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  1. "If you ever draw a tag" For western Colorado this is a pretty decent Shiras moose. [ The Wife and I went Moose watching for a change this weekend. This guy was our best spot. I think he might be a shooter for a Colorado Moose. This one's a little blurry but it's the only side profile I got.
  2. Thanks Bob, It's been a hard two weeks. Even more so for my Brother.
  3. No Colorado moose tag, again. Dang, I hope I draw before I get too old or lose interest! Hey CB, I rode the Ironhorse last weekend. The snow made it more grueling than usual.
  4. CB, I haven't put in yet but there really aren't enough moose on the Grand Mesa to find one easily, yet. I am going to put in for unit 18 Moose but am not getting my hopes up. In all my time on the Grand Mesa I've only seen one bull, in the lake of the woods area.
  5. I'm still wavering over my choices. 411 for deer, third season. Going to try for a cow tag in 61 4th season, about a 50% chance there, and I'll hunt 41 B list for elk as well possibly front loader.
  6. I know many of you are back East, how has the storm been for you? The media has made it out to be a pretty nasty deal and I hope those of you in it are safe. Winter in western Colorado so far is a joke, or worse, because we are so dry irrigation water may be short. I worked outside in a t-shirt today, not January weather for sure. At least our big game animals aren't winter far. Think Snow, cheers.
  7. I ski, bike, and hike. Often I carry my T3 .223 on the hikes in hopes of scaring a coyote or two. It has been very warm in western Colorado and also dry, not much snow so I am also riding my mountain bike this January. It was 50 degrees today! Very unususal.
  8. That makes farming sound easy. Glad it works for you.
  9. Hopefully they were able to salvage some of the meat. The same thing happened at Paonia Reservoir, Colorado a few years back.
  10. KY, Thanks for the bigger picture. Bad odds for sure.
  11. South of Montrose, CO. Not much snow, winter has been slow to put down snow. Bad for us skiers, good for the herds. Let's hope us farmers get enough water for next year.
  12. My Wife and I were out looking today, we saw these three nice bulls on winter ground. I wish I had taken the better camera but these pictures will have to do. We saw about 200 head of elk today.
  13. Is there some way to see them full size? I can only see the small pictures.
  14. At least you don't have the Rockies as your team, it's getting hard to like their ownership.