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  1. Great news your dog is not seriously injured. A conibear beaver trapwould fix the meter reader up, you were just trying to catch a racoon, if you catch the reader.
  2. If you think your having a bad day, how about what ever left these behind!
  3. Everything is fine in this part of Alberta. Got shutdown for 14 days. The place I haul out of shutdown earlier this month but back at it now with cut hours.
  4. Sweet! Isolate and catch fish, is there anything better?
  5. Just for you fellows if you can find any disinfectant. Spray nine website does confirm that it does kill covid 19 in as little as 45 second when instructions on the bottle are followed.
  6. Showed up for work on the 16 and was sent home because every place I haul in or out of was doing an isolation. So far the wife and I are good. The wife works in the deli of a grocery store and they are very strict on cleaning equipment, and hands before serving anyone, luckily not many people are getting deli sliced meats. The only outtings I do is take the wife to work and pick her up, then is back home to get lazy and do Netflix from the couch. The boss phoned and told me we would be back up and running on monday. Now a driver can't even walk through the drive thru to get a coffee, maybe it's time to take the kw with the deck through there but a 53' tri axle trailer would probably take the squawk box out because those darn tight corners.
  7. Just looking for options on this of what everyone prefers.
  8. You tube, twitter, and facebook are amalgamating the new platform is going to be called, YouTwitFace.
  9. Nice find! You will love that caliber. Works like a darn on deer hits them like a quarter bore thor's hammer. Deer are not safe with that even flat out running. Shooting deer seems effortless its there so fast you will be jaw drop impressed. Just remember if you reload you might want to check throat lead because 257 roy has freebore in mark v not sure if Remington does. Have some fun tuning coyotes in but dont heat barrel up it eat your accuracy up from throat erosion from heat and gases.
  10. Personally haven't use any of said product since 96. Have found it wasn't as effective as other products. Thanks for the heads up always appreciated.
  11. Cut down in his prime. Sorry for your loss, prayers go out .
  12. Just got told a trick here I'll try it and let you know how it works, smear a very thin coat of chevy gasket maker on contact surface of the rings. Going to try locktite as well before I toss it in my spares bag. Temperature may have had something to do with it to 75° to -1° expansion contraction may have had an effect too.