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  1. Oh yah, still here. Is there any better forum not that i have found will be here for a long time to come.
  2. Working trying to stay cool from this heatwave.
  3. The peak should be toward the top of the measure. Only other thing is 4831sc, but if your getting good accuracy and velocity from 4350 why change.
  4. Are you talking my butt or the car? lol
  5. Dark green
  6. Have extra time off I broke down. So I went out driving around and spied up a beaut, no it's not a buck it's an old wild horse. A 1965 Mustang fastback GT 2+2 with some work done to the 289 it's bumped up to about 325 hp and runs on 94 octane sounds good too that small block rumble. Yah I know it's a Sunday driver because the price of super premium gasoline is pricey just running it through my mind right now and thinking of a way to get the wife's approval, thats the deal breaker oh well I'll dream until I she says yes or gives me kick in the backside.
  7. Wtn do have a powder baffle in the measure? You see most powder measures were designed for ball powder, 4350 is extruded. I'm also having problems with my RCBS powder measure. Baffles keep the powder weight off your metering mechanism which will give you a more accurate measure with less chance of over or under charge. I still have not bought a baffle for mine just said heck with it and hand measure all my hand loads each and everyone has less variance with velocity and accuracy which make them more consistent. Baffles up here are about $15 so I would imagine somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 where you are and most places.that sell reloading equipment should have them or could get them from Hornady. Before you buy one get in contact with Hornady and ask them a few questions to see if that will maybe solve your problem. I hope this helps a little or a bunch.
  8. Mounted it last night can't wait to sight it in .
  9. When women wear a bikini they reveal 90% of their body, men are so polite they only at the covered parts. I find it ironic that the colours red, white and blue stand for freedom, until they are flashing behind you.
  10. When women wear a bikini they reveal 90% of their body, men are so polite they only at the covered parts. I find it ironic that the colours red, white and blue stand for freedom, until they are flashing behind you.
  11. My Nikon Prostaff made it's way back home today, wow that was quick. I sent it on the 20th of June and it's here already and they even had to get it from Nikon USA. Now that is customer service! The companies that make it nowadays have great customer service.
  12. Happy 4th of July!
  13. Yah, I agree should have been a big fine at least $350,000, $1000 per inch. I quit watching those shows as well. There is one host of a hunting show in Canada, who's parents I believe own the channel that pays land owners big dollars for exclusive rights to hunt on their land taking any permission for away for the every day hunters like you and I. That is why I don't subscribe to that channel anymore. There are some Hillbillies up here that are going to fix him up, talk is, bear fat and the trimmings off of their hides will be scattered around the perimeter of the boughten access land to keep game animals out like deer, elk, moose. Or is that a Redneck thing. This person is also very very arrogant, when you see him at a gun or sportsman show he will just look at you and with get away from me look , then ignore you. I guess that's what happens in some cases when your a spoiled little rich kid, who's mommy and daddy give him anything he whines for without having to do a little hard work to get what he wants.
  14. Still here, one month closer to hunting season the count down is on ! Hopefully get my Prostaff 7 back from out east had to change my mounts and rings wouldn't stay tight , used Nikons no fault warranty. Replaced the Burris extreme tacticals with Leopold dual dovetail .
  15. Looking good fly, nice truck too. Say is that a frontier? If it is you will be able to bring more than one deer home in that. My 2014 successful moose draw was brought back home in a Pro 4X frontier, springs were pretty straight took the arch out of them. lol