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  1. I regret to tell you had a very very respectable 8 point in my crosshairs, but misjudged distance and just put it over his back. Betcha he felt the bullet go over his back it was a very near miss. An inch or 2 lower and he would have been bagged and tagged. This 8 had real tall tines, good mass and width, he would have done 165 inches minimum.
  2. Still here just started new job hauling grain long hours but its money.
  3. A lot of credit goes to Artistic Taxidermy out of Edmonton.
  4. The brother in law's 2018 mulie is finally done had to show it to guys that would appreciate it.
  5. Great mulie ! Now comes the tasty part.
  6. You would think there would be something catastrophic happening there, never tried it myself and wouldn't want to try it.
  7. We have had cases here since 2003, but it has been a small amount. They had a big DNR shoot of about 2500 deer in Saskatchewan and Alberta border area which there was less than 1% found with cwd. Since then we have had a mandatory skull testing in which you must turn the skull in at designated stations where you fill out info cards of where you shot it and wait until you get a green light to eat it. If it turns out it does they don't issue another tag they just say thanks for taking it out of that area.
  8. Redneck trick I've used for a few years is when driving into your hunting area is spray some doe in estrus on your tires to disguise any scent that is in your vehicle it stops the buck in the to have a sniff. While you are at your blind the truck don't spook them with human scent.
  9. Just scent blocker, still on original bottle, it was recommended. Only problem is my hunting buddies say it smells like a cow barn, oh well who cares.
  10. Bacon or sow belly both are tasty. Just put a little salt on sow belly. Fry both till crispy and both are a real pleasure for the taste buds.
  11. We amazingly never got any of it here it was all south of us. Started somewhere around Red deer and stayed south. The further south you went the more snow there was Waterton got about 36 inches and Calgary set snowfall records for September.
  12. Yup after 4 years of waiting got another bull moose tag on this year number 5 . I'll look for the moose and end up getting the nice whitetail buck hopefully.
  13. Thank you kind sir.
  14. After looking high and low here and there finally found them my rattling antlers here's a pic. Should have got it mounted but it was the small of my collection from over 5 years of hunting about 20 years ago. Now that I have them again will see if I can replace them with a better set this year. Had to cut brows off they were beating my thumbs up badly so they had to go. It was a pretty good 8 point.