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  1. DanielDean071086

    Trail Camera

    I know that wireless cameras are becoming more and more popular. I wouldn't spend the money on one until recently when I moved over an hour away from my hunting spot. Driving 2 hours roundtrip and the use of gas would be too much. So I looked into a wireless trail camera. Apparently at first they were hard to set up but now in 2015 they are much easier. I talked to a guy at an archery store who's got 3 Covert Black Ops and loves them. He's used them for 3 years. I went started researching them and looked at https://hunthacks.com/best-cellular-wireless-trail-camera/ and found that the Covert Black Ops and HCO Spartan cameras basically scored the same and both scored very well. Trail Camera Pro has great customer service and helped me choose which camera to get. The reason I went with the HCO Spartan was because it had a premium service that allows you to get larger pictures in HD (1280 x 960 vs. 640 x 480) and they also have a cloud type feature to store your photos. You can also change the settings on the camera from your computer or cellphone which is nice. It also comes with a 2 year warranty.
  2. DanielDean071086

    Great dove hunt tonight

    It looks exciting. Have good hunting, guys!
  3. DanielDean071086

    2017 food plots

    Yeah, this is seem a nice plot to hunt... Have good time!
  4. DanielDean071086

    1st of 2017 (Matched)

    Good job! This is a nice find...
  5. DanielDean071086

    Trail Camera

    Thanks for all of your sharing!
  6. DanielDean071086

    Great season 2016-2017 down sonora mexico

    Good guy!
  7. DanielDean071086

    Verizon Trail Cameras

    I also want to buy this kind of trail cam. Anybody can give me some advice?
  8. DanielDean071086

    Who's still running trail cams

    I just running 1 to follow a buck and it is exciting...