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  1. We scouted a field for opening day of early goose, and saw a field with about 150-200 birds in it at night. Our scouting also had only 40-50 birds hitting it for the morning feed. Well not thinking anything of it (we assumed more came after we had to head to work) we set our blinds for a morning hunt. Well after shooting 4 birds in the morning and only seeing 25ish, we were left with a decision to make...pack it up and call it a day, or hunt all day! Well we decided that we would leave the field, go grab lunch and come back by 12:30 for the afternoon hunt. We no sooner got out of the truck and a flock of 70 flew over our spread and landed in a near by pond. After that, it was game on all afternoon! Just goes to show TRUST YOUR SCOUTING! Hope you enjoy the video!
  2. Last year on opening day, we were hit with the lows and highs of hunting all in one day. After being the first one to the spot, I am a waterfowl hunter, so that means something to me, but apparently doesn't mean anything to others, we had hunters swing in and cut in behind us a shoot birds on their way to our field. THEN the guy parked out in front of us TWICE and sat there forever, getting out of his truck, walking around, talking on the phone, you name it. We had decoys out and orange up, so I KNOW he saw us. It just blew my mind how someone could have such little respect. Anyway, we got fed up and moved to a different property and immediately spotted some birds. After calling to them for an hour, we decided to put a reap on them from 400 yards away. We had to have crawled 250 yards, and when we came over the hill, the birds closed the rest of the distance in a hurry! What a hunt! I am curious have you ever had other hunters treat you like that? Hope you enjoy the video!
  3. We have watched a lot of videos on deer calling, and we would get frustrated by hearing things like "Imagine This Scenario" or "Do this when X is happening" but it has nothing but a talking head describing situations hypothetically. Some of the info is actionable, but many times it is missing important context. We decided to make a better "How to" deer calling video! We did it by walking through actual hunts where we are calling to deer that would otherwise pass out of range. We hold nothing back, and even show when we screwed up. We think this is the most relatable deer calling video you will find. What are some of your go to tactics? Enjoy! https://youtu.be/S1EZ4m2vCuc
  4. Last year we had a BIG tom working this field. After playing games with him all morning, an airplane buzzed the field flying low which sent the gobbler into a gobbling frenzy before running towards us, ultimately giving us the shot. We couldn't believe it! The tom ended up weighing in a 24lbs with 1.5" spurs! A real giant! Here's the video to prove it! Watch the Video!
  5. Opening day is a magical time for us, and this year it was extra special as my first son was born just a week before. Mainly special purely for the fact that my wife was nice enough to let me hunt, but I can not wait to share this passion with him! Our swamp was full of wood ducks and the warm weather kept some decent teal numbers around, which led to a great hunt! 24 birds total, 14 wood ducks, 5 teal, 2 mallard, and 3 geese! The splash down on the goose was insane, it hit the water so hard and almost landed on us! Hope you enjoy the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7WiSwa8As8
  6. Found a field with a bunch of birds in it for opening day, but we were not the first people to ask permission. The landowner gave us their info and we stopped and asked if we could tag along. The guys was nice enough to say yes, then when we got to the field another group of guys also had permission, so we all grouped up and gave the geese a run for their money! That's something I love about hunters, and waterfowl hunters especially, we are a brotherhood, and rather than fighting with each other we work together and all have a great time! Turned into a great video too! Check it out!
  7. It is amazing how hard and easy turkey hunting can seem. After doubling up in the first week of the season, we were left with a tag in our pocket on the last day after a long dry spell. We had a big tom patterned in a field and had killed a few subordinate birds from it, but the dominant bird eluded us. That was until the last day, when he all but ran us over and let us tag out for the season! Hope you like this video!
  8. We have all had those moments that come so close, but then can't quite make it happen. Well, we were able to get a second chance at a deer we saw last year that we called Dodger. This time we sealed the deal! It ended up being an awesome hunt to go along with the great time in the Ohio woods during the rut. We also had a close call with another brute and had a young buck come in looking for a fight with our decoy. When we got Dodger back from the processor he confirmed what we thought led to the unique rack...he had been shot twice by gun hunters! All said, it was very exciting time in the woods! I hope you enjoy the video!
  9. We put a lot of time in scouting preseason and it paid off! It's not too often a hunt goes the way you expect it to, but this one certainly did! It played out just like you see it on TV and we had plenty of time to get to work on time! This is our first double! Hope you enjoy the video! [video=youtube;ditOzXBVBe8]
  10. It's a lot of our worst nightmares, but last year we had a successful hunt on a henned up tom. It actually was a few different hunts before it came together, but sometimes that's just how it goes. It was a neat hunting video, and we thought we would repurpose it as a "how to" video. Check it out if you are looking for ways to get the whole flock in range! Hope it can help some of you! [video=youtube;Tn4pAhEsspE]
  11. Absolutely! I can only hope to get luck again! Thank you!