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  1. im your huckleberry

    MERRY Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all and their families.
  2. im your huckleberry

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    It sounds like to me it was a rancher protecting his cattle or someone that he hired to do it. These animals aren't stupid if they don't get shot at in the park they will stay until they eat all the game animals in the park. When they come out of the park after eating all game they are after domesticated animals and they are fair game. Trophies are just as everyone mentioned in the eye of the beholder and the people who think all hunters are trophy hunters are the ones who probably think chocolate milk comes from brown cows.
  3. im your huckleberry

    Best 9 days hunting I ever had

    Good hunt, that barrel barely cooled down
  4. im your huckleberry

    2018 Nebraska Buck

    Wow, nice.
  5. im your huckleberry

    terrible start for rifle deer season here.

    Didn't get a buck, darn it all. Brother in law got this with a draw tag
  6. im your huckleberry

    Team 2

    Didn't get to pull the trigger on a buck again, seen a few this year but was picky. Brother in law got this stud with his antlered mule draw.
  7. im your huckleberry

    terrible start for rifle deer season here.

    Here too those big bucks aren't doing anything. Have seen 2 good ones this year, the last one a doe come out of the bushes with a big boy on her she went back in and there he went.
  8. im your huckleberry

    Happy Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  9. im your huckleberry

    11-16 early check-in

    All is well here, really seen a nice one about a quarter section away. You know it's a good one when you can see antlers from that distance. To bad it was posted land.
  10. im your huckleberry

    Almost cried.

    That buck wasn't really worth shooting anyhow maybe a 2.5 year old probably his 3rd winter nice looking bone though fairly even although only about 120 inches still room to improve.
  11. im your huckleberry

    Almost cried.

    Today just trying to find a promising place to hunt. Well I stopped because the old Silerado didn't sound to good, ended up the darn oil filter somehow collapsed. Well I had one for my next oil change in the 1500, caught the run off from old filter and put the oil in my catch pan. Busy priming the new filter then let it sit for min or 2, the 3rd time filling up looked over and an 8 point standing no more than 45 yards broad side with no firearm wasn't out deer so didn't bother to take with me. Gosh darn pretty hard on myself, but needed to ask for permission still.
  12. im your huckleberry

    Team 2

    Good golly Hornady 123 gr sst handloads are devastated on deer.
  13. im your huckleberry

    2018-2019 deer contest photo entry thread

    Team 2 Im your huckleberry
  14. im your huckleberry

    Team 2

    Fresh snow today should be no problem picking up where they are hiding in the morning, and see them.
  15. im your huckleberry

    11-2 early check-in thread

    Yahoo its here finally go and give deer harassment.