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  1. Borrowed these from a different site.
  2. You said it David. If you want the actual conversation you have got to go to the Lazzeroni site. 6.5 mm is .255 inches what gives there.
  3. With this mutated version that's going around now and they are still testing to see if this vaccine will work on the next generation of covid kind of makes me wonder. New Years in Wuhan had streets pack full of celebrators so I'm still not sure.
  4. It is a 6.8 Western. Its built on a shortened wsm case.
  5. Was reading and 6.5 wsm's wildcat name is the 6.5 leopard.
  6. The 6.5 wsm wouldn't surprise me, but wouldn't get any better than 264 win for velocity. Just guesstimating. The 7mm wsm is only about 100 fps slower than the Remington. That short action would make it lighter thought.
  7. Well what does Winchester have up their sleeve. Kind of wonder what it's going to be.
  8. Still have Antlered mule to go. There is supposed to be a non typical in the area I'm drawn in, hoping I can locate him.
  9. Still here. Seems like this is up and running while others are crashing. Thankfully. Members are here not as it once was though, but they do check in.
  10. Its a nice 10 maybe 11 point. The extra is about enough to hang a ring on, but the judges will decide that one.