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  1. Turkey Day check-in

    Xt man, you should be around here lots of shooters, i just have no time to get after them always working.
  2. 11-17 early check-in

    On the way back from work seen 5 bucks and 2 does, wow that is really rare you usually see more does than bucks.
  3. 11-17 early check-in

    Yup and I have to work, but i did see a nice 4x4 heavy beam at about 25 yds while coming out of a gas plant near Edson, Ab yesterday. I realy want to take my rifle but against company policies so go on days off, spend to couple of days and release some buck bomb doe in estrus that usually brings them in if they are in the vicinity, yes I did try to snap a pic of that 4x4 but he quickly pranced off to the bush. It looked to me like a 3 or 4 year old.
  4. Maybe

    Used some buck bomb here the other day, was there ever new buck tracks around looking for that hot doe. So that stuff works kind of.
  5. 11-3 First November check-in (rut edition)

    On the second i got the chance to test out my 300 wby and the 168 e-tips that i loaded. What a job it does on that meat deer. It was broadside but turned slightly and shot it quartering away, well it took a 1.5" wide and 8" long no problem tracking with a blood trail 3 feet wide and 10 yards long on snow.
  6. 10-27 Halloween check-in

  7. The Rut is on here!

    Just saw double decker on the drive to my hunting spot.
  8. 10-27 Halloween check-in

    Yup still here, more than i can say for the buck that i took out with the ladder on the molten sulphur trailer. A nice 170 class 5 po├Čnt he will be missed by someone.
  9. CHRISTmas exchange?

    To get everyone in the spirit
  10. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    It's cooling down here, hoverimg right around freezing every night. During the early mornings i am starting to see a little pre rut activity, get ready fellow hunters.
  11. Friday the 13th check-in

    Yup its pretty relaxed here. Starting monday it won't be, company i am working for just got a new contract and it looks lile i get the first week of November off with a 14 days work and 7 off get me out when the deer are still calm.
  12. How about a 10-6 Friday check-in

    Nothing here except went to the range on saturday to zero my replacment prostaff 7 . Barrel got dirty then put them all over the target with factory rounds. Darn dirty burns with factory rounds. Get this thing sited with my e-tip handloads and that enduron powder and clean less.
  13. 2017 2018 deer contest signup

    Wayne Im your huckleberry 54 Alberta,Canada Sept15 - Nov 30
  14. Deer contest teams posted

    Yup, I know what you mean by busy there Lewis.

    This doofus was a refugee and they are going to send him to court for what he did! Give him a leaky boat drag him 300 miles of the coast in Atlantic, then let Coast gaurd practise with big guns!