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  1. im your huckleberry

    10-17 check-in

    Back the work for 13 days for me, worth it though 5 days off trying to swing it so i have Sept 15 off for 5 first week of Elk season.
  2. im your huckleberry

    The new setup

    Range session would have went better if i didnt forget the ammo for the 06 at home all i took was my 6.5 ammo, both rifles came along only shot the 6.5 . Thats ok tried that imr 4451 behind 123 sst's sent them out very accurately it was a toss up between h 4350 and 4451.
  3. im your huckleberry

    The new setup

    Model 85 Sako Bavarian 30-06 with a Monarch 5 2-10x50 with advanced bdc.
  4. im your huckleberry

    The new setup

  5. im your huckleberry

    Finally saved enough!

  6. im your huckleberry

    Checking in/saying hello

    Welcome back!
  7. im your huckleberry

    2018 -19 deer contest signup

    Wayne, 55, im your huckleberry Alberta, rifle, Sept 15 - Nov 30
  8. im your huckleberry

    Finally saved enough!

    Off to the range to burn some powder tomorrow bought box of rem 165 core lokt hope shes a shooter will keep y'all posted, but first clean barrel so it doesn't add fouling if any.
  9. im your huckleberry

    Finally saved enough!

    Let you know soon russelon, take the cleaning kit to the range and run the barrel in. Just mounted a Monarch 5 on it 2.5-10x50. We'll see tonight how it is for gathering.
  10. im your huckleberry

    8-10 Friday check-in

    Well I'm late again, smoothing thing over with the wife she freaked out when she seen the sales receipt for the new rifle and scope. By the way put a 2.5 - 10 x50 Monarch 5, I am just hoping it will be a good light gatherer for those right at legal hunting time morning and night.
  11. im your huckleberry

    deer contest?

    I'm in
  12. im your huckleberry

    RT has sadly gone dead

    Heck a few years ago it was just booming here, now just barely any activity sure do miss the good ole days here.
  13. im your huckleberry

    Friday the 13th check-in

    A sow bear with triplet cubs.
  14. im your huckleberry

    Friday the 13th check-in

    A little late but still here. Here a pic, took it today.
  15. im your huckleberry

    weatherby vanguard?

    I would say yes it is, the Vangaurd is made by Howa . They are good rifles for the price you pay, Weatherby does there thing to them and they a little.more accurate than the Howa. Overall they are worth worth buying and putting in your gunsafe.