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  1. Good looking set for sure. Definitely something to add to your mount collection.
  2. There was a little bit of trees off to his left think they were the only ones for about 2 miles. The pic was taken about an hour north of the Montana border David.
  3. Today on my journeys found this fellow a nice speed goat buck about 400 yds out and walking towards trees for some shade, but when 34°C ( 87°F approx) and no wind think that's where I'd be heading too. It was taken around Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.
  4. Out this way it's coming in from the west and north. Sure do know what it's like to have those conditions. Last week was in British Columbia, pretty smokey there. The Trans Canada hiway #1 was closed to all traffic through the Fraser Canyon, think it's still under could close at any time warnings. Sure seems to be worse in some spots and not in others. Sure hope we all get rain minus the lightning to give those personnel who are fighting fires all across North America a helping hand with about 2.5" of steady rain. A pic of Kamloops B.C it was much worse the day before when I went through. The pic was taken on the return trip.
  5. Congrats on the draw. Go get em! They look awesome as a mount, not bad eating either if not heated up from running to much.
  6. Well he would definitely only need to use the rinse selector at the car wash after this pre-soak. Have only ever had to walk trailer into water then use tow strap to pull boat and trailer out because 2wd and sand.
  7. Ok haven't been on the forums for a while night shift and all. Glad to have hear all went well William and your recovering. Hope you can do your favorite pass time this fall those deer will be walking around like zombies if your not there to keep them . Take care .
  8. My apologies for chiming in late, been working nights and after sitting living off savings for a year this offer came up had to take it. Yes know what everyone is feeling darn hot here too. It's been 50 years since we had 104°F in Alberta that's 40°C. We are still 29°C or somewhere in the mid to high 80's F. Wife wanted to buy another air conditioner yah good luck on that one, they are either o.o.s or sold out. The one we bought 5 years ago still works fine so we suffer through the day and set it for 18°C so we can sleep at night in the bedroom. Well everyone still hydrated, have a cool shower. I like to start with water that is the same temperature as a lake when you alley oop off the dock some may not want to start there, but it is invigorating. It's amazing what a person can get used to for water temp just like rivers in the foothills in mid September when your hunting, burr ,shiver. Once was enough for me. Going to try to make it back more often though .
  9. Borrowed these from a different site.
  10. You said it David. If you want the actual conversation you have got to go to the Lazzeroni site. 6.5 mm is .255 inches what gives there.
  11. With this mutated version that's going around now and they are still testing to see if this vaccine will work on the next generation of covid kind of makes me wonder. New Years in Wuhan had streets pack full of celebrators so I'm still not sure.
  12. It is a 6.8 Western. Its built on a shortened wsm case.
  13. Was reading and 6.5 wsm's wildcat name is the 6.5 leopard.
  14. The 6.5 wsm wouldn't surprise me, but wouldn't get any better than 264 win for velocity. Just guesstimating. The 7mm wsm is only about 100 fps slower than the Remington. That short action would make it lighter thought.
  15. Well what does Winchester have up their sleeve. Kind of wonder what it's going to be.
  16. Still have Antlered mule to go. There is supposed to be a non typical in the area I'm drawn in, hoping I can locate him.
  17. Still here. Seems like this is up and running while others are crashing. Thankfully. Members are here not as it once was though, but they do check in.
  18. Its a nice 10 maybe 11 point. The extra is about enough to hang a ring on, but the judges will decide that one.
  19. Hunting alone today so couldn't get pick of me and deer.