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  1. Scope for hunting deer?

    Nikon P223 3x is a nice scope that is crystal clear. I'm not an optics expert but this is light years better than the old Bushnell from the late 90s I have on my deer rifle. I initially was going to buy the Nikon P223 3x fixed power as I felt the size in regards to length looked better on the AR in my opinion. I'm glad I went with the 3-9 variable power. The scope length still looks proportional to the gun. I'm beyond a beginner target shooter and I kept a 1 inch pattern at 100 yards no problem using sandbags as rests. I believe a 3x fixed power is only good at 50 yards and found it hard to see a quarter size orange dot at 100 yards. I also picked up the butler creek flip open covers. The sz 19 eyepiece and sz 31 objective fit perfectly. I did not use the BDC as I was in the "back 40" and could only go out 100 yards.
  2. Back to Africa

    Hope you have great time