er get one on the ground!
  8. I regret to tell you had a very very respectable 8 point in my crosshairs, but misjudged distance and just put it over his back. Betcha he felt the bullet go over his back it was a very near miss. An inch or 2 lower and he would have been bagged and tagged. This 8 had real tall tines, good mass and width, he would have done 165 inches minimum.
  9. Still here just started new job hauling grain long hours but its money.
  10. A lot of credit goes to Artistic Taxidermy out of Edmonton.
  11. The brother in law's 2018 mulie is finally done had to show it to guys that would appreciate it.
  12. Great mulie ! Now comes the tasty part.