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  1. I heard the silencer is basically useless because most of the sound comes from the compression chamber, is this true? Yes, that's true. The Gamo Whisper is no more quiet than the average, medium power spring piston rifle.
  2. Coyote are kinda narrow small dogs, and 00buck may not work beyond 30 meters. If you hit them great, but the spread may be so big, that the Coyote may fit in the gaps or not get hit in a vital. Running a tight choke causes a pressure spike with big buckshot. If you need to use a shotgun, I would run 4 buck through a full choke. This will put 27 .24 caliber pellits out in a tight pattern; even more if you find 3 inch. For coy-dog, you will kill them out to 50 meters. Even though the pattern will be big, there will be enough pellits to fill it, and you will make an effective hit.
  3. Me and my cousin are trapping for coyotes and we just got our traps set out two days ago. We trap about an 800 acre grain farm 20 minutes from my house. All of our sets are dirthole sets using double coil Victor 1.75s. Yesterday when we ran our traps, one was trap was thrown without anything in it. This morning we ran our line again and 2 more traps were thrown with no coyote, and one trap was flipped out of the trap bed, and setting up on its side, just not thrown. The ground isnt frozen and although it is muddy we used buckewheat hulls to bed the trap in with a light layer of dirt over the top. I dont see how anything could be causing the traps to fire slower than they should. Why and how are the coyotes setting off the trap without getting caught? We didnt have problems like this last year, and we caught some big coyotes. I dont understand how they are setting off the trap with out getting caught, but their hasnt been any hair or anything in the jaws. They are really stumping us. Any seasoned trappers got any ideas?